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Adelaide Southern Cross Newspaper Archives Apr 14 1944, Page 1

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Adelaide Southern Cross (Newspaper) - April 14, 1944, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia bombing of Rome monster meeting at town Hali in protest and Appeal complementary meetings in All parochial centres resolve profound Devotion to Pope Pius and support of his plea to belligerent leaders resolutions sent to Canberra and Allied leaders t ast sunday s spectacle at the Adelaide town Hall with the complementary meetings held in All parishes of the Arch diocese of Adelaide and the diocese of port Augusta showed in the most emphatic Way where the entire Catholic people of South Australia stand on the question of the bombing of Rome and the protest and Appeal of his holiness Pope Pius Xii. With one voice under the leadership of the chief pastors of the province of Adelaide his Grace archbishop Beovich and his lordship Bishop Mccabe priests religious and people expressed unswerving Devotion to and profound sympathy with the Sovereign pontiff and fullest measure of support in the protest which the bombardment of the Vatican state and of the eternal City has wrung from his anguished heart and in the holy father s Appeal for the preservation of Rome. These expressions of Complete Unity of mind and heart with the common father of the Universal Church were voiced in a unique Way by the huge Assembly at the town Hall where the addresses of his Grace archbishop Beovich and his lordship or. Mccabe with those of or. A. F. Sutton k.s.s., and or. H. J. Savage were Given notable acclamation and where the following Resolution was carried unanimously that this great meeting of Catholic citizens of South Australia in the Adelaide town Hall expresses unswerving Devotion to and profound sympathy with our holy father Pope Pius Xii that we share his anguished protest at the bombing of Rome and the state of Vatican City and that we wholeheartedly support his appeals to All the belligerents not to make a Battlefield of the holy City of our Catholic Faith this Resolution has been forwarded to the prime minister of Australia to his excellency the governor general to the High commissioner of great Britain in Australia and the United states minister and other competent authorities. By Cable the Resolution has been sent to his Eminence Cardinal Maglione papal Secretary of state and to the prime minister of great Britain or. Churchill and president Roosevelt. 0rowds of people had to be turned away from the precincts of the Adelaide town Hall before the meet ing called by his Grace archbishop Beovich for sunday last commenced. Amongst the Large audience which packed to a building were Many rela Tives of australian servicemen now engaged in hostilities in the Mediterranean theatre and the italian Penin Sula. Following the National Anthem which was played on the Organ by or. Harold Wylde City organist and the production of the verse speaking drama Christus Vincit by members of Catholic youth societies his Grace the archbishop of Adelaide the most Rev. M. Beovich d.d., . And his lordship the Bishop of port Augusta the most Rev. T. Mccabe with it. Rev. Mgr. M. Houri Gan v.g., or. A. F. Sutton k.s.s., and or. H. J. Savage took their places on the stage. The archbishop s address archbishop Beovich then addressed the Assembly. We have come Here said his Grace crowding the town Hall and there Are hundreds who cannot obtain admission to Grieve with the holy father and to show that our hearts beat in unison with his heart. We have come at the earliest Opportunity after that memorable pronouncement made on the fifth anniversary of his Coronation when he spoke to the responsible men of All belligerents. We feel sure he said they will not wish to have their names associated with a deed no motive could Ever justify before history. To turn Rome into a Battlefield would be an act inglorious from the military viewpoint abominable in the eyes of god and Mankind and morally indefensible by All spiritual and moral values since that statement bombs have fallen on the Vatican City and on Rome causing damage and great loss of life. We know that there Are in that City nearly a million innocent non combatants. I have received unimpeachable information that there Are not even anti aircraft defences in the City of Rome and 1 have information that it is not a legitimate Mili tary target. You have doubtless read in the daily papers a cabled statement that the War would not be won nor would it be lost in Italy and we Are told that the severest air raids cannot Dis Lodge All enemy soldiers and that Rome has Only political not military j significance. " it is commonsense then to Ash it this. Is so Why threaten Rome with destruction it May be said the enemy has broken god s Law in this War. Well again we say that we have higher standards of civilisation that we have a Christian culture. I re member those dark Days when eng land and the Commonwealth of nations stood alone against the enemy and the thought that animated them was the thought that they were Light ing for Christian Freedom and Chris Tian principles. It ill becomes a people whose avowal in War is the defence of christianity to smash to bits the City from which its christianity came. I heard recently and possibly the person who said it had his Tongue in his Cheek if one bomb would save the life of an Allied Soldier then smash Rome that remark re minded me of an incident in 1917, when Pope Benedict Xiv appealed to the nations beseeching them to Stop the Slaughter to arrange terms for a just and lasting peace his Appeal received with Courtesy was soon for gotten. The War went on and an other Mill Ion lives were sacrificed and the result is this present ghastly War. Stones and lives 1 the Pope May riot be listened to now certainly he was not listened to then continued his Grace. Then again there Are others who May. Spy those for instance who do hot know what Retae Means to the Christian world Why spare Rome Are not lives Worth More than stones and historic buildings it has to be proved that the preservation of Rome would mean increased Cost of life. Non combatant losses alone would be greater than army losses. But hearing these remarks i was reminded by the commentator of the Catholic hour Here in Adelaide of an incident he experienced some years ago. It was in France and he stood before the glory of Rheims Cathedral and standing there a French Soldier told him How in the four years of War the French soldiers stood before that Cathedral refusing to Back one step despite great loss of life lest the German invader might desecrate that holy shrine of the French nation. What would be his emotions and the emotions of his soldiers if some materialist had suggested that Cut Stone and carved Wood were not Worth one French life much has happened in France since then but if that spirit continues France will Rise again. If our Cathedral institutions churches schools Here in Adelaide were threatened our people would Rush to their Rescue. If our men were employed in other places our women would stand before them and protect them with their lives because al though the buildings Are made of Stone and Wood they represent our traditions and our Faith. Possibly some might fold their arms Ana Bay Why be so concern at the destruction of these. Things the Faith will never die the Church will never fail but we would de fend these buildings which have been erected for god and for his work in the world and so it is with Rome. You who have been to Rome know How different it is from any other City. The City one might say is a place dedicated to god. I recall hearing a few Days ago How bombs fell on the Little Sisters of the poor just outside Rome. Nineteen were killed and seven wounded. It was an isolated building outside the City i know it Well Tut within the City there Are hundreds of these places. Not Only that the very dust of Rome is mingled with the blood of martyrs. Even my Good people without hearing any Appeal from the holy father we Strong in our Catholic Faith and traditions know that no military advantage could Ever justify an at tack on Rome and the Home of Christ s vicar. Rome is the world s. Rome is part of our Catholic inheritance. It belongs to the whole world. It is a holy City and our attitude to Rome is comparable with that of the jews in exile who wept by the Waters of Babylon in the 136th psalm of the Bibl and they cried out if i forget thee 0 Jeru Salem let my right forgot ten. Let my Regj be Clam to a jaws if i do not Rem Emmet thee we go Back 1900 Phillips St. Peter has made his Toon Faith to Junr lord thou Art Christ the son of the living god and our divine Saviour says thou Art Peter and upon this Rock i will build my Church after the resurrection of Christ Peter goes to Rome. By god s Providence it is to be the Centre of the work of his vicar and of his Church. And in the centuries that have followed the holy see there in that Centre was the Friendly Torch that showed the Way to the humane kind Ness that beamed Over Christian Ages As Pope Leo Xiii declared. It was the Anchor of safety in cruel tempests by which the human race was tossed. It was the common Centre when not Only the teaching of Faith and prac Tice was sought but also counsel and rulings in regard to peace and the settlement of disputes. It is the glory of the holy see of Rome that it Ever stood As a Wall and a bulwark to prevent human society from sinking Back again into its former barbarism and superstition i return to the first Point to the utterance of the holy father when he appealed to All belligerents. He is the father of All his people in All the lands he does not speak without due care he weighs his words before he Speaks and he declares that to turn Rome into a Battlefield would be morally indefensible by All spiritual and moral values unchanging Law that is enough for me said his Grace. It is enough for every Catho Lic. It was not the first time the holy father spoke in this War by no Means i recall one instance be cause he spoke on this easter sunday three years a go after the indiscriminate air attacks on England. The dreadful conflict he said has assumed certain forms of fighting which must be described As atrocious. All the belligerents who have human hearts after All should have compas Sion on the sufferings of the civilian world for the defenceless women and children for the sick and the old who Are often exposed to More horrible dangers of War than the armed sol Diers at the front. We have to dle lore the fact that the limits permitted by a legitimate War have been transgressed repeatedly in England and America that condemnation was featured As of front Page importance and the indictment made by the holy father was applauded. If a thing was wrong then a similar thing is wrong now. It is Well to remember that the Law of god is not suspended in the time of War. Now is the testing time. There is a Factor in the world whose meaning is above the world. There is no influence that has not been set to undermine it no Wisdom that has not been sharpened to Pierce it. All through history men have laughed at it or abused it or at tacked it but in its Majestic move ment through the Ages it has passed by their forgotten Graves to meet beyond new horizons new generations of new trials and new repetitions of old triumphs. That fact i mention is that Peter is alive. His moral personality lives now in Pope Pius Xii As it will live in succeeding Popes to the end of the world we love the holy father and Many times we have declared our love and our Devotion. Now is the testing time. He Calls to us. We shall stand by him. If there be any timid of heart who will say because of the War hysteria it is not expedient to speak i would say we will not silent we inscribe Oil our standards for god and country it is a Noble motto. But there is need for care lest we put country first and god and his Laws trailing in toe rear if not ignored. We have proven and will prove loyalty to our country. We shall give to Caesar in full measure the things that Are Caesars but we shall give to god the things that Are god s. I remind you again that the Pope s Appeal is to Hll of both sides. If Rome to opt by passed continued on Page 8

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