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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - July 07, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia died faster Popi attitude of holy see t in England 193 years ago Dyer Pope Gregory Xiii s Calendar were. It Crichl in the commons recently by a debate on a motion by rear Admiral Beamish con. Lewes in favor of a fixed Date for easter. Pope Gregory ordered that in octo Ber 15.82, 10 Days should be taken out of the Calendar so that the Day after october 4 became october 15. This was done because through the centuries All the minutes by which the solar year differed from the Calendar year bad by then added up to ten Days. Admiral Beamish recalled that there was a rather ardent debate in the commons when 170 years after Pope Gregory s order protestant eng land adopted the popish Calendar and that people rioted on the ground that they had been robbed of 11 Days and ought to be paid for them. Replying for the government or. Peake Home. Office under Secretary said it would be necessary to have the concordance of All the Christian churches and that there is a great Deal More work to be done before the time is Ripe for there is actually a fixed easter i act on the statute Book the Bill was passed by the lords and commons in j 1928. However it had a provision that the act was not to come into j operation until there was a Royal proclamation to that effect it was Gene rally recognised that the change could not he made without the consent of the religious bodies. Towards the end of 1929 the government approached the holy see on the matter. The reply was unfavourable the Vatican holding that the question was untimely. The government also consulted Many countries on the scheme to Divide the year into 13 months of 28 Days the new month to be called sol and the 365th Day year replies came very slowly. In june 1931, the foreign Secretary or. Arthur Henderson stated that even then two countries Greece and Latvia had yet to answer. Denmark Finland Estonia and Switzerland were in favor of the change. Germany was one of the countries which considered the question Primar ily one to be settled by the Church rather than the state the others were Poland Hungary Czecho Slovakia Lithuania Yugoslavia Bulgaria aus Tria Rumania and Belgium. Italy France Holland and Portugal referred the question to committees. Albania Norway Spain and Sweden were non committal. Complaint of the attitude of the Catholic Church was made by the archbishop of Canterbury in March 1932, when the sponsors of the Reform urged the government to put the act into operation. The anglican Arch Bishop stated that the papal Nuncio in Berne had informed the league of nations that the holy see would not be prepared to consider the question except in connection with a ecu. Medical Council. In september 1933, the Vatican newspaper Osse Vatore Romano denied a Swiss newspaper s report that a commission of cardinals had reported in favor of a fixed easter and that the change would become effective in 1935. It has All along been pointed out that the holy see while reserving its. Right to fix the Date of easter is not opposed to the of Calendar Reform but will take no step until the ques Tion has been discussed at a gather ing of Bishops from All Over the world a gathering similar to the Vatican Council of 1869-70, which was adjourned on the outbreak of the Franco prussian War. Established 1847 Roylo port priest s 42-Day trek across China drama of anguish and horror with emotions of horror and suspense the Story of 42 Days of flight across China to escape from the japanese was. Related by the Rev. For. A. W. Reeves 35-year-old Scarboro missionary in a signed article published in the Toronto daily Star newspaper. Spather Reeves who is a native of London ont., vouched for the stories of japanese atrocities visited upon chinese and Catholic missioners for lending Aid to the Doolittle fliers who bombed Tokio. He told of Mur Ders and maltreatment which befell missionaries priests and nuns alike at the hands of the japanese and of the fall of Shanghai in which vast areas of the City were burned and thousands of men women and children perished in the flames. Four Days during those 42 Harrow ing Days of fleeing from the japanese for. Reeves wrote i fell by the Way Side in sheer exhaustion and cried of lord i can t go on. I m ready to die at times i was even delirious for i had wasted away to 100 lbs. But strength would creep Back with a few hours of heavy sleep and i would get up and trudge on the Story he related of his 20,000 mile journey Home and experiences said i started my journey in Lihui on the Eastern coastal area of China one Day last july. I wore Only a ragged pair of trousers sweater and Canvas shoes. With an old bicycle i wended my Way along roads often cluttered up with weary refugees. Along the ditches Lay dead and dying chinese emaciated from sickness and starvation. Sometimes i travelled by of cart. Whenever i could t swim or Wade Rivers i managed to get passage on a Sampan. Eventually i got to the base of the Himalayas where . Airmen flew me Over to Calcutta. From India i went to Africa arid then to Australia Over two oceans and twice across the Equator in route to the United states and Canada a Jour Ney of 20,000 Miles. All this in seven months. When Jimmy Doolittle s airmen bombed Tokio they flew on to pre arranged Ajr bases in Central China. Some of the men missed their Way in the heavy Mist and had to bail out. Some were injured and these found Refuge in the Catholic missions. The priests and nuns Ren dered first Aid and restored them to health. Spies Learned this and informed the japanese. Then came the vindictive bombers who rained devastation Down upon the offending towns. Later the soldiers entered and put the Torch to everything killing everyone in sight. The Fate of the girls and women was horrible. I visited Nanchang where the Irish Columban fathers had a mis Sion. They had cared for one . Wounded airman. Because of this their town was wiped out. Save for the Mission Church and the priest s House every building was razed. Any native who had not fled to the mountains was shot on the spot. Going through the ruins later i came across the bodies of two Young chinese girl students. Through their bodies was driven a wooden stake according to the Columban priests three. Groups of japanese soldiery entered the town each More Wanton and cruel than the other. In the Mission were some old people some girls and Little children. There were about 20 priests and a Bishop named Cleary the most Rev. Patrick Cleary vicar apostolic of Nanchang. The japanese soldiers with axes smashed everything in sight. After this they made their Way to continued on Page two new volume on Coronation a Day at the Vatican t1tilwaukee.a new volume White in. Smoke Over the Vatican written by or. D. Sharkey editor of the Young Catholic messenger and published by the Bruce pub Lishing company gives interesting factual details of the Coronation and work of Pope Pius Xii. Eighty five thousand persons crowded every Corner of st. Peters he writes. Another half million stood in the Piazza. Many of them had been there since Midnight. The people burst into wild cheers when they beheld the pontiff. Viva in papa they shouted. Long live the Pope the holy father gave his Blessing again and again As the pro cession proceeded through the Nave toward the main altar. The choir Sang the papal hymn thou Art Peter. After mass the colourful procession re formed to escort the holy father to the Balcony overlooking the Square. Here the crowning was to take place. This was to be the first time in 93 years that a Pope was to be crowned outside of st. Peter s. Pope Pius in following the custom of centuries was crowned there in 1846 at the beginning of his Long reign. Then came the end of the temporal Power of the Popes and from then on the crowning took place inside the Basilica. This was the first Coronation since the restoration of the temporal Power and the old tradition was renewed. A deafening Roar Long live the Pope greeted the holy father s appearance on the Balcony. The pontiff seated himself on a gilded throne be Neath a Crimson canopy. A Cardinal took the Golden Mitre from his head and the first Cardinal Deacon lifted the Gem studded Tiara from the red velvet Cushion. A hush fell Over the crowd. The big moment was at hand. " receive said the first Cardinal Deacon the Tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou Art father of princes and Kings Rector of the universe vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ who possessed the Honor and glory from Century to Century. Amen " with that he placed the Tiara on the Pope s head. The holy father turning to the right and the left gave his Blessing to the City and to the world for the second time since his election. Then seating himself on his portable throne once More he was carried1 off the Balcony and Back into the Vatican. The colourful five hour ceremonies were Over. Writing of the Pope s Day or. Sharkey observes that no Man in the world has As Many responsibilities As the holy father and no Man works longer hours than he. The Pope s working Day he states lasts from 6 . Until Midnight with a few inter missions for meals and recreation and the holy father never sleeps More than six hours out of 24. Rising at 6 ., he shaves with his electric razor or. Sharkey writes then exercises for about 10 minutes says mass spends half an hour in prayer and has breakfast consisting of Coffee and bread and butter. About nine o clock the author continues he goes to work in the Library on the second floor of the papal Palace. There he goes Over the mail with his Chamberlain a Layman Giovanni Stefanoni. Later the papal Secretary of state appears for a talk. This talk usually lasts for an hour or so. The work of the Secretary of state is of course very familiar to Pope Pius Xii. Private and Public audiences follow. In the course of the private audiences the holy father hears reports on the condition of the Church in All of the various countries. His visitors Are nearly always astonished at his great fund of knowledge and his quickness in grasping the most complicated problems. Public audiences Are held at least once a week usually More often. On these occasions he is on his feet for five hours at a time giving everyone his ring to kiss speaking to Many Blessing All. Never during All this time does he lose his serenity or show the slightest sign of Strain. He frequently sees 2,000 persons during the course of a Day. About 2 . The holy father takes Timp for lunch. A typical lunch consists of soup veal greens cheese continued on Page two Theu Umstot state ran. Inv i Bitts ii the Irish stand Iphis article from the London Catholic Herald is an examination of the English education Bill by professor Alfred o Rahilly president of University College Cork. My Friend the editor has asked me a Catholic an irishman a teacher to write in support of the stand taken by my fellow catholics in eng land and Wales. I will approach the question from the standpoint of article 42 of our the Irish Constitution in which the state acknowledges that the primary and natural educator of the child is the family and guarantees to respect the inalienable rights and duty of while the state May insist on a certain minimum education it May not interfere with the conscience and lawful preference of parents it May not compel attendance at state schools or at any particular Type of school. This magnificent assertion of the Primacy of parental rights is not a Mere abstract assertion of principle it. Has practical consequences. In 1942 our government introduced a school attendance Bill which was passed through parliament in spite of Strong opposition. But on being referred to the supreme court Section 4 of the Bill was declared repugnant to the Constitution. The minister of education could insist on a minimum Standard of elementary education of general application but he could not claim the right to prescribe the manner in which it was being Given and parents have the right to educate their children at Home or in schools outside the jurisdiction of the state. By Way of comment on this uncompromising decision i will quote a sentence from the Jesuit weekly America april 4, 1942 in this country As in great Bri Tain the notion that parents have rights Over their children which Are prior to those of the state and that no state May oblige a Parent to Send his child to a school of which he conscientiously disapproves will come to Many with a sense of it is most important to observe that the article on education in our Constitution does not so much As mention the Church. This is a vital Point which we catholics in a mixed state Are inclined to Overlook and which our opponents almost universally ignore. Regarded from the inside so to speak i.e., As regards us who Are members the Church has supernatural authority. But in the Modem mixed state this is our affair we do not impose our views on others. As re Gards outsiders the Church is simply claiming the natural rights of an association of citizens who Are parents. And what we claim for ourselves i.e., for the family As against the state we fully and cheerfully concede to protestants and jews and for that continued on Page two a task for experts no matter How carefully a will May have been drawn its purpose May be Defeated if the Choice of an executor is not wisely made. Every Day examples come under notice of this almost Elemen tary mistake. Private trustees Are human. They Are subject to the thousand natural ills to which the flesh is the administration of an estate is a highly Complex business which Calls for an extensive knowledge of the Law governing deceased estates. It is a work which when undertaken should be car ried out efficiently and dependably until the final settlement. Even when a private trustee is competent and reliable he cannot give any guarantee of Perma Nence. In selecting elder s trustee and executor company As your executor you obtain the Benefit of years of experience in handling estates both Large and Small together with the Assurance that the company will always be there ready to act at once in the interests of your dependants when the time arrives. Elder s trustee & executor company United elder House 37-39 Carrie st., Adelade. E94

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