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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - August 1, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the Popes Jaksto the world name Day address Broad East in seven languages Vatican radio spent Many hours on the feast of last month broadcasting the text of the holy father s address to the cardinals fit English French italian German Spanish portuguese and dutch. The full text radioed in these languages several times to ensure that it reached every part of the world appears below. Of i the wounds caused by War have not yet healed. Some indeed have become deeper and Are becoming Poi soned. E was there Ever before so much talk of Universal Security which should have been the fruit of Victory but where is it if things Are considered As they really Are it must be admitted that it is not possible even with the Best of Good will to establish immediately that Security for which the human race so ardently Longs. But then in that Case let not those Post War and peace methods be employed which have nothing to do with punishing War criminals but which create bitter disillusionment especially among those who have no responsibility for the faults of past regimes by which indeed they were persecuted and oppressed. Warning to peace makers we Well know indeed the extent and Gravity of the unspeakable horrors with which a vanquished system covered the face of Europe nor do we wish to Lessen the enormity of its guilt. But Why should the victorious nations in their turn adopt or tolerate the methods of hate and violence on which that system lived and thrived How can they use the weapons which aroused their righteous indignation when employed by others what sensible Man would Ever seek a guarantee for his own safety and Security in the ruin and misery of his neighbor therefore once again we desire to exhort and to warn the nations Security t As far As it May be realised on Earth cannot have any solid foun Dation other than the physical and moral Well being of a nation based internally on right Public order and externally on Normal Good neighbourly relations with neighbouring states. At present it is still possible even after a second world War to renew such Normal relations. May the rulers of the states not let this Opportunity slip. It May be god forbid the last Opportunity. Much has been said also about uni Versal Prosperity which should like Wise have resulted from the Victory. But where is it there Are indeed countries where the wheels of Industry Are going at full Speed. Production Over production that is the Golden key the sesame the secret formula that would wipe out the last traces of the evils of the War and fill up the craters. But the Prosperity of nations can not be Safe and secure if All do not share in it. Hence it is not unlikely that Idle Ness and the impossibility of Commerce in which some nations find themselves placed will automatically cause in the near future economic crises and unemployment in other nations As Well there has also been much talk of Liberty which was to have been an other perfect fruit of the Victory Liberty triumphing Over despotism and violence. But this cannot flourish except where Justice and Law command and Efrica piously secure respect for the dignity of the individual and the dignity of the nations. Despotism millions suffer meanwhile millions of human beings continue to live under oppression and despotic Rule. For them nothing is Safe neither Home nor goods nor Liberty nor Honor. Thus the last Ray of happiness the last spark of courage Dies in their hearts. In our Christmas message of 1944, addressing a world full of enthusiasm for democracy and eager to be its Champion we expounded the main moral requirements for a right and healthy democracy. To Day not a few fear that the Hope placed in that order has diminished owing to the striking contrast Between democracy in words and the Concrete reality. Youth a consideration of the first importance renders necessary this common Effort the Good of youth and of the family. The Church a tender m other is not alone in fearing for the welfare of youth. The widespread crisis indefinitely prolonged with the disorders it pro Vokes and the uncertainty for the future which it necessarily brings sows in the hearts of coming generations seeds of distrust in their elders whom they hold responsible for All the evils they suffer and makes them sceptical of All the principles and values that their elders hold in veneration. There is a serious danger that very Many youths poisoned by these corrupting principles will end by falling into pure nihilism. Woe to the nations the Day when the sacred flame of Faith of ideals of readiness for sacrifice of the spirit of dedication is extinguished in the heart of youth. Even though such a state of things were to last but for a Short while who could foresee their consequences in a similar precarious state of uncertainty which tends to continue what can the future hold in store for the family that natural Nursery and school where the Man of to Morrow grows up and is formed above All tragic is the state of the families if those wandering groups May he called such whose Fidelity to god s Law brought the Blessing of a Rich Crown of children. Very often after paying More than others their tribute of. Blood during the War they Are now obliged to suffer More acutely the consequences of the general Lack of dwellings and provisions. Heroism and humiliation it is not god certainly who is failing to keep his Promise As the sneers of egoist and the pleasure Lov ing seem to insinuate but the Inconis prehension the harshness and ill will of others makes the Burden of life Well nigh insupportable for the heroes of conjugal duty. It is Only True heroism sustained by the Grace of god that is capable of keeping in the hearts of Young mar ried people the desire and the Joy of having a Large family. What a humiliation for the world to have fallen so Low into a social condition opposed to nature. Before god and faced with this sad truth we Call with All our strength for a speedy remedy and Trust that our cry of anguish May resound to the ends of the Earth and find an Echo in the minds of those who Are in charge of Public affairs. They cannot ignore the fact that without a healthy and vigorous family., life a people and a nation is lost. Nothing Calls More urgently for the peace of the world than the unspeakable wretched state of the family and of women. Fear not. Seeing fruitless conferences succeed ing one another and the series of interrupted or postponed discussions being prolonged the Peoples bitterly deluded in their desire for order peace and reconstruction Are coming to lose Hope and patience. Fear not Faith in people during periods of deep agitation of mind and of disorder we place All our Trust in god the father of our lord Jesus Christ and lord of lords and after god we place our Trust in the faithful of the whole world. To them then we address the words that the divine master repeated to his disciples fear there is something to Day that gives cause for fear. It is fear itself. There is no worse counsellor especially in the present conditions. It Only brings on dizziness and blindness and leads away from the right and secure path of truth and Justice. False prophets a scrupulously propagate with cunning and violence anti Christian and atheistic concepts of the world and of the state which Are contrary to the natural Law and As such they have been condemned by the Church particularly in the encyclical Quad Anesimo Anno of our great predecessor Pius i. Neither Tho difficulties of the present nor the Cross fire of this propaganda should frighten or mislead you. Fear which is a shameful thing in itself excels in its Many disguises. At times it puts on the misleading garb of a declared Christian love for the oppressed As if suffering people could derive advantage from falsehood and injustice from mob tactics and from promises that can never be Ful filled. At other times it hides under the appearance of Christian prudence and under this pretext remains silent when duty should require it. To utter a fear less non Licet to the Rich and Power Ful. Thus the exploiters of class warfare will be deprived of the possibility of ensnaring the disappointed and the despoiled people of the world by Tell ing them that the Christian Faith and the Catholic Church Are not their ally but their enemy. Pessimism and the remedy by disposition of divine Providence the Catholic Church has formulated and promulgated its social doctrine. It Points the path to be followed and no fear of losing possessions or of temporal gains or appearing less in Harmony with modern civilisation or less National or social could authorise the True christians to deviate even a hair breadth from this path. Considering the reality of the nume Rous and disastrous conflicts which so painfully afflict the world of to Day continued Oil Page two irltiilllc2lilliiiiiiiic3liflllhiiiie3illlfliiiiic3fliliiil illcaillllll1tllle3llllllinilll3ii1111i1llllc31lllllllllltc2iliniliillie3nullllllitcaiilllllliilc31 iii1l ii Cai great saints who founded great religious orders St. Dominic who died in 1221, founder of the order of preachers dominicans. His feast Day is August 4. St. Ignatius Loyola who died 1556, founder of the society of Jesus Jesuit fathers. His feast Day is july 31. 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