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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 23, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia dangerous theories of social Security noted economist s review the following article from the april economic news a bulletin issued monthly by the Queensland Bureau of Industry and edited by the internationally recognised economist or. Colin Clark reviews True and false theories of social Security. Flthe social system under which we live and responsible for this eco nomic insecurity is predominantly capitalist. Capitalism is defined As that state of affairs in which the majority of the people have Little or no property in the Means of production which Are mostly by a Small Section of the Community. A proposed alternative to capital ism is communism. Under this sys tem All or virtually All of the Means of production Are owned and administered by the state and its officials. A communist state can put everyone to work though it May be work of a sort which they would not have accepted if they had been free to choose their own employment. How Ever those in any Way out of favor with the government May be put to work under prison conditions or if incapable of work denied any livelihood at All. There Are some who Hope to Stabi Lise capitalism by a policy of full employment based upon monetary expansion timed Public works and possibly other measures to control the investment Cycle. While All these measures Are desirable it is a Delu Sion to believe that they will suffice to stabilise capitalism. In the first place they will be opposed by the most powerful element in modern capitalism the financiers who prefer a system of recurring depressions under which they can acquire property at distress prices. Assuming that this opposition is overcome and that these policies Are effectively carried out there will remain a residue of unemployment As estimated by sir Wil Liam Beveridge and other constituting at least s per cent and probably 8 Ner cent of the. Working Popula Tion. A Large and increasing proportion of unemployment is not due to the Trade Cycle at All but is of the Type described As capitalism organising production in units of increasing size and complexity does not wish to have its whole plans disrupted by occasional shortages of different kinds of. Labor and prefers therefore to keep a Reserve of men unemployed in each Trade upon whom it can Call whenever it. May need them. Furthermore it Over All the men in work the threat of unemployment in order to enforce discipline and the acceptance of unpleasant conditions. Still More dangerous is our present Day policy of monetary expansion combined with Price control. It is superficially attractive to the wage earner because for a time it enables him easily to get employment. At whatever work he chooses arid at High wages while the Cost of living is apparently kept Down. But under these conditions the economic system be comes less and less self regulating producing luxuries at a High profit while essential industries cannot get labor. This necessitates an increasing degree of government direction not Only to business but also to labor. The wage earner is in danger of finding that he has Only obtained full employment by sacrificing his Funda mental human Liberty to choose his own work. The state has the right to impose qualifications for entry to cer Tain trades and professions but has no right except for. War or similar grave emergency to conscript men for work they do not wish to do. in Britain and Australia parliaments gave their governments War time Powers to direct labor but in fact continued on Page two established 1847 special old dry Sherry Vatican adm Pouch reviewed in new whip . Writer s review View vigorous work of Pope a Pius i and Pope Pius Xii for peace before the War broke out and for a just conclusion after its outbreak Are reviewed in the Book the Vatican and War by Camille Cian Tarro new York times correspondent in Italy from 1935 to 1942. To his foreword after remarking on the frequency with which he has been asked by americans the ques Tion is the Vatican for us or against us the author remarks i heard those two pontiffs condemn time and again the totalitarian system of government and witnessed the birth and rapid growth of very close co operation Between the Vatican and Washington to prevent the War and later to Minimise it. Yet it seemed to me that All this struggle and indefatigable diplomatic work of the holy see has received scant attention in the United concerning the relations Between the late Pope Pius i and Mussolini the Book relates How Mussolini s son Bruno testifies to the Joy of the italian dictator when the aged pontiff died. I was in father s Library when the Call came or. Cianfarra quotes Bruno Mussolini As saying. He broke into a big smile and said finally he is gone he then turned to me and explained that obstinate old Man is dead " apropos of Pius i and Hitler or. Cianfarra tells of the Long Yesis of conflict during which the Vatican tried to. Arrive at a solution of the struggle but was finale to do so because of Lack of co operation on the part of Germany. The aged pontiff the writer says was not afraid to show his displeasure at Hitler s double dealing. When in 1937 the late Cardinal Mundelein attacked Hitler in a speech for his anti religious policy. The fuehrer was More enraged by Mundelein s words than by any other insult addressed to him since his seizure of Power Cianfarra writes. Some time later at a general audience in Castel Gandolfo the Pope fired a broadside at Hitler by paying a High tribute to Mundelein who he said was so bravely defending the rights of god and the Church " s when the then Cardinal Pacelli was Secretary of state the writer says Pius i placed such value on his profound understanding of political situations the foresight and Quick brain that he once remarked to car Dinal Faulhaber archbishop of Munich if the Catholic world knew How much Pacelli Means to the and before Cardinal Pacelli left As papal Legate for the eucharistic Congress of 1938, held in Buda pest Pius i told a meeting of cardinals Pacelli always Speaks for us i. Cianfarra records. In a chapter on the five Point peace plan presented to the world by Pius Xii in his 1939 Christmas message the Book Points out that the present j Pope is in a far More advantageous position to make the full weight of the Vatican Felt in the world than Benedict Xiv who reigned during world War the solution of the roman question with the signing of the Lateran treaty in 1929, the writer says has Given the papacy once More official International recognition As a Sovereign state. Thus the Pope to Day is not Only a spiritual Leader but the head of a state As Well with the juridical attributes of any other Lay Monarch or president of a virtue of this dual role he May intervene like any other Neutral statesman in the settlement of the Post War referring to the probability that the intervention of the holy see May be continued in. Page two Russia s first rate Suc Cess in Yugoslavia what answer in dilemma London March 24.the news from Russia s Border states in Europe especially from the Balkans should be watched care fully for evidence of the extent to which Moscow s diplomatic strategy is succeeding writes he diplomatic correspondent of the Catholic to has to be watched All the More a carefully because Moscow does not consult her allies but presents them with accomplished facts. In the Case of Poland for instance there was not Only no consultation but Ameri can offices after the event were re fused. The russian recognition of Sadoglio s government the purpose of which is not yet evident is True to the Type As is the russian hand Ling of Finland and Rumania. In All these Ca ses Russia pursues her object without reference to the Allied governments and even ignores the existence of an Allied organisation for the consideration of such matters. But the most striking Case of All is that of Yugoslavia where the evidence now available establishes beyond a doubt a first rate russian Success and More striking than the Case of Poland where so to speak the British government has retreated according to plan to the Curzon line. In Yugoslavia the Issue is so far decided that Moscow now claims the Jugoslav Gold Reserve held so far by the Jugoslav government which up to now has been recognised As such by the British government claims it that is through the agent Tito. Mos cow s strategy has been so Clever that competent British quarters now con cede that Mihaylovich has in fact been in Contact with German emis Saries whereas Tito s organisation has been expanded to include Jugoslav patriots who Are by no Means communist. Both of those statements Are True. Tito s Shadow Cabinet which is to be the new Jugoslav government after the overthrow of the present Jugoslav government contains the names of two distinguished yugoslavs who never were communist. They will no doubt be quickly and effectively disposed of by Moscow when the time comes. Yugoslavia has been a country of such inveterate internal hatreds since 1919especially As Between serbs and croats that Moscow has had Little difficulty in playing _ upon Mikaelo Vich s Well known anti croat feelings to induce patriotic serbs to throw in their lot with Tito blindly ignoring Tito s Over Riding purpose of Bol she rising the country. As for Mihaylovich is it surprising that presented with the fact that the allies had ceased to Supply him with arms and had transferred the sup plies to Tito to whom also full Diplo Matic support is now Given by the allies he should have wondered whether it was Worth his while to continue his efforts to drive out the Ger mans in order merely to hand Over his country to the communists Mihaylovich is uncompromisingly anti communist and finds himself beaten by Moscow supported by j London. W what is the explanation it is simply this that in conformity with our own government s dominant Pur 1 pose of defeating the nazis we have in effect Given carte Blanche to mos cow a prime agent of nazi defeat in Yugoslavia As in Poland and Moscow has made devastatingly effective use of her Opportunity for ensuring the Success of a communist coup in that country. We May admit the dilemma that confronted the British government. But we have no alternative to deploring a sacrifice of principle As the. Means of defeating the nazis. These sacrifices of principle have a Way of exacting their Nemesis. They May even defeat their object. In Yugoslavia for instance the anti German forces of general Mihaylovich Are to Day being driven into the Ger Man. Man Camp. Shawm the 110 of my k Vazuka the powerless get away with it powerless Little cabbage. Garden called Ireland has won in the Teeth of All the mighty Powers says Bernard Shaw in an article on the Luck of Eamon de Valera in Forward the scottish weekly. To then the Irish free state was established writes or. Shaw i took it for a matter of course that in the event of a second punic War England would have to re occupy ire land militarily either to forestall or repel an invasion by the enemy. When the War actually came England was very loth to do this lest it should offend the .a. Not believing that Eire could keep out. Of the War i suggested that she should stand in with the Commonwealth. Or. De Valera described the suggestion As contemptible and declared that with his army of 40,000 say three divisions he would fight any and every Power that dared to invade his country. It seemed a crack brained line to take yet or. De Valera got away with it. England still with an Eye on America pocketed his refusal of the ports and decided to he Content with Northern Ireland. Thus he was saved by the partition which he abhorred. Pearl Harbor changed the Situa Tion completely. The .a. Came thundering into the War and now it is not or. Churchill asking for the ports and putting up with a defiant refusal but president Roosevelt peremptorily ordering or. De Valera to declare War on Germany at once. It is or. Roosevelt s first really stupid _ mistake. With All Ireland protestant and Catholic behind him or. De Valera will Tell the president in fact to go Toad he will get away with it again. Can it be that or. Roosevelt is overworked and is catching too Many colds or is he determined to show that the .a. Can be As unilateral in respect of Ireland As the soviet in respect of Poland Finland and Italy Howbeit that powerless Little cab Bage Garden called Eire wins in the Teeth of All the mighty Powers. Erin go to the British House of commons or. Jack Beattie lab., Belfast asked the minister of information whether he will take Steps to counter the untruthful propaganda at present being directed against Eire a member of the British Commonwealth of nations and whether he will give an Assurance that his department has played no part in the suppression of views critical of the Allied attitude to Eire which have been expressed in Canada .a., Switzerland Turkey Sweden and other countries. Or. answer to the first part of the question i would suggest that this appears to be a matter for the Eire government. In answer to the second part there has of course been very Little criticism of the recent Allied representations to the govern ment of Eire but i can certainly give the Assurance asked for. Whom can you Trust ? in selecting anyone to perform confidential work of a Complex nature you demand integrity and ability. How important then is it that your Choice of an executor to handle the estate you have so carefully built up during your lifetime should have those qualities of integrity and knowledge developed to the highest degree. The officers of elder s trustee and executor company Are trained for the particular task of trusteeship in All its forms. The resources of the company guarantee Security and permanence. In choosing this company As the executor of your will you Are ensuring that your estate will Benefit from the company s Long accumulated knowledge in the Field of trusteeship with a background of proven integrity. Elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. E32

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