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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - December 08, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia on sex education on radio mental indecent exposure Sydney have been invited to give evidence before you to Day in your inquiry As to the advisability of using radio broadcasting As a Means of sex education and combating venereal disease said it. Rev. Mgr. J. Meany p.p., Dru Moyne in his evidence on the enquiry into sex education. Mgr. Meany continued a tendering this evidence i speak As a Catholic priest with some 40 years experience in spiritual and moral guidance also As representing my archbishop the most Rev. Nor Man Gilroy d.d., and also As a vice president of the society for the eradication of venereal disease. At the outset i would like to make it perfectly Clear that As a Catholic spokesman i cannot approve or con done the use of radio broadcasting for sex education. We would regard such action As an unwarranted intrusion of the privacy of the Home objectionable to some useless to others and positively dangerous to adolescents. I will not mince words constantly to Busy the mind with thoughts of sex in the Edu cation of the Young and constantly indiscriminately to bring such thoughts to external expression is mental indecent exposure which in the physical sphere we punish As an offence in our courts of Law. The imparting of sex information to youth in the Catholic View must be a. Gradual process and that View 1 might add is held on the basis of 2,000 years experience. There should be no discussion of sex in the presence of juveniles until the first approach to the question is made by the child. Then the task of satisfying the child s curiosity must rest with the Parent. In All cases the answers Given should be truth Ful but should not go beyond the information actually asked for. During school years and in the period of adolescence certain Pheno Mena become obvious. These will Lead to questions and the explanations asked for can be simply Given and at the appropriate time which must vary with the development of the individual. Lastly the details of procreation can be imparted in a Natu ral kindly manner by the Parent priest or family doctor. You gentlemen will see that if radio broadcasting were to become a medium for sex instruction such a gradual approach would be impossible. The grave danger would be that Many Young boys and girls not men tally equipped for the experience would have their imaginations stimulated with dire consequences. We admit that ignorance is not innocence. We admit that there is an extreme which is called prudery with Justice but we deny that the cure for ignorance or Jiru Dery is indecent exposure mental or physical. And it is Worth noting Here that in Continental cities where prudery was j least evident sex excesses were most evident. In the United states Christian authorities Are agreed that if Young people to Day Are inordinately sex conscious it is not because they have lacked knowledge of the facts of life but because they have been feeding their imaginations on the sex stories with which hundreds of magazines circulated by the million every week Are Point then is that knowledge alone is not education. To know evil does not enable Man to avoid it. That surely is self evident. Mere instruction on sexual matters instead of being a preventive is often an exc Tant. Sex instruction broadcast would be inflammatory. What youth requires is strength of will and avoidance of sex incitements. Continued on Page two established 1847 special old do Sherry 56 nuns died at Lesieux Carmel nuns All Safe a Day and after Lesieux weeks after Libe ration of Lesieux i returned to hear from Buonsignor octave Germain _ How _ fifty six nuns in the City lost their lives in the Allied bombing raids on Jane 6 and 7, a Day and the Day after writes m. Desjardins special correspondent of . News ser vice. Titans Signor Germain a portly Grey haired priest is director of All the sanctuaries of st. Therese of the child Jesus. At the moment of our interview he was with his Friend the Rev. Louis Augros local Superior of the missions of France Aid society founded in Paris in 1941 by his Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal shard archbishop of Paris for the restoration of de Christian ised dioceses. Our conversation took place in the miraculously intact Carmel which had been surrounded by fire that had stopped after destroying the roof of the House next door. Mgr. Germain said none of the Twenty three carmelites had been injured. The sad death Roll for other congregations of Lesieux reads As follows Benedictines 21, Sisters of Providence 18, Little Sisters of the poor 13, and Sisters of the Community of Refuge 4. Events of the three bombings were recalled by for. Augros who led Rescue and first Aid parties composed of 39 priests of the missions of France society. For. Augros related that a bomb had scored a direct hit on the Benedictine Abbey of notre Dame Dupre and that soon after fire had broken out. Twenty nuns died under the debris. One sister died in route to the first Aid Post. Streets were piled with rubble and Progress was slow and difficult for. Augros said. At the Community of Refuge Home for wayward Young girls there were four deaths among the Sisters. The nuns had decided to sleep out in the Garden after the bombing that occurred at 8.30 o clock on the evening of june 6. Another Large raid came at 2 o clock the following morn ing. Incendiary bombs fell on the building which immediately became engulfed in flames. One of the Sis ters who had lost an told for. Augros that the fire went from one floor to another with the rapidity of lightning. Surviving Little Sisters of the poor in charge of a Home for aged men in Lesieux said that during this Early morning bombing the two wings of their ancient building were shattered and that thirteen of seventeen nuns died with sixty of the old men. Other aged and feeble inmates of the Home were so stunned they not leave their rooms in the main portion of the building until help came in the morning. This part of the building remained intact. The Sisters of Providence affected by the bombing Are members of a nursing Community. A Large bomb fell on the roof of the cellar of the novitiate where the Sisters had taken Refuge. The cellar collapsed and eighteen nuns there either crushed drowned or asphyxiated. The first raid at 8.30 o clock on the evening of a Day was aimed at the Railroad Yards. It was a very accurate raid. I was informed and lasted but thirty seconds. In the Large raid at 2 . Literally thou Sands of bombs were dropped with the vital Paris Crossroads As the tar get. There was another Short raid at 2 o clock in the afternoon of june 7, when bombs fell All about the Basilica of st. Therese of Lesieux wrecking All the shops in the imme Diate Vicinity. It was a remarkable fact mgr. Germain said that Carmel where the. Continued on Page two confusion and chaos follow in path of Victory Allied leaders warning in the twinkling of an Eye the chaos referred to less than a year ago by or. Churchill and or. Roose velt As a possible aftermath of Victory has broken out in unmistakable fashion writes the diplomatic correspondent of the London Catholic thigh German officers taken Pri Soner in Southern France have been found totally ignorant of what had taken place in the North of France. Isolated German units in Central France have fought on in ignorance of the fact that they were isolated. The German command in Paris capitulated to the French forces of the Interior and could not control the further outbreak of scattered German resistance in the Capi tal. German snipers and pockets of nazi suicide squads Are spread Over a Countryside Long abandoned by the German army. decides suddenly to change Over from one belligerent Side in the War to the other following the example already Given by Italy and fighting promptly Breaks out Between germans and Koumanias. Bulgaria tries to suggest the basis of an armistice with the United nations in the Peculiar circumstance where she has been at War with Only two of those nations and not with the third. A similar muddle is fore shadowed when Japan at War with the United states and Britain but not with Russia decides in her turn to capitulate. Riots Are reported from hungarian garrisons within Hungary but Hun Gary s desire to make terms with the allies is complicated by the fact that Roumania who got in first has advertised her intention of recapturing the transylvanian territory handed Over by Hitler to Hungary. The polish patriots fighting in War saw had to be supplied with arms by British and american planes which had to Fly More than 1,700 Miles when the russians fighting at the very Gates. Of Warsaw denied such sup plies to the poles. Finland though for months past she has longed to quit the War has delayed the hour of her own deliver Ance because she was More afraid of peace with Russia than of defeat at the Side of Germany. Yet the foundations from one end of Europe to the other Are visibly and quickly crumbling so Finland and the Baltic states and the whole of the Balkans May at any moment find themselves plunged into the vortex of what ostensibly is an Allied Vic tory but what in the hideous reality May recall those prophetic warnings uttered on the same Day november 9 last year by or. Churchill and or. Roosevelt. Or. Churchill said in time of War we must make sure that con fusion and chaos do not follow the victories of the armies or Stu Latify the surrender unexpectedly Early by the or. Roosevelt said it would be supreme irony for us to win the War and then to inherit world chaos simply because we were unprepared to meet what we know we shall have to what the at the very begin Ning of the War August 24, 1939 warned the whole world namely against the a loosing of the terrible whirlwind of War has indeed run its course and the devastation is now displayed before our eyes. Hitler who is mad virtually decrees the destruction of the whole German race by his fanatical orders that every German everywhere Man woman or child must fight to the last gasp and the overwhelming Allied air forces Are ranged round the German Borders to unleash the process thereof. It is a Prospect that makes the heart stand still the mind to reel. At our anguished. Leisure we May recall the holy father s unheeded plea referred to above when he declared we ask All men to turn their eyes to heaven and to ask our lord with fervent prayers that his Grace May descend abundantly on this tor tured Earth that anger being removed souls May achieve reconciliation so that there May come the. Dawn of a More peaceful it is never too late to Pray and prayer is the Only instrument left to us to escape the utter disaster now threatened. Offensive american . Advertising plan stopped criticism of Catholic press View Yoke sept. 23.thev.d. Advertis ing Campaign sponsored by the War. Advertising Council and the . Public health service which advertising age last week said was stymied by protests of the Carbo. Lie press and of individuals is reported to have been stopped in an editorial in this week s Issue of that publication. In thursday of last week three representatives of the co ordinate ing committee of the archdiocese of new York Edmund Borgia Butler or. Maurice o Shea and Peter Mal lon met with members of the War advertising Council to discuss the objections against the proposed advertisements. The committee was received courteously and the discus Sion was amicable when the com Mittee left the meeting it Felt that the objectionable advertising copy would be withdrawn and the Campaign suspended. Discouraged by the failure of the War advertising Council to obtain sponsors for its carefully prepared Campaign Public health officials Are meeting with , and Council representatives to consider possible modification of the programme to meet the criticism of those who assert that the copy fails to emphasise the relationship Between . Venereal disease and immorality a front Page article in the sept. 18 Issue of advertising age asserts. All government agencies Are agreed that the Campaign should continue and every Effort will be made to Over come existing criticism.". Advertising age reports that at a meeting Here in new York this week officials were pessimistic about the possibility of obtaining sponsor ship nationally for the . Ads As a result of accumulated criticism but they were reluctant to abandon the material and they were confident that the local projects including Large amounts of local advertising would go in preparing " the advertising officials explain they stressed Points of National significance although they admit that perhaps they should have included immorality amongst the nationally significant facts Advertis ing age says. Other . Public health service material does emphasise immorality As an important cause of emphasising immorality would re move Only one of the objections which have been voiced against the Campaign the criticism based on the indecency of the wording of the advertisements their frankness their theme of making "." a subject of conversation everywhere and at All times would remain. The Catholic news and the Catholic press have been careful to emphasise the fact that the objection is solely to the i continued on Page two the obligation of parenthood one of the most urgent duties of the father of a family is to ensure that should anything happen to him his assets will be disposed of to the Best advantage according to the needs and condition of each member of the family. This implies the careful making of a will and the Wise Choice of an executor. If a husband and father Dies without making a will the Law Steps in and Dis tributes his effects according to the rigid formula which May be totally at variance with the needs of his dependants. The age of a Parent is not a Factor in the Case but an important Factor is that a Man should make his will Early in life and revise it from time to time As Occa Sion demands. The younger a Man is the pre practical becomes the Neces sity of appointing elder s trustee and executor company As his executor. The company has a permanent existence and will be available to administer a will no matter How Many decades May pass Between its making and its administration. For detailed information write or Call for the free Booklet wills and executors published by elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. 5e6

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