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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - February 7, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia h my Tel local Smi was at St Joseph a Theberton follows its example brother Leopold principal of St. Joseph s diocesan technical school Theberton gave a talk in the Catholic hour session last sunday night on technical education. He named the Carpenter s shop of Nazareth As the Model technical school and showed that the monasteries of the Middle Ages were the forerunners of modern technical schools. The follow ing is the text of his paper. We read with pleasure in the press some months ago of the Pur Chase by a group of Catholic Lay men in England of the land on which once stood the Beautiful fountains Abbey. This Abbey was one of the Many that fell into the hands of the de spoilers during the sixteenth Cen a View of the workshops St. Joseph s technical school Tury. These men were concerned with material things alone and what could not readily be turned into Money was either smashed or left to crumble with the passage of time. Those things belonging to the Monas teries of that period that the materialist could not destroy were the Cen Turies of spiritual Good which the monks wrought on the souls of the thousands who flocked to them to be instructed in the arts and crafts to be healed of their bodily diseases or to receive alms for the monasteries were veritable reservoirs of mercy drawn on by the Peoples of those times. I referred to the learning that was to be obtained in these religious houses not Only the arts but the crafts also for the founders of religious orders had Laid it Down definitely in the Rule of their order that the monks were to engage in a cer Tain amount of manual labor each Day for in seeking to follow Christ More perfectly in the monastic Way of life they looked on labor As he did As something end Robling for was not he a Carpenter in Nazareth this labor took on various forms from the tilling of the Fields to the most delicate forms of sculpture and it was in Many branches of crafts Manship that the people of the sur rounding Countryside had their train ing. The monasteries might then be called the first technical schools. In the More modern times we find the Church in her orphanages and Homes for the unfortunate making use of trades As a Means of preparing the inmates to face the future and so printing Book binding tailoring and Boot repairing were taught. Many a skilled tradesman in the world to Day owes his position in life to the foresight of the Church in having these useful trades taught in her institutions. The technical school properly so called is of comparatively recent origin for it is Only since Progress in Industry has reached such proportions that elementary training for those destined to follow this calling was found to be necessary. The Mantle of the monks of old has now fallen on the shoulders of the modern religious educator and so it is that throughout the length and breadth of Australia in All Large centres Are to be found Catholic technical schools giving to boys an education at least equal to that Given in state schools of a similar kind. The foregoing is a very Brief his tory of the development of technical education. That there is need for such training is evidenced by the increasing num Ber of industries coming to our state and which will absorb thousands of children leaving school. It is not sufficient for society to have excellently trained men in the professional world and in Public service depart ments of the state there must also be highly qualified men to keep the wheels of Industry turning. No one would think of embarking on a professional or clerical career without an educational background suited to his future needs similarly no prospective tradesman can afford to waste those precious years of preparation in studying subjects that will be of Little or no Benefit to him later. In the present Day technical schools with their modern workshops and equip ment there is to be found the Cor rect atmosphere for the training of the tradesman of to Morrow. Besides an adequate training in essential subjects such As English mathematics and general science and the broaden ing of his knowledge through social studies in which he is introduced to current world affairs he studies the theoretical Side of Woodwork and metalwork and spends several periods each week in the workshops learning the use of tools machines and appliances. This work is graded according to the capacity of the child and Over the period of the course he makes a variety of useful articles which demonstrate the different joints and joins that play such an important part in the building and Metal trades. He is introduced to the lathe that most interesting machine which enables him to turn out an. Almost end less variety of things. Power drills saws Grinders cutters and Many other useful machines Are there for his training and when school leaving time comes he is Able to enter on an apprenticeship in one or other of the Many workshops and factories will ing to employ him with a Confidence that his less fortunate fellow is lacking. Is it difficult to imagine the tremendous thrill of pleasure that comes to the Youthful worker when he fashions a beautifully turned Reading lamp or succeeds in Matching veneers a general View of the Wood work room for the tray he is making the creative element in his work holds his interest and sustains him through periods of painstaking Effort. How Dull and Boring life would be for. This lad if he were condemned to follow an occupation where there was no scope for his creative Bent. I remember once meeting in the footwear department of a Large City store a talented Young Man with a Brilliant leaving certificate pass. Circumstances Over which he had no control had forced him to take employ a Knack of doing things ment there. He told me How soul deadening it All was and How he Felt that his years of study were All wasted. He possessed a character that yearned for fashioning and moulding and the life of Monotony he was engaged in seemed to be sap Ping the vitality that was craving for a Chance to assert itself in some much More useful sphere. A technical school training satisfies the needs of those like the Young Man just referred to. Here in Adelaide this very vital need is fulfilled by St. Joseph s technical school Theberton conducted by the Marist Brothers. All subjects there Are taught personally by Brothers who have been specially trained in this Type of work. There Are to be met parents who Endeavor to place their children in careers for which they Are Little suited and in which they have Little or no interest. The child himself is the first one to be considered his wishes should be treated sympathetic ally and a Large amount of encourage ment meted out to him. When it is evident that he has a hear notion As to his future a Type of education suited to his career must be chosen. The fact that he does not follow the traditional family Bias is no Indica Tion that he is going to be one of life s failures. There is every Hope that the family name will receive fresh honors in pastures new. The sad Story of John who wanted to be a Carpenter but was forced against his will to embrace Law just because dad and Grandad before him had done so is All too True. John As might Well be imagined barely passed his exams and lacking the interest in his work was As a result of a thwarted ambition struggling along a very dissatisfied Man scarcely making a living. Had he pursued his Correct calling he might Well be a leading tradesman earning a comfortable wage and possessing that continued on Page 9. A guiding hand into the impenetrable darkness of to Morrow Many of us feel our Way striving to know what will become of us what lies in store for us. Yet none of us is Able to cast any Light on the future in any Way except to have a reasonable expectancy of reaching the allotted Span. Even so we have no idea what experiences we will go through in the years ahead. One thing should be made secure the welfare of your family. Should any thing happen to you a sound will and a permanent and trustworthy executor Are their Only safeguards. Make Safe provision for your family by appointing elder s trustee and executor company limited As executor of your will. Ask for a free copy of the Booklet wills and executors elder s trustee and executor com Pany limited elder House 37-3 Currie Street Adelaide. Es6 the wine of tradition 1847-1947 100 years better

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