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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - January 21, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia harrowing picture of Indian food famine storehouses of moneylenders full. of the food famine in India a riven in the following letter to the Melbourne advocate from Bev. For. J. A. Morrison s.j., Catholic Mission Porem hat Santal Parg Anaa. India. Spather Morrison writes the Price of food began going very High about a year ago. It was partly due to poor crops in places partly due to the fact that Rice could not be brought in from Burma As j usual and partly due to hoarding. When those who had Rice saw the turn j that things were taking they refused j to sell in the Hope that they could get still higher prices later on. And As a result the suffering of the poor has been intense. Bengal the province to the East of us has been very badly hit. There thousands have died of starvation. This District has not been As badly off but things were made harder by local people sending away the Rice they had to sell it at fabulous prices elsewhere. People have gone hungry Here while Rich moneylenders had their storehouses filled with Rice that they would not sell except at prices which average men could not afford. For a time there was danger that looting might break out. Fortunately it did not though some would have received Small sympathy if they had been looted. The lying subterfuges that some moneylenders resorted to in order to save their Rice while the poor went hungry would have been comical if they had not been tragic. If they loved god As much As they love Money they would be saints. Lots and lots of water has flowed Down the Ganges since i wrote my last news letter continues for. Mor Rison. India and Patna Mission were spared an invasion when the japs stopped on the Indian burmese fron tier. Last year s civil disobedience Campaign the sky rocketing of prices and this year s acute food shortage have figured largely in the news. We can thank god that the invasion did t reach us and though we Felt the results of the civil disobedience Campaign and Are feeling the High prices and Scarcity we have a great Deal to be thankful for and our work is still going ahead if slowly. Snakes Are creatures that we have always with us and not Long ago the victim of a deadly Krait was brought to pore a hat. A Santal woman the Mother of nine children the youngest Only one month old got up very Early in the morning when it was still dark and put her hand on the Bamboo door of her thatched House to open it. In the darkness she did t see the deadly Snake coiled around the door Post and it bit her on the Finger. Others killed the Snake but they took the woman to a sorcerer and they brought her to pore a Only when his magic failed to cure her. She was dead when she reached Here. They brought the Snake too the same kind that i killed on my Verandah last summer and keep pickled in spirits As proof of at least one Snake Story. In spite of the High Cost of living and the fact that i have had to raise the salaries of my catechists and teachers he concludes our actual Mission work is going ahead. Our Village schools Are still carrying on and we. Still tour our District and have the holy sacrifice and administer the sacraments As usual in the thatched chapels and spid houses of our Santal villages. It is extremely difficult though to make both ends meet and any help that you May be Able to Send will be doubly appreciated now. If you Send it for me to Rev. Calvert Alexander s.j., Jesuit missions 962 Madison Avenue new York City u.s.a., it will reach me safely established 1847 port priests Brothers nuns at their posts in China suffer frightful new 90 per cent of the 12,000 priests Brothers and nans of the Catholic missions in the far East at the time of Pearl Harbour Are still at their posts according to the v. Rev. For. John j. Consi Dine vicar general of the Maryknoll Mission Ary fathers. "0ontraryto the general impression says for. Considine the Catholic Church is still in full opera Tion in China although missionaries and people suffer frightful privations for. Considine made these observations following the repatriation of an other group of missionaries from far East prison Camps. It is Well to recall he said that these missionaries represent Only a Small percentage of the Catholic mis Sion forces in Eastern Asia the great majority of whom Are still at their posts. The Only notable groups that have come Home for. Considine continued Are from the japanese Empire whence All qualifying As enemy aliens have been extradited. In Manchuria Over a year ago Bishop Lane fought vigorously against this extradition and secured the Concession then that Only 50 per cent of his missionaries would be sent away. Now a year later the Bishop has succeeded in getting permission for himself and two other priests to re main and watch Over his orphaned flock. For. Patrick Byrne of washing ton d.c., has likewise succeeded in remaining in Japan and for. Patrick Duffy of Brooklyn n.y., is in Korea. A few. Maryknoll Sisters with non american passports also have been Able to remain. Of the 470 Maryknoll ers in the far East and the Pacific at the time of Pearl Harbor 350 Are still in their Fields. The largest contingent is in South China. Chinese missionaries constitute almost 50 per cent of the Church s staff in China and have a shining record for faithfulness and courage. Missionaries of every nationality those of Allied nations included Are determined to remain at their posts. Typical of this spirit is the message which for. George Marin s.j., of Lowell Massachusetts head of the 800 jesuits of All nationalities in China sent to the papal Delegate there. All of his men he explained had volunteered individually and in groups to remain at their assignments no matter How dangerous or temporarily impractical such a decision might further evidence that Catholic missionaries in China Are writing a Glori Ous Page of achievement is found in a recent statement of Madame Chiang Kai Shek. She said to the 400,000,000 catholics scattered throughout the world it must be a vital concern How your Mission Aries in China Are meeting this Chal Lenge under the rough frown of War. No account of China s resistance is Complete unless it records the worthy part your missionaries have played at the front in the rear in free China or in japanese occupied areas. Large numbers of Catholic missionaries at the risk of their own lives have protected refugees and preserved the Honor of terrified and helpless women who ran into Catholic compounds when the japanese Mili tary approached. Other Catholic missionaries de voted themselves to the Rescue and care of innocent and bewildered Chil Dren caught in the whirlwind of War. Others with undaunted courage continued educational work among the stricken and destitute. In All that they Are doing they have shown the Quality of mercy which blesses him that gives and my that receives. In. Deed and spirit their All embracing Charity is like manna dropped in the Way of a starved people 7 pressure promo Iii rear Oil ire Krems i or. Heenan s reply to critics. of the Catholic Atti tude to soviet Russia is answered in the " universe by Rev. For. J. C. Heenan Well known As radio speaker who has the advantage of having travelled in Russia in recent years. He comments on the statement made by the anglican archbishop of York follow ing his visit to Moscow. For. Heenan writes by Hile catholics Are As grateful As any other Section of the United nations for the gallantry and efficiency of the soviet armies they Are not disposed to allow gratitude to Blind them to the dangers of soviet Philo Sophy and political practice. Cardinal Hinsley was fond of say ing that the test of sincerity for the allies is the ultimate treatment of Poland to preserve whose National integrity we went to War with nazi Germany. It May be said that for catholics the test of soviet sincerity is Stalin s willingness to allow real Freedom of religious worship. We May take it for granted that no communist regime will tolerate Liberty of the subject in political matters. There can never be an opposition in soviet Russia. Since Stalin dissolved the comin Tern thereby ostensibly ending soviet influence in the internal government of foreign countries it has been recognised that foreigners in turn must mind their own business about soviet internal affairs. But christianity is not a National Issue. It May or May not be True to say that Stalin s dictatorship is the concern Only of the russian people but it would certainly be untrue to say that the persecution of russian christians is no concern of non russian members of the com Munion of saints. We Are our Bro thers keepers. The fact of former persecution in j soviet Russia has been established beyond any doubt. To Day we must attempt to answer the question has persecution of religion ceased in the soviet Union the most recent authority on Russia is the archbishop of York. The state itself is definitely non religious or. Garbett has told us but when every allowance has been made for this there Are undoubtedly millions of russians who Are turning to god for guidance or Comfort in their sorrow and the Point is does or. Garbett make every allowance ? the state is definitely non religious. Non religious Means either Neutral or hostile to religion. Here Are the words of Premier Stalin the party cannot be Neutral towards religion and conduct anti religious propaganda. The party stands for science whereas religion biases Are opposed to science. Every religion is diametrically opposed to these words were spoken by Stalin in a commentary on a phrase of Lenin s. This is what Lenin said religion is the opium of the people these words of Marx Are the Corr Herstone of the whole philosophy of marxism on the subject of we attended crowded services the archbishop said in a broadcast postscript to the news. I have often seen great congregations but never before any so vast As those which thronged the Cathedral Church. On each of the two occasions i went there were 10,000 present and in the Square outside there were also great crowds. The majority were mid dle aged or when i was in Russia though there were fewer churches open i did not see the thousands of people. The few i. Saw were incidentally almost All Well above Middle age. I wonder what has happened to the older people who were missing during the Arch Bishop s visit can it by that the Komsomol organised a Good recep Tion for the English visitors but the crowding of the churches is not in any Case very significant in View of the size of the population and the newness of the churches. When communism came to Moscow the population was two million and the number of orthodox churches 660. To Day the population of Moscow is four million and the number of orthodox churches 22. As the archbishop tells us while there is a recent remarkable growth continued on Page two growing Ascendancy of Catholic principles in England noted Jurist s comment. London oct. 29.the growing Ascendancy of Catholic principles of theology and philosophy at this time of great spiritual crisis in the country was commented upon by or. Richard o still Ivan k.c., chairman of the sword of the spirit when he spoke at the Caxton Hall London last sunday at the . Annual meeting. He referred also to the fact that the principles of the natural Law were becoming recognised in strange and inexplicable places and quoted the Case of Russia where the return to such principles had been based not on Church guidance but rather by the needs of the Case imposed on and manifested to the russian people and government by experiments tried in social and moral or. O Sullivan referred to a state ment he had made in september 1940, to the effect that what was Neces sary to save the spiritual life of eng land at the present time was a trans fusion of Christian blood in the sense of Christian theology and philosophy. He continued i am Happy to think that among the Many manifestations of Christian action and appeals to join in them in this country at the present time one result is that it is said Here there and everywhere that there is a Catho Lic Primacy in the statement of the principles of Christian theology and philosophy and this is being recognised not Only by Lay people but also by ministers of the anglican and free churches. In this connection one May fairly Call attention to the very remarkable phenomenon shall i say which occurred this week when the archbishop of Canterbury stood on this platform and accepted publicly the principles of St. Thomas Aquinas As the Classi Cal synthesis of Christian Wisdom. And it is extraordinarily interest ing to observe in the world before our eyes that the principles of the Natu ral Law Are coming to be recognised and respected in strange and inexplicable he quoted As an example the Sion in America not to Call up the fathers for War work one of the two reasons Given being the break up of family Unity and its effects on the child. Then in Russia he continued in the last ten years there has been a return in certain respects to these principles and that return has been based not on guidance from the Church or any teachers of ethics or morals but rather by the needs of the Case imposed and manifested to and on the russian people and the government by experiments tried in the social and moral life. For example we know that after allowing abortion to be Practised freely in Russia for fifteen years or More the sanctions of the natural Law have descended upon it and taught by experience there has been a return to the Law near enough to continued on Pace two a task for experts no matter How carefully a will May have been drawn its purpose May be Defeated if the Choice of an executor is not wisely made. Every Day examples come under notice of this almost Elemen tary mistake. Private trustees Are human. They Are subject to the thousand natural ills to which the flesh is the administration of an estate is highly Complex business which Calls for an extensive knowledge of the Law governing deceased estates. It is a work which when undertaken should

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