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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - July 21, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia Al was. Dewey nominee for president of . The Man and his career. Chicago. June 30.thomas e. Dewey re publican nominee for the presidency of the United states is 42 years old. If elected he would be the youngest Man Ever chosen As president of the United states. The elec Tion will be held november 7. The following article from the . Office of War information gives outline of his career. He first won Fame and wide Public admiration As a vigorous talented and fearless prosecutor who brought to Justice Many so called Public ene Mies who had combined into criminal gangs in pre War years. He did t seek the Republican nomination but Many or. Its before the convention was considered certain to receive it. He repeatedly had said that he in tended to serve out his four year term As governor of new York state but when nominated considered it his duty to accept the nomination which he had not sought. Despite or. Dewey s refusal to seek actively the _ nomination his friends and supporters who considered him the Best Republican candidate began seek ing convention votes for him in state primary elections. In a pre convention contest in the mid Western state of Wisconsin Early in april delegates announcing their support of or. Dewey won an impressive Victory Over All other contenders. It was conceded in All political Camps that this Wisconsin Victory placed Dewey clearly in a leading Posi Tion in his party. Wendell Willkie the 1940 Republican presidential Nomi Nee who frankly sought the Republican nomination again withdrew As a candidate after the Dewey delegates triumphed in Wisconsin. In the 1940 Republican convention or. Dewey was an avowed candidate with Strong support but not a major Ity. Or. Willkie won the election and was Defeated by or. Roosevelt in the ensuing election. Or. Dewey s youth was held a fac tor against him in 1940, when he was 38 years old. His supporters then were confident their candidate lacked nothing time would not provide. In 1942, he entered the contest for governor of new York state considered one of the nation s highest political offices. Four years previously he had sought this office and had been Defeated by Herbert h. Lehman by the narrow margin of 6,5�8 votes. In 1942, he won by a plurality of 625,000. For 30 years new York state had been the scene of Liberal government experimentation. Its Laws services and institutions were patterns for those of Many other states. Or. Dewey believed this system needed tightening. He gave it a vigorous and skilful administration appointing High calibre men to key posts. Finding a state Treasury surplus he earmarked enough millions to give each new York Serviceman a living wage for eight weeks after his Dis charge. He assigned other funds for Post War emergency use. One prob Lem is the growing population of the state s mental hospitals. Or. Dewey believed that new methods of attack on this problem were needed. Al though existing Laws required Selec Tion of one of the Hospital superintendents As state administrator or. Dewey held the Job open until a co operative Republican state legislature changed the Law. Then he appointed one of America s outstanding medical men to this key Post. In 1943, he elevated to the state court Bench in new York City a negro judge fran Cis e. Rivers who had been or. Dewey s assistant when the latter was prosecuting the City s racketeers. Governor Dewey s administration was so effective that at the end of its first year political opponents had continued on Page two established 1847 special old dry Sherry fuel account if the Orlemanski Case soviet move that failed. It he . News service of America i gives the following authoritative account of the incident in which was involved the polish american pastor of our lady of the Rosary Parish Springfield mass., father s. Orlemanski who with professor o. Lange of Chicago University set out by plane for Moscow on april 17. To Ather Orlemanski on arrival in Moscow was the recipient of highest honors. He was welcomed by Premier Stalin and other officials and great publicity was Given to the event. The Story soon made the front pages of the world s secular newspapers. It was big news and the press of the world played it up to the full. On april 30, mgr. Michael j. Ready general Secretary of the ., described the incident As being with out religious significance and branded it a political burlesque staged and directed by capable soviet agents and spoke of the phonies propaganda that the usually Clever idea men in Russia have palmed off in the United he referred also to unsuccessful attempts previously made to get worthy priests to Russia and asked whether the United states govern Orient would now lend its Aid to bring priests and Bishops imprisoned in Russia to America to enjoy the four freedoms. After it became known that for. Orlemanski s journey was made with out proper ecclesiastical approval and curiosity had been expressed As to the role of the american government in the affair unnamed associates of the priest in his Home town maintained that he had consulted with a High official of the Church in Washington concerning his impending visit. When this information was published in a Springfield secular news paper mgr. Ready promptly issued a statement in which he said it is false that any Catholic official High or Low was consulted or informed. So far the very Clever men. Of Moscow in this latest innings of the propaganda game have made no hits no runs and one More in Congress representative John Lesinski of Michigan bitterly As sailed the circumstances connected with the visit. In a letter addressed to Secretary of state Cordell Hull or. Yesinski asked information concerning the Means by which for. Orlemanski and professor Lange had reached Russia. Or. Hull replied that for. Orleman ski and professor Oscar Lange were in Russia at that country s request and had no official status with the United states government. He added that the soviet government furnished their transportation to Moscow. Representing 68 polish groups in Massachusetts the executive Board of the committee for the defence of the rights of Poland Drew up a Resolution which stated our committee composed of americans of polish descent and being Loyal to the Constitution of the United states of America and to the principles of democracy firmly opposes any communication of the United states or the Republic of Poland and denounces All the apostles and agents engaged in a movement detrimental to our american Way of representing they asserted 6,000 too americans of polish descent a delegation of seven prominent men and women came to Washington on May 5 and lodged vehement protests with the state department and with members of Congress against the granting of passports and permission for the unauthorised Mission to mos for. Orlemanski s second and final continued on Page two problem of Church requirements in Britain altar requisites unobtainable. being experienced bythe clergy in England Are referred to in an article written by miss Grace Conway of the Catholic Herald staff for the . News service which Points out that Many requirements for the altar Are now unobtainable. Please Light Only one that is a notice you see fairly frequently in Catholic churches in War time Britain. The children who swarm to our lady s altar to Light a Candle for daddy who s away at the War have to be restrained from for Mer prodigality and told there won t be enough to go round still the votive stands Are usually ablaze with Light until the Day s Stock is exhausted. When world War ii broke out the Church was gravely concerned what would be the position so Many things such As altar wine incense Oil and Wax were imports. But after a few anxious weeks the situation eased itself on an austerity basis of course and the Church is now making do like the rest of the Community with Short supplies and often make shift goods. The stipulation that they should be composed of at least 65 per cent Wax has had to be waived. The stocks of beeswax from portuguese East Africa soon ran Short and had to be used sparingly. Now the candles have something like 25 per cent Wax and 75 per cent other the Price is about double that of peace time. Regarding Oil for the Sanctuary and votive lamps Here the situation is a bit easier although the rape seed from which it is made was formerly imported. Now an adulterated Oil is used More expensive sometimes a bit Smoky but otherwise usable. Priests Don t grumble. They think they Are Lucky to get any at All. Church vestments do not require coupons but the Lovely Silks and damask from which they were for Merly made Are no longer available. Irish poplin has been used a great Deal but Only those churches which have lost their vestments As a result of enemy action Are attempting to buy new vestments. Others Are using what they be got. The really serious shortages Are in Metal work and Linen. You can t get anything made of Metal for love or Money a priest told me. In fact it is an offence to make or sell any Metal goods without a special permit from the Board of Trade. Mon stances candlesticks crucifixes and medals Are Unur curable. This is a serious matter for those churches whose sacred vessels and ornaments have been burned into an unrecognisable mass after a fire raid by the Luftwaffe. Medals always in demand by Catho Lic soldiers Are difficult to get so Are rosaries. Bakelite has come to the Rescue in some cases and the tens of thousands of crucifixes that were blessed and distributed to the Catholic forces by the late Cardinal Hinsley were made of that material. Altar Linen is the biggest problem of All. It cannot be replaced and War time laundries with harsher soaps and largely unskilled labor play havoc with existing supplies. Laundry Bills never a Small item for churches have now soared to astronomical figures. Incense and altar wines Don t worry the Parish priest unduly. There seems to be no shortage of incense and altar wines can still be got from por Tugal though not in. Such Large quantities As formerly. A special dispensation has been granted which allows the final ablution at the end of mass to be taken with water instead of a mixture of water and wine. Prayer books and missals Many of which before the War were printed abroad Are extremely difficult to obtain in Britain now. . Pamphlets present a Story of a strategic Battle fought with much ingenuity. The de Mand has never been greater. By a careful study of what is. In imme Diate demand and by reprinting Only that the problem has been largely solved. New pamphlets however have had to be severely rationed. . Press we ii end s critics Atlantic charter buried new s determination to continue her War against Russia despite the letter s peace offer has aroused much discussion in the United states where sym Pathy for the finns has always been Strong. A new York times editorial made this Plain when it challenged some of the sweeping condemnations of Finland s decision other papers speak in similar vein. Critical interest in the tortuous policy of Britain and America of which Finland s Case is but one exam ple was shown after a debate in con Gress in april when members sharply questioned the abandoning of Poland by the democracies and stated that the Atlantic charter had been buried with the consent of its originators. Or. Churchill buried the Atlantic charter. Since the president co author has not taken Issue we May take it the abandonment of the Char Ter is established policy wrote Dorothy Thompson in her syndicated column. Supporters of the charter and friends of Poland Finland and the Baltic states whose racial descendants Are Strong in the United states have under the Aegis of the new York times adopted a frankly critical attitude towards american and British policies vis a vis the soviet. The London correspondent of the new York times reported on feel ing in England that the great Power of soviet Russia in the political Field is Active while the Power of the american Republic is much More Pas Anne o Hare Mccormick also on the new York times gave a better indication of what was the trouble when she said the belief spreads that the relations among the three governments have deteriorated since Churchill in the House of commons confirmed the growing belief All is not Well among the big three. The fundamental weakness of the Western allies is that they have not formulated a definite policy whereas Russia has a policy and has not hesitated to make it known. England and America have Tempo ised and perhaps for too Long. Poland s Case at the hands of the allies has been a Challenge to the principles for which the War is being fought. As phrased in an Appeal to the governments of London and Washington the Issue is the apparent determination of the soviet govern ment to insist on a unilateral Settle ment of the polish problem without mediation or consent either of rus Sia s allies or the polish government has come As a Shock to the american people. The american and British Peoples cannot forget that Poland was the first nation to Stop Hitler s pro cession of bloodless victories. Russia May impose her will by Force but in so doing she will estrange millions of americans whose opinion is decisive in the development of foreign what is Felt in America is Felt in continued on Page two How Long is life we hear frequent reference to the allotted Span of three score years and ten but we know from our experience of the world just How. 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