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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 16, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Enish Hierarchy oppose indiscriminate sex teaching silence not the Church s policy. London april 6.the Hierarchy of eng land and Wales on tuesday last issued the following statement on proposals for Public lessons on sex both for school children and members of youth bodies. Sphere is to Day a widespread laxity of moral conduct which is a source of anxiety to All serious minded people. It is especially noticeable in the matter of sex relations. There is an urgent search for a remedy. The government in its care for the health of the Community desires to Stem the spread of venereal disease and to instruct Young people for their own Protection. Public lessons on sex both for child Ren in school and for members of youth organisations have been suggested. We have no Confidence in such proposals and we see grave danger in them. Our aim ought to be to Lessen to increase the artificial stimulation of erotic emotions. More modesty and More reticence Are undoubted needs of our time. It is not however to be inferred from this that we Are opposed to school courses of personal Hygiene Parent Craft Domestic science and the like health education rather than sex education. Children should not be allowed to grow up in ignorance of the facts of life. When they Are sufficiently mature they should be individually instructed on the Way in which god wills Mankind to increase and multiply by the Union of husband and wife in marriage. Complete silence has never been the policy of the Catholic Church. She has too much respect for the children to leave them to face unprepared the dangers and responsibilities of life. But guided by the spirit of god and by an experience of 2,000 years she has always proceeded with caution with Reserve and with a great reverence for the person of the child. Knowing that the instinct for reproduction is fundamental and very Strong her constant tradition has been not to arouse it premature Fly not to encourage precocity in this mat Ter but on the contrary to direct the child s thoughts and imaginations away from things of sex rather than to fix them there. She wishes the children to be introduced gently without Shock to the facts of life and her mind is that this introduction should be provided by the parents themselves. Unfortunately Many parents Lack the knowledge and Power of expression necessary to give the information and so their children Are left without guidance to receive their first know ledge from tainted and even danger Ous sources. To remedy this defect we advise a that the parents themselves be encouraged to attend classes specially arranged for them in their own neigh boyhood so that they May be trained to educate their sons and daughters aright in matters of sex. B that teachers and youth leaders who Are willing and compe tent should be suitably trained to give individual and truly Christian instruction in this matter in conformity with the wish of the parents. Further As practical guidance we remind believers and All men and women of goodness that a the sex act is ordained by god to bring new life into being. Its use is restricted to husband and wife in lawful marriage. Deliberately to abuse the sex faculty or to. Indulge in sexual Intercourse outside marriage is a serious violation of the order established by god and is a grave sin. B it is contrary to the mind of the Catholic Church to explain the human physiology of sex publicly to a class of children. Public description of the intimacies of sexual relation ship offend that delicacy of feeling which is an inst Rifet of our nature. C a natural and biological approach to sex is inadequate to Safe guard either health or virtue. Religion offers the strongest motives and powerful aids for the control of the passions. D there Are certain Public incite ments to sexual vice which Are far More dangerous than ignorance of the facts of life. The defence of Public morality needs to be undertaken by those who have influence in literature Art the press the theatre the Cinema and the radio. Every Christian should do what he can to ensure that his place of work does not become a place of moral corruption. In 111 series stand the peril in delay. in Washington that the British government has again rejected appeals that additional Relief supplies be sent to nazi occupied Europe serves to recall a recent divergent View expressed by the . Senate. Phe British government in refusing to lift the blockade for the Benefit of the hungry and suffering of Europe declined the advice of some of the. Nation s leading churchmen and medical authorities it is reported. The archbishop of Canterbury had requested that food and Medicine be sent to the continent to avoid the future effects of malnutrition while Baron Thomas j. Horder one of Britain s Best known medical men asserted Long under nourishment would result in diseases from which Europe s population would not recover for generations reports stated. The United states Senate in february approved a Resolution which would have the United states in co operation with great Britain Sweden Switzerland and other nations strive to work out systematic and definite Relief for All the stricken and hungry nations of Europe. The Resolution was introduced by senator Guy m. Gillette of Iowa and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio. Senator Elbert d. Thomas of Utah was chairman of the sub committee which held hear Ings on the Resolution. The measure is an expression of the sentiment of the Senate and has no effect in Law. The it. Rev. Mgr. Michael j. Ready general Secretary of the National Catholic welfare conference addressed a letter to senator Thomas last november at the time the Resolution was under consideration in which he recorded the support of the administrative Board of archbishops and Bishops of the news in favor of the Resolution. For the past three years the Bishops of the Church in the United states mgr. Ready wrote have endeavoured to bring every possible help to the distressed Peoples of the United nations now enduring the occupation of German forces. To that end financial help was offered to the holy father Pope Pius Xii who through the resources of the holy see was Able from time to time to Send some Aid to the suffering women and children of the occupied countries the Bishops believe that the Relief proposed in the Resolution will not Only fulfil our duty in Charity to our suffering Brethren but also by its spontaneity emphasise the Unity of the United nations who have suffered so Long the burdens of our common struggle against at the time the Resolution was considered it was pointed out that a plan for feeding people in Greece had been worked out by the International red Cross and was in effect without giving Benefit to the germans. The British government s position in refusing to lift the blockade was expressed by the Earl of Selborne minister of economic warfare who stated the belief that German reverses in the ukrainian and rumanian granaries might persuade them to obtain some benefits if Relief were permitted to the occupied nations Dis patches stated. Eureka South league creches and kindergartens incisive comment. Sydney Jane 3.addressing members of the legion of Catholic women at their annual convention in St. Mary s Cathedral last sunday the Rev. Or. P. J. Ryan m.s.c., made incisive comment on the Eureka month league and on the multiplication of creches and kindergartens. He godless and inhuman dictator ships of Europe and Asia said or. Ryan had merely made Manifest to the whole world the inherent rot tenness of the godless philosophy the godless education and the godless living which was so widespread in the Allied countries and even Here in Australia. M the revolt against god was particularly violent at the present time said or. Ryan and even Here in Australia there were men who looked for Ward to the Day in which the very idea of god would be erased from the minds of men. Using every device which perverted human ingenuity could invent the enemies of god were trying to break up the family life of the nation and to destroy the Faith and morals of the Young in order to make them pliant tools of a foreign godless despotism. There is Only one Way to Stop the rot Only one remedy that struck at the roots of the evil and that was the Complete restoration of christianity in the souls of individuals in the family Circle and in the social and political life of the nations. Catholicity he continued is the one Hope of the world to Day but it must be a genuine catholicity which is a Hundred per cent. Catholic and not a catholicity that has been watered Down by Large dosages of paganism or worldliness. Weak kneed milk and water Sun Day Only catholics who Are ashamed of their Faith and always ready to apologise for it who pay lip service to the Church and live by the Stan Dards of Hollywood have never been of any use to anybody even to them selves. And in the present world situation they Are a scandal and a stumbling Block to those outsider traitors to Christ rather than his friends. Small minorities of Lime lighters and busybodies Are noisily Advocat ing All sorts of inane and destructive schemes in the name of education culture and Progress. There Are some who want to make divorce so easy that one wonders Why such advanced people bother to go through the preliminary formalities of getting married. That an increased divorce rate Means a huge increase of broken Homes Domestic tragedies and neglected children bothers them not at All. Others think it a sign of Progress that the wife and Mother should be re moved from the position of a partner and helpmate and made a wage slave with the attainment of the Basic wage for the housewife As the glorious objective. Under pretext of War time Neces sity the agents of an atheistic and inhuman system and their Middle class dupes Are advocating the Multi plication of creches and kindergartens. The real aim is to introduce the soviet system which subordinates family to economic production. Mothers Are expected to leave their Young children and the education of their children in the hands of state officials while they tend to machines in the factories. It is called emancipation and Equality of Opportunity but looks uncommonly like slavery. It is called progressive. And in one sense it is progressive in the sense that creep ing paralysis is progressive. Using the attractions of sporting cultural and educational facilities the Eureka youth league is seeking to absorb the youth of the nation. And Catholic parents allow their children to join without bothering to examine the credentials of that league. Were they to take the trouble to enquire they would discover that the attractive facade of the Eureka league is merely a screen hiding an organisation which is completely communistic in its origin and inner control. The Eureka youth league is a spurious organisation the aim of continued on Page two soviet officials comment stirs America Kremlin policy scored. Vew York april 15.Here from Nowc news service is the text of the state ment issued this week by Victor Kravchenko a High official of the soviet purchasing com Mission at Washington announcing his resignation and placing himself under the Protection of american Public opinion the statement has aroused much interest Here. Thereby announce my Resigna Tion from my Post with the soviet government after Twenty Twe years of Active service in various responsible positions in the govern ment. In explanation of my action i append the following statement i have taken this action Only after considerable thought and hesitation having in mind first and Foremost the interests of the War Effort of my people of the United nations and the larger War Aims of the people arrayed against the Axis Powers. For Many years i have worked loyally for the people of my country in the service of the soviet govern ment and have followed closely the development of soviet policy in its various stages. For the Sake of the soviet Union s interests and her people i tried hard to Overlook Many aspects of the situation which were repugnant and alarming. But i can not keep silent any longer. The Inte rests of the War Effort and of my suffering tortured people compel me to keep silent on Many things but they demand that i speak out on fundamentals of the policy pursued to Day by the soviet government and its leaders affecting the War and the Hopes of All Peoples for a new International order of peace and reconstruction. I can no longer support the double faced political manoeuvres directed at one and the same time toward collaboration with the United states and Britain while pursuing Aims in compatible with such collaboration. Collaboration with the democratic countries cannot be pursued while the soviet government and its leaders Are in reality following a concealed policy of their own designed to accomplish purposes at variance with their Public professions. The soviet government has Dis solved the communist International but Only in form in reality Moscow has continued to support its communist party affiliates in Many countries. The new democratic terminology being utilised by Moscow is Only a manoeuvre. Intelligent and informed people in Russia and abroad Are not deceived by the new soviet termino logy of nationalism the object of which is to conceal the substance and purposes of real soviet policy. These purposes have guided also the forma Tion of the All slav committee of Moscow and of the so called Union of polish patriots with their alleged National programmes. The latest manoeuvres directed toward the formation of a polish government that would be obedient to the soviet government have provoked consternation and protests which i continued on Page two a fully equipped executor. By the act of making a will you indicate that you have devoted proper thought to the future of your family or relatives. 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