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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - August 11, 1944, Adelaide, South AustraliaNational Library of Australia Lum. Head lauds Popes belief system priest and Parish Church focal Point Vatican for the Vatican s i fad Litimo for the feeding of Rome people was expressed at the press i or foam held by general Edgar Home uj.a., senior civil affairs officer of the Allied we try government of occupied Ter 1 rtt Erim the occupation of 1 less. I general Hume announced that the j Allied military government Wasj i making prime use of the Charity established As a personal responsibility by his holiness Pope Pius Xii. General Hume according to Burke Walsh Cor respondent representing the . I Catholic press with the forces told j correspondents that the Vatican had been feeding 40,000 persons each Day and that the . Was channelling food through this established Agency to help the needy population. The allies general Hume said would contribute meat and vegetables to the diet already made available through the Vatican facilities to double the nutritional value of the food supplied. The extensive Vatican Charity came As a Surprise to the Large number of correspondents present after it had been a Boon to the people of Rome for All of eight months. This Vatican Effort provided thoroughly established and smoothly working machinery through which the Allied authorities could get the needed food to the roman populace the holy father personally assume the responsibility of making food available for this great undertaking operated through soup kitchens established in conjunction with the four great Basilicas and other stations con ducted through the Circle of st. Peter with nuns staffing the establishments which has not Only carried on for eight solid months but has steadily increased its efficiency and the numbers served through All that time. General Hume told the reporters that the arrangements the Allied Mili tary government has been Able to make with the Vatican have been most excellent and he paid tribute to the advice that has been available from the right Rev. Mgr. Walter s. Carroll american priest of the diocese of Pittsburgh who is attached to the papal secretariat of state. Mgr. Car Roll who had recently been in South Italy carrying out duties of his office of vicar Delegate to the american troops in the italian theatre of War is now at the Vatican where he has resumed his duties with the secretariat and is continuing those connected with the american military Ordin Ariate. Vatican City continues to enjoy an adequate water Supply whereas much of Rome itself does not this is explained by the fact that Vatican City gets its water Supply from one of seve ral aqueducts coming into Rome and its flow has not been impaired. Other parts of Rome Are mainly dependent for their water from works at Tivoli which Are still under German control. Because of the Many Hills water must be supplied to Roche under extreme pressure. For this reason water has not been available for the higher Points of the City hut is at hand for the lower lying sections where the poorer people live. Allied authorities re established ser vice on All telephones which the Ger mans had previously appropriated and in a few Days added to these facilities As far As equipment permitted. Tele phone service was Cut by the germans before they evacuated Rome. The health of the City of Rome had been Good general Hume declared. He said there have been no epidemic out Breaks did no malaria. He made known that there was a Sharp increase in tubercular cases during the Ger Man occupation and that deaths in creased slight to and births remained about the the Allied general Hume said plan to make extra food allowances Avail Able to persons engaged in heavy work and and nursing mothers. A studly is being made As rapidly As possible the general said to deter Minet what extent monuments Fine. Art and archives have disappeared or have been damaged during the German Jcu Parichand itis 1 continued on Page two trading with enemies some pertinent Points Economy of necessity in the following article in the strand Magazine Henry Taylor discusses the question of trading with enemies which is by no Means As simple As Many people would seem to think. A he Economy of necessity is no repeater of belligerents of Ideo Logies. It concerns itself Only with Vic tories and defeats. Well it s not so simple As that. Possibly i can Tell you Why based on my own observations and judging from discussions i have had lately with government leaders abroad. Spain is a Good place to Start. Among the Neutral countries the United nations Trade with Franco s Spain is the most talked about. The food situation in Spain is desperate. Spain has 40 per cent less acreage under cultivation than before the civil War. Spain s first problem is food distribution. She can distribute what food she has Only by lorry and she can grow More Only by working tractors. Yet Spain has no petrol. She starves for Lack of it. Hitler s ambassador or. Eberhard von Stohrer offered Spain petrol provided Spain would permit the germans to refuel nazi and italian submarines in obscure Spanish ports. Spain rejected the offer. While benefiting from this Rebuff to the germans could we possibly refuse to Send petrol ourselves ? apparently not. The United nations agreed that Spain should be allowed to import petrol. But we do not make a gift of petrol to Spain. It is exchanged for Spanish. Products needed badly in the United nations Economy of necessity chiefly Cork Olive Oil Mercury and Iron Ore. It was arid continues to be a two Way scheme. Also on the iberian Peninsula the Wolfram situation arose in Portugal. Wolfram is the chief Ore of the Metal Tungsten. Germany lacks Tungsten and must have it. Portugal has Tung Sten ranks High in the world in Wol Fram production and business is Boom ing in Northern Portugal where it is mined. At this Point Trade with the Devil enters the picture. The chief Wolfram mines in Portugal Are British owned. Good you say that Means great Britain controls this strategic mate rial the enemy must be writhing. You forget the enemy is As ruthless towards Neutral countries economie Sas toward belligerent countries armies. Hitler threatened to occupy North pm Portugal if the portuguese government attempted to protect the full rights of the British mine owners in Portugal. This meant that the British would get none of their own Wolfram and the germans would get All of it. Able fearless or. Salazar prime minister of Portugal accepted this Challenge. Wolfram or no Wolfram of told the germans Portugal will not be blackmailed into putting pres sure on the British or anyone a very Stalwart Man is or. Salazar and a very Good Friend of the United nations. But the British authorities knew that neither Portugal nor they themselves could prevent German occupation of Northern Portugal so they decided to take Only a percentage of their own Wolfram. The balance went into a Podl and was offered in the open Market. As for the rubber Russia gets trom the japs the machinery of International Law transports this Trade with the Devil in american ships under the russian Flag. A number of american cargo ships were Given to Russia under the lend lease. The ships were loaded with american War materials for Russia and have been sailing Back and Forth across the Pacific Ever since. Russia and Japan Are not at War and if Japan stopped one of these ships from America it would be a belligerent act against Russia. From time to time the japs have More rubber than they need. Rubber Sells in Japan to Day at less than a Halfpenny a Pound. The japanese have a Trade agreement with Russia and Russia demands ail the rubber it can get. After having bought this rubber from the japanese end of the Axis to ube against the German end continued on Page two Vatican paper on War Aims and implications whither the world London june 6 polish Catholic new Agency in nos. 109-112 of the Osser Vatore Romano Vatican Semi official daily newspaper dated May 7-10, there appeared four leading articles entitled quo Varlis dealing with the arms inscribed on the banners of belligerents in the War and their implications and limitations. Phe first deals with the ethical and judicial Aims of the present War and Points. Out that an ethical and judicial balance should be firmly established. This aim can Only be attained by ensuring the Rule of Law Over Force safeguarding the Liberty and dignity of All human beings and by introducing a supreme moral Law binding on everybody. Such ideals which Are not unknown to Man must be applied in All relations Between communities and nations. Mankind has received them from christianity but communities which were religious Only in name have forgotten them. On the other hand other communities which were not desirous of accepting religion have adopted them and consider them As a product of their Jvn rationalism. Furthermore the latter make no distinction Between what is morally Good or evil. To them All that can be imposed or enforced is Good. Both Camps in the present War Are fighting under banners on which up lifting words Are inscribed but these words carry a different meaning to each of them. The horrors of the present War have adequately proved to All of us what principles we should adopt in our Mutual relations. It is commonly accepted that the principles of a democratic relationship Are indispensable for bringing about an ethical reconstruction of the world. They Are presumed to become the Magna Carta of the future Community of nations and no positive Law May Ever obstruct them. It should be equally understood however that no Call to any obligatory duty must be suppressed. We Are first of All faced with the problem of re education which no at lactic or Continental charter has so far solved or even mentioned. We ask therefore with growing anxiety quo Vadis in the second article of the same series dealing with political War Aims the Osse Vatore. Romano Points out that the establishment of a political balance must be achieved at All costs. The official Organ of the Vatican goes on to state that this political balance must be. Based on the inviolable Equality and Independence of nations on the equal rights and opportunities guaranteed to National minorities on Justice for. Everybody on the Equality of states and on equal Access to All Trade and in particular to All raw materials the poorer nations May not be at the mercy of the Rieher ones. Iet us cast a glance at realities and consider one of the most sympathetic cases Russia and Finland. It is said the latter must pay for her lost War by ceding Karelia i,e., a province which would deprive her of a vital Region and Render her a cripple of the new peace. On the other hand Russia argues that her pre War fron tier with Finland had been imposed in consequence of a. Lost War and that Security reasons compel her to put Sueh demands on her North West neigh Bor. She seems to forget altogether that she has a population of some 150 million people. Similar gordian knots exist Between Rumania and Hungary Yugoslavia and her neighbors Between czechs and slovaks Poland and Ger Many Poland and Russia France and Germany and so on. When there Are no grounds for historic rights eth Nic requirements Are put Forward or in the last instance Security therefore no Hope should be cherished that after this j the claims of All belligerents can jul Fly be satisfied As was the Case after the last War cer Tain reserves grudges and conflicting aspirations will certainly remain. Moreover the social aspect of this problem should also be considered. No political Independence and Liberty can Ever be attained without economic in dependence. Even if it were attained we. Should be unable to change the i geographical position of certain states and make sure that there Are no More continued on Page two War damage commission and bombed churches Plain substitute plan to be paid by the War damage commission for the re building or repair of a bombed Church is to be based on prices ruling at the Date when the work is done. The amount paid will be on the basis of 1 the reasonable Cost of Plain repair of the War damage or 2 the reasonable Nett Cost of building a Plain substitute Church whichever amount is the lower. Plain says a statement by the War damage commission Public re lations officer Means the omission of unnecessary ornamentation and allow Ance made for undue size and serious structural defects in the old building. Plain substitute Church Means a building in Type and size which might reasonably be erected on the site of the damaged building by the denomination if it were paying the Bill from its own funds and were neither financially embarrassed nor unduly the tradition of the damaged build ing will be taken into account in de signing the substitute Church. Exact reinstatement May be made in the Case of a Church of architectural or historic importance. Efforts will be made to replace the Church in the former materials with replacement of Tower or spire. Repairs will be applied according to the formula Patching involves match ing and care taken to make the new work harmonise with the old. If the new Church is smaller than the original one and a portion of. The site is therefore freed for develop ment irrespective of whether it is so used or not the War damage payment will be reduced by the Market value of that part of the site. If the Church is rebuilt on a new site the payment will be reduced by the amount of any excess of Market value which the old site shows Over the new. Church is defined As including not Only the Church or Chapel proper but also those ecclesiastical buildings which Are either 1 buildings which Are under the same roof As the Church or Chapel Are structurally. One with it and form with it in effect a single building of which they Are a subsidiary part As distinct from buildings of which a Church or Chapel forms a subsidiary part or 2 buildings not houses of Resi Dence or non provided schools Essen. Tial to the Church or Chapel for the purpose of its religious work and which form with the Church or Chapel a compact group of buildings making a single unit for that purpose where their Sites Are not separated by non ecclesiastical properties or by a Public Street. Non provided schools Are to be treated in the same Way As provided schools. A fully equipped executor. By the act of making a will you indicate that you have devoted proper thought to the future of your family or relatives. Do you carry that process further and give some thought to the selection of your executor ? the appoint ment of elder s trustee company As your executor ensures that your estate will be administered efficiently in the terms expressed by. Your will. Neither from fear nor favor will one beneficiary be treated More generously than another. Your estate will be administered in the same impartial manner whether the ultimate winding up takes one year or 20 years. Unless the executor you select can guarantee impartiality permanence efficiency and attention cart All times to your business he is not equipped to undertake the duties. Elder s trustee and executor company can give these guarantees and is accordingly your logical Choice 6f an executor. Write or Call for details of the company s services. Elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House .37-99 Currie Street Adelaide. 131

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