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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - February 25, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the Mitotic charter and world peace realistic commentary. Etwert. Rev. Mgr. John a. Ryan author a of the classical economic study distributive Justice and director of the social department of the National Catholic welfare conference of America recently addressed a convention in the United states on International Post War planning. A summary of his talk is Here Given. International Post War reconstruction is a Complex bewildering and baffling subject. Although i am not expected to cover the whole ground but Only the economic phase i must take notice of the political aspect insofar As it will determine a reconstruction of the economic order. The question that i am to discuss is really twofold what kind of economic reconstruction is Desir Able by what Means c6n it be effected the answer to the latter question is necessarily in terms of politics and political organisation. Let us give it first consideration. Id his Christmas message Decem Ber 24, i939, the holy father declared a fundamental condition of a just and honorable peace is to assure the right to life and Independence of All nations Large and Small Strong and this proposition clearly implies that every nation should have the Power to determine its own eco nomic life including economic reconstruction instead of being compelled to live under an economic system imposed by some foreign state. This is the National political element in Post War economic reconstruction. In his discourse to the minister of Haiti november 10, 1939, the Pope expressed a wish for a stable fruit Ful International organisation such As is desired by men of Good will an organisation which respecting the rights of god will be Able to assure the reciprocal Independence of nations big and Small to impose Fidelity to agreements loyally agreed upon and to safeguard the sound lib erty and dignity of the human person in each one s efforts towards the Prosperity of All. In the last of the five conditions for peace Laid Down in his Christmas message of 1939, his holiness called for the establishment of juridical institutions which serve to guarantee the Loyal and faithful fulfilment of terms of peace and in Case of recognised need to revise and Correct them. These recommendations for a stable International organisation and juridical institutions to guar Antee and whenever necessary to revise and Correct the provisions of the peace settlement denote the International political element of Post War economic reconstruction. Comparable with the first of these papal declarations is Point three of the Atlantic charter they respect the right of All Peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live and they wish to see Sove reign rights and self government re stored to those who have been forcibly deprived of commenting on Points four Jive and six of the Atlantic charter or. Shotwell s commission to study the organisation of peace declares that they Are impossible of realisation except through some form of International both the Pope and the two most powerful secular statesmen of to Day agree in demand ing not Only National Independence for every people but some form of International organisation to provide and guarantee better conditions for All Peoples. What precise form should the inter National organisation take and How much Power should it have ? happily for myself and for you i am not required to answer these questions to night nor do i know of any answer vet offered which has been accepted by All the various persons and organisations that have devoted special study to them. 1 Content myself with the following three propositions first an International organisation is absolutely necessary second it will need More comprehensive scope and Power than was possessed by the league of nations but it cannot have All the authority of a unitary All inclusive super state to Laird it will require All the i Divi continued on Page two Wells accepts and declines invitation to talk correspondence published. meeting Between. G. Wells the editor of the Catholic Herald Michael de la Bedo Jer and Rev. For. J. Heenan noted radio speaker May not be held. The proposal came from the Catho Lic Herald editor who invited or. Wells to discuss with him and for. Heenan the Gross inaccuracies of his new Book Crux an Wells accepted imposed conditions which were fulfilled and then declined. Ate Antime the germans have been pumping out comments on Crux. Assata Over the radio implying that or. Wells attack on the Vatican expressed the mind of the British government and arguing that it is Clear from or. Wells Book that the British bombed the Vatican the controversy started when the Catholic Herald printed a review of Crux or. Wells replied with some warmth and the Herald editor invited him to lunch to discuss the Book suggesting that for. Heenan should be brought in too. Or. Wells accepted stipulating Only that the discussion should be confined to alleged misstatements in his Book. A room was booked in a West end restaurant and the stage was set for the meeting but meantime or. Wells asked for a properly annotated copy of Crux Assata with every alleged misstate ment you intended to Challenge owing to the difficulty of getting an extra copy of the Book or. De la Bedo Yere offered to Send a list of statements which he challenged with the Page and line references Given. Or. Wells accepted this condition and the list was sent. Then or. Wells tone changed. I am afraid he wrote i must trouble you to be More explicit in your wild assertion that Crux an Sata contains misstatements before i can meet you. Your Points for Dis Cussion prepare for nothing but a Wrangle about nothing in particular. The Book is an indictment of the roman Catholic Rump of the Christian Church. 1 have real respect and sympathy for Augustine s City of god idea. I have the utmost con tempt for your shinto Pope. And Why lie there is no other word for it about Mccabe Coulton Acton. Do you suggest foul motives for their contempt for contemporary romanism am i to come merely to hear men i respect and Admire abused. There is no sense in a meeting in which we shall begin and end by calling each other liars. That will Lead to nothing but indigestion and bad or. De la Bedo Yere replied recalling that it was or. Wells stipulation that the conversation should be con fined to alleged misstatements in the Wells Book. He recalls that he had fulfilled conditions Laid Down by or. Wells in sending a list of Points he would like to Challenge and adds i am now entitled to say accept our invitation on your own stated conditions or or. De la Bedo Yere s letter continues however since i personally am very anxious to meet you i am quite prepared to abide by your new conditions. I must however inform you that in the Case of a Book like Crux Assata they Are somewhat onerous. In my View the work is so stiff with misstatements half truths innuendoes and logical fallacies that any attempt to furnish you with a full Case against it demands what is tantamount to another Book Over burdened with authoritative references As. It is i have by me some fifth pages of close typed manuscript which Are the rough notes of a thorough expose of the historical philosophic and religious misconceptions and fallacies involved in the Small Section of forty four misstate ments the references of which i have forwarded to you. I do not however shirk the task of putting these notes into readable form since in any Case i Haye been thinking of publishing a refutation of your Book. As Spon As this work is Complete i shall be delighted to let you have a copy we can then make it the basis of our conversation should you not by that Date have thought out a yet More novel interpretation of your own conditions for. Heenan then interposed with a letter All these letters have been published by the Catholic Herald acknowledging the receipt of copies of the correspondence. He says my disappointment at not eating lunch at your expense is tempered by my Joy on learning that or. Wells has real respect and sympathy for augus Tine s City of god idea it reminds me of the nationalist who confided to a Large audience that in his View Shakespeare was in the front rank of poets. Reading the correspondence i am amazed that h. G. Wells does not recall from the Days of his mental vigor that it is not customary in Dis Cussion to reveal arguments to an opponent in Advance. You told him where he was wrong. We proposed to show him Why. If it is a to say that h. G. Wells is ignorant it wout be pointless either to Cor respond or to meet. If or. Wells in forms his readers that Cromwell was at the height of his Power in 1666 while i in company with every school boy know that he was dead and buried in 1658, what can be. Done either resurrect Cromwell or insult Wells. But the object of the meeting was not to Supply h. G. Wells deficiencies in history or even in latin though the Little Book reveals his need for both. We wanted to Tell him about the City of god that same City of which St Augustine and Pius Xii the shinto Pope Are Distin continued on Page two archbishop of Florence on italian tragedy horrifying experiences cited. Vatican City. Jan. 3.a Christma discourse by his Eminence Elia Cardinal Dalla Costa archbishop of Florence was published in yesterday s edition of of Sperratore Cardinal Dalla Costa assailed that violence which seeks to com Pel others to think As we do de Claring it shows a Lack of understand ing of Catholic action and is actually wrong. Gentleness and persuasion he said t a the Only Means to win Vover hearts permanently. Our i re the Cardinal said conquered the world not with the sword but with the Cross. All Vio Lence All illegal use of arms is wrong because no one can take the Law into his own hands. Such ill considered acts have re actions often beyond the provocation even to the extent of compromising the Security and lives of innocent per sons. It is horrifying to relate that to Day some feel the wife must expiate for the acts of the husband the son for those of his parents parents for sons the innocent for the actual or presumed guilty. Let those vested with Public office or exercising Public functions be advised that they must set an example of Wisdom and Equan Ivinity. Authorities in their own interest and that of the state who participate in acts of violence err when they con Sider these acts an obligation of duty or higher necessity. If grave and difficult tasks Are entrusted to in expert hands or depraved consciences the outcome will inevitably be Catas trophic. A source of deep hatred and Dis sension is espionage whether Anonymous or otherwise. It is the vile weapon of delinquents and is almost always the outlet of inveterate spite. Espionage places innocent and guilty honorable Man and villain on the same level. Whoever exercises it must resign himself to the execration of All honorable persons to the curse of god to become the object in the future of who knows what acts of Cardinal Dalla Costa advised that italians do. Not wait for others to bring them salvation but on the contrary it is necessary to be con Vinced that internal resurrection real and permanent will not come to Italy except through if there is t6 be the hoped for Unity of All italians to bring about a real and stable resurrection the Cardinal said it will be Only on two conditions first that none of the rebuilding classes intends to dominate and impose itself on the other classes and secondly that of the maintenance of this Accord to be the Harbinger of a new life All must be disposed to renounce individual views and aspirations where there is no conflict with the supreme Law of lows id the Case of John ii army pension continued. London dec. 25.John Traynor whose cure at Lourdes 20 years ago was described by the then archbishop of Liverpool or. Keating As in All its circumstances resembling the gospel miracles has died at Liverpool from a complaint hernia which had nothing to do with the diseases from which he was cored. Otis name is one which has crept into Many books on Lourdes. In time it May be As famous As the name of Pierre de rudder in the his tory of Lourdes cures. When the Lourdes medical Bureau first examined him he was described As a museum of John Traynor was in the Navy in the first world War. He was wounded several times and As the result of a severe head wound he was discharged in 1916. In time he became a confirmed Epi Leptic. His right Arm was atrophied and quite useless and he had lost the use of both legs. When the first combined pilgrimage to Lourdes was organised from Lancashire John Traynor went with it. That was in 1923. He was carried on a Stretcher. But he returned with the pilgrims a few Days later using his own feet and helping the other sick pilgrims. When he got Back Home he took up his old Job one which he had not been Able to follow for Many years that of a haulage contractor. Close medical observation was kept upon him and the following year he returned to Lourdes this time As a Stretcher bearer and was again for Mally examined by the doctors at the medical Bureau. They declared that his cure was beyond human John tray nor went Back to his work and it is said that so great was his strength that the heaviest jobs were left to him to handle. He had from the time of his Dis charge from the Navy been receiving a disability pension for his War wounds. It started As an 80 per cent pension but a year later his Case being recognised As very bad and his condition permanent it was increased to 100 per cent. When he found he was better John Traynor took the Case up with the ministry of pensions to have the matter reviewed and rectified. But the ministry of pensions would not recognise the cure after All their doctors had declared that he was in curable. So he went on drawing his pension and doing the hardest kind of manual work. But there was a drawback to the pension. Because he was 100 per cent disabled according to the Law he was not allowed to have a License to drive a truck. Year after year until this War started John Traynor went Back to Lourdes to thank our lady for his cure. He always went As a bran Cardier and became president of the Brancard ers association of the Liverpool archdiocese. Hie Hospi Talite presented to him its coveted Silver medal. John Traynor was married in 1900 and had 13 children. Three of them were born after his cure. A fully equipped executor. By the act of making a will you indicate that you have devoted proper thought to the future of your family or relatives. Do you carry that process further and give some thought to the selection of your executor ? the appoint ment of elder s trustee company As your executor ensures that your estate will be administered efficiently in the terms expressed by your will. Neither from fear nor favor will one beneficiary be treated More generously than another. Your estate will be administered in the same impartial manner whether the ultimate winding up takes one year or 20 years. Unless the executor you select can guarantee impartiality permanence efficiency and attention at All times to your business he is not equipped to undertake the duties. Elder s trustee and executor company can give these guarantees and is accordingly your logical Choice of an executor. Write or Call for details of the company s services. Elder s trustee and executor company limited 37-39 Curie Street Adelaide. E31

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