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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - December 5, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia min0hii of services of Cefi ionic subjects King George i receives Loyal address from Cardinal Griff in Griffin went to Buckingham Palace at noon on thursday november 13, to present a Loyal address to the King conveying the official congratulations of the catholics of England mid Wales on the approaching Royal wedding. Otis Eminence who led a Catholic deputation was received after the archbishops of Canterbury and York. This is the first time that a Cardinal has Given official congratulations with members of privileged bodies i.e., those with the right of direct approach to the King. His Eminence Ltd a deputation of 22, including the dote of Norfolk m., . Admiral sir Henry har Wood k.c.b., . Royal Navy general f. W. Resting. G b., c.e., . Army lord Sempill . . The archbishops of liver Pool and Birmingham and the Bishop of Mene via. The King s reply receiving the address his majesty said i am glad to know that members of your communion value so highly the services which Princess Elizabeth and her future husband have already rendered the country and that you earnestly Pray for every Blessing and happiness for them in their married life. "1 myself am Ever mindful of the services of roman Catholic subjects to our cause during the War and i am sure that i and my family May rely on your unfailing support in the years to Cardinal Griffin tendered the Loyal allegiance of Hierarchy clergy and laity and assured their majesties of the Lively satisfaction which the Royal marriage had Given. His Emi Nence added her gracious Charm her Royal highness has Long secured a firm place in the affection of the people of the nation. Since her entry into Public life her unselfish Devotion to duty and her unflagging interest in the affairs of your majesty s subjects have won Universal admiration and have Given an example worthy of his Eminence assured the King of continued prayers for himself and the Queen and for x All members of the Royal family. Scots Bishops in a message to Princess Eliza Beth on behalf of the catholics of Scotland the scots Bishops state we have every Confidence that the Domestic and civic Virtues so splendidly exemplified in the present Royal family will happily reflected in your future the Bishops assure the Princess of the Devotion and Loyal service of Scotland s catholics and of their prayers for her happiness. Previous position in 1935 the Hierarchy tried to pre sent to King George v on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee and they signed the address with their territorial titles. The address was rejected the Home office because the use of their territorial titles was considered illegal according to an act of 1871. When the present King was crowned archbishop Hinsley when he told the Home office that the Hier Archy wished to present a Loyal address signed with their. Diocesan titles was told that such an address would not presented to his majesty. Originally there were penalties attached to non privileged bodies using titles hot conferred the Sove reign but the penalties were repealed soon after 1871 the Hierarchy How Ever were not expressly authorised to sign themselves with their proper titles. Cardinal Griffin had already sent a private message to the King on the occasion of Princess Elizabeth s engagement. 200,000 Black babies baptised last tear wonderful work of missionaries fhe total number of children baptised in Africa the White fathers last year was More than 200,000 in their territories there Are now 2,000,000 catholics a figure which has been doubled since 1936. The continuing determination of the White fathers to conquer the continent of Africa for Christ shows clearly in the latest figures on the activities of the Community in Africa presented in the current Issue of White father missions published in Washington. More than 200,000 baptisms were recorded in the year s period covered the report and More than 400,000 children were enrolled in the 7,603 schools operated in Africa the White fathers. The men and women responsible for this monumental work Are 1,305 priests 244 of them native africans 215 missionary and 171 african Bro thers and 845 missionary and 785 native Sisters. Million conversions since 1936 total number of baptised catholics in the White fathers Mission Terri tories is now More than 2,000,000 in 1936 it was about half that figure. To this must added 586,000 catechumens according to the latest re port. A remarkable figure in the White fathers report is the number of instances of Hospital or sick care Given in a year s period 6,699,430. The Community has established 459 charitable institutions in its african territories. But despite the White fathers magnificent Success in past years catholics Are still Only one in ten in the heart of the dark continent. The society of White fathers missionaries of Africa was founded in Algiers in 1868 Cardinal Lavi Gerie. It is an Institute of secular priests who live in Community frenchmen dutch englishmen canadians americans and native africans. They perform missionary work Only and their missions Are located exclusively in Africa. Attack on polish pastoral phoney m. Cyr Ankie Wicz Warsaw Premier made his at tack on. The pastoral letter of the polish Bishops of october 29, those of the extreme left made no com ments on it they were aware that to do so would Only strengthen the opinion that theirs is an atheistic programme and consequently neither the polish workers party nor the socialists attacked the pastoral. The attacks have come from the so called Centre groups which Are comm Wiist dominated. Most pronounced was that the democratic party a email group which operates in manner similar to the French radicals in its anti clericalism. M. Jodlowski the spokesman of this group expressed the fear that after Mmikolajczyk s escape the Hier Archy would initiate aggression of reactionary forces against the state in which Case his party would strongly resist such activity. He said that it is his group who have proposed a motion for the Reform of the Marr. Ridge Laws which forbids a Church wedding unless a civil ceremony has been performed first. M. Grubecki of the peasant party declared that the peasant masses were Catholic but that they would oppose the clergy s harmful he refers to the pastoral As an aggressive Appeal in support of the fascist � atheist a Christian Democrat another atheist m. Widy Wirski who alleges he Speaks for the Chris Tian democrats of the labor party declared that his group had never noticed any tendencies on the part of the government to restrict the free Dom of the Church and therefore the pastoral was in his attack on the pastoral the Premier attacked the Church and the polish primate Cardinal lond. He accused the Church of interfering in politics because the Church objected to schools where children Are brought up without religion. Mmikolajczyk in an interview on his arrival this week said that while there has so far been no general violence directed against the Church there is a War of nerves in pro. Gress. In answer to a question he said it would an impossibility to try to close any churches or prevent people from going to mass because the whole nation is going to Church. It is Only there that they can hear the further criticism two Days ago Glos Ludu voice of the people published a Long article called he anti National policy of the clerical under the Protection of Wall Street in which it is claimed that catholics want to put Poland under a foreign Yoke and Are helping in the Dollar offensive of american the author of the article quoted some articles Catholic writers who had stressed the necessity of a restriction of the sovereignty of the modern state on purely general lines with the View to strengthening the peace and promoting International co operation. Another paper chlo ska pc Uve peasant Trutha communist weekly for the peasants in a recent article asserts that the clergy Are Allied with the dark forces of re action and that in their sermons they Deal with purely political questions. Anniversary celebrated on november. .7, in. Accordance with general policy of the intensify ing Friendship with Russia which has been More strongly in evidence since the re establish rent of the communist internationale the 30th anniversary of the soviet revolution was solemnly celebrated in Poland. In spite of the paper shortage the communist press produced larger editions with Many illustrations Arti C.E. on Lenin and Stalin As Well As 011. The economic Progress and foreign policy of the soviet Union continued on Page 16 great advantages what advantages Are there in appointing a trustee company As executor under my will rather than a Friend or relative there Are great advantages in so doing. Elder s trustee company is an Ideal executor. It is an incorporated responsible institution specially established to perform ser vices which require qualifications not found completely in any individual. It administers the estates of the deceased and cares for the property and in vestments of the living. It is a specialist in these matters. It does these things better than can any individual because it is hot subject to human frailties illness in capacity prejudice j jealousy senti ment or death. Its work As an executor of wills is marked Cour Tesy and j ust treatment to All. It toes the line of duty every business Day and & never too its service is for the person of moderate Means As Well As for the wealthy. Appoint elder s trustee company As executor of your will. It Wiet he ready and willing to take up i Haj t ask of " administering your Eutaw immediately the necessity arises it ten or fifty years hence. No private individual can give such an Assurance. Ask for the free Book let wills and elder s trustee and executor of company limited elder House 37-39 Currie. Street Adelaide. El67 Advt

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