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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - December 15, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia scots prelate on super human courage of poles warning on desertion of their cause a Sermon at mass in Edin Burgh for the defenders of Warsaw archbishop Mcdonald declared that if Britain now through cowardice deserts the cause of Justice for Poland for the fear of the big battalions Britain s Honor will be Flung to the winds. Of merely is Poland in danger of being torn from the poles in Defiance of natural Law and All moral right said his Grace but the very existence of the polish race is threatened. Galling to mind the recent words of the holy father As to what he styles that beloved and Ever Loyal nation said his Grace we have met in this Church to Day to Pray for Poland in its supreme hour of crisis. We stand at the eve of the fifth anniversary of the violation of Poland by the German hordes an outrage which brought Britain into this world War to implement her solemn pledge to the polish nation when some Days later Poland fell a victim to a cynical attack by rus Sia our government assured our Gal Lant ally that Britain and France have not forgotten their obligation to her we meet Here to Day to pay solemn tribute to the memory of those who have fallen in the heroic efforts to free Warsaw a from the clutches of unjust aggression. The forces of the underground army have written another Brilliant Page in the glorious military history of the polish race. In our prayers through the holy sacrifice of the mass we pay tribute to those intrepid soldiers and offer the Best assistance we May to those who have fallen in the fray. We strive also to bring Solace and Comfort to those who survive and continue to Bear aloft with Well nigh superhuman courage and endurance the Standard of their native land. From none of our allies has this country received More generous More Loyal More devoted assistance to the very utmost limit of their Power than from the poles. We can never forget How in the dark Days of the Battle for Britain when the civilisation of the entire world was trembling in the balance the polish airmen who had escaped to this country at once formed them selves into a fighting Force and threw themselves wholeheartedly into the conflict. _ half of this Gallant band leu. In the defence of our country and one in every eight of the German planes which were shot Down was destroyed by this valiant company. It is not without regret and a sense of shame that i feel that the debt we owe to these allies in this hour of dire distress has not been clearly realised by this country As a whole. " not Only have they fought m Poland but in Norway prance North Africa Italy and Normandy they have stood shoulder to shoulder with our. British Brethren. /. I in a prodigal expenditure or life the sincerity of their Friendship has been proved and the ties which bind them to this country have been cemented by the outpouring of their heart s blood. " it is Small wonder if these Allie were to feel that the British nation is ready to kept All that is offered at such tremendous Cost but grudges to make and uate Contri Butin in return. To Day we me Ruih Cathedral to offer the holy sacrifice and to Pray earnestly to god for the liberation and restoration of this torn and tortured land. We implore god to guide our Leadens to secure for it that Justice without which no sure and lasting peace is possible for the Hariph of Europe. ,. We have experienced the Manifest intervention of god on our behalf on the beaches of Dunkirk in the Battleford Britain. Jare we now going to wave in our Confidence and through cowardice desert the cause of Justice for fear of big battalions ? such k course Honor to the winds Ana forfeit for us the glorious Reputa-1 for Puree web Hie Baltic states comment Fay Arnold Lunn Green red White certain papers in this country Arang them the National . Weekly carry news stories showing the Joy of the Peoples of the Baltic states at their incorporation into the . Here is enlightening comment on the matter by Arnold Lynn written for the London Catholic times 6/10/44. Tow far is it from Here to the russian Frontier i asked the concierge of an hotel in the capital of Esthonia. The entire expression of his face changed and he exploded into a spate of inactive the theme of which was the horror of having Russia As a neighbor. He had lived through one red terror and he feared that he might live through another. There Are no parlor pinks in Esthonia. A Small minority Are genuine red a Large majority Are even More con Vinced anti reds. When i was in the states i was shown the reports presented to the White House by the ministers of Esthonia. Latvia and Lithuania after the russian occupation in 1939. They made terrifying Reading. Thousands were killed tens of thousands were deported. There is a committee in this country vainly endeavouring to secure a Promise that the deportees will be returned. The russian occupation has been defended in the new statesman on the ground that Russia merely took Back provinces which had been taken from her at the end of the last War. The re annexation of Eire or the withdrawal of All concessions by great Britain to India and the Restora Tion of the privileges of the Tsa Rist nobility could be similarly defended. Imperial Russia had exactly the same right to the Baltic states As fascist Italy to Abyssinia the right founded on Conquest. In 1920, soviet Russia by the peace treaty of Tartu voluntarily and for Ever renounces All Sovereign rights Over the estonian people and Terri tory. By virtue of the principle proclaimed by the Federal socialist Republic of the russian soviets which established the right of self determination for All nations even to the 4 Point of total separation from the states which they have been incur the United nations Are supposed to stand among other things for the Sanctity of treaties. Thousands of russians were Only too glad to fight for Germany. Thou Sands of russian refugees have escaped from Russia into Germany and into German occupied territory hut according to telegrams received by the lithuanians in London from their committee in Stockholm the germans Are.,so indignant with the lithuanians for their Active resistance during the German occupation that they do not allow lithuanian refugees to escape to the Reich but russian refugees Are admitted freely. West Ern part of Lithuania is overcrowded with lithuanians and russian Refu gees from Orel Smolensk and Here is a Telegram dated August 18, 1944 Over one Hundred lithuanian refugees Farmers intellectuals fishermen and workmen have aved in Sweden and More Are expected. All of. Them state that the a adv successor to the Opu in occupied areas of Lithuania distribute questionnaires with five following questions Why did you stay in Lithuania when the red army retreated what did you do during the German occupation ? How did you Heln the germans. What sabotage did you organise mention names of three saboteurs questioned people receive summons. Green summons for labor service. Red summons for military service. White for deportation. Those receiving no summons Are executed on the spot the latvians in London have re Civ i a Telegram from their com Mittee in Stockholm that latvian refugees fleeing from both German and russian terror Are arriving in Stock Holm. Germans in still occupied places and bolsheviks in newly invaded places apply most cruel terror j and criminal methods by torturing i oven totally exterminating local i omit details of tor j turns employed according to i Fessor. A up Ritz religions broadcasts and religious instruction in the estonian schools were prohibited by the. Russians. The faculty of theology at the Tartu University was suppressed. All re. Gigious associations were disbanded. All property of the churches was confiscated. The evil Dreifu of the clergy protestant were practically debarred from the secondary and higher Edu cation by extremely High fees. They were put in the same class As enemies of the anti religious propaganda was conducted at the government s initiative. Professor Peiritz gives the names of 29 clergy men organists and Church wardens who were murdered by the russians As Well As the names of 22 who were deported to Europe to Day is watching great Britain with anxiety. Good euro peans everywhere Are anxious to know whether we still stand for objective principles. Do we object to aggression As such or Only to fascist aggression do we hate persecution As such or Only persecution carried out by our enemies Are we Cham pions of liberation or Only of the liberation of those who have been enslaved by our enemies we catholics who belong to a uni Versal Church have a special Obliga Tion to Wake up before it is too late and to make our voice heard in the formulation of the terms of peace. Here in this Bountry we know nothing of religious and racial persecution but we owe a duty not Only to these of our own Faith but also to All victims of persecution in other coun tries. The Church is the Champion of All natural rights the rights of the is con inked on Page two Hying bombs wreck 102 Church buildings appalling damage the first 3 months of the flying bomb onslaught 36 churches 26 rec tories 18 schools 8 Halls 2 seminaries and Over a dozen convents were wrecked in the diocese of Brentwood which covers out " lying parts of East London and that of Southwark England s hardest hit diocese which includes All London South of the River thames and the Corner of England As far As Plymouth. Amor is this by any Means the full toll of damage. It does not in clude London area North of the thames or any other part of the diocese of Westminster figures for which have not yet been issued. Moreover in addition to the totals Given above a much larger number of churches and other Parish build Ings sustained minor damage. In fact comparatively few escaped Al together. As a result of the extensive loss of windows Many churches of the area have an almost total Black out by Day As Well As by night As the windows have been sealed up with Board or Black out material. The two seminaries mentioned Are in the Southwark diocese Wonersh the senior institution and Mark Cross the Junior. The financial loss most of which it is hoped the government will meet through air raid insurance is considerable. Remarkably not one priest was killed in the flying bomb attacks nor was any seriously injured though priests shared All the danger of the attacks with their people and put in Many Long and difficult hours cheer ing and consoling them attending the injured and helping in other ways. There has been a great drop in parishioners due to evacuation and destruction of Homes with a subsequent moving out to new shelter. Typical of All London parishes of the area is Lewisham next door to Greenwich a Parish that had already endured much in the earlier air raids and which was one of the worst hit in the recent onslaught. There on one morning a bomb glided Down silently Ana without warning some 200 Yards from st. Saviour s Church killing 51 and in Juring 216. The whole area was blasted buses were overturned build Ings set on fire and several big stores destroyed. Canon Ward the Parish priest and his assistants worked there from morning until after Midnight. In this typical Parish the congregation shrank from More than 1,900 to less than 350. . Catholic Bishops on ideals of lasting peace Washington nov. 24.the Catholic Bishops of the United states on. November 18, in a statement on International order say that a sane and lasting Peac most be created on a sane realism which has a Clear vision of moral Law reverent acknowledgement of god its author and. Recognition of the one Ness of the human race.". Pyle statement said that people All Over the world want to Garner a Good peace from the sacrifices which have now gone into this War. The Foremost problem in Post War plan Ning is How to secure for ourselves and All the world a Joist and lasting recalling the formulation of tentative proposals for a world Security organisation at Dumbarton Oaks and the publication of the proposals for Public study the statement continued Public opinion in our country can exert a Treen Dps influence in Mak ing peace and determining the Man Ner of International collaboration for its maintenance if Public opinion is indifferent or uninformed we will run a risk of a bad peace and perhaps a return to the tragedy of Power politics which in the past divided the nations and sowed the seeds of War. If Public opinion is Alert and informed we can have lasting peace and Security. It is imperative that All our citizens recognise their responsibility in the making and maintenance of peace a. They must free themselves from hatred from distrust from a spirit of Mere expediency from National greed and from indifference to right in the. Use of might and they must form their judgments on the basis of Stern objective observing that lasting peace must be based on a sane realism the state ment said it should provide Assis Tance for the prostrate nations in reconstructing their economic a phial and political institutions. If Justice is compromised or if unreasonable concessions Are made to might grievances will rankle in the bosom of the aggrieved nation to endanger world peace. If the prostrate nations Are not. Assisted in giving to their Peoples fair economic opportunities they will become the Arena of civil strife and tune ibid. No International organisation will be Able to maintain a peace which is unfair and in there is already a Community of nations hich needs Only organisation the statement declared. An interna.-. Tonal institution must be Universal including All nations Large and Small Strong and weak. Its functions in clude promotion of International co operation and adoption of common i policies for a solution of common eco nomic social and other humanitarian problems. In fostering ,. Cd i operation it must seek a guarantee i. Continued on Page two vital detail secures inheritance time and again the history of a nation has been altered by an ill considered retail. In the Case of individuals Many a Well planned carefully drawn Jowui has been nullified by the Hasty and unwise Choice of an executor. A competent executor must possess Speedl qualifications. Among them Are sound knowledge and experience of the principles of estate administration integrity and continuity of existence to guarantee the ability to take Over at once the affairs of the testator when the estate of cols due for administration and that Date May be very Many years Distant. The obvious Safe course is to appoint elder s trustee and executor company As executor or co executor. Elder s will not be ill or absent when the time comes for the executor to act. Though there May be changes of individuals in elder s staff in the course of the thief governing principles of the. Comp any remain unchanged by the passing time As do its specialised knowledge its competence and its integrity. If you Are making a will Call or write for the free Booklet wills and executors elder s trustee and executor company Emred elder House 37-39 Cunie Street Adelaide. / 5e7

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