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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - July 14, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia Eire Oxford lecturer refutes London press charge no title deeds Hon. Frank pal Enham x noted economist and lecturer in politics at Christ Church Oxford protests in the current Issue of the economist against the final passage in that paper s editorial on Irish neutrality in the Issue of March 18. Aphis passage stated Irish society will get steadily More isolated and in bred. The first masochistic raptures of deliberate Iso lation Are passing and the results Are beginning to appear. A particularly narrow bigoted and tyrannical form of roman catholicism gains new Vic tories every Day. The old slogan has been proved True Home Rule Means Rome Rule and in the archdiocese of Dublin the faithful have just been forbidden to attend Trinity College or to contract any form of mixed marriage even if the children s upbringing is safeguarded. The censorship is arbitrary erratic and ridiculously stringent whether it be on political or moral grounds. Twenty years of insistence by the politicians not merely on the teaching of Irish but on the teaching of All other subjects in Irish has reduced the Irish masses to a state that is bordering on illiteracy. Nothing of All this is Likely to move the politicians. It cannot help but move the friends of surely the closing passages of your article fall below your usual standards of Well informed detailed commen tary says or. Pakenham. I appreciate the fact that the earlier part of the article passes a judgment on the recent past of Anglo american policy towards Ireland in a manner which shows no inconsiderable understanding of the problem. I agree with you moreover about the beneficial effect on Irish sentiment of the British attitude towards ire land during present War. But just As the commendable Refu Sal of this country to violate its pledged word by seizing the Irish ports confers no title deeds for perpetuating the glaring abuses inherent in partition so it is impossible to feel that the sound commonsense of your opening furnishes a justification for the surprising burst of hysteria with which you conclude masochistic rap Tures of deliberate isolation particularly narrow bigoted and tyrannical form of roman catholicism Home Rule Means Rome Rule Irish masses reduced to a state bordering on illiteracy these Are Strong phrases on the lips of the editor of the economist about a neighbouring state whose attitude to Britain throughout the War has been consistently Friendly and helpful to the full limit of Benevo Lent neutrality. You must one would suppose have made prolonged inquiries before launching such charges against ire land but it is impossible to believe that you have in fact done so. I know Many Irish protestants whose testimony would refute your allegations and. None who would sup port you in so far As such general charges can Ever be proved or Dis proved even by first hand evidence. It must suffice to recall one tribute the words of which i have verified since Reading your article. Or. Thomas Harvey protestant Bishop of Cashel speaking in july 1938, said " i would like to pay the warmest tribute to our government for the More than generous Way they have treated us and met us in our desire to keep our schools open. No British. Government treated us with a like consideration in fact had we remained under the British government we should have lost Many of the schools we now have. I gladly Bear testimony to the facilities afforded to our clergy by giving religious instruction to those of our children who at tend schools under the management of the Church of rom myself brought up an Irish protestant but in recent times living in England and enjoying to the full the remarkable Range of liberties accorded Here i had eighteen years from the establishment of the free state in 1922 in which to form an opinion of the extent to which the catholicism of the new Ireland conceded full free Dom to the protestant minority from which l sprang before being received into the Catholic Church in London press chief in Fleet Street religious Factor neglected the most noted personalities in the English press world or. H. Martin editor in chief of. The press association has strongly criticised the National press for its failure to appreciate the importance of religion As a Factor in the modern world and consequently its news value. Ince the spiritual permeates every thought every action every Deci Sion it follows that religion is news news of the highest order inescapable news news of a kind that has never been adequately or clearly perceived in our or. Martin was speaking to a Gath ering of editors in London on the place of religion i the Post War How does the press react to Reli Gion he asked. Generally speak ing with a certain wariness and frequently with contempt. Theirs is an attitude of constraint of suspicion that an attempt is being made to sell something for ulterior motives to Gate crash the columns. In Fleet Street he said one sensed before the War that religion was regarded by those of the younger generation whose Progress has been of the mushroom variety As something almost indecent. To be associated with it was like appearing in the Street with a Friend who had taken off his clothes narrowness of Outlook where Reli Gion was concerned was illustrated by or. Martin. The unguided average sub editor or reporter regards the waste paper Bas Ket As the right receptacle for religious higher up in newspaper offices re Ligion was regarded As More fitting for the Trade Lack of proper education was one of or. Martin s explanations for the narrowness of Outlook. I somehow feel he said that the characteristic attitude of a journalist towards religious matters is the product of an in Complete education. Lack of a cultural backgrounds leads to the narrowing of interest to sex sport and sensation. It is an infantile Outlook shared by the vast proportion of the ignorance and Lack of culture can alone account for the myopic Asser Tion it does t interest me so it can not be of interest to readers " sheer bad journalistic technique was another explanation. Reporters will need to be instructed not to close their eyes until their subconscious professional mind puts them on the Alert directly a speaker utters a striking passage. Addresses should be Fol Lowed As they were when i was a Junior As a whole not simply in Seg ments to disinter matter for dramatic headlines. So often a reporter makes a meeting fit into a narrow Mould of his mind instead of pouring his mind into the Mould of the swollen Heads facile Success con tempt for minds and souls on a far higher plane than their own account for the failure. The Post War journalist must be is christianity he asked to be expected to adapt itself to the journalistic Caprice dictation or prejudice explaining his own View that a spiritual revival is coming that people to Day Are now More inter ested in god As distinct from Good Ness that a Sci Al religion alone is being found insufficient or. Martin pointed out How the British press would fail to Rise to its Opportunity if. It continued to look upon religion As a newspaper s last crumbs to be thrown grudgingly to Lazarus after Art the drama music archaeology and science have managed to secure a meagre he advocated the setting up of a religious technical committee to in franchise religion to give it a Magna Charta and embody that charter in the press As terms of reference for the work he suggested 1 to ascertain frankly Why Reli Gion has been looked at askance in the press whether because it has been the reflection of Public pressure or indifference to a apparently moribund topic or because of faulty ideas and an immature realisation of its True continued on Page two German archbishop on the blonde beast teaching nazism and bolshevism an outspoken attack on the nazi and bolshevik philosophies of state worship mgr. Groeber archbishop of Frie Burgr in Germany in a recent pastoral described the godless product of such philosophies As an animal which stands upright and is decked out in fashionable clothes a blonde beast and nothing to car. Groeber exhorted the German nation to hold fast to the sacred legacy received from their fathers and not be deceived by people whose mad Ness was already described in the ancient Book of Wisdom and who ass Milt our souls and bestial ise usand bring us to the level of Marx is materialism instead of mastering i speaking of the great Slaughter of i the War the archbishop said thousands and tens of thousands of German men will never come Home again. No further sign comes from them no letter no greeting they Are dead. Against the Christian belief in a reunion in eternity some amongst us Are presumptuous enough to main Tain exactly the opposite. At this very time of bloodshed when More before there is need to lift up our hearts and find encouragement in Faith they proclaim that there is Only one survival survival in the Ger Man at the basis of the present Day denial of the immortality of the soul Lay the philosophy of bolshevism and it was therefore also a National duty to defy such doctrines he said. It was said that the Man who on his death could claim that he did not fail his nation might rest con tent and in Many circles people were leading their lives in accordance with this principle. The Christian too used his earthly existence for the Benefit of his nation but this did not exhaust the purposes of his existence. In former centuries there was understanding of the fact that the Pur pose of human life might transcend National consideration and be extended to the whole of humanity. Even to Day it should not be overlooked that citizens who appreciate their own value and their purpose in life Are of considerably greater value to a state than a submissive Herd who without themselves taking up any spiritual and personal stand without making per Sonal decisions or accepting responsibility follow the crowd and Are at the mercy of every new slogan As the Sand of the desert is at the mercy of the wind. The assertion that Man is Only on Earth because of his nation is in fact equivalent to atheism none of the objections raised against immortality could stand Seri Ous. Examination. Many people said nowadays that Faith in immortality detracted from the value of this life so that those who believed led a less useful and full life in this world. The Bishop pointed to the legacies which men who based1 their life exclusively on worldly considerations left behind them mentioning the bolshevik its As an example Only foaming Rivers of blood prisons filled to the very roofs Only the throngs of slaves robbed by violence of their Liberty and plunged into the Depths of misery and the morass of moral abasement Only nations which weep while they Are Dis gracefully exploited and curse their masters As the scourges of finally the doctrine of the one Ness of body mind and soul was being pro claimed at the present time this too could not stand examination and was simply materialism and godlessness in become godless men Hope to initiate a new cultural epoch which deprives Man of his likeness to god and is satisfied with a Pedigree which has its origins Only in the animal kingdom and is not essentially Supe rior to the animal kingdom. The Herre Mensch who thus comes into existence is fundamentally an animal which stands upright and is decked out in fashionable clothes a blonde beast and nothing the pastoral then developed Posi Tive proofs of Man s immortality and went on to declare that the denial of immortality paved the Way for All kinds of crimes. Thus a Man who in an unjust War hunted hundreds of thousands to their l continued on Page two priest Calls for action to save1g. Natives serious decline co operation Between the Commonwealth government and Mission Aries was essential if the natives of new Guinea were to be from extinction the Rev. For a. Kasprus s.v.d., told the Catholic luncheon club Here. Spather Kasprus missionary priest of the society of divine Wood is a native of Poland and a keen student of anthropology and Langu Ages. He has spent Many years in the Padang and Ramu Valley areas and was evacuated to Australia after suf Fering Many hardships following the japanese invasion. Father Kasprus said that conditions of life in new Guinea were leading to depopulation and final extinction of the fuzzy Wuzzie. The factors leading to depopulation he said included primitive marriage Laws tribal warfare cannibalism and head Hunting sorcery judicial Mur Ders without redress and revenge expeditions. One has to know the mentality and psychological traits of the natives said father Kasprus to in Duce them to abandon their anti so Cial practices. " the seriousness of the position can be gauged from the fact that the numbers in one tribe had fallen from 3,000 to 300 in 30 it was our duty said the lecturer to Hel the fuzzy fuzzy and this could Best be done by religious re education because of the mentality of the native although twisted and per verse was essentially religious. Religious motives he declared were the Best to bring about recognition of the dignity of labor. All factors practices and elements conducting to general inferiority of the race must be abolished. When the War came to new Guinea said father Kasprus and i heard that our Mission buildings had been destroyed and our people dispensed i Felt that irreparable damage had been caused. I Felt that a Miracle would be necessary to restore the Faith in new Guinea and it seems that we have had that Miracle. I refer to the conduct of the australian soldiers and our Catholic chaplains. The sight of these men in uniform and the natives have a great respect for a uniform building churches in the Jungle kneeling in prayer and adoration before their god has made a tremendous impression. It is possible that the example Given by soldiers and chaplains will do More in the Short time they have been in new Guinea than All the endeavours of the missionaries before Call in a specialist when a Man is ill he does not Call m an Amateur with a slight knowledge of Medicine. He obtains the services of the Best medical Man available. Is it net strange then that some men leave in the hands of inexperienced individuals the All important work of managing die fortunes which they have carefully built up curing. A lifetime ? they appoint someone whom they have known and trusted who because he May be a shrewd business Man they imagine will make a capable trustee. This Gamble for such it is May be successful but it is just As Likely to be unsuccessful. The private trustee if he is a business Man May put his own business first which is quite a natural tendency. Or growing tired of the work after a period of Yean he May just become apathetic and not trouble about the estate a worst Cala mity May befall your estate if he Weie to suddenly did. It is Wise to appoint qualified trustees who possess Perma nent existence and will not grow tired of the Trust. In Short the Wise testator wih appoint elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide e35

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