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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - December 19, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the Sineff Ceable Dye by Arnold Lunn in the Catholic times the world is to Day a Battle ground Between progressives and reactionaries. Between those who follow the Only Road of True Progress which started from a Manger in Bethlehem and reactionaries whose influence is helping to restore the brutality and inhumanity of the Pagan world into which Christ was born. Pub standards of the world into which Christ was born Are unconsciously revealed in a Chance re Mark by Horace. If you have a slave crucified because he takes a slight taste of the dish he is bringing you you Are justly thought to be abnormally ferocious but if you Cut a Friend for some slight offence How much worse am now Horace a contemporary of Jesus Christ was not a roman prototype of the beast of Belsen. His friends regarded him As not Only highly civilised but also As a humane Man and yet Horace obviously thought that it was much More reprehensible to quarrel needlessly with a Friend than to crucify a slave for seme trivial offence. # slow erosion of brutality the birth of Christ was the Dawn of a new Era with a Promise of Freedom for the slave. Christianity not of course revolutionise the status of the slave in a few Short years. The history of the Nineteen centuries of christianity is the Story of the slow erosion of brutality by this new thing which came into the world on the first Christmas Day More than Nineteen centuries ago. Under roman Law the slave was a chattel. The slave could be Cruci fied by the Caprice of his master. A female slave could be raped without redress. The first great change under the influence of christianity was the granting of religious Equality to slaves. A roman slave master could not prove his sincerity on his conversion to christianity More clearly than by receiving the same sacrament As his slave kneeling at the same altar. Under the influence of Christian Ity Law and custom were steadily revised in favor of the slave. The violator of slave women was punished by death and the killing of a slave punishable As criminal homicide. Again we find the Ever increasing pressure in favor of owners were encouraged either in their lives or on their death Beds to free their slaves. Rights recognised gradually the slave was trans formed into a serf who enjoyed the natural rights of Man subject to the restriction that he could not move without his master s permission from the ground which it was his duty to cultivate and just As slavery Grade ally merged into serfdom so in time serfdom disappeared from Christian lands. The flight from christianity in modern Europe coincides with the return of slavery. Koestler at one time an ardent supporter of communism estimates that 10 per cent of the russian population Are condemned to forced labor russian workers who Are nominally free Are like the serf of old not free to leave the place in which they work without special permission from the government. Nothing in the Pagan world into which Christ was born was worse than the forced labor Camps to which millions of russians Are condemned. War like slavery was gradually rendered less brutal by the influence of the Church. It was the Church which first secured a week end truce and Exchange of prisoners in medieval wars. One babe escapes or. Winston Churchill in his life of the great Duke of Marl Borough Points the contrast Between War in the eighteenth Century when the restraining influence of christianity was still Strong and War to Day. The inevitable armistice at the end of Battle to Rescue the passports to traverse hos tile territory by the shortest route Home. No hatred apart from Mili tary aggression was modern totalitarian War begins with the French revolution in the course of which As Burke Points out the jacobins destroyed that Mode of civilised War which More than anything else distinguished the Chris Tian it takes longer to accumulate Capi Tal than to spend it. Our secular spendthrift have squandered in a few decades the capital of Christian values which has accumulated in nine teen centuries. Unless the lord build the House they labor in vain who build what leading statesman in modern Europe acts on that Assumption god was certainly not the architect of the most pretentious failure since the Tower of Babel the league of nations. The principal mural Fresco in that Temple of secularism represents the Triumph not of god but of Man Man liberated from tyrants Welcom ing the new Dawn. The penultimate act of the league was to expel for aggression soviet Russia the Utopia of the secularists. The secularism of . And . Is still More blatant than that of the league with the result that it failure has been even More rapid and More pronounced. The Russia which rejected Christ has fallen infinitely below the ethical standards of the roman Empire into which Christ was born but however tragic May be the results of apostasy there will always be one babe who will escape the massacre of the innocents. It is possible to deny but it is impossible to forget Christ. Since Christ came into the world there has no longer been a world with out Christ he entered into it like a Aye the stain of which no amount of washing will remove like a drop of god s blood which remains i efface ably Wittig quoted by Ida Couden Iove. Choosing executors and trustees. Most Folk Are aware of the Neces sity to appoint an executor and trus tee under their will but. Few Realise the great importance attached to the Choice they make. The duties of an executor and trustee Are bristling with technicalities problems and complexities and can Only be performed satisfactorily by those with the Neces sary training and experience. Private individuals however competent Are not the Wisest Choice because like All human beings they Are subject to the risks of sickness Accident and even sudden death. Any one of these calamities May Render a private executor and trustee incapable of Ful filling his duties. Why Gamble with the future Well being of your wife and children when you can eliminate All risk by choosing elder s trustee com Pany As executor of your will an trustee of your estate. Mishaps and misfortunes which Lay private individuals aside do not affect elder s trustee company which offers Posi Tive Assurance that it will be read for duty at a moment s notice immediately the necessity arises. Elder s trustee company is never too Busy never ill or on Holiday but always courteous and attentive to its clients interests and always True to its Trust. Ask for free Booklet wills and sex elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 87-39 Currie Street Adelaide. El87 Advt ecce Sagredo Magnus archbishop s Silver Jubilee As priest on december 23, i.922, his Grace the archbishop of Adelaide most Rev. M. Beovich d.d., . Was ordained to the priest Hood in Rome the first mass he celebrated was the Christmas mid night mass. In offering to the archbishop cordial congratulations and respectful Good wishes for the future we Are expressing the sentiments of the whole of the Catholic body in South Australia. Cardinal at Tower week Cardinal Griffin and a party including Bishop Craven paid what is believed to be the first visit of a Cardinal to the Tower of London since Cardinal Wol sey. His Eminence was received at the Tower entry by major a. G. Barnard Coldstream guards Ander. James Brennan Yeoman War Der and was shown by the governor of the Tower the dungeons occupied by St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. Speaking of his visit later at a Squires rally hit Eminence said it is a strange thing that Devotion is not greater to our martyrs. In Canada five martyrs of whom no relics exist Are honoured by a huge Basilica built because some where within Twenty Miles one Martyr died. Yet Here we have St. Thomas More s own House in can Trace his journey by water to the Tower and go thence to the spot on Tower Hill where he was put to death ii. No Jezl s escape Warsaw nov. 21.the communists have More or less achieved their object of a unanimous _ and obedient parliament on the soviet or nazi pattern. There is however still a Independent group which prefers to evade voting against the government As they Are few in number they have not the Confidence of the polish Hierarchy however. It was possible for the Warsaw communist authorities to declare triumphantly that the decision to expel m. Mikolajczyk and deprive him of his seat was taken unanimously because the few anti government ele ments abstained from so called special commission which tries to blame him As much As possible asserted that his life arid Liberty were in no Way endangered and that the real reason for his escape was the growing opposition to him. Of his own party. It alleges also that he is a foreign agent an has been recalled by his it has lately been established that considerable help in escaping from Poland across the Baltic has been rendered by swedish sailors. Communists lose in Glasgow wot one of the eight communist candidates was returned in the coun cil elections in Glasgow recently. Al three Catholic councillors who sought re election for labor were successful

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