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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - April 25, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the land and the nation Catholic Rural conference at Jamestown in a powerful address at the opening of the state Confer ence of the National Catholic Rural movement at Jamestown last week or. B. A. Santamaria Secretary of the movement told an audience of Over 200 that it was the land by which men must live. It was there that the marriage Bond was strongest and the family most stable in nearness to the Earth Man came close to god. Phe speaker was introduced by the mayor or. P. J. Mccarthy. It is always my practice said or. Santamaria to put All my cards on. The table from the beginning and i want to make it Clear from the outset that i have no skill whatsoever As a practical Farmer. My in Terest in the Rural movement there fore is not so much an interest in practical farming As in the real importance of Rural life to the world As a whole. If you Are to understand the real meaning of the Rural movement he said you must look beyond the actual idea of specialised farming with the eyes of a Christian to the great peril which to Day faces the whole world the threat to human Liberty and to human life " millions starving or. Santamaria then proceeded to draw a vivid picture of the state of Europe to Day that Europe which Bishop Henschke episcopal chair mom. Of the . Is the basis of our civilisation our religion our very he pointed out that there were still 25 million people starving on the roads that according to the director general of Urra very Many of these must die in the coming Winter despite All human attempts to save them that of every 1,000 babies born in Italy to Day 500 die before they Are three months old. And these disasters were but an other link in the Chain which began with the great War and has rolled on steadily Ever since. Australia preserved though individual Homes and families had had their tragedies in both wars and the depression the nation As a whole had not faced the hideous massacre of War. Yet despite that we must ask ourselves 1 Why has it happened in Europe 2 Why has it not happened Here 3 who is to blame 4 when will it happen Here he pointed out that the christians of Europe were to blame for what had happened there just As the christians of Australia to blame for the disaster which threatened Here. He thought what May Well prove the epitaph of modern Europe had been spoken by Hitler s Henchman Robert Ley when he said we have deserted god and god has abandoned god gave us a Book of rules for living and for making our society work. If we buy a car or a tractor we obey the rules drawn up by its makers or we Don t expect it to work. But we have refused to follow god s Book of rules and have allowed those who repudiate them to run the world arid As a result Are faced with disaster. Christians have left the vacuum to be filled by men who do not know god and refuse to follow his rules. Our task this he said is the background. Our task is to attempt to fill that vacuum with men and ideas based on christianity so that working in Little societies As god would have them work men will be Able to fulfil their immortal destiny. In this Rural life must play a prominent part. Rural life is not fashionable to Day. The catch cry is that Industry must be built up and that 50 per cent of the population on the land is quite sufficient. We of the . Repudiate this idea. It is the land by which Man must live. There the marriage Bond is strongest and the family is strongest and in that nearness to the Earth Man can commune with his god More Reservoir of Popula Tion he went on to explain tha the land too was the Reservoir of any nation s population and in a land where population was so urgently needed the land must be the primary consideration. Human Freedom health and the social Security on which we set such store to Day have their real roots in the soil. He quoted the great thinkers of the past from the roman Cicero to. Jefferson and Lin Coln the fathers of modern demo Cracy All of whom believed that Agri culture and True Freedom were in separable and quoted instances to prove that the totalitarian regimes of Hitler and Stalin could Only succeed when they had wiped out the Small Independent Farmers. Australia at the instance of the economists had made economic considerations the determinant of the extent of her Rural population and As a result the Rural reconstruction commission did not consider that the National Economy could stand the Strain of any increase in the number of Farmers. Economics should be servant but nobody allows anything Worth while to be decided by he quoted the example of the War which proved that if National survival was at stake any amount of Money could be found. This was a question of National survival in a far More real sense. But Many will say continued the speaker that farming has not Al ways provided health or stability. When i talk of farming i talk of it As it has been Practised in Europe for 2,000 years and More the Small farm on which the family endeavours to produce As much of its own food and clothing As it can and then to obtain a Money income from the Sale of its surplus products. The euro Pean idea of farming is the Small Independent self contained idea taking Root this idea was foreign to most australians but it was to this that the . Was committed and after six or seven years of talking that idea of building up communities of these Small Independent farm families the idea was taking Root and already Many people in the cities who had once been on the land were asking to go Back. New communities will be founded on this basis he asserted on which they built a permanent agriculture As in Europe. But there would be nothing in it if we confined our attention to new communities. We will do our Best to Plant in each one of the existing 15,000 Rural communities a Small group of men and women determined to sacrifice themselves and their own interests to make this idea live. They cannot establish new communities but will make the old ones approximate to this a service for every need these groups would work to change the life of their own communities. Their aim would be to provide a ser vice for every need credit unions to help the Farmer Hamstrung by Short term credit needs Young Farmers clubs to counteract an education whose general trend is City wards co operatives to meet every need soil conservation projects to Check erosion and along with this a new and revitalised Community life. This Small group he continued will be trained to make itself the Foremost exponent of Public and civic services in a District. Wherever there is a need that need will be filled for everybody. Though the group itself must be confined to catholics they Are forbidden to keep these services and activities to themselves the credit Union . Is a District credit Union its directors democratically elected by the leaders who run True Christian Unity the movement had been approached by other denominations who wished to take part in the same work. So that a work begun by catholics has spread to others and it was in this Christian Community Effort that True Christian Unity could be seven years ago concluded or. Santamaria this movement consisted of four people. To Day it numbers 5,000, and to Morrow who knows but we do not intend to Stop until every one of the 15,000 Rural communities in Australia has its own Active group. We do not place great importance on numbers or on organisation. We go to our motive which goes Down to the deepest fundamentals of the Christian. Spirit that Charity. Which Christ himself preached and of which St. Paul spoke spirit of Early christians we aim to go Back to the Early christians of whom it was said see How they Iove one another it was this spirit which drove the Benedic tines out of their monasteries to save Europe in the first dark Ages. I know that this same spirit will save the world in the new dark Ages which have come upon the b. A. Santamaria National Secretary of the . Sir George Jenkins state minis Ter for agriculture commended the work of the ., and offered the practical assistance of his department at All times and or. Hawker m.p., expressed his keen interest in the movement s plans. A vote of thanks was proposed by or. Tom Horgan of Jamestown and seconded by or. Russell . Brash stars present window to Spain Church group of British variety stars Are to present a stained Glass window to the Little Village Church of Algar Spain As a Mark of their gratitude to the villagers. The artists Kay Cavendish Eliza Beth Welch Richard Hearne and Douglas Byng were flying across Spain when their plane made a forced Landing near the Village. Richard heave later told a reporter our reception from the villagers at Algar was marvellous and they looked after us so Well. They fed us. Our socks were wet so they bought us new ones. They just could t do enough for us. We got together and decided that we must do something to express our appreciation. Wishes and wills his will is the expression of a Man s wishes As to the disposal of his assets and effects when he Dies. He May make his first will in his twenties and live to the eighties meeting changes in his circumstances by Codi cil from time to time. But what if his original executor Dies before him if he has neglected to make another appointment the administrative Power May go to someone of whom the testator would not have approved. This contingency can easily be forestalled. By appointing elder s trustee company As executor in Hie first place the passage of time weft not affect the competent just and impartial administration of his estate whenever that times comes. Details of the company s services and moderate charges Are contained in the free Booklet wills and executors available on application to elder s trustee and executor com Pany limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. El26

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