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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - January 7, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia youth delinquency startling n.s.1v. Figures tragic results of War. special reporter to lie Catho w in weekly of december 16 comments in the statistics of youth delinquency supplied by the new Sputh Wales police department in 1939, he last year of peace 5,871 males and 350 females under the age of 21 were found guilty of having committed crimes in Sydney and suburbs. Last year the numbers had risen to 7,048 boys 862 girls an in crease of 27 per cent in the Case of the former and 146 per cent in the Case of the latter. These figures Are taken from the annual reports of crime in the metro Politan police administrative District and net even the police contend that they represent the total number of crimes and misdemeanours committed. Most striking Point in All the figures is the Rise in female delinquency. 1 exactly the same situation is re ported from the United states and great Britain. In the United states however delinquency among boys has declined in some respects but girls have taken Over Many criminal activities formerly regarded As the exclusive preserve of men. For instance while disorderly con duct and vagrancy has dropped by 3.1 per cent among males it has risen by. 102 per cent among girls. The Only department of crime in which this tendency has so far been noted in Sydney is stealing. The number of boys found guilty of this offence has dropped from 2,043 in 1939 to 1,954 in 1942, but the number of. Girls found guilty has risen from 93 to 235. Police officials say that shortage of goods is to some extent responsible for this increase. A tragic result of War time conditions is found in figures under the heading neglected and uncontrolled in 1939 the figures were 116 boys 56 girls. Figures for 1942 were 236 boys 166 girls. Figures for drunkenness Are hardly Worth the printing because Only a fraction of those guilty were apprehended. Nevertheless while Only three girls were arrested and charged with Drun Kenness in 1939, 23 were arrested last year. Number of boys charged with this offence in the same period Rose from 233 to 382. It might be thought that with so Many cars off the roads the number of car thefts would show a big decline. Actually the number of youths apprehended has fallen by Only 14, from 494 to 480. One of the highest police executives in Sydney told the Catholic weekly that the problem of the delinquent girl was even More pressing than the prob Lem of the delinquent boy. He blamed 1 excitement caused by War conditions 2 relaxation of parental control with fathers in the army and mothers at work 3 too much Money and too much Leisure. Many Young girls Drift into Delin Quency because they have Little else to do he said. They feel they can do nothing to help the War except entertain the sol Diers and in doing so they wreck their lives and often the lives of the sol Diers too. There must be some pleasant work these youngsters could do in their Lei sure hours but very Little is offering for girls Between 14, and 18 years. It is a tragedy that they should be left to Idle their time away for idleness will always Breed established 1847 special old dry Sherry my takes Stokoe three factors to be feared. Or. Salazar portuguese Premier whose Genius of statesmanship in the difficult interval Between the two world wars a period bankrupt of statesmanship in Europe is in grudgingly acknowledged by All reviewed world trends some months ago in a speech of which the following is a summary j perhaps the most interesting Point in this masterly analysis is Sala Zar s declaration of his Faith in National free and Independent entities As the Best basis for organisation and for the solution of world problems. While recognising the interdependence and Fellowship of states he considers that twentieth Century Man is not yet capable of resolving such problems by Means of Supra National Continental or world forms of organisation. Being out of the conflict we might quite naturally consider ourselves unaffected by the result of the War or. Salazar said. This cannot be so since the non combatant countries axe in the War like the others. The reason for this is to be found in the widespread nature of the conflict in the fact of International Solidarity and in the in Tention of the principal leaders to improve the occasion by reforming the world. Reforming the world Means simply to Lay Down some rules of life for the Peoples of the world and to develop social and political ideals Likely to improve the life of men and to promote the Progress and Well being of nations. A new order is awaited but Only the result of the War will determine who is to define it. It has been authoritatively declared that this order must be accepted willingly or by Force. Hence we too in any Case Are concerned in the matter. Life to Morrow in Many of its aspects will not depend on who wins the Victory and civilisation will be sustained by ideas which Are already alive everywhere in the midst and in spite of the conflict and Are producing their own atmosphere in every country in Europe and America. Nevertheless it is certain that the procedure and perhaps even some of the i solutions will depend on the victors and on the relative state of their forces at the end of the War. For this reason perhaps and because the War unfortunately threatens to be a Long one neither Side has gone beyond making vague statements which from prudence or from inherent difficulties leave some of the essential Points unanswered. Thus even if it were legitimate and. Convenient to do so one would not be Able to enter into any discussion. For my part perhaps unjustifiably i fear three particular tendencies in the scheme for setting right the world the desire for an Ideal state of affairs giving an unreal value to aspirations the rut of War in the habit of a collect Vised life the predominance of economic considerations that is the subordination of All solutions to the economic exigencies a Rivich would make civilisation lose the Charm and value which humanity has put into it and would revolutionise the world without bringing peace. Whatever form these plans May take they will rest on two Basic prob lems order and International collaboration. With the exception of communism which will continue to be a Factor of disorder the immediate concern of All will be to see that order is maintained where it still exists and is re established where it has been destroyed. The problem is All the greater and More serious on account of the hatred the Trail of violence destitution and other results of the War and no sen sible direction of events May Challenge the internal organisation of any state which is in itself a guarantee of order. Only communism in my opinion is the greatest human problem of All times i mean that it is a problem of the Basic concepts of humanity and of individual and social life and therefore a matter of the gravest risk to West Ern or Christian civilisation. It is probable that no concept of life has Ever before exhausted itself so completely in the course of a social Experiment. Never before it seems have science technology and organisation been substituted for that human and spontaneous initiative that makes for the sweetness Richness and attraction of other interpretations of what life and Man represent. It has been shown that so called material Progress military Power marvellous machines and Industrial plants May co exist with the diminution and extinction of free will. Where the state and the machine absorb Man there is no room left for human Liberty. It is doubtful whether these essential aspects of the question can Ever be forgotten no matter what fellowships War May impose. What will be the foundation for that close co operation Between nations which everyone now regards As an essential condition of peace and of future Well being the answer is of great interest to us As our economic and political nationalism May on that account be found outside the general lines of War reorganisation with a corresponding need for future adjust ments. The fact that wars arise from conflicts Between countries and now intercontinental aspects Are becoming apparent leads Many very naturally to seek the remedy for such great ills in Supra National Continental or world forms of organisation. It is not in accordance with my views nor is it the principle of our revolution to deny the inter dependence and fellow ship betwee ii states nor the need Tor a formula for International organisation of labor which should Settle prob continued on Page two Man of Allied and Axis . Camps report on care of prisoners. Vatican City nov. 5.important report from emissaries of the holy see who have visited prison Camps in Allied and Axis lands Are Given in ecclesia monthly publication of the Vatican office of information for War prisoners. In hese observations include some High Praise for the american care of italian and German prisoners and. The report that the treatment of prisoners and internees in Japan con forms to International Law. Stating that through the Courtesy of the american authorities a papal representative visited italian and Ger Man prisoners in Algeria ecclesia says the prisoners themselves consider the treatment they receive satisfactory. The food is in every Way equal to that of the american soldiers not Only corresponding to the juridical conditions of International Law but also insuring in fact a healthful diet. The medical assistance rendered the prisoners is excellent in All concerning the visits made by his excellency the most Rev. Paolo mar Ella apostolic Delegate to Japan to japanese military and civil concentration Camps ecclesia reports that the general treatment of the prisoners conforms to International Law which is observed by authorities. That some difficulties arise from the fact that the country habits and mentality of the japanese differ from those of the prisoners. As regards to food and clothing the prisoners receive the same treatment japanese soldiers receive. This is believed to be one of the Points where the differ ence of habits Between americans and the japanese could cause hardships for the prisoners there is a monthly distribution of soap razors and Cigar ettes. Prisoners generally do not Lack for Money and Are permitted to make Small purchases. Some recreation and sports Are permitted even where obligatory labor and rigorous discipline prevail. Gifts from his holiness Pope Pius Xii to the prisoners and internees Are faithfully consigned by Camp commanders. Particular solicitude was shown by archbishop Marella in visiting four civilian Camps where some families Many women and two groups of religious and nuns almost All of them americans and canadians Are in turned. Ill Senate opposes Federal education control trend towards bureaucracy. Washington oct. 23.the Federal school Aid Bill was on wednesday referred Back to the Senate committee on education and labor after the Senate had voted an amendment forbidding discrimination because of race Creed or color in the administration of Federal funds or state funds they would supplement this has the effect of shelving the Bill indefinitely. A he dangers inherent in Federal control of the nation s education facilities have been brought to Public attention in a Calm and strikingly impressive fashion. Observers Here refer to the minority report of the Senate committee on education and labor with respect to the so called Thomas Bill which would authorise Grants totalling $300,000,000 annually to Public schools. Presenting the minority report which he said is subscribed to by himself senator David i. Walsh of Massachusetts senator Joseph h. Ball of Minnesota and senator Ken Neth s. Wherry of Nebraska senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio said we feel the Bill before us would be the begin Ning of the end of local self govern ment in senator Taft told the Senate that even proponents of the Bill Are fear Ful of centralised control of education in this country but that they assert certain safeguards in the measure will head it off. This is an illusory Hope senator Taft reminded such persons. Can Federal subsidies to the Public school system be maintained without ultimately bringing about a nationalisation of our educational facilities and federalized bureaucratic control the minority report asks. This is an eventuality which the proponents of the present Bill insist is not intended and which they maintain can be avoided. They contend that by the provisions of Section 1 the danger is removed. We seriously question this conclusion. We believe that in the complexity of reports of plans of state legislation to conform to Fede ral policies of counsel and advice and joint participation of the Federal government and states and of All the other manifold details of the operation of the contemplated programme of Federal subsidies our Public school systems would be gradually but no less inevitably drawn More and More under the thumb of a Federal Bureau Cracy. We have pointed out that the ultimate plans Call for the Federal government assuming perhaps half the Cost of education. Our experience with the social Security Laws and Many others leads to the definite conclusion that Federal subsidy in the end Means Federal control. Those Uio put up the Money and have the Power to refuse it dictate the policies of the local officials. Under the provisions of this Bill schools would be unable to decrease their teachers salaries or their current expenditures for schools whether those expenditures had been extravagant in the past or not. Under the provisions of this Bill a new system of reports must be set continued on Page two a fully equipped executor. By the act of making a will you indicate that you have devoted proper thought to the future of your family or relatives. Do you carry that process further and give some thought to the selection of your executor ? the appoint ment of elder s trustee company As your executor ensures that your estate will be administered efficiently in the terms expressed by your will. Neither from fear nor favor will one beneficiary be treated More generously than another. Your estate will be administered in the same impartial manner whether the ultimate winding up takes one year or 20 years. Unless the executor you select can guarantee impartiality permanence efficiency and attention at All times to your business he is not equipped to undertake the duties. Elder s trustee and executor company can give these guarantees and is accordingly your logical Choice of an executor. Write or Call for details of the company s services elder s trustee and executor company limited. 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. E31

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