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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - January 31, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia red Cross scandal of Moscow secret police accused of seizing 27,000,000 dollars Worth of american Relief goods father Braun an american priest who was in Moscow the Only Catholic priest in the soviet capital from 1934 to 1945, has issued a statement in u.s.a., based on first hand information to the effect that american Relief goods sent to Russia for the needy were misappropriated by the soviet secret police. The full text of the statement follows to View of the official denial uttered by or. Edwin h. Powers National publicity director of the american red Cross concerning accusations against the american red Cross made by me and in consideration of the nation wide publicity Given to this denial i find it just and proper to present to the american Public my own responsible statement under my own signature. On october 30 of this year for the first time since my return from Moscow i accepted an invitation to address a meeting of the Mcmahon Council of the knights of Columbus in my native City of new Bedford Massachusetts. Among the revelations made that evening i accused the american red Cross in Moscow of not respecting the will and intentions of the american people at Large who contributed Large sums of Money for the Relief of russian suf Fering. I charged that red Cross supplies intended for needy russian people bought with Large donations from the american people never reached the needy in Russia but were used to maintain that atmosphere of totalitarian domination thanks Only to which the pseudo strength of the dictatorial regime is manifested. I textually stated that needy people in Moscow during the War starved and almost without clothes waited a Long time for the american red Cross to arrive. Eventually these poor Desti tute russians saw or. Hubble the american red Cross director in mos cow drive in a Beautiful new Buick car ostentatiously bearing the in Signia of the red Cross 011 the front bumper. They also saw the red Cross station Waggon with its distinguishing Marks visibly painted in English and russian circulating in the City both cars driving to cock Tail parties receptions and other Simi Lar functions when they were not being used for skiing parties. Russians Are afraid the poor thinly Clad and under nourished russians except for a very Small number did not even attempt to see or. Hubble simply because it is politically unhealthy for nationals to visit foreigners in embassies and legation. It must be known that the director of the american red Cross was assimilated to the Diplo Matic corps and enjoyed All the privileges attached thereto including night and Day surveillance in front of his House. Millions of needy russians in the capital were normally expecting some palpable manifestation of Corporal Relief apart from Hospital and Surgi Cal supplies. Instead of directly asking or. Hubble for this Relief they came Over to me knowing that i was Ari american citizen and wanted to know where they could go to receive the help and assistance they we a normally and rightfully expecting. I had the sad Opportunity of witnessing the indescribable poverty want and hunger of Many an old father and Mother whose sons had died or had been wounded at the front. I daily came in Contact with Woi thy russians who in Normal times would never have sought alms or Relief from their Ordi nary miserable distress. But Here a War was going on and conditions in Moscow considerably bombed from the air with five direct hits on the Krem Lin were no brighter than those in the invaded areas. Siege of Moscow Moscow had been completely sur rounded with the exception of out single Issue in its. Periphery and remained in a state of siege Long after the germans had gone with martial Law in effect. The entire diplomatic corps had been evacuated 1000 kilo metres away from All danger and had not of course witnessed the memorable scenes of panic which ensued in late october of 1941. A gain i repeat that i do not condemn the american red Cross As such but i do vehemently protest against the signing away of those colossal Charity contributions by an organisation which had pretended to accept them for the Relief of human suffering in Russia. I pro test and declare that the intentions of the majority of the american people who contributed to the nation wide Campaign fund of the american red Cross were frustrated. Dealings with unprincipled leaders such As Are to be found plentifully Over there always bring about disastrous results. The United nations continued on Page 8. Usserv Atoka Romano on nationalisation 1 Church s teaching with the aim of clarifying Catholic teaching on the " nationalisation of enterprises and correcting certain misinterpretations of a papal letter on that subject Osser Vatore Romano Vatican daily newspaper has reprinted an authoritative article which affirms that the Church is not on principle opposed to nationalisation As such but Only to its excesses and that in some cases nationalisation is not Only lawful but a he article cited by Osse Vatore appeared originally in the Maga Zine civil a Cattolica. Its author the Rev. For. De Marco s.j., based his comments on a letter written by his holiness Pope Pius Xii last july 10 to professor Charles Flory president of the French social weeks shortly before its session in Strasbourg. This papal letter Osse Vatore writes has provoked especially in France Lively and differing com these comments easily reveal the play of parties and certain political speculations which misrepresenting the Pope s teachings accuse the Pon Tiff among other things of condemn ing sic it implicit or the nationals ing of we therefore deem it proper Osse Vatore continues to quote thus making them our own the Correct observations made on that subject by the Rev. For. De Marco s.j., in an authoritative article in civil a cat Toluca of september 7, 1946." for. De Marco introduces his arguments by pointing out that in some european countries which had remained behind on the Road toward National economic reforms the problem of nationalisation Well deserved to be tackled. He warns however that the very urgency of the need for reforms May tempt legislators to favor extreme measures tending to Ward creating that totalitarian state capitalism which always represents an Active menace to the survival of a democratic regime the misinterpretation of progressive democracy " which political move ments of the left seek to bring about through nationalisation of enterprises justifies the suspicion the author de clares that it is a democracy very similar to communist dictatorship such a democracy would use state capitalism As a Means of overthrow ing the very foundations of Christian when Adelaide had its last test match some members of the australian team called upon archbishop Killian at West Terrace the last time a test match was played in Adelaide. From left to right father j. Honner father c. J. Thompson l. Fleetwood Smith s. Mccabe e. Dwyer selector archbishop Killian w. J. O Reilly j. Fingleton father j. A. Gatzemeyer. Measures in Italy he then makes the following Points 1 the Church is not on Prin Ciple opposed to such measures which have already been introduced to a considerable extent in Italy and else where. However. She cannot ignore that excessive nationalisation with the economic Power which it places in the hands of the state does not solve the Complex social problem. Excessive nationalisation rather Dis places and like any other excess aggravates the problem by strengthen ing a weapon that can be used for oppression and shifting such a weapon from the hands of private capitalists to the hands of those who hold the Fate of the country. 2 it is not merely a question of guaranteeing a just distribution of produced wealth by eliminating Pri vate ownership from the productive processes and transferring the profits to the collectivity represented by the state it is also a question of establishing the conditions of a juridical older in which human dignity can be efficiently protected. From any oppression either political or economic from whatever Side it May come from the state 110 less than from the private capitalist. 3 in accordance with the social thinking of the Church it is Well to emphasise that nationalisation of enterprises is in special cases not Only licit but also the Arti Cle then quotes from a discourse of the holy father on March 11, 1945, in which the Pope declared that nationalisation is licit and opportune Only in such cases where it appears to be truly required by the common Good that is As a Means of effectively remedying an abuse or the squander ing of a country s productive forces and of directing these forces to the development of the material Prosperity of All a Prosperity which also continued on Page 5. Wishes and wills his will is the expression of a Man s wishes As to the disposal of his assets and effects when he Dies. He May make his first will in his twenties and live to the eighties meeting changes in his circumstances by Codi cil from time to time. But what if his original executor Dies before him if he has neglected to make another appointment the administrative Power May go to someone of whom the testator would not have approved. This contingency can easily be forestalled. By appointing elder s trustee company As executor in the first place the passage of time will not affect the competent just and impartial administration of his estate whenever that times comes. Details of the company s services and moderate charges Are contained in the free Booklet wills and executors available on application to elder s trustee and executor com Pany limited elder House 37-3 Currie Street Adelaide. El26

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