Adelaide South Australian Register in Adelaide, South-Australia
14 Sep 1839

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Adelaide South Australian Register in Adelaide, South-Australia
14 Sep 1839

Read an issue on 14 Sep 1839 in Adelaide, South-Australia and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Adelaide South Australian Register.

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - September 14, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Are glad to learn from the advertisement of the flour association that they have secured an abundant Supply of Kice. The government also we arc informed has Pur chased a considerable Quantity to guard against Scarcity. Had not been for the Well timed measure of government imposing a prohibitory duty on exported provisions vre not have now had such a Supply of Rice and other provisions As some of our merchants were on the Point of exporting on a Rattler More extensive scale than to can present afford and persons have we understand been sent from the neighbouring colonies for the purpose of buying up All the provisions they could Lay their hands on. Fortunately however for the Ett Lars in South Australia the government were apprised of the purpose of their visit and by a timely enactment probably saved a i Colony from actual starvation Rice and wheat following receipt for preparing bread from a mixture of flour and Rice will be found i useful in twin present times when flour is to such an enor Mous Price simmer four lbs. Of vice in two quarts of water till becomes perfectly soft when Sot a proper warmth mix extremely Well with four lbs. Flour and yeast and Salt As for other bread of yeast about four pc Poonsuk knead Wii then set to Rise before the fire some of the flour should be reserved to make up the loaves. If the Rice hoi ild require More water must be an of like poverty of spirit have risen to extraordinary have made prominent figures in every to session of feeling is Ell As of High principle of sympathy which Inaki out feel the real wrongs of others As his own the Patriot co far from profiting by hit profession frequently becomes the victim of and the paths to wealth and to this world grandeur Are Riec Tualla barred against him. M. �. To p?? of . Great reservoirs. Liat must Cost Jito Gigious said the Pope. " holy father is not vet More than two i Ini Lri a this reply the ?1 Luis holiness was augmented Frey Oil expression. " i to i " in King is a great and victorious primal i v pour Wiet t to ? re runs to no lie i Young luit imn win mid Liy Liis reply in Root Wio m.?. . An a s ii in the i Opo , Teplit in " Lii Var Cid outlier you re pm , Ami Yon will Bury All the wred College the Pope who French. In uglier the prognostic amt be Notie More ibid More delighted by Bis no longer consulted any thine but Liis own five in a Anil i was to much in tit of those who or Iii in i master that lie est maced the i Ope. On Hist turn Honc. To prof. An v of this interview to his Frieml Luj Temps tie kind s first Inlet to Chami Iro i is Road to the Ken. When tie Duke of a Reisui. Wiio was tiros Iii. Wifi red to Wager a lion Tinl to one that the vivacity of lenoire Ronld not of tier have d him to Lead Hijii to pm Draco. nothing or sail the King when i return from the country he Ein Giracca Nic Why thoum he nut embrace the Pope Siso tint mud lean inc is Cove Lable by i i i Das Viii 4 e? Tiri toil of a ii firm Liis of incl exp b s Iii ii in Fimi a sen to Mility lint trial sum Kirivin is to i f ii i i in pm d by .ilii--Ji-.-ari1. Win a mini i ale ulna invt i in airy. A i 1 Simre of c in tit so Iii Inry than tie ii in is i a iou Hal Roi Livoti d. Hums. i irent a still less leu lied than a Iii i . Cwi no Vitril Lii t am Esler in poetry. We Ive ?1 our Elai ic. Thitu Lii but we Ron i the troth of guru Wop is when 1 los Tom " him a link to Clim i i ii Masals Lull Liy dint of i. A and Liis strokes in of learning Towt is a i i ital a n a nine poet to the Point. Nve i ind Point out in hums inks a Neily to those of Creek Piir rams of i Vicli turns Rould Kiev Tine Here Hinn to n Liy a Shorti a r to to Irr Viny on a f a Tri Nim v try to i k two Ilius of a in in Lerir Licati How Many cd tis i is in Tvr week to a a a wine i whant Imp 01.1 his wine is to to nuke your Salt generally Dusor Eracilo nut Wiir Lite that ii Ildy will i in you. Ii Iless they thin oin he ame guv Antip \ y a to Ujj o in that a i not for ii rally Road Iii Oil than the Litow pause of i " works they or ainu or cml onion to Etc i your Flortia on Nii Toraldo is Luries und won Der to licit Kim Iuar you Sot to Tro Zuj urn ii you Aro Tirol a tic will Kerji to lion to r Lucr n Man a v Lilin Atily and cot Inni Tih to Inak pc Jill Lunor by strut Iii s Tifin in ? jul not Orwalls cml Iii them Uil rift without to Pic Iti off Otto work to finry tiling i Lii ii in i Atio v Itie Ticino p or i Ilisari i s to n in to i Limiti i Iri Turo in relic pm i of in Irvin to Espert slut your tru sin Oil will Lorn credit they p Tuialii you in i Wiy c otlans to urn a tie u4 of Lily and i .1 Mir ii 1 Atsitty ?? a or May by Nuiry of. England. The new Post office arrangements Are in full operation within a Circle of 25 Miles radius of which the chief Post office is the Centre. The postage is uniformly one Penny. is said to Navy inc Anvil rather than diva cd to Revin. To Lorre Are also. The proprietors of which choose to carry Naiu receive them. The s? men i a Ilsc Riun and in i Futima quip Kaplit to com Ploufe her Crew for Active scr a. Lii is said to \ c. Owing to the adoption " some novel i us of or tie Shiji by a machine re Ai Ilin a a Tiea Umill to Vicli i in Sai. By Ivy Sis and Vittuci. The Yan mis i a Shu. Tie Cwm Jittu of the we Swan mix Mary by have a vessel to lie employed exe u i Iver tinder their direction Mic Lias Licon j examined by competent Parsons and in All respects suitable to the service which lie require in n , the. Friendly islands the Fegles and Oiler prot a Ami islands of the great South Pacific . is expected hat advantage will to taken if this Opportunity in Send a of missionaries to the several missions in that part of the world As Vrell As a Marjre Supply of goods of All kinds fur tic use of the Missi a but especially f have to be obtained he barter As in South austra a Xiv zealand Toni Phi Lla Vav on Fei cd and Oiler islands. U e have no doubt Itiat the minions will be greatly aided Ity the valuable Cartic which the slip will Tuvey to them Liis Opportunity once for All ats heis nut intended to return to Liis country and Liat More Means thus acdi.u-1 to those important Ini Ioris Wili greatly a Oteta Diouf Law a Ros Voss for the nude or Ucol instil Mclinn of the i these est Iivo in h a i weekly in Patch. China. The Singapore free press extra of the 26th april contains a detailed account of the out rage us proceedings of the celestial Empire towards the British residents cant ? a which must i ail a to Ivo Lio Tlle measures on the p of Tho Lorii Iii govern Nunt. The inti i to of lilo Liss milion was the endeavour Tiisik 11 three Days Lyum i a. P Llila action i in idiot. The Rew Siisi Ranee of tin ii ionic want. Ami the j report of a omit Nitti i Hgt a of Comiti Firic which a i Cali Oil j consider tic dict. A Boliow d Jim i Ornis nic3suro. Tow Anu Tho Hong merchants Olio i Wori thre Atoni in by ilk Iinperi. Ami they 1? Liu in Luciy in w. in Thi. I acis a Rositi Rit so Ontic tour to i v.? in Ali Ati Tif or. Lent i Prin pal iritis i in r Liui to to Hor in Iii i rial Iii slut Niti a in Ilio i liar Pihur i , h j Aildros-i-1 a Ricciar i tin Haiti a to to a v a ii-.,f i Ratill pro Wro to resist wry Ait i our Toto i i Iii Iii tic part of tile Iii we ii Iii . This circular i.-?-Icf i a i Ami on thu mmi1 Injo All native Fri vants wore Ordo roil Lovac attic Ron Virn Irti r w in n pc To Torii him a to Al to Fri i pits a Ita chm i f Toni s wore Ali icing to Tun Nhi o to til the rape of til. Jiri i Oil loot run opium time in Trio mean Itira i ulu Iti i Auto Oruie i were in i tilt custody Sixl son i to tar 10th april the Uto to in of i if.s. Herald has Proi cod in u in Sydiy Kiili troops in is Trio Iiri Timi Nii do us Ami the aug Jtitus u to fill to in Nirdi adv. East indies. We Are indebted to Captain w. H. F ? for Calcutta papers to the 4th of May and a Ras papers to the 14th june from which we give a few extracts Viivi a or Titt tract of h he lot lit from Impi i the Larajr Anne hit w i is 1 Jit i Truro i on tin i i icon univ Xiloj. About a and Miika Huv and a initially a am Hir Ati shall Sunj Ili flip Lii ii of Caimol s army of nearly i men Liao j in Roii Liiv Limo 1 Iii Lar Init inst lint Al i i i or a fire Ivy. L i a Jini i i in tile Linlie s irn us til i a lilt Thyot a ii i to Liali ii to in i an Tolan Toti i Broz Phi in i i Intuni not stall . Tin Tii s. I. A a in Vonh Iun nil Lightl Spiik i Tiriro. To a of ," a ? i i Jhansi Lii Itu s i , Ami Limo a Sim Lilc a will nov by i.av-. To. Ism on to . If Ipp in v Irviv i i ri2f.". U-.-. I i a Sam inn in tip Faily i in Fri in ? j Lin View of Lio told they to non turn a Iak a Putin merchant who Loff k ii i Aliar on Lionil i ult ii had just Ivai nil i. Ii Stales slut to i Lisle army to ii Shiv. in i a a Ami 1 lion tical no on .i n icle tic vols of tilt City Closi a in a Rinir . Sha i Soi Ijah in in throne in exr Cal Fate. All to i if 11.-i 1 Bini Ltd exp not tic Datu Kyff i Here who had 11 a to a fort Nicas was rojiurte., hut Tiu Khan Kukor Sliaut Khan mid a a toil in Vivlian atm Rye were Tiu first chiefs join a the former pm been ii do vizier to the Shah. Our Irons were healthy and will mip Picl with ovo y necessary. All this is very satisfactory Ait the communication by Trio i of n i ass a Ivin big .Iscd for Surh a Jan Ali of time and Tler a j oars to o Vorva Littky Ilo Tiht of truth of Ali i per As a Ditter Iii of . Had open a i ii Lioi i Ilij Tii Aei. Cape of Good Hope. We have received papers from the Cape of Good Hope to the 17th of May the following is an abstract of their contents complaints of Caffer depredations still Alx Vituli Tut us or not i 1 0 doing i Muil in n1 w y of pm ret n in i Iii. I line Justin . Iii Jyh i .iin Ilig Iii. Iii a join to. Wilt ii Fon Cir Nenoto is . i i to a i i Vit i Itiat is to i Ivo Nimir i in Milors anic All Only fit s. Staif Riu us ii lit Community arc any i in rom i _ ?t11 Oil Ilov its Lviv y an nut Lirou luf unlit Lite Lio Tivi Lisl Imily unt a Lik a in of 11 to Solval .miii.itn.ii. I fur appritv.. I Lio Iron Tiuli i i a twin Oom Plait of .1 want of Rusti ii Ina or in the v Iii Neil. Zip i Lii tilt Fri f / in Vav i i to Thlik a a Usoris Odh i in ii. Nut a a lit. . Calior is in Jaisli a duty to Nahir i in tin for i i i of Liis pc suit. S i Jar As Aie informed w. Have Ria in to i Iii v Taf. To lick Conui in ii h i lir. N in a i him .1 to spirit a nil in Tik 1 Vittor of thu Katy nil Nonic Nilert of of i in i cull for list jury i tills mimics and Lioy \ iirjht.-1, to or round in Virost part 1r Theroi Simial inc a ions which Are Tai by Trio Nei i Ion i i r on on Trio jio.nvf. of to i i . New South Wales. Our intelligence from the sister Colony has since our last ? ? ? a Mali to nor Zimrin ii. Sivirn a scr Liy 4 ? twp of Rita. W i lir. Jurell us Tell " i i. I in of a r film i a?., i Lihu ltl-1 will licit a Jill Lut Jilin i, i Iii to. .11 Vir c ii. I. Or i.", t " ton .i/"?,._-i Liri a r or. Til ".iji. In 1 to in i .11 .1. A ? sir 11 Fly. I i Iii to tvs ..-s. Yilth a if ii wit i i a air Ojiri. I -1.1-h Nii lit l " i Start v j Oit i Iii Iii. I r Ait to l.?r Jim or 11 i in a. 1 in univ .11 1 ,.,. In . nov in a. U Ici. I i ii 8 i ii a i ii jul taif a i is or i. Until a Fumii Zartl i us use a Iii i ii i Rii Nar i ?.t r a sic to i inc

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