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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - January 28, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia nazis Defeated on Home Fronton Issue of the Faith after War problem. View nazis have met a major defeat in their efforts to destroy the Christian Faith in the third Reich and Ger Man Church leaders Are now planning to build a lasting peace when Hitler ism is overthrown says religious news service in an article based on information from sources considered exceptionally reliable. I he report refutes to a Large extent charges made by some religious leaders in other countries that the German religious leaders followed a policy of resignation and inactivity in the face of nazi tyranny. It re Veals particularly that the churches have protested frequently and Are still protesting the persecution of the jews and that they Are engaging in various kinds of activity on behalf of the jews. In this connection it cites the outspoken stand taken by Bishop Conrad Vonpreysing of Berlin who in addition took Steps to keep min utely and constantly informed of Mea sures directed against the jewish population. The various pastorals of the Bishops Are having a cumulative effect upon the German people. Sometimes these pastorals Are Short but taking them As a collection of teaching presented in any one year it can be seen that they Are a systematic presentation of arguments based on reason and Faith and directed openly at the nazis. Church leaders Are described As having been notably successful in organising a secret Public opinion to offset nazi propaganda against the jews and to develop resistance to the practice of euthanasia. Protestant forces built a common front under lutheran Bishop Theophil Wurm of Wurtemburg and this United front is working with the Catholic forces. Numbers of representative christians in Germany Are in touch with christians in occupied countries. In the past two years Catholic Bishops have openly condemned the persecution of both jews and poles by affirming the fundamental rights of All men. And the prelates have been joined in their denunciation of nazi brutality by Many protestant leaders. The report stresses that Christian intervention on behalf of the jews since the Middle of last year has been thwarted for the reason that Hitler himself has been primarily responsible for intensifying murderous action against the jews. If Himmler or some other sub Leader had been mainly responsible for this action it might have been possible to prevent or Binder it. As Long As it was possible priests and ministers worked to help jews to escape to other countries. Even when this form of help became almost an impossibility special attempts were made secretly to obtain visas and Money for jews. This involved considerable risk and in Many instances pastors were sent to prison or to concentration Camps where numbers of them died. During the past six months Many thousands of hunted jews have been hiding in the cities and villages. Christians have been giving them Shel Ter and obtaining food or food tickets for them. The report discusses the position of the churches in Germany proper and their attitude toward Post War prob lems. Religious leaders it says Are actively discussing the Post War period and Are gathering the views of Many individuals with the purpose of fulfilling the churches special functions when the totalitarian forces Are overthrown. It is a mistake the report says to think that there Are no Force left in Germany to co operate in eliminating completely the nazi system and to bring about a constructive new order in the world. 5 j v London dec. 8.-"it is most note worthy that in All occupied countries the chief and most persistent Resis Tance to nazi tyranny has come from the churches said the anglican archbishop of Canterbury or. Tem ple in a Sermon at St. Marts in the Fields London to Day. This can occasion no Surprise to those who have reflected the True Char Acter of christianity and National " continued on Page two pertinent questions on total War and christianity time for reflection. The London Catholic times of october15 last contains a thought provoking article on the morality of indiscriminate Aerial attack on towns. The writer of Thea article is the noted priest and speaker on the . Radio programmes the Rev. Or. J. C. Heenan. The article is Here reprinted. win matches Tell me that they always keep their eyes on the Ball. The rank and file in great Britain have not even glanced at the Ball since the desert victories. It is to be hoped that our leaders gaze is not wandering the match could still be lost. Winning Battles and winnings wars As every German knows Are not the same thing. It is natural of course now that the dismal Litany of reverses has Given place to spectacular successes that we should All be optimistic. But we should be cautious in receiving even Good news. The official hand out translated into journalistic jargon tends to bemused the mind. The Rule of any War time news service is that positions Are unimportant when lost strategically vital when Recap tured. How fortunate for our peace of mind that we were not made aware during the German Advance of the seemingly inexhaustible number of in habited places in Russia. It is con soling to learn that the places remained inhabited during the occupation and no less surprising than the rapid return to production of factories destroyed under the scorched Earth policy. Yet however Good the pre sent news the fact is that in some directions we Are worse off to Day than at any period during the first world War. We have to fight our Way up the italian Peninsula and land in Western Europe. The Enid of the be ginning has been achieved. The be ginning of the end is not yet. Prime minister and president have warned us bluntly that the most bloody Price of Victory has yet to be paid. We still need to keep our eyes on the Ball. This Amateur War commentary was necessary before approaching my Point. It must further he recalled that most citizens accept As True cer Tain High i probabilities. First that the germans Are neither Able nor determined to attempt More Large scale bombing of English towns. Second that the War is practically won. Now some Day we shall open our fourth front. By fourth front i mean what the evil or feeble minded Call the second front. It can logically be called the second front Only by the communist party of great Britain. They Are not in our War. Theirs is a russian War. The Only front is the Eastern front. The sacrifice of Bri Tish life is meaningless to them unless it is offered for the soviet father land. Not that they would risk their own lives. They did not join the convoys that saved Russia. They will not be in the Landing barges in the channel.1 they will fight the Good Fig it Only from the safety of Trafal Gar Square. When a new front is opened it is probable that the Luftwaffe will subject our lines of com i Mun cation and centres of War production to a bombardment heavier than j any we have yet experienced. It is then that we shall be inclined to examine once More the morality of in discriminate Aerial attack on towns. But it will be too late. It is while enjoying comparative peace that we Are Best Able to formulate moral judg ments. Are we Wise As christians to applaud without Reserve All the destruction now being encompassed by the planes of the United nations ? is area bombing justifiable it is not for a clerical scribbler to condemn it. But we Are so fond of condemn ing the whole German race for Tolera Ting the nazi regime that we cannot exculpate ourselves if we do not ques Tion the morality of our own govern ment s policy. Groping in the bomb dust of broken Homes in London s East end and standing by the communal Graves of air raid victims i have often whispered this is not War it is so to Day i am uneasy. I do not want to face the peace if i have had two codes of god s Law in use during War time one for my own country and the other for the enemies. When it is said that the . Has rubbed out a German town the phrase was continued on Page two Majestic stature of the Pope in tragic various news despatches. Vatican very tragedy of the Yeats in which he has reigned and the condition of a world caught in the agony of global War have Only served to emphasise the Majestic stature of Pope pins Xii and have turned All eyes to him. Thus does Oss Erva Tore Romano sum up the position of the Pope in the present hour. Jjo Wever hostile be the world about him says the Vatican City paper the Pope has a Clear sense of his vocation of the task As signed him by Providence. He sees below the surface the elements that Are maturing in the minds of men through the travails of an apparently hopeless hour and so he raises a cry of Faith and of Hope. Christian civilisation can and must come Back and be born again because Christ liveth because christianity still finds an Echo in the hearts of men and in the deepest aspirations of men of All religions. That flame can never be smothered by Force rather it is fanned by the storm around it. ,. The voice of the Pope is not Strong but it is penetrating. He is and will remain the Rock that continues steadfast no matter from what Side the Waves beat and when they can see things less dispassionately men will bless him for his intrepid Sec Yatican a private audience with the holy father Harold Tittmann United states charge d affaires at the Vatican re ported that he had found Pius Xii Well and Serene. In Washington Myron c. Taylor president Roose velt s personal envoy to the holy see said that he had no fears for the safety of the holy father. I can t imagine even a nazi interfering with the Pope he declared Washington reports received Here by . News service indicated that the situation within Vatican City remained tranquil despite the delicacy of Rome s position in the War. This news came at a time when rumours concerning the nazis activities in the eternal City and their intentions for the future wrapped the full truth in Clouds of doubt. A % new York religious news ser vice reports that Pius Xii rejected nazi suggestions that he leave the Vatican for a place of greater safety can be taken As accurate. Last december he gave his position unequivocally i have ordered All my Bishops throughout the world to re main at their posts As Good shepherds among their blocks in times of National distress. The Bishop of Rome does not wish to he the first to Dis obey that it is significant that nowhere have catholics urged that the supreme pontiff desert the Vatican even in gravely ominous times. T2erne.a Swiss correspondent thus describes the scenes on the outskirts of Vatican City nazi sol Diers stand immobile facing the City with sub machine guns hanging from their shoulders ready for instant use. Here and there the muzzles of anti tank guns guard the approaches to the Vatican As motor Cycle patrols with machine guns mounted on sidecars Speed Daniel t. Brigham new York times correspondent asserted that there were no indications that the nazis plan to evacuate Rome without a fierce straggle. All reports stressed the preparations for the wholesale protective destruction of the City by mines and Mobile artillery. Even the proximity of the fragile dome of St. Peters about which the nazi press raised such an outcry when the Ameri cans bombed san Lorenzo has not prevented the nazi High command from mining the main Bridge to the Vatican Over the tiber. See 3c sir Vatican charges made in a widely distributed pamphlet that official christianity has strayed from the teaching of Christ which counsels forgiveness to wards one s enemies a writer in of Servator Romano Points out that if there is a religion that belies the gos Pel it is not christianity but some religion that contradicts continued on Page two missionaries suffer Iwhite martyrdom in War archbishop Costantini s Appeal. Vatican sufferings which the War has brought to the missions and to missionaries described by one missions Bishop As a White martyrdom Are referred to by archbishop Costantini Secretary of the congregation of the propagation of the Faith in his missions Appeal for 1943. Rating that the fury of the War is assailing the missions like a Hurricane beating Down on a Garden archbishop Costantini continues at the sacred congregation of the propaganda Here in Kome Are heard the lamentations of missioners who groan in forced inaction or in concentration Camps and the entreaties of others who suffer from hunger but never a word of discouragement. Their cries Are expressions of Faith Hope and love of gratitude to the catholics of the world for their Charity and Solidarity which surmount with a Halo of Hope As it were the dismal trenches where hatred and death reign. In the course of the past year fur ther innocent victims have been added to the Long list of missionary priests and nuns who have sacrificed their lives in the outposts of the Faith. Two venerable Bishops head this new and sanguinary Martyr ology. " ours is not a red martyrdom but a White one writes a Bishop. It is a bloodless martyrdom but none the less Long exhausting and excruciating accompanied As it is by continual anxiety for the christians we have left be Hind and by difficulties in enlightening the minds and warming the hearts of those about us it is indeed fortunate that missioners everywhere had established seminaries. From them local priests have been forthcoming who have been Able in a Good Many instances to take the place of interned missionaries and so maintain their positions. With few exceptions the seminaries remain open and continue to flourish in the face of unprecedented sacrifices. This War serves to demonstrate the far sightedness of the Popes and the sacred congregation of the propaganda who never wearied of recommend ing the formation of native the archbishop adds that the shadows of the Mission Field Are relieved by lights of Christian Forti tude and that Hope is counter balanced by the More comforting Pic Ture of an entire Catholic world interested in the offerings gathered by the pontifical Mission associations have grown in the last three years he adds particularly those of the propagation of the Faith which is pre paring this year to celebrate Mission sunday for the seventeenth Call in a specialist when a Man is ill he does not Call in an Amateur with a slight knowledge of Medicine. He obtains the services of the Best medical Man available. Is it not strange then that some men leave in the hands of inexperienced individuals the All important work of managing the fortunes which they have carefully built up during a lifetime they appoint someone whom they have known and trusted who because he May be a shrewd business Man they imagine will make a capable trustee. This Gamble for such it is May be successful but it is just As Likely to be unsuccessful. The private trustee if he is a business Man May put his own business first which is quite a natural tendency. Or growing tired of the work after a period of years he May just become apathetic and riot trouble about the estate a worst Cala mity May befall your estate if he were to suddenly die. It is Wise to appoint qualified trustees who possess Perma nent existence and will not grow tired of the Trust. In Short the Wise testator will appoint elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39-Currie Street Adelaide. E35 St. Dominic s priory North Adelaide. Taa Cribari to the perpetual lamp win have their intention prayed for by flu Community especially daring the time of adoration

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