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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - September 28, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . Ti�?.tl i air air in must or -./ii,.nli- i/?/.?-s ,./.rwi "/.?/. 7v./? j Dull x Lilli. I Ciu sad Tkv. To s la in it i " a 4"3iht t ii ""1"1 a 1" " 1 of War a -8 ?11?l l11"1 aft Cne l lip k h i Liitalien. Pim cd Neill one of the i a a l ail Nir \ pm is on i it stain. Having to ii us Jid Ovand ii but la Viilu Leek or ii passe Kiuei i a decidedly ii Dom rip lion Overy Lin will in1 provided in i e 1 tie la.-Ciuei--. Sin will lie i . Veh it Raith a Hiil tin a Veili i. l " to treat i Heiak Vili any son or v a i a lieu eol the a Lii i for a a. For or a Aue apply tasks i a \ to. i. Uni Idle . Adelaide m Pei Wiher la. 1sji. I of m i if Rirs. I Spiik line j a\\so.\s,\ ? x l la r " ". This ves a will .-11 n a in Lincoln. Kinu cedi a i. Sub Strind Swan Kivor if Tork Hinl min flex should . The a for passenger Aiu lil t . Apply to the s. Lii. Ftfif.p/, .lovnm.li, Sillib thu y la i t.t.n.-. Licit i Infin London an now at heir a vill Ilis Liui in Rirs Viv k Rilk list i .7.s will e Silil i " i he Civitia Allon Lily la j it Lull mutant. Holders of Hills of Ladin. Are j to vend for Llu in tool Vit Liotti Del a i join kiss Llau a. Adi Laide a Jilom Bor -j7, a i x i Oit Rinir , to / i u in / v. Of poll tin. Iii St a Ai inc Lair n a it Hooks Jim tons Rester David . Coin. 3 As a. Apply i tin i n Hoard or to join , a . Inti Tilli strict sept Vilior. Foi Jii Ciot. I of Salic at the stores of tic Midei Signe i Loui. Is 2a, in i oth Toos Oats turnips i Allard Lizul Olidah Loii. R if ran London 10. In . joists Soam Lings battens Cidh a Moum and l i a. I Lorini and v . Suisi Frank i in so Root. I of Sali he Trio Dot i Ned of Asia a Kahty its Lea. Soap a Indio nails i Reli ipod -ii.ar, l i ii Ooi. Riti i Jiuu ski. A lil Jinty l Cota Atli in l Ali of i iroc , in Sony Enace. A him l he collate Ami Hossin am i.\vl. Cut. C my Poirier no an acre lo.?--e? years in in uni. In Rolind Init. It l lits i in a i t " ill Tel Tlell sri Sonell Leirmoe. Vii a in a Tiivi l tic t " hurtle . " la Vii i t j 1.1.-1. I r a ?,. tvs a. I " i a i 1 it " in stint a i ?. in a ii jigs,, of mitral . I la Arr Hinl Noti not it tin place i t.? ill.---. Or to i.-i.1. If Tsujii ii iiii.i., f 1 1.1- .,t it Lilac in to lie i in any tiling like , Terni. . A i a in ii a Fri 1i1.5, l in lil feet pc til in Di-ii-it i m Ilii Villa-,., wit Lio Pii Ilio ii of of Hciks Tor Liy Nii .l.itli.-. . A in Mimi in to Lic a Naif a on Tiu a Titi a ,y aria. Is i ci.\r. . Rock it vah a at Piv Cut a void Valn Alil l is t n special Survey. To a two a Dtni-.1 , with a4 -stall.-.1 -. in i to Ivl. . 4j him. J Liat t?.wh s,-rti.?n m . To i i. I. In. S. 11.- v \ -t.n-? Yamill Ruck umut Ami lutina1 at Pivont ii m i Ilc n i.1,.-o i a Nanti i l Chi Iilva. Two ail. ? in id i ii in ten Giro a inv of v cil.-. Pmj. I Niini Inary Nii it y .sc.-.n, no. i i5 ills n m Airl Aiila in a ? Varitim to lick in i Pio Pertics. L Lan to Vii a Lii i Tih Lahiri Tirol Piccol com in cock. La i Inastri Room . \ Xii Fil Luibil at ily lie Nin Voi tort int Itsvo tonci novits v. Iii i ii to Jay on a . An acre of 1,.mi"i " m -v.n, .111 1 Well a pm uni ii ios tic by is a i into varying m jul nifty Isom m 7 sect i a \ vat in tin main a Tinct in to v j,.,.\, . On i. S7 in. T of , Pluto is a substantial Titi Lohm fit for la Isid Cisco of ror a i Talt Mil. To i Aon a in Val Sorvillo tit of our tar. Al. It Slin in a i talc Omini airy. Lio i. ? l f a of y.-rtt-, a i poet Liy 7i i it. In to. In Amie lots s pm a link no. Al of Tio mi1 a in Sartor no Ait Ucros a i. Half Trio Pur Nom a to lir a in Cash fur Hie remainder time will lie Eiven. An a. V in non i a 10-Ialirr or in lots. Some Aito ii tie Villas of Wal Orville and Sim Day Oulu i drop Eric. At v in hrs s. Land a it Ali Lily of Uhlry Rall i. From which veil Lite Lar a i election i in o i Tok. Iii i and St Kos j Oik and turn i airs old. Of tin at inc tin Art Ortisi v Lii is now Sowill of tin lieu St bred vomit Stock in tic Colony from Iiri Lin Vii n . A Riis Itati m of steady work ii k a ii works. Litton a i tiers. Caning of l a in a. R 11 x 1 r. Fat Mirn. A constant sup ily of tin pc will in 011 sali1, and will in Lui Nigut it to tin Roi Civ of buyers. They Are he of Fine a United , Hin Binfor in Wii. P. Sleet la a i . With whole fleeces and in tin f it in Viliy the attention Wool Irr Owers. Cedi Ali Ivien Imilia Sirij largely ill in . . or Iio ? 111.li. In veil hied mid healthy Young sheep will i my Hep. is of , sheep. Or. Purr foil or re com in Tim erection of a Chuh ii in Adelaide ground near Victoria my Tiare having Boon presented i a or. William Malcolm of which to erect the same. S. D. Tie governor 5 0 0 Robert gouger -1 a 0 i a id my lurch. 10 10 0 Geo. M. Stephen a a 0 win Russell. 5 5 0 Thomas Freeman 5 a 0 i. Malar Hnit. 10 0 0 or. I Concu 5 0 0 a Friend Liy or. A. Birrell 10 i to i Hall 2 o 0 Thoma sleep "2 f i a. Murray10 0 i. Cig 1 Oit i ii i Ferguson. 20 0 l i -. Ivi Yumin 10 o o mis i Lisull. 5 0 i Mill Wyatt. 200 -200 j. Adams 5 5 o William Owen 2 j 0 mrs. Of sati. 110 John Warren. .500 Henry Giles. 2 0 o James Dawson 1 0 o Hugh Mcdonnell 10 0 George Stevenson. 10 0 o l i Hall. A b o Julin i co Lin and Bent t 3 o j. Kawski inc. A to o James Frew "2 2 o or. Myles -110 e. Stuit 2 1? o Janieri a. Crawford 5 0 it James Mcleod 2 o o Edward Harry 1 0 0 Andrew Berry 5 0 ? Matthew Sivillie .10 0 William Scott 2 0 0 j. B. Sheplin Cordson 22 010 0 Eliot Clinton Stow 110 j. Ciao a. A 3 0 mrs. Crabbe -110 a. 11. Shephall. 110 George Cim Liuigi 1 ii 0 i. And j. .400 Tobii Ishii and co.1 t 0 c. B. Nyu Eidham o 10 c Hardy 010 6 James finning 1 o Ivler Medo Migull. 010

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