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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jun 9 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - June 9, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia child delinquency sex advts., sex pictures and Public graft american finding family life conference it held at the Catholic University of America Washington declared that juvenile delinquency was traceable to salacious advertising sex pictures intemperance and Public graft. Nazareth and Cana were held up As a picture of the Ideal Catholic family life. A he papers presented at the conference will be printed and widely circulated in the Hope that a serious contribution May be made to the Wel fare of Church nation and world Community. Recommendations embrace All aspects of marriage and Home life and ask that Community and National conditions be established conducive to Christian family life As the heart of Community and National welfare. From a perusal of the papers of the conference the statement de clares there emerges a Clear Cut Pic Ture of the Ideal Catholic family. It is the picture of Nazareth and of Cana. In no particular has the pass ing of the centuries altered the nature of Wedlock or of the moral principles governing Home life. The age old teaching of the Church on marriage and parenthood As reaffirmed in the encyclical letter of Pius i on Chris Tian marriage is up to Date. Only by following it will men achieve any considerable Success in their Pursuit of happiness in the married the statement Points out that the neglect of religion is the first enemy of Tom family dulling conscience weakening responsibility and promoting the pursuance of selfish ends. To this the statement declares can be traced the practice of birth control and the. Prevalence of divorce. These two destroyers of the fam ily the statement continues Are intimately connected and both Are the products of selfishness no matter what scientific or social camouflage they May use. Health and economic considerations have Little real influence As forces destructive to the family. The Root causes Are to be found in the breakdown of religion and morals. Now that our country is at War and in need of defenders the inherent evils of such practices As artificial birth control the statement observes Are becoming apparent. It is there fore the conviction of the conference the statement continues that in the interests of religion and morality the evils of artificial birth control and of easy divorce must be those who participated in the con Ference the statement goes on look both to private Enterprise and to government for the Protection of Home through adequate economic measures such As first of All the payment of an adequate wage to the head of the family the provision of suitable dwellings especially for families of Small incomes the provi Sion of maternity care by hospitals at Low Cost and the elimination of mothers of Young children from Industry. On the subject of delinquency and crime the conference strongly record mends that private Enterprise and Public authority review their responsibility for the present moral let Down among Young people. The real culprit in the current wave of juvenile crime the state ment observes is often the head of a commercial or Industrial firm who uses salacious advertising in press or on the radio. The producer and distributor of sexy motion pictures the publisher of lewd magazines the Brewer and distiller who have allowed x or encouraged the growth of Bawdy continued on Page two est Bill tied 1847 port satellite states Dis abusing the peasants of Finland has illustrated one of the difficulties one of the least difficult of them that Are Likely to arise As Russia makes Contact with Ger Many s satellites with a View to eliminating them from the War says the Catholic times diplomatic correspondent. In he finnish difficulty is largely political and largely centres round the russian demand for Strate Gic Points such As the Island of Wangoe at the Entrance to the Gulf of Finland. In accordance with the traditional diplomatic procedure such problems Are decided by military Force the victim surrendering either to the threat of Force in Advance or after the use of Force by invasion or otherwise. But the religious difficulty does not lend itself to so crude a solution. Persecution has proved itself historically to strengthen not to weaken the religious convictions of the persecuted. Although Poland is not a German satellite country is indeed the Only conquered country where the nazis have failed to produce a single quis ling she none the less is to Day fac ing the Prospect of an attempted rus Sian eradication of the religious motive in Eastern Poland s resistance to the threat from the East. Polish opinion frankly does not be Lieve that Russia s purpose in this respect has undergone any Modifica Tion although any convincing sign of such modification would be permitted and even welcomed by the poles. It is therefore desirable that those who wish to appreciate the nature of what is at stake not Only in Poland but in the Small states of South Eastern Europe should understand the sort of technique that is already being Practised by the russian command to prepare the Peoples who Are Des tined if the russian plan succeeds for incorporation in the . There is no question Here of a direct prohibition of religion nor of a direct persecution of the Church. The rus Sian method is More Subtle. Theoretically full Liberty is vouchsafed As in Russia for religious practice but at the same time a thorough going sys tem of open discussion is put into practice with a View to Dis abusing the simple peasants about their religious the system is Well enough known from the use made of it during the past ten years in Russia itself even though in Russia it has failed in a great degree to produce the results aimed at. Even in Russia it was in Many cases found impossible to attract audiences to the elaborate atheist meet Ings that had been organised and the anti religious exhibits for instance in St. Isaac s Cathedral Leningrad failed to produce any feeling except boredom in the visitors. Even the so called priests who in Public trials for what were called political offences confessed that As priests they were frauds or criminals make Little impression on a Public which was accustomed to the technique of propaganda trials. But these methods in spite of their failure at Home Are being tried so one understands or held in readiness for the territories now being liberated outside Russia. They Are not Likely to have any greater Success in those territories but unfortunately they Are Likely to add unnecessarily to the sum of problems that confront the United nations As a whole. There Are those who Hope that Moscow at the eleventh hour will abandon so unprofitable an Experiment. Should the european food blockade be relaxed professor Gilbert Murray s views t All this famine and mis Ery injure the germans asks professor Gilbert Murray o.m., in an article writ ten in support of the committee for belgian famine Relief answering his question he says that the food blow de of Europe hurts everybody but the germans. War is hell and the starvation of one s enemies men women and children alike is one of the Normal hellish methods of War says professor Murray. No nation engaged in War need think twice about it. But when it comes to starving one s friends one is bound to think. In this War Germany has taken pos session of All the territories Between herself and the North sea. These nations Are our allies. Their fleets and air forces Are fighting beside ours their people at Home Are resist ing plotting helping our forces As Best they can and Are being shot and flogged and tortured by the Gestapo for doing so. They work suffer and sometimes die for us. And we we bomb their factories because the Ger mans Are running them we starve their civil population because we Hope thereby to starve Germany. The most terrible example was Greece. The greeks fought like heroes. We landed an army brought abundant supplies fought beside the greeks were beaten by overwhelming forces and were driven out of Greece. Then As soon As we were out we turned and blockaded our allies. In 1942 our blockade produced Stark famine in the chief towns. At one time the athenian child welfare ser vice actually reported that nine out of every ten children born died under six months. The situation became so ghastly that the British government decided to lift the blockade and allow the entry of 15,000 tons of wheat a month As Well As a Supply of vitamins and dried milk for nursing mothers Chil Dren and sick people. It is not nearly enough for health but it saves lives and according to the reports of the International and swedish red Cross who Are administering Relief the food has not been touched by the germans. And what of other countries ? Bel Gium a thickly populated Industrial country seems to stand next to Greece in suffering. Official figures of a re liable kind Are unobtainable but a recent swedish committee of inquiry reports mortality among children is does All this famine and misery in Jure the germans on the contrary it helps them. There is Little shortage of food in Germany and none at All in the German army. But to the starving countries the germans have a very simple thing to say work for Germany and you will have double rations. And get no wonder Hitler has Over 7,000,000 foreign workers in his factories what can be done How much longer can we expect these martyred populations to hold out Speed Speed says sir Samuel Hoare. Make your Victory quickly or civilisation will be destroyed before it but in the meantime cannot Bel Gium at least be helped As Greece has been helped if not France and Norway also can we not admit through the blockade at least such supplies of vitamins cod liver Oil and dried milk As will Ward off the worst effects from children nursing and expectant mothers and sufferers from special deficiency diseases ? a medi Cal i committee consulted by the famine Relief committee has pre pared a definite limited scheme which has been presented to the govern ment by the archbishop of Canter Bury and the late archbishop of Westminster. It is difficult to see what advantage it is to the United nations that More belgian or French children than necessary should drop fainting in the streets or die of tuberculosis. I i Mit a Miracle the Story of John Traynor Here reprinted from the far East the noted monthly Magazine published bust. Columban s missionary society Victoria is the Story of John Traynor As reported by the Rev. For. Patrick o Connor missionary of St. Columban. 0n, Friday morning september 10, 1937, i came face to face with a Miracle. The meeting place was a bustling railway station in France. There was no mistaking the Miracle As with the weight and strength of sixteen Stone of Burly humanity it helped me to fight my Way on to a crowded train. The name of the Miracle was John Traynor. I first beheld him As i came along the platform with my suitcase and saw him waiting to Board the coach on which i hoped to travel. A powerfully built Man about five feet ten in height with a Strong whole some Ruddy face dressed in a rather rumpled Grey suit carrying his tra Velling bag he stood out from the surrounding crowd. Two of his Little boys were with him and eight or ten Irish and English pilgrims on their Way Home from Lourdes. Now John Traynor was a Miracle because by All the Laws of nature he should not have been standing there hefty and healthy. He should have been if alive at All paralysed epileptic a mass of sores shrunken with a shrivelled useless right Arm and a gaping Hole in his Skull. That is what he had been. That is the Way medical skin Naa Naa to leave my alter Mak ing its Best efforts. That is the Way medical science had certified that he must remain. Only a Miracle could cure him. A Miracle did. I travelled with him for about ten hours on the train that Day and when i said goodbye to him in Paris that evening it was with the certainty that i could never forget him. He was a delightful character this big Liverpool irishman with his Manly Faith and piety lacking All Trace of exaggeration in one direction or the other unaffected and unassuming yet obviously a fearless militant Catho Lic with Only a primary Grade Edu cation but with a Clear mind enriched by the Faith and preserved by a great honesty of life. Not for his personality however am i bound to remember him but for his Story which he told me on our Long journey that Day. He told it simply soberly exactly a narrative that it was a Grace to hear and is a duty to recall. Afterwards i wrote it Down and sent my version Back to him for checking. Painstakingly with the Aid of or. John Murray the old schoolmaster who had taught him As a boy in St. Patrick s school he went Over the manuscript correcting filling in gaps adding details. I had the files of the Liverpool newspapers searched to find the corroborative Evi Dence of their reports. I obtained copies of newspaper photographs taken at the time of the Miracle. I read the official report signed by six continued on Page two a View of the future one of the oldest desires of Mankind is to be Able to lift the veil and see into the future. However with All his wit and Wisdom no Man can see with certainty even one hour ahead. The most that anyone can achieve is to plan wisely to Day against possible contingencies. Parents who wish to be reasonably certain that their children will not want should lose no time in making sound and valid wills disposing of their assets in a Way that will bring utmost Benefit to their dependants. The Wise conclusion to a carefully drawn will is the appointment of an executor who is known to have the knowledge and experience essential to competent administration and what is most important an executor who can give the Assurance of being there ready to act at any time in the future. In this regard there could be no Wiser Choice than elder s trustee and executor company which specialises in estate administration and is permanent. Write or Call for particulars to elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. E30

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