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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 13, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia plight of the refugees 1,200,000 still in melting pot 1 despite sustained pressure in the form of inducements and threats on the part of pro soviet elements the 1,200,000 refugees and displaced per sons in Western Europe and Italy have at least succeeded in remaining where they Are. Of late however the attitude of the Western allies towards the problem has undergone an alarming transformation. In almost a Complete about face the trend on the part of the responsible governments is now away from a policy founded on humanitarian principles towards one of forced repatriation. An overwhelming majority of the refugees come from countries now under direct soviet control or dominated by communist controlled governments. The estonians number 40,683 the latvians 143,000 the lithuanians 78,775 the ukrainians 277,871 the poles 316,155 the Yugo slavs 51,501 jews from various countries number 208,201 the rus sians themselves 150,000. Such Are the figures compiled by various Relief committees in the United states. They include those living outside the established Camps and so not listed in Urra rosters. For Many months it seemed a fore gone conclusion that the current problem would be attacked in the same spirit As was its forerunner. The Western allies in fact expressed the sentiment that refugees should enjoy All those prerogatives stemming from the four freedoms especially the right of Sanctuary. The . Repeat edly maintained that it opposed forced repatriation. Soviet main obstacle on december 22, 1945, president Truman reaffirmed the traditional american stand and indicated our Good Faith by ordering several Fede ral agencies to take All necessary Steps to expedite immigration. But with the admission of a handful of refugees even the . Contribution to a practical solution came to a halt. The main obstacle to settlement of the refugee problem has been the soviet Union. The soviets have insisted that Protection of human rights is superfluous and that no individual has the right to seek Refuge outside the state that holds sovereignty Over his Birthplace. The diametrically opposed views Are responsible for Russia s abstention from membership in the International refugee organisation Iro which is to succeed Urra after june 30 of this year. The Iro recognised in principle and supported by the Congress of the United states cannot Start its work until at least fifteen members of the United nations subscribe to its Char Ter. To Date Only twelve have done so. This has been a matter of great satisfaction to the soviet Union. For reasons of her own Russia wants those refugees Back Home desperately. Cruel pressure meanwhile an incredible develop ment of attitude on the part of the United states has taken place. Two announcements made simultaneously by our army Headquarters in Ger Many and the director general of Urra indicate an abandonment of our previous positions. The new York times april 17, 1947, carried a dispatch from Germany dealing with the proclamation issued to Dps in the american zones of Germany and Austria by Lucius d. Clay american commander in Germany. The proclamation presen Ted the victims of the War with a single alternative to starvation. Since the american people they were told cannot and will not Render assistance indefinitely they should re turn to their homelands. To Day the displaced persons and political refugees in Europe face a crisis. The last and probably definitive phase of the developments affecting their ultimate Fate has already begun. For almost two years United states officials together with those of other Allied Powers have endeavoured to hit upon a solution that would guarantee the Protection and resettlement of these unfortunates. The result has been in the main a negative one. Walter Dushnyck writing in America tells something of the pressure that is being put on them to induce them to return to their soviet dominated or com Murdist Fidden coun tries and the kind of Welcome they might expect to find there. The Urra officials went even farther. The new York Herald Tribune March 19, 1947, reported from Paris that a recent conference of Urra directors in Paris announced a programme to repatriate 369,281 displaced poles and yugoslavs this Spring. A preliminary to the programme will be the circulation in the various do Camps of the fullest information possible about Poland and Yugoslavia whose governments will Supply the thus the United states embarks upon a refugee programme which is in Sharp conflict with its foreign policy As formulated by president Truman. On the one hand we at tempt to Check communist expansion. On the other we conveniently hand Over to the mid formerly a kid thousands of enemies of the state people who intimately know the terror of the soviet regime. This new policy is both unreal and inhuman whether one considers it from the viewpoint of a balance of Power or simply from that of humanitarianism. The ignorance and shallow thinking behind it is Manifest in a proclamation signed on february 13, 1947, by col. C. B. Findlay director . Division la cab there Are Many in the displaced persons Camp in Italy who could return to their countries without fear of being molested or suffering in any Way. It seems to me that a Good Many Are listening Tif Idle chatter and being influenced by some who have cause to avoid re turning. Just to give As a reason the fact that a country has o communist regime is not an excuse. / wonder How Numy who talk of communism can Tell what it is very few i think italics added Here is clearly revealed the serious Lack of appreciation of the nature of communism. It is still not under stood that communism denies human rights As we know them. There is no Freedom of speech no Freedom of press and Assembly no Freedom of worship no Freedom to live one s life in one s own Way. That these rights Are non existent in the soviet Union has been freely admitted by soviet officials themselves on Many Occa refugees in War ruined Europe Sions during the International conferences. Slave Camps await them the world knows or should know that countries East of the Stettin Trieste line Are dotted with concentration Camps and slave labor centres. There the soviets and their Satel Lites Send political offenders and of position lists who do not subscribe to the totalitarian communist doctrine. For example the Sztam Dar Polski a polish review appearing in Paris on july 5, 1946, published an account of life in Poland by a polish do who had managed to escape again to Western Europe. He disclosed that besides the regular prisons there Are secret political prisons and concentration Camps reserved for political offenders and returnees from Western Europe. In Warsaw alone there Are several such prisons of which the three most notorious Are located on Rakowska Street Pogonowska Street and Frednia Street. In Sosnowiec Are three big prisons for those re turning from exile. Maidanek Well known nazi extermination Camp is again in use this time under the mid. It is filled with poles. Yugoslavia is another country dotted with concentration Camps. The new York times March 24, 1947, pointed a confidential Survey of concentration Camps in Yugoslavia bul Garia and Albania. The inmates of the latter Are teachers priests Law yers physicians business men and leaders of various democratic parties. The worst yugoslav concentration Camps Are located at Bor St. Vid near Ljubljana former Seminary for Catholic priest Sand at Nova Gradiska in Slovenia. The dub Ozna has Complete authority Over the prisoners. There Are of course other types of imprisonment and slavery in Yugo Slavia military labor battalions correctional labor Camps and educational labor Camps for youth. It is known As Well that a similar system of concentration Camps exists in Ukraine the Baltic states and the soviet Union proper. Refugees who come Back from behind the Iron cur Tain relate that none of the returning Dps goes to his place of birth. In Stead All Are classified according to their political consciousness and sent into the russian Interior As slave workers. Many marked As danger Ous by mid agents Are shot on the spot without trial. Refugee defence committees there is Small wonder then that the vast majority of displaced per sons would rather die in the Ameri can and British zones of Germany than go Back under the soviets. The people who fled their ancestral Homes in a vain search for Freedom would scarcely be bribed to return to slavery by Mere food ration supplies. Yet that is exactly what the Ameri cans still regarded As liberators Are doing. We want Only to get rid of them. Continued next Page first Choice for a Century wines 18471947. .100 years better according to your plan should you die without making a will your personal wishes will have no significance in the face of strict Legal procedure. In these cases the Law follows rigid formulas which cannot be altered and the division of your estate under these formulas May be at variance with your desires. 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