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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - April 28, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a new reformation comes to al a Church less christianity to is not perhaps an excessive statement to � say that what we Are now witnessing is As much a new establishment an alternation of religion As happened under Queen Eliza Beth. Parliament is accepting after nearly three centuries of the Experiment of an established Church the idea of a non institutional christianity As Best reflecting the feeling and Outlook of the great majority who want to be in some sense christians without being either Church or Chapel a says the London Tablet of january 29 in its summing up of the implications of the new education Bill passed by the British parliament. Background to the new Bill was a White paper on educational reconstruction. The recommendations of the White paper were Given legislative form in the education Bill of 1943, which was presented to parliament by or. R. A. Butler and endorsed and supported by the prime minister or. Attire the Chancellor i of the exchequer or. Bevin Secre tary sir Archibald Sinclair or. Wil link sir William Jowitt or. Ernest Brown and or. Ede. The philosophy of the White paper and of the Bill is not a Christian philosophy. The White paper contains no reference to christianity or to our lord or even to god. The declared purpose of the government in putting Forward the White paper was confessedly secular. The first Para graph of the White paper opens with a description of the child As an asset and ends with the statement the bulwarks of a City Are its men and the Bill everywhere draws a Sharp distinction Between secular instructions and religious education especially clauses 22-28. The obligation on a child to undergo secular instruction is absolute. Any Parent May withdraw his child from religious instructions. To the clause which directs that the school Day shall begin with a collective act of worship on the part of All the pupils there is a proviso entitling the school authority to dispense with religious worship if in their opinion the school premises Are such As to make it impracticable to comply there the provisions of the schedule empower the local education authority to appoint committees of persons appear ing to the authority to represent a such religious denominations As in the opinion of the authority ought to be represented b the Church of England c associations representative of teachers in the area and d the authority. It is the duty of such committees in conference to seek unanimous agreement on the syllabus of religious instruction to be adopted by the Autho Rity. In default of agreement the minister is empowered to appoint an impartial person having experience in religious instruction to prepare a Syl Labus of religious instruction and the syllabus he prepares shall be deemed to be the agreed syllabus. Adopted for use in the these provisions in the new Bill sufficiently illustrate the decline in the Board of education and in parliament and among the people at Large of the whole Conception of the Christian Faith and of the office of a Christian Bishop. During the Long debate on the Bill the London Tablet subjected the measure and discussions to painstaking examination. It saw in the Bill an immense strengthening of the grasp of Public in reply to or. Butler s claim that the govern ment wanted to fortify and buttress the influence of the family by giving continued on Page two established 1847 special old dry Sherry Black Market in contraceptives ban advocated victorian chemists Guild acts member of the House of representatives and of the Senate has been circular ised by the vice president of the Catholic chemists Guild of Victoria or. G. R. Bohun and requested to help in imposing an absolute ban on the manufacture of contraceptives in Australia. Bohun alleges that rubber is be ing refused for the manufacture of hot water bottles Waterproof Sheet ing and Many urgently needed medi Cal accessories. At the same time orders by the services have resulted in the Manu facture of Large stocks of rubber contraceptives and an enormous Black Market business in these commodities has been built up. I have before me writes or. Bohun two physicians orders dated july 2, 1943, and August 16, 1943, calling for hot water bags for patients and neither has yet been completed. At the same time pharmacists in Sydney Are being canvassed by hawkers for contraceptives and i my self have received unsolicited from a wholesale House a ration of two the minister for Supply or. Bohun says Recognises the Absurdity of the position but As his department does not initiate the orders he is pow Erless in the matter especially whilst the services insist on having contraceptives made available. I suggest he adds that the time has come for the services to review their policy in the interests 0f the or. Bohun quotes general sir Ivan Mackay As saying that the task of developing and holding Australia re quires 20,000,000 people. The present population crisis he claims owes its origin less to the diminution in the Stream of immigration than to a decline in the birthrate and it cannot and will not be resolved until the causes of the declining birth rate Are faced resolutely and dealt with. Immigration on a Large scale May provide temporary Relief but it is not without its dangers and As the traditional sources of desirable Immi Grants have to a Large extent dried up it is evident that the True and final solution of the problem can come Only front a stimulation of the rate of natural increase. The birthrate is now less than half what it was in 1880, and in precipitating its disastrous decline the greatest single Factor has been the exploitation by vested interests of contraceptive appliances and of contraceptive know ledge. Through the callous disregard of the common weal and dominated by the most selfish of motives such interests have brought Australia to the verge of ruin. Or. Bohun declares that the service Outlook which regards the Serviceman As habitually incontinent is a libel which patriotism should hasten to expose. Such a fallacious theory he says/1 is an unfortunate heritage from the Small professional armies of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries which were recruited largely from social outcasts. Today the whole basis of military organisation has changed resulting in a citizen army of Short term recruits who at the expiry of their service will return to civilian life. These men says or. Bohun must be trained not Only As combatants but As citizens. Dealing with the Contention that contraceptives Are issued As a Protection against venereal disease or. Bohun denies in the first place that they Are 100% effective. They Are in fact an encouragement to promiscuity and one of the principal causes of a grave deterioration in conventional behaviour. He quotes a number of authorities to prove his Contention that the prevention of venereal disease is Princi Pally a moral and Only secondarily and incidentally a medical problem. In conclusion or. Bohun reiterates 1. This nation can be preserved Only by the adoption of a progressive policy on population 2. The implementation of such a policy is impossible without the adoption of a sound sex code 3. Such a code will not be accepted whilst the government in the person of the services demands the Manu facture of contraceptives and introduces their use to the youth of this country. 4. To release Latex for the manufacture of contraceptives whilst denying it to More urgent and legitimate needs is most inequitable and is the cause of much hardship 8. Whilst manufacturers Are al Lowed to manufacture contraceptives for service use it is impossible to prevent the formation of a Black Market evidence of this is being submitted to the minister for Supply 6. The services have a responsibility to train their personnel not Only As combatants but As citizens. Instruction in the use of contraceptives can not be regarded As being in the Best interests of the state. Mexico s president Calls for spiritual revival economic redemption not enough Mexico programme of economic redemption will remain incomplete if it does not attempt another National redemption the loftiest and most lasting redemption of the spirit president Manuel Avila Camacho said in his address at the opening of the thirty ninth. Congress. Reminding the Congress of its duty to function with initiative Public interest and legislative compe tence a Congress which confuses initiative and Fervour with inconsistency ineptitude and demagogy is a constant source of error the presi Dent spoke of the executive s need for the support of your at the same time he added the nation requires that this judgment interpret with exactitude and serenity the nation s aspirations and that the studies made of each Bill afford an example of veracity and rectitude which is above he gave As the two fundamental tasks of his govern ment the strengthening of our eco Nomy and the development of Educa continuing president Camacho said to educate is not just to instruct. Apprenticeship in the sciences and the arts represents beyond a doubt an advanced step on the ladder of emancipation. But the intelligence re quires a deeper and wider cultivation that of the mind itself in its aspects of sensibility and will of character and uprightness of goodness and human feeling. We Are confronting the incredible aberrations in which the combination of Peoples whose culture does not compensate scientific advancement with the ascent of spiritual values leads. This proves that pro Gress is an equilibrium which is equally out of balance when it lacks knowledge or when knowledge is maintained at the Cost of altruism and virtue. We aspire to an integral education which Fosters without distinction the qualities that Are in a Man and which does not make of him a truncated form which specialisation has shaped with mechanical and automatic regu lations. We Are seeking a tech Nical training that does not enclose his faculties As a being and a citizen. Democratic and mexican in inspiration our school should also be profoundly social in its activity. Far he from us the pretension of dicta tors who get control. Of education to employ it As a harmonising step and obedient to the despotic system that governs. Nor do we think that the role of the school in Mexico should be a Mere Arsenal of dates and Sydney University symposium on dictator states five essential notes at a symposium on the totalitarian states held at a Yartey University on March 30 by the University society for social Reform were the Rev. Or. P. Ryan m.s.c., ph.d., or. Partridge . Lecturer in philosophy at the University and or. Aarons . Member of the australian association of scientific workers. Or. Ryan took nazi Germany soviet Russia fascist Italy and Japan As four outstanding examples of the totalitarian states. He pointed out that although they differed enormously in the ideologies of which they were the political social and economic expression All had five essential characteristics in common in virtue of which they were totalitarian. 1. Each denied the value of the human person and the family by completely submerging them in the state or the race or the collectivity. 2. They claimed the whole Man mind and body from the Cradle to the grave and regimented every human activity. 3. They denied the fundamental Equality of Man by restricting Equality to a privileged class or party or race. 4. Their supreme end was Power Power for its own Sake physical intellectual moral and spiritual they achieved their end by Force on the principle that might is right and to attain that end All Means were lawful. 5. Each was the expression of a definite philosophy of life. It mattered Little what Type of political instrument was used to give expression to that philosophy of life. A parliamentary system or. Ryan declared could be just As totalitarian As a dictatorship. Totalitarianism was primarily a Way of life not a form of government. Totalitarian states were necessarily dictatorial but not every dictatorship was necessarily totalitarian. Only those dictator ships were totalitarian which possessed the qualities characteristic of totalitarianism. Hence though nazism emphasised a racial theory and fascism the traditions of ancient Pagan Rome though japanese imperialism was based on emperor worship and russian communism on class War and dialectical materialism All of these four states possessed the characteristics enumerated. For these reasons or. Ryan concluded they were totalitarian and therefore incompatible with christianity and democracy. Or. Partridge maintained that Ger Many Russia Spain and Portugal were examples of the totalitarian state but in defining and describing his idea of totalitarianism he con fined himself almost exclusively to Russia and Germany. The Lack of diverse political groups and the pre sence of one party representing but one Section of the Community was characteristic he said of the total state and foreign to our democratic ideals. Freedom of discussion of re Ligion of education Freedom in the formation of decentralising groups within the state were essential to True democracy and conspicuous by continued on Page two whom can you Trust ? in selecting anyone to perform confidential work of a Complex nature you demand integrity and ability. How important then is it that your Choice of an executor to handle the estate you have so carefully built up during your lifetime should have those qualities of integrity and knowledge developed to the highest degree. The officers of elder s trustee and executor company Are trained for the particular task of trusteeship in All its forms. The resources of the company guarantee Security and permanence. In choosing this company As the executor of your will you Are ensuring that your estate will Benefit from the company s Long accumulated knowledge in the Field of trusteeship with a background of proven integrity. Elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. E32

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