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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - September 21, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertise mints. To fair advertisements or paid for Prev us to insertion. Unless i s i 7. F a rinds As litre want Haj account the and Are r. Tin div Frei Tiwu. _ for Sieve. To sail in about ten ton Jesos Flor 10-ir-Ui, mid if the passengers. will be a splendid Wissel to carry Stoel Ami tin advertisers would o disposed to to at Libi till with any person or parties for he use of the ship Hack for such a purpose. For Irv ight or passage apply in Jamks fun ii & co. Act.1 no. Of Kimdao san h. Adelaide. I vote Nair lit. Israfl. Ii sad nov to Nail in a f " /. -4 it hey a ii i Gorgias a r Silva jul Lour. Opt Iii j n i Iun s Amtey to taif Captain on to in. A to3 John Walki. Lindley str I of my Witk. / Mili Fine Lri i also a n a text ? ton u. In. Rui Coin a it it s a Muu a. Thi Kocsel will rail at Zel. L to Iii role. Kiiirji-iira1 1. Kini a i lu3srami Swan ii of. In Lork nil. Ii Lent i ii lit for Passi imers Are list rate. Aply to the tin on Lioanel. Or to Jolin Walker. Street. Of ii i. Rec St on. To nil Minu Ali /. Full i ii x i in soil ill Rex i. I y i us a ill ajl Valki i. Mateiu. . It i six do to sail -. I / of Adelaide Van Moi ii Matt a Cut to the be Foi cd tax 2 o / on suit Rrt a up ii i Liri William. Tirom i Guf Fth i o Innia i$sf3? " l " to re Ato Avi 11. " Naff Jit Haustov master. I a ii eight. O ?"? apply to or. Ici Livar ilutv6on, step lit or Idieo of to \ Captain Lia Sov. I Ort a Leeiii a. 1i olt Sam at the stores of the flour. Is 2d, sol toe Oats turnips Pollard nutty Lille Porter Bruh Jondon do. In Hhd. Sugar joists scantling battens candles Mould and dips. Roo Riiff and Wathor it Oards pc. Carts dras yokes Lions fee. C. Quispe Addaide August 30, 1839. Frank Iii strict. Fou Salk july Trio under Ign Tel sex Asia eighty chests Tea soap tidies Ric nails refined sugar kettles and lta.\, butter har Iron. S. B. C att . Govahn mint Notin Adel Nule aii.,St a. 5. Ift. The trustees of the i no ii an tie follow in terms on Winch land can be appropriated in the i Umie cemetery the Inavie Niini plot to b"1 appropriated by individuals of in e Clile n feel s ii re. It pm lease for ninety nne years relations if persons into Rel therein in old r of next of Liv m have Power to renew tin lease i Noii payment of the sum then currently demanded for new Puu Ham s. The Price at which die lease of Laud May he Puri based is oiu1 shilling pit super Leial fool and each h Mee t ? pay Gnu rally in proportion to the extent of his occupancy the sum of three Pence per loot. Persons leaving tiie province or for other reasons desirous of Rosie Iii the i rustles the Cue in if they hold mud the i Reserva Tion of die erections or Notheis Over the Graves to have Lili erty to do so by paying in Advance the amount of the annual payment Lor seven years. Persons Lieg Ortins to pay the Miu in charge Weinau having Feu made for the same Diu ii three Siire Eusivo years the Laud originally Purcha of a rain to Vest in the troyes. I Gersims Vii have natives or friends already buried in the of Lery to Havo Power to Pareha o the land on which they Are buried on the. Above terms. Chapels for Cir performance of funereal . Fine pieces have been re served on various parts of the Public be merely for the erection of Iii Din a wherein i Lerent denominations of Christi Iii a a Ovid ii to the i i Uzieal service these ites ire to be had upon lease for ninety nine year upon the i i Nie it of two pounds per a Usu i to the trustees. Ift ral . In Ronns not de i Iii of Aurclia my land in the , 1.-Niauif Rel ii and Friend to take p a we the re Liv paying to the trustees the sum of ten shillings in Mihld Tiou to the us Ial in Eis. These i Omeia a will place in District a. And 8., Anil an Reet uni a "mar.l, with i us vr., v tin Leer i Eilon i allowed Ieli pm pfc d alien. No Stone or other erection will ale cd i.? a pm Ted in ?1? Ometery until in shall Luve met the approval in writ Iii of the trustees. N in Fri Ilion will to allowed to h placed in tin uni Teiry met if will have met Lite approval in writing of the Tiu Mees. No Corpse will i tuned to he deputed in or part of Thi be Mccry at a less depth than six feet. Applications for a i is Are to he Maile according to a form or in had of the is in this whose Sig nature with that of one of the trustees will he a Sii Lucient authority. W. Nation to the trustees. I Tiara Floii of ice a mile. A Fiti 18, 1830. Return of Tact ii Oloyed migrants in the depot pm pfc marring men. Women. Jonys drink Nakor. Ricksiii Iii. I Cabinet Muker. I i ilmrer.2 . 4 servants. 3 urns l.? lit for sonic. S in 3 7 a. A a cent. Stephens ,\ is sept Fiir. Isis. Of stick is Given that in Conse Henr Mif the Iee Linini of c Ihn Iol . Id Ilie 11.i 1. T. Finius to an o Nice under the colonial Joy. Rimie it. The Pattni Rhi I Inicis. A d of. I . I in Ali jail .-.mi-.-Iif. A Lii to May Juri in tie eol my. th1 Linn of 1-i-. I Iuni s. An and Alloi dry mud ctn relative to the business of the late Linn will in future be attended to by 11. Nixon is j., if North Terrace who i authorized to receive All a Taduo to into Lim if ,Niss and company i and agents in 1 Spirvey irs. We. Light. Is. T. Finmf.6. 11. Nixon. Vii Jacob j it. U. Thomas. Witness. Smart solicitor Stephens i lace miss. O , Nixon and to. Tiik a be firm have now it unfenced he i Luas land a uts. Land selected for special surveys fir otherwise. All orders to he addressed t.? them at the it lice of motors. Maura to and Ito lands Kundle to feet. S ii k i r. Avi by Superior Korkof ewes of about 4 my consisting of i 4, sea i fifth application to lie nude to Captain Walkub Llin Tley Street. diva Nyit a ski j in v r Elk a on Salic at 1111. Stock Ansof John a. Bull land an ? Sirotk a ont eat in if sunlit 7vmnv, i a. cows. A constant Supply if Well tired and quiet airy cow Ami Ilii fers in calf or with calves by their sides. It Iii thu a. Scrip Tiou of this pare of the advertiser s lipids on a of lie toil tilt fitly recommends them to parties in out to commence or increase thu in Dairy is. Patilis linocut -. To w wants them to to ii Iet in the bail and Good milkers. Tat Satili am it Kok this Loki. Butchers and parties working own Are in. Formed unit lie Lias always on hand a regular Sibirt Large Supply of suitable cattle from Viii it even thu largest selections Irun to nude. Huh Kos and Strikis one Ami out i mis / /. Of the film pc tin advertiser has now several hundreds of the line t lived Yoni a Sturk in ii Colony Iron Turk is lire oils Anim Uhi Eli no drafts have vet. Lie ii made. Ivi ivs to and Pirt ios Wislin to to in Advance by the pit Irisia a o Yonsik stuck in Tarjie i ii Iii Itic i will be treated with liberally. Jin r wok Kino ?. On Tenin of steady we Kif Bullocks lil Toel fur lie ailing or Iii Ira inn. P i i i r. I?.\r i t Icik. A Enn Stant Supply if the mine will be on s lie. M d will be Broi Firlit in to suit tile if buyer. They tic the lost if to Overland in to i lately i Riv a. I i ii . I in Miencier Lias for Sil a lurks of i a Woide a d in. In Ifni Fly Beleiu. Wit i whole in i s. Ami in Ali i nest worthy the n termion .1 Windl Civ nver. I Lleini mire Fiasili a friely ill to liberally. I i snip r or i re Sim a veil. Inti idol veil Linrod and Hea Liiv Young Slio Oji will i r scold leap. I hem of cattle. Sheep. . Pure Hametl or or. I Voi Viil on a Ihmi to intents Siml Money no Vunice on j 5.-ii Irsa. M my i Tinl Niove de trip Troik of stuck ? it i the Oxe Ilion n thu owe Florks to be shown Liv a Ito lie seen on Mot lays Ami thurs Day from sown w twelve . And in Itlie is Fenjin four . To Sun Down Ai tie Stock Peris of A. In a. Land and it tvs agent. N. H. The advertiser with Hie Nti Ecio in Witik made onto in % Arran Demetus in in Ilicich biotin i room Kiev is to Supply Ord is for Stork to atty into int. R. A n n. Foot Oik and inti Shewn a Lipton Stim Ial sirve a. Either f ,, she Atio is t ii Vale it u An enclosed Section the Torreti. Near ibo. Ifni d hods in Lon to nit los to. For i Virther aprily in. W. Ii 11.1. Srtinhivn-ar"1. Land and Stock a Eilif. It o ii s i s. Cd Tolx or Mia Neil Froais mount Lark a Dis. I 5 strict. R Airout Llic 10th May. Hay Lloris. Without White overt addle Nii iric with ii i jail. Slovut tin s Itolle of f Iier a. Will he to the a party Les Toritis to tin .".vtht. Tin nov Tiscar Bavin it Ilii Russ i i j Iii to i i uric if ii rid Iii of their run. Hereby oilers a Reward if ./. On conviction of the offenders. J. W. Ihm., fun Atli Terrace. 1.-Uij my pork a ont tick to Soroudi Liri a aral " Ali?at.a"," Lin Porte l Oil Multi in the association Shi. Kujuro t let will stand to Raver this season at the Lawes of James Clian hers Woji Nouli str tit. Terms five guineas end five shillings the Groom. Extract framer Tifni ate. I can Assort com Tho Ope reitme i have had Turifi the Siniff of Tny stay in Calcutta and cd o there. That i Rtin Sider him to he one of the hip ctr Ste nepijo.-1 horse i Over landed tic is p n is seed i teat Bone and Onia Power com Lenol Wilh Good temper which is must essential for Good Stock fact tar. Spied P Mostov vote binary str Coti and London vote Rinard medical society. South Australia. With a promote rite science of geology i " Outh Australia the under signed purposes ? up a series of Culleu Sotui of the Boelts minerals Ems. And metals lie a discovered whilst Ratnow Iii within Chi ranges of this i a Nance. The first collection of tin series will issued i the Sirsi of Noveilli Crinest. The on the first of january 1840mi the Fol lowing terms Ali collection of a specimens. A list Tor a Miricle collection or the whole series Lias Inch opened headed by his. Llie governor. Osmond guile. Liso. And tin Liev. C. H. Howard and lies for further signatures at the of messes. Ami . Charge to subscribers , �3 a or three ditto. S John Allin geologist. Klc Mii. 12th sept. Lttj9. Lands in tick Mol it Kak Khoii District. 110 by Solia lying discontinuous to the Tropi Wietor s runs acres or thereby to be selected in tin purchaser irom the Hay Valley. This line alluvial hat i part of or. Millic s up i ii Survey to their Iliof mount Marker and extend for about two Miles from near the head of Mullock s Valley to tin leading to Coral Hills it joins or. Diet Juv Survey and is bounded by ten t Survey to the Westward and by air. s other property to the eastward. It is excellently adapted either for i Riedil Litral Pur Pes or for Lle Pas Turkiw of attle or is keep am immediate can lie Given. Ali in Dii Iiene no Rood freest ii for building can be had. And Lime Ione of a Quality Lias just been discovered 1 1 tie ilium ii it . , two Koniw Siti ions of the care Iii Survey of the mellows the allotment of which is expected to to completed in a it w weeks. Apply to or. Suit a at the Vallies mount Ivi kor win will m a tie limit Torii s or the Liy Valley ? to pc is. Koi Eit cock or o or i " Deane ?. Varies Liili aut to is 2. To Woof Ito i a. To Aba corms. , Al Grenfell t Street is prepared of Purchase Wool a. Any on the Nio t Liberal terms or wher.? the Imi ties prefer it he will sort pack and for Ward it to i broker on their account. tavern. . Ami a Oslo Ink with Tureh plea fire that h. Is indebted to the in Haiti Iii of Adelaide and its ii if Bou Rhood for the lilt Ril Pitronaci a lie has received from Thorn and pledges himself lit Merit a increased at Tention and exertion the of their . Join the Shi i lately a Rived he Lias Iner Rashod his mock of wines is Raindy hum whiskey Geneva and malt a i for. An 1 Bavin mad h i selections Troia the Nio t ii provi a parcels he is in i de t i Supply iriv Ite families Jud the Trade on the in Wilile terms in a secs or bottles. Accommodation and refreshments Are provided on the must Lih my scale during tar Ittin of the courts. 5j.n. Inter Clcil persons repoll d that .1. Oshodim in in u quilt i his tavern mud the of oily his he and Iii Orins All Partie Lii Vinc any a Iii Nils upon him that join Aei Oulu will he p a on Appl Ca ii n. In i hotel. Isaac in Oinui his friends us the Public Tii it lie be Llew House in rout his id one. To has Laid in a. New Stock of i prior wines Olive Hyde. A i Jitian in i i y. Kirn., whiskey. Hiilis Stikl i on uti ,Ivi iter an i Aio in casks and l., Txooj Isip Audi tin t ? the old turf tavern ?ii.il? the proprietor t i offer to i friends i til Iii a and a of very Mipe rior order. In fresh Nientsu. Mich As the Mauti All or. in Pizic May be obtained it All times of the Day. " Rorvik com Mitch constituted for the purpose 2 of i to Istrin. To the colonists a Fillici edit i. I in Tiv f i h a at the least push ibo Eom m in a i notion to iat the Secretary. J k. Hafk Lias now on Sale for Cash o ily. It his War i be in Hindley Street \ Aii s a Jonir in quantities of not less t i ii i. Or More than live. I Ino i Jour s. J or 100 lbs. Ani Vici. Tut committee appointed for the purpose Ormi plying to Iasi a Tju Sitf s to the lowest ims Siwe Price give notice that they May be Tibt irined at the a Rohodi a of Hack. Wagon and co., Ilind Loy Street on the following Ter Iii Kire. So or . Flour by a Fine .1 he. Fias Hub. For i oly. J. Hack secret cry. Ai Al i i k Market. R to u . H Johnson flip he Ftp put the Puiri Williim , fresh of try Nio Niin Fanini Trio Iri Pil Limric a the Vicinity of add tide at tic reduced Price of three Sli Illitia per Pound. Body Huml

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