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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - August 25, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia tar -u.$. Demand was greatest Shock neutrality and its consequences in the sign . National Catholic monthly Magazine published by the Pas zionist fathers Issue of june last John t. Grealish writes from Ireland to give account reactions to the . Government s demand for the closing of the German and japanese embassies at Dublin. Tuncle Sam s note to the Cinderella of the neutrals was the greatest Shock we received since the beginning of the War. The Irish had become accustomed to attacks from across the Channel they did not expect any from across the Ocean. We thought that the american government was Well aware of the Steps taken by our government to safeguard american interests and of our Friendly feelings for the american people. We knew of course that Peculiar reports had appeared in your newspapers but to us they were so absurd that we did not think that they could be taken seriously. I saw the beginnings of one of those rumours myself. Not Long before Pearl Harbor an american woman journalist was paying us a Long three Day visit j she had arrived with a More than usually Good selection of fables and was disappointed to find that they were fables. Her favorite that we were supplying the German sub marines with petrol was destroyed when she found that it had been pointed out in the British commons that submarines do not use petrol she found that the German and japanese Between them had a staff of. Fewer than a dozen instead of six Hundred and that instead of couriers crossing Over to Berlin from Dublin every Day the fact was that there were no couriers and not even diplomatic bags and that owing to the Way the cables Are Laid communications Between ire land and Germany must pass through London. All in All she was disappointed. I saw her outside Leinster House where the Dail sits waiting to have her press card checked. Down the Street outside drove a Van. A Man in Peak Cap and uniform stopped at Many doors delivered bundles saluted withdrew. The lady watched closely. Slowly the Van passed the Dail Gates. There she screamed i knew they were Over who what we asked. Look on that Side she said pointing. Then we knew. The Swastika one of Dublin s laundries its forty year old Trade Mark painted boldly on the Van was delivering the goods. These things amused us because we not think that americans would i take them seriously. We thought that the state department in Washington relied on facts not fables and knew the real position Here about our neutrality. In our newsreel cinemas we saw pictures of or. Cordell Hull addressing. State department cadets and warning them that the . Government wanted objective reports from its diplomatic representatives. We were glad too to think that or. Hull enjoyed such a reputation for caution. In time newsmagazine we had read that on a train journey a travelling companion pointed to some sheep and said those Are or. Hull examined them closely and replied they Are on this Side any this was the background against which we read that or. Robert Bren Nan Irish minister in Washington had been called to the state depart ment and asked about a report that 3,000 japanese had arrived in Eire. Since the total japanese population of this country is. Four we hardly can he blamed now for being sceptical about the objectivity of the reports reaching Washington from this coun try. Even the Belfast papers did not take this seriously and humorously suggested that the state department was confusing orangemen with Yel bowmen. It was Felt that the Ameri can minister in Dublin or. David Gray might have prevented the state department from making a laughing Stock of itself in the eyes of the other nations if he had cabled the facts about the "8,000 the single word bunk would have been sufficient comment from him. As write there Are reports in. The English press that the american government is to renew its demands continued on Page Tiro Poland s Case a Challenge to Allied i lations but War tends to chaos Glasgow formerly of the British foreign office noted writer and convert to the Church in an article in the contemporary review holds Poland s ultimate Fate to constitute the severest test of Allied Faith and morality. He writes the soviet army pursuing the germans penetrated deeper into polish territory we were inexorably driven Back to the diplomatic prob lems of 1939, when British delegates to Moscow failed to obtained russian support for their peace the russians were realistic your Pur poses Are anti German. We Are will ing to help you for purpose is More or less the same but we do not share what you Call your idealism. We Are realists. You wish to defend Poland yet you cannot reach her. Russia alone can do that. We demand the right to occupy Poland when Ger Many threatens her and fight the War to the West not the East of Poland on German not russian soil. We do not mix moral stuff with the Stern business of War. You fight with a bomb in one hand and a Bible in the other and talk about defending right against wrong weak against Strong and Liberty against aggression. We want to get our fist in negotiations failed because As the russians feared Britain could not consistently denounce aggression by Germany and at the same time approve of soviet occupation Realis ing the futility of such negotiations Stalin sent for Ribbentrop. Within Twenty four hours the conventional pact was signed. Hitler understood Stalin better than Chamberlain under stood him. Neither attached import Ance to words except As they might deceive the enemy. They were both pursuing the same object namely the gaining of time. Germany wanted time to invade Poland unhampered Russia wanted it for the same purpose from the opposite Frontier. Germany invaded first by a margin of sixteen Days but the race ended in a virtual dead heat with each in Possession of half of its objective. Both parties had gained time but both knew the real Issue had yet to be joined. It was joined two years later when Germany invaded Russia june 22, 1941. To Day the question of Poland arises with the same Force now tinged with irony. Britain in Prospect of a Victory Over Germany faces the circumstance that due to russian help in securing it Poland must be sacrificed. Britain entered the War to defend Poland and victorious in it she connived at Poland s destruction. Could irony go further Ana Britain is even now accommodating herself to the situation. In the past two years of War nothing was too Good for Poland on the lips of British propagandists. Poland s heroism under German oppression with not a single Quisling to be found coupled with the heroism of polish pilots in the Battle of Britain Justi fied giving everything polish a Fine flourish. Upon Russia s entering the War that flourish gradually diminished until the propaganda featured Poland As. Something of a nuisance. Thus on january 6, 1944, the daily Herald stigmatised a polish government statement of the Day before As hardly we have shifted our ground and changed our tactics a melancholy result of the mixture of moral motives with the immoral Busi Ness of War. We have come a Long Way from the prime minister s statement of March 31, 1939, revealing Britain s pledge to the poles. He said cer Tain consultations Are now proceeding with other governments. To make perfectly Clear the position of his majesty s government in the mean time before these consultations Are concluded i now have to inform the House that during that period in the event of any action which clearly threatens polish Independence his majesty s government would feel themselves bound at once to lend the polish government All support in their Power. They have Given the polish government Assurance to this that pledge defined British policy and was the technical ground for the declaration of War. There continued on Page two polish Refuge children new Al splendid gesture june 1, the new Zea land newspapers published the following announcement by the acting prime minister or. Sullivan he new zealand government had offered to provide hospitality in new zealand to a number of polish refugee children. This offer has been gratefully accepted by the polish government and arrangements Are now being made for a party of Chil Dren accompanied by the necessary staff to proceed to new zealand immediately transport can be or. Sullivan continued the total number of the party proceeding to new zealand is understood to be about 700 persons the Large majority of whom will be children the balance consisting of doctors nurses Chap Lains teachers Cooks and Camp maintenance staff. A few of the children May be accompanied by their mothers. Camp Pahia Tua area has been selected As the Home for the party and it will offer amenities of a reasonably High Standard and some modifications will be made to ensure it meeting All reasonable requirements that can be fore seen. The Camp will include a Church in addition to a modern school built in pre fabricated sections to designs which have now been adopted by the education department. The new zealand government has informed the polish authorities that new zealand is arranging for the provision of All necessary capital equipment while the responsibility for the maintenance costs has also been accepted by the government subject to discussion and questions of detail with polish authorities. I feel it will give particular gratification to All citizens of the Domi Nion said or. Sullivan to know that a number of polish refugee Chil Dren Are coming to this country for the polish people have suffered grievously in this War which they entered in heroic defence of Freedom of their country against German aggression on september 1,1939. Since then polish armed forces have fought magnificently shoulder to shoulder with new sealanders and their other allies in the air on land and sea. It is fit Ting therefore that we who so far have been spared the devastation of War in our own country should help the children of such a Gallant ally. Many of the children coming Here Are orphaned others have been separated from their parents and do not know whether the latter Are alive or dead. Children have suffered great privations but the conditions to be provided for them Here should ensure their regaining full health. I know every Man and woman of this Domi Nion will assist the government and the committee in seeing that the Well being and Comfort of the children Are secured in every Way in conclusion the acting Premier said that he had received from London the following message of thanks from the polish minister of social welfare m. Stanczyk on learning your government had offered hospitality to polish refugees i should like to express to you Heartfelt gratitude for the magnificent help you Are giving to poles who As a result of the War Are so sorely tried and in such a tragic situation. I wish to convey the thanks not Only in my own name As minister for labor and social Wel fare but also in that of the polish government and All poles who will Mot forget the Noble Way in which you have come to the help of their countrymen and in particular to the help of children whom the Fate of War has expelled from their own the polish government has appointed Madame Wodzicki the new zealand Delegate of the polish minis try of social welfare and. She. Will Deal with All questions concerning organisation of the Camp and eventual reception of the children and staff. When asked to comment on the statement made by the acting prime minister of new zealand or. Sulli Van . A. Wodzicki the polish Consul general in new zealand said that he wished to join with or. Stanczyk the polish minister of social a welfare in expressing heart continued in Page two House of lords comment on education Bill no doubt about Neo paganism London june 9.when the second Reading of the new education Bill began in the House of lords on tuesday a few hours after the announcement of the invasion lord Samuel declared inhere can be no doubt that the troubles of the world Are due More than to any other thing to the re birth of paganism and to the absence of any agreed moral standards. Politics and economics Are Means Only and not ends they have to have their ends set for them by the moral Law and in our european civilisation it is the ideas embodied in the Chris Tian ethic which can alone Supply that moral Law. It is right therefore that the system of British education subject to due provision for conscientious objection should give full recognition to that fact and effective application to that another remarkable speech during the debate was made after Viscount Fitzalan had thanked or. Butler for the line he is now taking by lord Quick Wood. Lord Quick Wood was particularly concerned about the rights of parents. There is i am afraid among educational authorities a great Deal of impatience at the Conception that it is for someone to choose and that that someone must be the Parent he said. There is Apt to be disregard Alto Gether of the Parent s Outlook. When you allow every adult per son to have a vote to determine All sorts of political questions of which Many of them understand very Little on what ground can you at the same time deny them the right to say How the education of a particular child is to be conducted this being a mat Ter which they understand perfectly for they know a great Deal More about the child than the education authority or the minister of Educa Tion and they Are much More Likely to be right about what the child lord Quick Wood made a Sugges Tion which he thought would help some denominational schools and what is much More important would help the general level of denominational and religious this was a new category of schools a school the majority of whose Mana Gers would be elected each year by the parents. We think it right and just that the state through the minister should control the school because a Large part of the Cost is borne by the taxes. But there is one thing in the school which is provided neither by the rates nor the taxes and that is the children. There could be no school if there were no children and it is the parents who provide the children. The parents therefore Are perfectly entitled to control the school so furnished. If it is legitimate that the rate payer who pays the rates should have continued on Page two to Day is the Day to act a death bed will is As sorry a substitute for a carefully prepared Docu ment As a death bed repentance is for a Well ordered the More often those words Are read the stronger does the truth contained in them become evident. The making of a will is not something to be performed in an extremity. It is a duty to be undertaken with a Clear mind when in perfect health. The testator should be in a Posi Tion to carefully consider what he intends to do with his property and he should Bear in mind that whatever he May decide whilst alive cannot be altered by him after death. For this Rea son he should not be swayed by any momentary impulse but should calmly consider the claims and needs of those dependent upon him the appointment of a permanent and trustworthy executor is a vital part of your will. Elder s trustee company offers both these advantages. Call or write for particulars. Elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie st Adelaide. �39 o

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