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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - December 01, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia More news of japanese treatment of missionaries Techny details were received at the society of the divine. Word Headquarters Here Reg Dine the in tense sufferings to which missionaries in new Guinea were subjected by the japanese. Of Tiese reports revealed that it was apparent the japanese employed cruel reprisals on the missioners be cause of the Many incidents of Aid which they extended to american fliers. Details of these incidents Are withheld for Security reasons the society Headquarters said. As a result of the reprisals not one of the 230 missioners stationed on the Island prior to the japanese invasion is now left in new Guinea. These 230 included 345 priests and Brothers of the society of the divine word and 85 missionary Sisters ser vants of the holy ghost. As the japanese invasion began 30 of the missioners escaped to Australia and the remaining 200 were interned. It is feared that the most Rev John Lerchs ., vicar apostolic of Central new Guinea is dead. A Ter being interned he was reported miss ing some time ago. It was Learned at the Headquarters Here that Bishop Lerchs was forced at the Point of a Bayonet by a japanese Soldier to sign a confession which stated that he bad engaged in espionage activities to Aid the americans. He was taken away by the japanese and nothing has since been heard from him. The reports stated that it is certain Bishop Lerchs is not on the Island and it is feared he has been killed. Of the 200 missioners who were in turned 65 were killed in the unwitting bombing of a japanese prison ship off the coast of new Guinea by Ameri can planes. The most Rev. Francis Wolf. Vicar apostolic of Eastern new Guinea was among these fatalities. Fifty other missioners Are missing. The other 85 were rescued by the forces of Gen. Douglas Macarthur at Hollandia and now Are Safe in Australia. During the internment reports stated the missioners were allowed to Plant their own vegetable gardens but they never. Experienced a har Vest. As the gardens were about to yield it was reported the japanese captors would move the missioners to a new Camp location and would then reap the benefits of the missioners work. Because of the meagre rations it was not uncommon for a missioner to lose from 50 to 75 pounds during the internment. After the american troops had rescued the 85 missionaries at hol landia they were so greatly impressed by the fortitude of the captives and the work they had accomplished among the natives of the Island that they raised 1,000 dollars in a single collection to Aid the Mission Worl a report stated. One of the missioners the Rev. Michael Clerkin ., of Boston who is now Back in this cd entry. Declared that too much cannot be said of the Aid and Comfort which the missionaries received from the american soldiers. Although few of the missioners who were rescued will he Able to engage in Mission work again because of physical disabilities for. Clerkin Hopes to go Back to new Guinea but this time As an Ameri can army chaplain. It was announced at the society s Headquarters Here that he has made application to become a chaplain. The society has received word from Australia that two other missionaries who were rescued have made arrange ments to return to new Guinea. They Are the Rev. William Ross ., of Orange n.j., who will be temporary Superior of the. Society s missioners in new Guinea and the Rev. George Bernarding ., of Pitts Burgh. The 20 american priests of the society who Are preparing to go to new Guinea already have received their Mission crosses and will he headed by the Rev. Stephen. Appel ruins Warsaw and Dumbarton Oaks London Tablet comment London september 10 . The Catholic weekly Tablet published in London printed the following article entitled Warsaw and Dumbarton Oaks in its recent Issue Vav fee five years which began with so Many disasters have been crowned this summer by numerous successes and by the liberation of Rome and Paris twin Beacon lights of the Promise that Europe will again be restored. But there is third City not less symbolical for Europe where lights have not gone up the capital of a people who have borne the heaviest Burden of suffering of All ind Are still in the dark Valley of uncertainty and danger. For our Sake no less than for theirs we will do Well not to let the Bright general prospects distract our attention from the great crisis which has Arisen this summer of 1944, in the City of Warsaw whose citizens Call to us in words of increasing urgency and anguish for help. We believe that the government will make an Ever Fuller resp Oftle to their Appeal from the plenitude of its now developed Powers. The agreement which is announced from Dumbarton Oaks thus far in very general terms and at an official and expert level not yet engaging any governments is in itself All to the Good. But the place to look for portents and auspices of the future of soviet co operation with Britain and America is not at Dumbarton Oaks but at Warsaw. The daily worker As Ever ser Rilely supporting whatever marshal Stalin chooses to do cries out that Liberal and labor newspapers Are now joining the anti soviet conspiracy because to their credit Vernon Bart Lett in the news chronicle and w. Newer in the daily Herald have not concealed from the readers of their newspapers the fact that the Royal air Force flying to help Warsaw has been refused permission by the soviets to land on russian held territory just a few Miles beyond War saw. Shuttle service which has been successfully worked in so Many other instances was being used for this emergency. But the present soviet attitude compels the Western allies of both Poland and Russia to make a non Stop flight to and from Warsaw and to Fly with a much heavier Load of gasoline in total darkness. This enormously increases the danger for the air pilots detailed for this opera Tion. It is a profound mistake of soviet policy for it is a simple incident whose pm battering consequences remain. Even if we Grant the soviet accusation that the polish commander in Warsaw Rose prematurely without concerning the hour of uprising with the. Russians encamped outside the City limits what a Chance that would have Given the russians How much More valuable would be its Long Range effect and magnanimous Atti tude and How warmly welcomed by the entire world would have been prompt help that would have been a Way to secure a Friendly Poland which is declared to be the aim of soviet policy. It is not yet too late and those who would suspect an anti soviet intrigue would soon Realise that it is Only a fantasy of their imagination for the attitude of the world toward the soviets is determined by what the soviet leaders themselves choose to do. The people of this country Are Only too anxious to Dis cover and to believe the Best and not the worst but at the same time facts do not cease to. Be facts by attaching wrong name to them. The daily worker attempted to Clearway the appeals which the Moscow radio kept making to the people of Warsaw to Rise until they did Rise. It says that the Moscow radio consistently Calls oppressed people to action. Its messages Are a source of inspiration and strength. Bit Moscow gave no specific instruction for that is what is said now. On july 29 the Moscow radio said the hour for action has it described what germans would do and went on that it was therefore a Hundred times More Neces sary to remember that in the flood of Hitler Ite destruction All is lost that is not. Saved by an Active Effort that direct Active struggle in the streets of Warsaw in its houses factories and stores would not Only hasten the moment of final liberation but also save the nation s property and the lives of our that is what is now explained As being part of a Mere routine propaganda to console the oppressed Peoples who were it supposed to Rise even when two Days later they heard russian guns and knew the russians had reached the outer suburbs. Can we not imagine what would have been said if there had been no uprising that insinuations would have been made that the underground government and the reactionary clique were craftily leaving the heavy and dangerous work to the russians and preserving their own strength. Vernon Bartlett puts it very mildly when he says the russians appear to have forgotten their own frequent appeals to the poles to Morawski s liberation committee goes to length in severely blaming Gene ral Bor for rising what is the., motive of All this at a moment when the polish underground movement with whom the polish " government in London is in such clo Contact and Accord and whom the exiled govern ment has made the final judge on vital issues of the numerical pro portion the soviet poles should Bear to other poles in the reconstituted and United government the de mands of the soviet poles vary but continued on Page two the Pope s message of sym Pathy to polish president f Ondon september 12 . In a letter to the polish president Wladys Law Raczkiewicz Pope pins Xii expressed his sorrow Over Poland s Fate in the present War and reassured him that he would leave nothing undone in supporting the rightful cause of the polish nation. Ryphe text of the holy father s let Ter follows you have turned to us again with a feeling of filial Confidence to show us the deep concern which you and your government Are showing about the news received from Poland Espe. Scially about the news concerning fight ing Warsaw. There is no need for us to repeat How deeply we feel in our heart the suffering of All the victims of this dreadful War especially of our dear polish sons who for five years have had to submit to so Many bitter blows. The Appeal which the women of Warsaw addressed to us touched us very deeply. We have never ceased to Pray to the almighty that in his mercy he May shorten the number of their Days of sorrow and that the hour of deliverance May soon come. 1 More than once during the last years we have raised our voice to remind the world of the principles to which the fighting parties must adhere in War time and of the bases of Justice and mercy on which peace must be built. Only a few weeks ago when receiving in audience a particularly dear group of our polish sons we expressed the Hope that lasting peace would bring conditions of existence to the polish nation. Everyone knows that by carrying out our apostolic Mission we have used All available Means in defence of the oppressed demanding for them the Protection of the Law. As far As Poland is concerned who rightly prides herself of being Semper Fidelis we have More than once prayed for her speedy resurrection. Wherefore we wholeheartedly endorse this new Appeal which was directed to us with a desire not to leave anything within our Power undone. May almighty god fulfil our prayers and supplications May he Crown our efforts with Success and Stop the flood of so Many tears and so much human blood. With this prayer and sentiments we Send our apostolic Blessing to the polish men and women who have asked for it with so Many touching words to you and to the entire polish nation whose feelings you express As proof of our fatherly love and As a Token of heavenly help and Consolation in the moment of anxiety and message of Pope Pius to Britain s War victims from Feis visit to Italy the most Rev. Bernard Griffin archbishop of Westminster brought with him a message from his holiness Pope Pius Xii to the War victims of Britain. Irp Jie presence in Rome of your be loved archbishop the holy father wrote gives us the Opportunity of sending you our paternal greetings and an expression of our fatherly love. We have been immensely consoled to learn that you worthy descendants of those martyrs who in your land gave their lives in Fidelity to the see of Peter remain so faithfully and so lovingly attached to us sharing our sorrows and our preoccupations. You yourselves beloved Brethren have not been the least of our anxieties. For you. Yes you have had to pass through Blaek Days in this most terrible of All wars. And those Days Are still with you. We have sympathised deeply with your affliction and when destruction and death were Rife among you we prayed for you daily and exhort you to Pear your trials with Christian resignation and Forti tude and with Christian sentiments of forgiveness Charity and mercy that god May Reward in you what the world will Admire in you an example of magnanimity inspired by Christ s gospel and thus your pre sent severe trials will bring Forth fruit for you and your fellow sufferers which Lead to spiritual Elevation and eternal life. More than Ever before you must persevere in prayer to almighty god to the blessed Virgin remembering your country s proud title of dowry of Mary and to your Patron saints Thomas of Canterbury Thomas More and John Fisher so outstanding in heroic fortitude imploring divine Protection for yourselves and for All the citizens of your Empire. Our Lively Hope and confident conviction is that you will work toward the realisation of Universal Harmony in Christ while in word act and through prayer and personal Sacri fice and the shining example of sin Cere Christian life you help those millions of souls who Are your Sepa rated Brethren to return to the fold. Thus you will make your contribution towards the establishment on Earth of the reign of Christ the Prince of peace. We exhort you to seek in Humble prayer guidance from Christ for your rulers and for you yourselves so that the reorganisation of the entire Public and social fabric after the War May be animated by the principles of the gospel that the holy spirit May descend upon this tor tured world bringing Back once More brotherly love. For As we Are borne on the dread Waters of the devastating flood of War it is Only with the return of love Between men that we shall deserve to see the Dove of peace come Back to us on out stretched Wing carrying a sign that the w aters of death have receded and the Haven of peace is in a Case for foresight some Day the will you have made or Are about to make will be read. On that Day which May be Many years hence will your appointed executor be there to take Over the administration without delay this question can be answered Torday if you appoint elder s trustee and executor company As executor. No matter How Many years May pass before the time comes to give effect to the provisions of a will in All reasonable circumstances elder s will be there to take Over promptly Pelentay. In addition the facilities possessed by the company Are adequate to handle any Estife no matter what form the assets take or How involved the provisions. The size of an estate is of to consequence. The same attention is devoted to the smallest estates As to the greatest and sympathetic consideration for dependants is equally assured for All. For All information on wills and estates Call at elder s trustee and executor company limited. Elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. Ses 5w

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