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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Feb 14 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - February 14, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia ii cd Duit Happ i Here by ii Dib five years since Darwin was bombed his month Marks the fifth anniversary of a significant Date in australian history february 19, 1942, when at precisely 9 o clock in the morning japanese planes dropped the first enemy bombs on australian soil at Darwin. We were bewildered. Our country though old geographically was Young in civilisation. War had never been fought nor blood of warfare shed on our fair land. It could t happen Here we had thought complacently. But it could and it did. Beulah Carter of the disposals commission Darwin writes of that Day during the eighteen months or so following that memorable Day Australia at Darwin suffered 65 devas Tating air raids Many of our own lads As Well As their British Cana Dian american and dutch comrades paying the supreme sacrifice. Twenty minutes or so before that first bomb was dropped natives at the Bathurst Island Mission 60 Miles North of Darwin told the Rev. For. Mcgrath of strange planes approach ing. The Rev. Father immediately radioed Darwin. But by the time the message got through to the right Post office and residence Darwin after first raid on february 19, 1942. Quarters japanese zeros and bombers were screaming Over Darwin and dropping bomb after bomb on the town and Harbor. Later on these same Bathurst is land natives proved of inestimable value in locating enemy planes brought Down and pilots who parachuted out As Well As in recovering valuable instruments. Damage besides extensive damage to the wharf All ships in the Harbor with the exception of the Anunda a Hospital ship which was hit were sunk. The largest was the . Meigs 12,568 tons now firmly embedded upright in the Bottom of Dar win Harbor her masts funnel and superstructures showing above water other ships lost that Day included the . Mauna Loa 5,436 tons British Neptune 5,952 tons and British Motorist 6,891 tons and Netherlands Zealandia 6,683 tons. The . Destroyer Peary reported to be. Carrying Gold Bullion valued in the Vicinity of a million pounds was the victim of a direct hit and quickly Sank though managing to Zig Zag a Short distance across the Harbor. Up to Date she has continually mysteriously eluded All attempts of scientific apparatus to locate her whereabouts. In that first raid 243 people were killed and 350 injured. This death Roll included almost the entire staff of the completely shattered Post office overlooking the Harbor. " their re Mains together with personnel of the australian and Allied forces who gave their lives in this area lie at the Adelaide River War cemetery Darwin. Some Miles from the town the Well kept lawns of the cemetery Evergreen As the memory of those who lie there Are a pleasing contrast to the surrounding scrub and Jungle. St. Mary s though never sustaining a direct hit St. Mary s Star of the sea erected by the jesuits in 1897 after the first Church had been blown Down in a terrific Monsoon suffered considerable damage through shrapnel and blast from bombs which fell in the Church grounds leaving gaping craters. The roof and Walls of the Church were riddled with flying pieces of shrapnel and All the windows were shattered by blast effect. The statue of an Angel still stands beside the High altar though pierced right through by shrapnel. The frontal panel of the altar and the canopy of the Bishop s throne were also damaged. In the presbytery next door one reminder of the raids is a Battle scarred Crucifix which hangs above the doorway. For three years service personnel were the Only ones to enter the Church. It was always necessary to bring along tin helmets and the Clatter of these As the troops stood and Knelt during mass became a familiar sound. Being the Garrison Church masses were celebrated by chaplains of All services. Sometimes As Many As 20 masses were offered during the Sun Day morning afternoon and evening. Though in obedience to regulations All sought shelter in the surrounding Slit trenches at the sound of air raid signals the chaplain was always Able to finish holy mass. St. Mary s was the Only Church in Darwin which remained open right through the War. Hundreds outside by 1943, the number of Allied troops in Darwin had swelled to such a degree that though there were so Many masses the overflow standing round the windows and doors outnumbered the hundreds inside. In less than two weeks american army Engi neers voluntarily remedied this enlarging the Nave by moving the Walls 12 feet further out each Side. Accommodation was certainly increased but the alteration hardly added to the Beauty of the old Church. Though actually beyond repair St. Mary s has been partially restored to carry on for the present. Towards the end of 1944, a mis Sion the first of its kind for the services in Darwin was conducted by the Rev. For. Anthony Carroll s.j., of the .a.a.f. Who is now with continued on Page 9. Communists and religion the following was published in the London times from its Moscow correspondent on Jaroni any 10. A finding itself in some difficulty when a number of members who had been forbid Den to go to Church alluded to the Law on Freedom of con science and religion a Kom Somol league organisation in the Kalinin Region addressed itself to the Komsomol to Virnal Young the reply was recently published. The editors Point out that while the communist party has always stood for Freedom of conscience that is for granting every citizen the right freely to determine his attitude to wards religion and has insisted on the necessity of separating Church from state and the school from the Church this does not mean that the party is indifferent to the attitude assumed by its members to religion. Recalling that Lenin said that the party considered religion a private affair in. Regard to the state but not at All in regard to the individual marxism or the workers party the writers assert that As the party bases itself on scientific foundations it is bound to oppose religion. Religious superstition the article said is very tenacious among people of backward culture and education where it survives As a vestige of capitalism. Hence it follows that the Only Way to get rid of superstition is to raise Cul Tural standards and patiently to explain its harmfulness. No administrative measures of any kind can be tolerated in this the article said that the writers of the letter were right when they said that Komsomol should not remain indifferent to religion and that those who had justified their behaviour by referring to the Constitution were in error since that dealt with the Atti tude of the state and not of the party or the Komsomol to religion. If a Komsomol believed in god and attended Church he failed to fulfil his duties which meant that he had not rid himself of religious superstitions. It was impossible to remain indifferent to the dissemination of religious or any other superstitions among schoolchildren. On the other hand the article concluded the Kalinin Komsomol group continued on col. 4. Continued from col. 1 acted wrongly in forbidding its Mem Bers to attend Church. Their Correct course of action was patiently to explain the error of their ways and to convince them of the worthlessness of the religious world Outlook by teaching them a scientific interpretation of natural and social Phenomena. Pledged to Considente you May discuss the provisions of your will and a plan for your estate with the officers of elder s trustee company in strict privacy without incurring any obligations. After thirty six years of surmounting difficulties which arise in the administration of estates the company is qualified to undertake the administration of any estate Large or Small irrespective of its terms or conditions the number of beneficiaries or the nature of the assets. Elder s trustee company is constantly at your service it knows no time limit since its existence is perpetual. Such a condition assures the same High Standard of efficiency impartiality and Security now or de Cades hence. Full details of the ser vices offered Are available to you in the free Booklet wills and exec elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. -el46. Don t be deserters Pope addresses roman nobility Rome Jan. 17the holy father addressed members of the roman nobility last week in the consist orial Hall of the Vatican and urged them to work for the whole nation s Good. We Are addressing you said the holy father after the horrors of a War amidst the indescribable misery which has followed it at a time which still cannot be called and indeed is not peace. We have already spoken More than once on the duty and the obligation of the nobility in the preparation of a new state of things in the world especially in this our dearly loved native country. To Day it is less difficult for you to determine your lines of conduct. One line is in admissible. It is that of being a deserter. Also unworthy is conduct which is the result of a Lazy or passive indifference. This is sometimes hidden under the mask of neutrality. Such conduct is not natural it is guilty. Indifference to ruin into which one s own Brothers or people Are about to fall is even worse them contempt or discouragement. The new Constitution Italy is about to devise a new Constitution. Who can ignore the capital importance of such an under taking. Under the common Law of god All Are obliged to keep in View the common Good of All. All to whom the great Burden of framing the new Constitution is confided have this obligation. The voice of your country shaken in the past few years by serious upheavals Calls for honest men and women to co operate Calls on All men and women of spiritual and moral vigor. Your duty is far from being negative. It requires much Devotion work abnegation and above All much love. The sentiment and determination not to take advantage of your privileged position hut to serve ought to be the characteristic feature of your traditional and family Lateran pacts the Lateran pacts which consist of the concordat a political treaty and a financial convention and which were signed on february 11, 1929, May be incorporated in the new italian Constitution if the constituent Assembly accepts the draft drawn up by a special committee. The Christian democrats strongly support the re affirmation of the Lateran pacts in the Constitution while the socialists and communists although they do not deny the value of the principles assisted by the Lateran pacts say they do not con Sider the pacts represent the present Outlook of the italian people. The socialist newspaper avati says we Are convinced that the pacts can and should be revised and brought up to Date by the italian democratic Republic in agreement with the Catholic Church. This would raise the prestige of the Church which should prefer a freely concluded instrument to a document bearing various Marks of the fascist

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