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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1939, Page 11

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - January 27, 1939, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the Guild will launch new training scheme for leaders in Catholic action rapid growth of the Catholic Guild for social studies during the last two years has necessitated a change in the method of training leaders and conducting groups. The methods used in the past have thrown a heavy Burden of work on the executive officers of groups and on the general officers of the Guild while not providing for that closeness of corporate life which has characterised the Guild to its great advantage. While or. Mcguire was in Adelaide he Drew up a new scheme of Guild work discussing each Point with the Guild executive acting in close co operation with the spiritual adviser. The scheme was then submitted to the groups who further discussed it. It was then decided to try it out in the present year. It is hoped that the scheme will not Only provide a most useful and much needed system of training for leaders and militants but. Will distribute the work More evenly throughout the organisation and make for a stronger Bond of Unity Between groups and an enlivened spirit of Good Fellowship. Under the new scheme there will be three kinds of Guild members trainers militants and general Mem Bers. These Are not chosen or elected in any Way. They simply be come a certain Type of member by doing certain work. Thus general members will be asked to attend one meeting a week. If you have the time and inclination for Only one meeting a week you can enrol As a general member. Militants will have to attend two meetings a week and undertake rather More responsible work than the general members. If you Are enthusiastic to do this then you become a militant simply by doing1 the work required and will remain a militant As Long As you do so. General Guild meeting. On february 7, tuesday evening there will be a general meeting of All Guild members past present and prospective. The meeting will to held in the Guild rooms Galen place at 8 o clock. Will group leaders throughout the metropolitan area and those country ones who can please make a special Effort to come to this meeting and bring All their members. New members. New members Are very Welcome. Please come to the general meeting on february 7. We will be delighted to see you. At the general meeting the new training scheme will be More fully explained and you can decide what Type of Guild work you would like to take on and enrol in your groups accordingly. Thursday night lectures. There Are lectures in the Guild rooms every thursday evening at 8.15. These lectures Are open to the Public free of charge. After the lecture the audience May ask questions and discuss the subject matter of the lecture. Supper will then be served. The first Given this week other lectures in the series will be As follows february 2 the Layman and the Liturgy by Rev. Father k. O Han Nan . February 9 the Church in the 1. By Rev. Father o Boherty . February 16 the origin and use of the Missal by Rev. Father i Moore. Paul Mcguire concludes. The conclusion of or. Paul Mcguire s article begun three issues ago and continued weekly in this column is Given herewith one sees to Day Christian workers who have solved a measure of their social problems by combining together. They have created their own Banks their own assurances their own co operative stores their own press their own educational system their own University College their own enterprises in almost every Field where their interests lie. They grew tired of Mere complaints they knew Only too Well How vicious and demoralising was the world which they inhabited they decided to act being Christian men they looked for the ends of their action in the Christian concept of. Life. To a they have made always their first study. And it has borne fruits spiritual and intellectual and Materiel in their lives. Nov their strength grows. One can ooh Ceib and one heed not dream far ahead. Hiat these men Whf have for distribution and consumption May yet create their co operatives for production. The Shadow indeed of a Chris Tian co operative Commonwealth is taking substance even amongst these industrialised and proletarian ised men. They have found answers to so Many questions that seemed to have no answer and we May see justly in their work the beginnings of a new social order. One can see it in a More advanced stage with the Boer Einbond the league of Christian pea Sants. The Boere Bond was first formed in the nineties when the Situa Tion of the belgian peasant seemed desperate by the action of two Lay men and a priest. It is a federation of Farmers guilds which exist in every Parish. It is primarily a religious association with its chaplains its prayer its Patron saints and its special devotional occasions although it has no religious test but it is also an economic organisation with its own marketing agencies both for Selling and buying its own Banks assurances Mills experimental farms research stations wharves elevators and the like with its own irrigation and drainage and electrification projects and in Short All those services which can strengthen the worker of the land. And All this is the land workers own Possession. The Boere Bond is not a profit making institution. It exists As a Christian co operative Enterprise to serve its members. Its youth sections Are especially designed to strengthen the love of the Young people for the land and to educate them for their vocation As Farmers. Its youth sections particularly have a Strong religious Bent and actually form a Section of belgian Catholic action la Jeunesse agricole cat Olique peasant youth. At the Headquarters of the Boeren Bond in Louvain it is appropriately housed in the ancient Guild House of the Cit Yover 600 officers Are employed. But throughout the country the local guilds depend upon their own volunteers for administration much As the credit unions that exist in some american parishes depend upon Volun tary service. The banking and Assurance services have annual turn overs of hundreds of millions of Bel Gian francs and in All its Structure and services it represents a Complete organisation of the Rural Community in a Christian co operative order. It is necessary for us always to distinguish Catholic action from Catho Lic social action. We shall not secure political social and economic Reform until we have achieved moral Reform. The first is an effect of the second. Without the moral Reform it is doubtful whether any social or political or economic Effort can succeed. This is the truth which the belgians have realised. The first Effort is to restore and strengthen the spiritual life. In that restoration and in that alone will men Realise their Unity one with another their membership in Christ. But when they have realised it then social re form is inevitable. That is the Way to the True revolution not the Black revolution of the right or the red revolution from the left but the White revolution of Christian men who have remembered that Christ is our head we Are his members. Archbishop at Peterborough summer school from the upper Northern areas and the great Outback stations Catholic youth gathered at Peterborough last week for the annual summer school established by his Grace archbishop Killian during his reign in the see of fort Augusta. / there were nearly one Hundred children in attendance and through the kindness of the Rev. Administrator and the Sisters of St. Joseph a Happy week was Sweenten Joy Able As it was profitable from the spiritual and material Points of View. On thursday of last week Arch Bishop fillian who had journeyed in the great heat to Peterborough administered the sacrament of confirmation to some 40 candidates and addressed paternal and timely words to his Large congregation. In the afternoon his Grace bade for Owen to the children and returned a l Academy of science academicians amazed at strength and vigor inaugurating the academic year of the pontifical Academy of science on december 18, his holiness Pope Pius i delivered a 45-minutes Dis course which left his hearers amazed by the Sublimity of the holy father s thought and his extraordinary strength and vigor. His holiness personally conferred the Pius i prize on professor Heymans of the University of Ghent Belgium. The Rev. Agostino Gemelli o.f.m., president of the Academy announced that in 1940 the Pius i prize will be awarded for work in the Field of astronomical science. Father Gemelli also read a report on the Academy s activity during the last year. The activity was regulated by a special. Committee composed of father Gemelli professor Filippo Botazzi of the University of Naples or. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute in new York professor Gustavo Colonette of the University of Turin and professor Albert Michotte Van Der " Berch of the University of Louvain. Christmas greetings. Pope Pius told the pontifical academicians that he availed himself of the Opportunity to extend them his Christmas greetings. Christmas the holy father said has a particular significance for the cultivators of science because Christmas is the feast of the incarnate word namely the word wherein All things were made without which nothing was made wherein All things exist. Therefore the Sovereign pontiff said if scientists Are accustomed to scrutinise All created things from the smallest to the biggest they must at Christmas time find a special reason to feel the profoundest admiration for and gratitude to the eternal word. Memories. Pope Pius illustrated his thought by recalling passages from the gospel of St. John and by Reading passages from the Book of Wisdom in the breviary which he took from his pocket. It was a marvellous Exposi Tion full of the highest thoughts and stirred in All present the profoundest admiration. His. Holiness alternated his Reading from the Bible with quotations from the poets especially Dante. Academicians Francesco Giordani of the University of Naples and Renato Toniolo of the University of Bologna commemorated academicians Nicola Parravano and Filippo de Filippi both of Rome who died during the year. The fact that de Filippi was a famous explorer of mountains in Alaska and in indo China led Pope Pius to recall his own Youthful memories As an alpinist. Fogg Weatherfor red Spain supporter sin . A woman to the Rescue. Then Jay Allen noted sex Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent in Spain and now propagandist for leftists in the United states addressed the District of Columbia Library association at Washington he made use of a Federal government Structure the auditorium of the archives building to describe general Franco As a boy scout Labouring with the sacred heart to save Spain denounced the country s prelates As Hill Billy Bishops described the Catholic Church As one of the Princi pal enemies of democracy and asserted Many were executed in Spain because they did not go to mass. All this to urge his hearers to work for the lifting of the embargo against leftist Spain. Up from the audience As he concluded Rose mrs. Ernest William Howard daughter of a. Southern methodist minister and convert to the Church. To the speaker s platform she went. Allen stuck out his hand presuming to be congratulated but she refused telling him and his chair Man Ralph l. Thompson that she did t care to shake hands with him that he had made a deliberate attack on the Catholic Church and that he knew Little about history past or contemporary. Officials in charge of Allen s appear Ance hemmed and hawed had no idea and opined a Catholic speaker might be gotten to answer the Allen speech which was promoted by one of his friends David Wahl an employee in the Library of Congress. Lunn unanswered. Meantime in Pittsburgh Arnold Lunn English Catholic writer and controversial St made his. Second appearance before the Community forum there to take part in a scheduled debate and for the second time his scheduled opponent the same Jay Allen failed to appear. Foggy weather which grounded All planes in the new York area was Given As the reason for Allen s inability to arrive from his new York office. No one substituted for Allen though several Volunteer defenders of the reds in Spain yelped from the floor of Schenley High school where the meeting was being held and did their utmost to prevent Lunn from exercising the free speech they claimed to believe in. Lunn promptly stopped talking offered to answer any questions they cared to ask hut his hecklers instead noisily left the Hall. Lunn then presented the Cas for the Spanish nationalists citing almost exclusively non Catholic authorities to dispose of the common charges made against Franco. The Catholic Herald Ireland and Vatican to share wave length. Ireland and the Vatican Are to share wavelengths for their Short wave radio stations writes an Irish press representative this is the outcome of the recent International discussions when the application of the Irish authorities to be allotted a Short wave Channel was considered. It is understood the Vatican radio authorities were ready to give All the facilities possible. The principal Vatican Wavelength is 49.75 metres but this is not ii use for More than a few hours each Day. Under the arrangement which will come into Force when the Irish Short wave transmitter at Athlone is work ing the Irish station will not go on the air while the Vatican is Broad casting and vice versa. Post office engineers Promise the opening of the hew Short wave station for the end of february. Work on its erection is behind schedule owing to the virtual impossibility of securing equipment during the crisis period. The station will be used primarily for the. Broadcasting of speech but musical items will also be radiated. It is presumed that use will be made of recording of programmes of the Parent station radio Eireann. Or. Sheed on strange state of England. What overwhelms me is that the people of England taken by an4 Large do not want to go to heaven said or. F. J. Sheed the Catholic author and publicist speaking on the strange state of religion in the Picton Hall Liverpool. The three main concerns of religion he said were god life and morals and it was on those three things that the state of religion in this country was indeed strange. Dealing with the subject of morals or. Sheed mentioned that recent Extension of the admitted grounds for divorce which had driven All that Christ wanted from the statute books. What had been done was done for purely human reasons but the divine Standard was against it. The people of this country were a religious people without a religion. Because they were religious they did not go to Church. They wanted what could Only be Given them by the Catholic religion. The overwhelmingly strange element in it All. Was that catholics themselves were not at present fitted to give the people the thing they most heeded. The Jat Hovic times

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