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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - February 18, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ill sow Simou i in i new Post War plan. Very where the problem of the rehabilitation of members of the armed forces is engaging the attend Iii of governments and various plans Are being Given consideration. The following news dispatch briefly expiate provisions already. Made by the Canadian government to Deal with this ques Tion. Ahada s undeveloped land re sources have a place of Para mount importance in her Post War re construction plans. The Dominion bases her new programme on her experience in settling demobilised sol Diers on the land after the last War and her efforts to alleviate unemployment by resettlement in the 1930 s. That there is considerable experience to go on is indicated in the follow ing figures 25,000 veterans were settled on the land by the Soldier Settle ment act 1917-1919while 10,000 unemployed families returned to the land in 1932 and following. It has been a rather chequered experience. More than half of the Vete rans ultimately became unable to meet their payments a f interest or principal on these government Loans. Yet 65,640,518 dollars of the original outlay of 109,085,320 dollars has been recovered and another thirty millions is recoverable. Average expenditure per Veteran has. Been 1,600 dollars Only 80 dollars per Day. Of the Relief families settled on subsistence homesteads in the thir ties less than one Quarter had failed or abandoned their farms for any reason up until the new employment opportunities offered by this War. The Cost of land Clearing aids and other special assistance brought the government expense up to 1,600 dollars per family. This Means an average of 400 dollars per year As compared with the 800 dollars required by Canadian families on City Relief. The repayable loan basis of the so flier settlement act providing capital to Purchase developed farms was supplanted in the 1932 Relief acts by Grants in Aid to enable unemployed families to develop Pioneer farms or Low Cost Semi improved properties. The veterans re settlement pro gramme after the last War ran into a number of difficulties. There was no trained staff to guide land Settle ment operations. Because of. Land inflation farms and equipment were purchased for returning soldiers at prices from 120. To 150 per cent above their True value. The 5 per cent in Terest rate proved to be too High. And 70 per cent of these projects were located in Western Canada where a one crop system of farming prevailed. This meant that Many fell victims to drought and chaotic Market conditions. Steps taken to overcome these difficulties included consolidation of Loans cancellation of interest charges for certain periods or to meet extreme situations revaluation Jaf land a 30 per cent horizontal reduction in debt in 1930 a Bonus system of loan repayments provided property taxes were fully paid up thus two dollars credit was Given for every Dollar paid readjustment of Soldier settler contracts by general legislation. The Relief acts for 1932 and subsequent depression years were intended Only to provided subsistence to Relief families Able and willing to return to the land. A number of useful Mea sures have been taken to further these projects. Definite soils classification reports indicate the Fertility of each farm unit prospective settler families Are thoroughly investigated especially As to their farming qualifications. Leadership by a trained personnel gives increasing attention to sociological As Well As economic Fae continued on Page two established 1847 Roylo port archbishop deprecated treatment of interned missionaries in Egypt arbitrarily and unfairly treated. Italian and German missionaries interned in Egypt since the beginning of the War Many of whom have devoted their lives to the education of egyptian children and to Chari table work among diem have been arbitrarily and unfairly treated during their internment in the opinion of the Host Rev. Francis j. Spellman archbishop of new York. Archbishop Spellman was writ ing in Colliers new York his visit to the holy land and of personalities and prob lems he encountered in the Middle East during his recent tour As Mili tary vicar of the armed forces of the United states. Arriving in Cairo archbishop Spellman was received at the apostolic delegation by the Rev. Arthur Hughes charge d affaires. Father Hughes was born in Lon Don he writes. About a year ago he was placed in charge of the Apos Tolic delegation. He told me about the internment of missionary priests in Egypt. Franciscans Sale sians and members of other religious orders who had been born in either Germany or Italy years before any one Ever heard of Hitler or Mussolini came to Egypt in their youth and vigor and dedicated themselves to the education of the children of Egypt and to charitable work among them. Now these missionaries Are penned. In and watched by armed guards kept in forced idleness for More than three years while their parishes schools and institutions suffer and the people they served remain in served and bewildered. One of the first things i did in Egypt was to visit these priests. It was a sad experience. In my opinion they have been treated not Only arbitrarily and unfairly but also with unnecessary harshness. They won dered and so did i Why those among them who were sick were not entitled to the same consideration Given others not priests. For. Hughes has done his Best to help but he was Frank to admit that the results of his Best produced nothing More than what in the states would be called a run around " f of his visit to the holy land and his offering mass in these places dear to the hearts of christians Arch Bishop Spellman writes i realised How privileged i was to be in Meiji Salem during holy week. Epistles gospels and psalms take on new and deeper meanings when one has visited biblical places. Meditation on our lord s life and on his teaching be comes More fruitful after making the composition of place from memories of the scenes he was received in Jerusalem by. The patriarch archbishop Barlas Sina who invited him to officiate at the holy sepulchre services on easter saturday and easter sunday. Speak ing of his Celebration of mass in the Chapel of the nativity in Bethlehem he writes it was dark when we left Jeru Salem for Bethlehem and stars studded the sky. Neither mgr. Oddi nor i said one word. I was thinking As i am sure he was also of that night on yonder Hillside in that Little Village when Christ was born. The scriptures say the world knew him not nor does the world know him in a boat on the sea of Galilee he wanted to think of nothing but the different scenes of the gospel that took place on this on the out skirts of Beirut he was met by the vicar general of the armenian Dio Cese mgr. Kedjidjian and the Patri Arch both of whom had been students continued on Page two on Ili dam University holy father praises services to nation. The following account of the Centenary celebrations of the University of notre Dame taken from an american Catholic contemporary will be read with the sex alumni serving with the United states forces in Australia. Itoe teaching of enthusiastic Patriot Smas exemplified in notre Dame Indiana University s Century of service to the United states is a True part of the Catholic tradition of education says Pius Xii in a letter Felici Tating the University on the occasion of its 100th commencement programme. Notre Dame says the holy father has done much to Dis Pel the false idea that Fidelity to one s religious practices is Inco Nso Nant with the Best in american Man the letter is addressed to the very Rev. J. Hugh o Donnell c.s.c., president of notre Dame. Recalling his visit to notre Dame in 1936, the Pope says that he saw the material grandeur of the univer sity As an external expression of the spirit of notre Dame that in definable yet very real and whole some spiritual atmosphere which hovers Over your Campus and which is spread to the Corners of the Earth by your alumni whose training has prepared them to serve As edifying examples of the virility and real value of truly Christian education it is a spirit. Which imbues the students of notre Dame with a Happy purposeful concept of life a Man s dependence on his creator and of his Active membership in the mystical body of it must have been the same spirit says the holy father that inspired father Edward Sorin in his Pioneer labors As founder of the school and that carried his successors through the hardships of the Early history of notre Dame. Praising the University s adherence to Christian ideals the Pope Calls at Tention to some principles Basic to Catholic education. The directors of notre Dame he says have built an institution of higher learning in which the training of the student is not limited to the cultivation of the intellect alone. They based the educational programme. On the Long and Valu Able experience of the Church which teaches that the training of youth must not be confined within those narrow limits but in providing for the development of the entire Man must prepare the student to play his part intelligently and honestly in this earthly prelude to that Fuller life promised by our divine the holy father lauds notre Dame alumni for their constant Devotion to the religious and charitable practices Learned in their student Days. He pays special tribute to the influence of the University s daily religious bulletin. Notre Dame is great not Only be cause of its religious atmosphere but also because of its sane use of physical education and sports in the development of real men its High intellectual achievements and its special Devotion to the service of it country. The annals of american history says the holy father record the willing service and sacrifice rendered at All times by the priests Brothers and students of the University and to Day the students and alumni have engraved in their hearts the glorious tradition of notre Dame a truly Catholic tradition of enthusiastic and patriotic Devotion and service to their the holy father closed his letter by imparting the apostolic Benedic Tion to the University. Launching the commencement Day exercises was the baccalaureate mass celebrated in sacred heart Church by Bishop John f. Noll of port Wayne. Bishop William p. O Connor of Superior gave the baccalaureate ser Mon. Following the awarding of 215 bachelors degrees one doctor s de Gree and 40 masters degrees Harry f. Kelly governor of Michigan Alum Nus of notre Dame Veteran of world War i and former president of the alumni association gave the commencement address. The Honor Able degree of doctor of Laws was conferred on Bishop o Connor Gover nor kelly1, and Leo t. Crowley . Foreign economic administrator. War victims vast needs met. events which have Bee happening in rapid succession during the past few weeks have resulted in a considerable increase in the activities of the Swiss Catholic Mission in Aid of War victims in Fribourg reports the Swiss Catholic week of october 21. The work undertaken by these offices is increasing every Day. Appeals Are made from every Quarter and letters filled with anxiety and alarm Are received which Are too poignant to allow for any inactivity. The Section which deals with Spiri Tual help for prisoners and refugees is at the moment urgently in need of vestments of All kinds altar cloths. Medals prayer books in every Lan Guage but especially in italian. In the space of a few Days apart from its Ordinary activities the Mission had to Supply All the material Neces sary for religious worship for a num Ber of internment and refugee Camps for people who have reached Switzer land since the beginning of septem Ber. The needs to be met and the gratitude which is expressed for All objects received Are overwhelming. It is a question of the possibility of ensuring that mass be said in numerous Camps in Switzerland and abroad. One of the great needs of the Sec Tion is Hassocks and priests hats. Even if these Are already worn they Are useful to interned or refugee priests and seminar its. The Book Section also appeals to the generosity of Swiss catholics since it continues to Send Reading matter to innumerable Camps where the needs increase As the War continues. At the present moment its most urgent need is books magazines illustrated papers etc., in italian to carry out its activities and this need increases As Winter approaches. In the face of this demand for read ing matter the Basle National Zei Tung of october 25 reports that the Swiss red Cross is at the present time making a country wide collection of books for the prisoners of War of All countries. The committee for the City of Basle has addressed an Appeal to the local population to hand Over to the girl and boy collectors who have voluntarily placed their services at the disposal of the fund suitable books novels travel books entertaining stories school and educational books of All kinds religious books dictionaries and language manuals musical publications scientific and technical journals and also illustrated magazines. Groups of boys and girls there fore have been going from House to House with their wheelbarrows and they proved very industrious. The population of the City responded in the great majority of cases very sym pathetically and it is expected that the result of the collection at the present moment the books Are still being sorted out will exceed by far the target figure of 50,000 books. In addition numerous gifts of books which have not yet been received have been promised from private sources. A View of the future one of the oldest desires of Mankind is to be Able to lift the veil and see into the future. However with All his wit and Wisdom no Man can see with certainty even one hour ahead. The most that anyone can achieve is to plan wisely to Day against possible contingencies. Parents who wish to be reasonably certain that their children will not want should lose no time1 in making sound and valid wills disposing of their assets in a Way that will bring utmost Benefit to their dependants. The Wise conclusion to a carefully drawn will is the appointment of an executor who is known to have the knowledge and experience essential to competent administration and what is most important an executor who can give the Assurance of being there ready to act at any time in the future. In this regard there could be no Wiser Choice than elder s trustee and executor company which specialises in estate administration and is permanent. Write or Call for particulars to elder s trustee and executor company limited. Elder House 37-89 Corrie Street Adelaide. E30

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