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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1947, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - April 18, 1947, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Catholic press welcomes Truman speech on Greece London March 22.president Truman s recent statement proposing . Aid for Greece and Turkey to resist communist domination is generally welcomed by the Catholic press of Britain although some doubt is expressed As to whether America is really determined to resist russian aggression in Europe. The Catholic Herald comments Public opinion in the West Gener ally is still far from prepared for the lines of policy that Are absolutely necessary if we. Are to Hope that the soviet communist danger has been averted. In this sense the american initiative is Well ahead of Public opinion and consequently it must still be deemed a Chancy Busi _ Ness which May or May not bring the desired if the american initiative is to Bear fruit adds the editorial an intensive and widespread _ Effort against atheistic and materialistic communism is indeed it is certain that without that Clear moral backing any political action taken now can Only at Best defer the real Issue to a time when a War will again be thought a pastime worthy of our higher the Tablet whose balanced com ment on political matters is Gener ally considered to be very Well informed Points out that the tru Man administration believes it has Broad general support. If this is indeed so we can Hail the biggest piece of Good news for Europe since be Day and the end of a Long and miserable phase in which the remorseless pattern of the red police state had been stretched across so Many countries and populations who if they had been Given any Chance would have rejected it As emphatically As the greeks have been Able to do. It is not the least of the advantages to be expected from the american initiative that it will everywhere hearted the anti communist forces still much More numerous than their adversaries but profoundly discouraged because no body has been supporting them up to now half As vigorously or wholeheartedly As the Kremlin has sup ported its the Catholic times sums up it is the Earnest Hope of All that the president has seen the indivisibility of peace and has taken the right step to preserve it. The re sult should show in. The Moscow conference and we Pray that the indivisible peace of the world will be preserved even though there May be a Good Deal of blustering Diplo Macy Vatican radio sees president tru Man s statement As an admission that peace talks have so far failed. President Truman s statement pointing out that unless Concrete action is taken world peace will be endangered Means that the inces Sant efforts of the past year. With its series of conferences have led to nothing it says. The Bridge thrown Between the two opposing conceptions of. Life through the common Victory has Given Way beneath the weight of immovable principles. East and West stand face to face. The Gap which divides them has widened and executor ship if everyone were conversant with the duties of an executor much More consideration would be Given to the Choice of this functionary when wills Are made. In the first place the executor must be fully conversant with the Law Fon the subject. He must know All about the Purchase Sale and renting of real estate stocks shares and debentures and the disposal of every known class of asset. Elder s Tri Istee is Departmentalized to Deal thoroughly with every phase of estate administration and it has the permanent existence necessary to ensure full and competent service at any time in the neat Tor Dis Tant future. Write for Booklet wills and elder s trustee and executor company limited elder House 37-39 Currie Street Adelaide. " ell6_ Cradle of the holy name society in Australia it was before the High altar of St. Laurence a North Adelaide shown her that the first Branch of the holy name society was founded in Australia 25 years ago last sunday that Silver Jubilee was fit tingly celebrated. See Page 10. Wines 1 847-1 947 goo d for a Century German archbishop reminds the allies London March 18.in a pastoral letter issued As the Moscow conference was to begin and now quoted Exten sively by Vatican radio archbishop Groeber of Freiburg reminded the Allied nations of the promises made to the German people before the end of the War. Is it out of place he asks no recall that a few years ago the German people were told by the radio and in leaflets dropped from the air that they were to be freed from the slavery of nazism and restored to the comity of free nations ? will the blood stained face of present Day Germany be remembered at the Moscow. Conference where flourishing cities and Busy industries once stood Devastino exists to Day and misery holds its Sway x Over the entire population. Will it be remembered in mos cow that in Germany 70,000,000 people Many of them after having been expelled from their traditional homesteads try to find a living on a strip of land which is unable to keep them alive ? far be it from me to suggest that it has been deliberately decided to expose the German people to slow perdition but conditions May easily Lead to their suffering this Fate. If this happened would not the world some Day regret this deplorable loss speaking of German War guilt the archbishop continues the crimes committed by germans against their own people and other nations can not be denied yet the fact remains that Many millions of germans had nothing to do with these crimes having themselves to endure the worst tribulation. Under the nazi tyranny. Does not Germany represent these Days a Camp of unrest where germans claiming to have remained untainted by the spirit of nazism denounce everyone to the Denali fiction courts requesting their punishment. Convert monks take Over new Abbey London March 28.the Benedic tines of Pri Knash Abbey Gloucestershire who were received into the Church in a body some 34 years ago Are to take Over St. Michael s Abbey Farnborough Hampshire. The Pri Knash monks were living As an anglican Community on Cal Dey Island off the Welsh coast at the time of their reception into the Church As Benedictines of the Cas Sinese congregation. J3t. Michael s Abbey founded by the Empress Eugenie widow of Napoleon 111, belongs to the soles Mes congregation. The change is being made because of reduction in the number of the present Farn Borough Community. Some of the Farnborough monks will remain there others will go to various abbeys of their congregation. The crypt of St. Michael s Abbey contains the tombs of Napoleon Iii the Empress and their son the Prince Imperial. Christian brother Dies in Vatican Rome March 26.seventy-two year old Bro. Joseph Clarke pro curator general of the Irish Chris Tian Brothers collapsed and died last week As he was entering the offices of the Maestro i camera in the Vatican a former teacher in Gibraltar Bro. Joseph was known to thousands of Rome pilgrims since one of his tasks was to arrange papal audiences. Goa

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