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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - October 19, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia the economists on South Australia. As it May amuse readers to know what the political doctors think of High we ? from the last received number of the record their account of our disease and of our c it ii . To of is Cleril tar and tendency. It i Lei s int to Liv Auto Dorily so to a i the it that is Are Jofa Ali in of jux i built i cult a tha i Ijeh j in s we1 o?jtf.? f ? co tilt of the Exi Raug int Jii vits arising from Ali Jiuu of lieu it is we sujijusl1, no Lii g to tie Pirp t it at Ali v Al to Hal sir Ceng com a cited in thu , ail pm i Uvo to Lioi Oil Tia Nigatu i be Tluck thu result in any Case w.m1.l hive the Sarns. Hut Tonj we hive Neitli r to nor a acc to Laa i at this doctor s Cro its. I in a ii would gravely us estra Vigant protits the Nuiji i Switij i of , and nov scarily Leveil to is not Disi i a but the " circulation of vigorous Licali ought Lilyh prices at Whf Eil an i watchers mint Are retailed in Adelaide. Some of the papers or run by rest ived from South of Tho Lii a i Tail pries Whit i Coli line to he minded for Tho first is Riis of life. Itis stated tint at the Price to win Ali tour is imported lilo Prit a of Hival Niht lie i Deutl Une halt without Ami Tho of oils Mineisi ivs is if us bonded in to Romiti Rait the evil atari a to to late finishes. A a. Eapp flu a that in with those matter our Desti motive. The Oliou Lluy a Sinku Lor it symptom ii of nil ase. The Het Woon Shulo ale find Prii is a Lickli prevails in South , instead of i a Uii i rum mid", is the natural and run. Eini col the Laluh rate of we Ipoh a Vuil in the Colony us of Tudin k to in Taid the Pone . Is at Oil a the Causo and Impi ration of rapidly in Rea Spiik wraith. A i Riiff. Livia Tuii it the is Eliuh the us profit in ,i will nuke ten a Plain. The High prior of Fine Wool in the Mike in and the Low Ceol s ii which tiie Fin Wuo a Licop . A ill Australia to ii Suu. To tie capitalist to a if s in Theop in that country a rate of v i. H has a in one rally t-.? to at so per int per i Inui. Jul souk of the might or fid stun lands of South Australia the is Luke ii,.d two , a year Ami the average iia Teaso to tie sheep Farmer has c eur cent per cent. Now if 100 or 8l?,or in Jit per cent can in in Allied Liv hot up Torii King it a ust be evident that no in tin Liavine the command of Zouev will i m Inge in tie tin , Mic Sitlie Tiela Cecii the Whoso Sulo i tin i Tail of the ratio in in Winch he dials it Snell us to Cive Liim the Saino mtg of profit a Heelior it a 8j rail per it. Which he he Tuoni in a disk . missiiiu.-, or the ii lip it explanation slut a Liu Klut Pettlo in Adelaide with ii capital at. Piid Liat he buying Ca tic mid act Ilni b it 04. Pc Pou Iid. He Cally All his , and , a ,-.v.irtini in Luctta ase 1 1 per . In his Cali dial. In in Paris of England Liis be ,-oii.idoivd As driving v try our Toto her Adelaide a quid think it was in a Vry hid Mil in in could Revi Senu Una . And Neh to prices Unich worm ii in the sting rite of renting a tuis be edit ? us yi.-. Tie iini.ri.? to is that while line to a. To i Staple of Australia the Itu tits of Jiru in ulate the other in Ido Ati Strelan like. It in Aki . To. Jump Artive Price of a Lur and Broad Tinl u cattle arid meat be a St 0 the Baker nil Hutt her a profit of Lod percent., it is beat ii Lilian cent can lie Reavil by the Tuk i Ter Lio tin pastures. It to lower the return of lir Theep langur Mil the retail pile will come Down. Let the Price if line Wool t til in the Dun ii kits or the a St of Linvin it he in Mandy the deep in a in South a be. Hiking scarce Ami Inch routed mid then in j Ither Case the Thich prevails in 4-Leiaide Beti Vcci wholesale and retail prices will Biu it Ted. Iliad at Hii Cheis to the Irreg try Ewi in x Thiv Vost ?1y he Musk 11,.,. 0.u at prices Civati a Toile their cot. Liy the e.,.i,1i i. the profits of the in r in the i print. 1., All t1. 1. Of i Lusty with the Colony the mine of value v it i. The huh ii o f a lioness tries of file 1,. ? Tif Stai Vij Joii As ins ,. Vij w Hiu Winic Mojir Chosid tint Hie a , but Milf a wealth that Allu is Gai died by the c Rev f4 it. Ruho fell Tutu a cations is lost by the succeeding a Tulois Sliu phase tin in mid that As the Early settler Imil lie Reg orig Das living not upon lie himself produces hut upon tie capital of the . Settlor the Puli Tiiu of Industry a 111 Iun i in to " value of land Ittel in Adelaide ill ii Evdil Fitim their . Hubcap. Art As us tin former. Tlii.1 by in to it town lands Tinl i like Fra Finiff it Voe. I i Ejli nil ill i in s. Lust adut ii Usu it i and pm Linn is put i ims from Adelaide that Tho twentieth of a a to in Kundl Street tin whole pile.1 of Wiit i was origin. Illy \ ls., i been Vail Tor til. Now it is train tint this Rise ii like of nun i to Toan Civ must have been l Liy the influx of capitalists . Town 1 u profits of Traile in Adel rite lie i now div it our Iitto ii Tion. We ivc seen that while Fine Wool maintains its Price in lie Tia incr. Und Whilo i to is Fin lit i Musit tin it ufus of Sims the Diu Viviav la twit ii .1 inti Init to Iio ii tin Irion it Union i could mond ii Mii Himi Imonti is i Ivory us Sci Mii to void him Ali Phil its Ulitt i lie m lit Olit Aiu Lii cumin v risk Mailer Trio at i r.iki1 pralits it Nizic i . In shut ii Aii? wore san r tent. Ami in i lit1 Avort a ii lits of ail Liidia Imit Liv 61 /. I a in. This limit prove Indio it in the Tunis i a of i Aji ital from Iju to a . As rapid he in in to on in in Wihs. Tiie a. Ini is no of i ii Tuuu to i he like a Teal my. Tie Piloto in ill ii c from the in Tail inti of and the Alii ii of pasture mid it i Syi la tit the pot Ioil Olio Airion shill la arrived land in Adi Lii de b. As valuable us in Sydney. It. I. Mimic Iraq. Car Ron Aoi a , Tolick tier Ilie c to incl with a View to provide for tie improvement of the cily of Vlola Anil the Mii rounding lands arc Jiuu Luhcs in the last Gazette j it i. tint a tie Coleii to. On of n -.iiriiiiti,\, " i him h ii. La a tie Hijii Tueipi i to mis s and a ii Uthit stir Inifi Kivini tie try m i in a Lei Ati he j tos in Multi met in to in govt i Imp i in Cimitri. As Ahkii is vow Reilly Brj . Alter tile eiilill1 Mic la ii Ion Liv tin Riun Wittco. La is int Prim it of , Wynn a Javoil of Ity Tuv ii r in , Skull in i Erst lit of tie i tour of or ?. Pm one Lull of to to tie Viilu Bitici ".1 Odili int ailed Aiila in in Ullis in Tchi int its Roncil it or Wor forty i omits tier Liki inti. It is Roo it i uns intending to Tivi savr to lion s a i tort shall a into a Tuii at tie Tiiu Tivol for if ural Rii ir.?i Xot the i oven c Jintil the Civ r in in Council. It it isl-4 tie ii t is Lerall a Anu lat in tiny or a Nir in her to an Juirl n i of l i said that i still outfit . a Trojie that us any collision lid w to Seiv a Milf in void a Mure my ii ill Attitio ? to to Rutily. This Manuis of Nurr Nanley in answer to i Una Brou it Ain s in ii no in err Vaie were to to Toniu in it Vil " flirt i Al miss no Lifs a Milf be induced to it w it in i is of tin Milt it. La i coir Tinonis or It Wool Pryst to the f to . Ilici Lioi Uku that Trio ii in printed mid a Ivo let. On to t ii i ils Dikiy m to wok in Wou Lii i Oil Liat t a v Louuse i. Ulve a i Ilicito Ron Niue a to Cui to Liis Petit Ami its . A if Viii a. Lord Stanley on lie Iio Tiki to it tiie i Jim Ivo a into a of my l by. Move Liy Way of Iliili ii Damient ii Iid Dre Lipri a to ii to Lut a to to to Ivy a a Conns attic of Ziril sup intend Ilie Al i of Liny minis voted Liy i , to lit c no in Nitoiu Buldic education. Llis lid loan Teri i in . Murielh of in in and i oni Ashley Sii Pipit tin the him. Al " in lit h ii was to wednesday and the i Jii a was Sho Iilva alter cuu Utcy out. Ti.2 Wiljo Urivi Deli. was Romi Inchon Ali. 20i i. Afer i if discussion the Jin iou wus put a it to to words it the like ii in lord Rii Mii Jonty j. Ait a tiie Iun a Hrisi a took Jil div Jis ii the course of Giro Weedin h in tile i a s Jirim tend a non s to n on i very fut ii Stii . By to Vitteli m trs with Iligir Mill oin Joii it Weic pm in reply Lime my lit acc try to licit it i? o he so Ito Sicin Day tie i Zubor Jno Coji no of w oliday or n we Pizi a thin in Vouri in Force Liis i Ito Bitici in t in u to Tor Llie jiirio., Sis in muted o ? Limo Feiwich. Ill no Ocie f i l pc Sim 1 on tue fiddy to wms into Lidit lie by it f. A. Be. I l Tim co a Tonitte. I Tor the or Wiit to t.?Liil-?i old Hrip Ace Het Weeti tie King of Larrit a near its comi a ii tic so yield a ii apr a fit it to dirty feet Tram Lov water ii a l of to ? Xii pm x Side Slbil. A of Corr time Tiina Ninoo Ltd John he j fur a of a to the lords . I on in of c Wirtz print. In in incr Rol a t ii ill ii c. Lio i Titi 1 Arnii in Aivone Atiim Macii in tic a t ?. For lir but Liyin an Lxvi by of i Tali Ito fur tin of of a re o to ilm rims t a h Simil a . 1 by at Ioctl Uit Enderl in to licit Uli jct. And to lie Petty Csaji is it -. On Vatu to last loin tradesmen who i been Silitti a. Civ Uri or try Itin of tic or prior metals from die u London for the or tidy to Fuji Steil m i Ordini to " Liju Simc Cirol did i is Sii of a Ltd div i 4, ounces of a incr Lovs Oil oui in of Ilver 4-oui. Uliey it ?--c1 oils Lul lorts a fold m u Midi Ortii 1 2 it Lull a it g pm tit Silver Fuin 4.015 oui i ?.-iat to the it indies unit Ifim oui pm to Sanii Autri Elul ? Lucr Imok Werc slip Ted for St. Ivlou a Nigto morning chronicle Fane Nancy the for orb paper lire my to Arron j in vol to what Little it Kelly by Mit Kalial iou to. Is.i Jirav i Tine int. Tbs in i in i t maus Lial us to loud Liui eee wit i the la of j Lui inf a Trinett. To Minu li. Endi la i in the Cluin Brut i ears in a t a of in which takes away the intr Marc. To rites slut Xiu Elilio has been it fish Kici. Viii i is Jusic Litty Nitim from a. Us Wil i in to. Us r4ered u t by in cur Captain k t visit h ins . A hut thirty in member. Alliey i lira a. Tic a tit him a ,.u-Ly vent one express to a Forim i. Mijoin to Kiel , it Lipini of tin fart a surly it limit to ii men. , ius or in Irttie f a shy ii liner Roiti Liv by a Reidout in Lori to to us. We Tuvic Mut i a co ii in in my ii t Otilit a. Take off Utt ass is. And exc Jii Ribilio tin follow ill is an Umrai i from the Nizile Lii in in , a fruit Vij i Uii ill to Lii re tin Uniti i it is not tiie in Lii ii of tin ova Tih a of i ii a uhf. Ii vim Loiis Iroku lie it. T. Of Llu Stutru Chi it h inns tic mid Trefs ii ii Tio ,.? Mitzi . Or Fitu ii ii a Tup tit. I Uiligi Liri i ii i Hutiu i. Lion Lis Livy it of i it St limit is tit ii in int. J-.ti---. I of a in of to if a Itury. Ii tin pin i Imu it ii i Omilini in .-t, i ?. I Iliili he i i 2i-Iiiv i Liy gloat Atrit .." Vandiemen s land. Last night we received ? and to Bart town papers to the 28th ult. We have not had time to examine them yet but in glancing Over the ? of the 27th we Liml Ai plot i Trail in to l in i wrap i insert Fil in Mir just to in in a i f a Riv if the Cunial t met am to Lirow gig to. Sub it a u Nicut of the Tatsui trnian " we him i. Ritli is limit a it Tat Nikont in lilo full. I fictive to to a is nation f in. Liar. It i Iio l to i a Chimil Lii Ali fit Viik is in 1 it in. Piracy undo Elf lir a lieu Lii Imilsi i a Yoi a in in shut tic of tin .i./.?./ 7 c girly Cavil i mid sri of a to tie Tiivi i Incisi . A Loritt Hollis we it Aist in Wrt limit is i in Liuvao to our of Phi Hiar s --t.itincut. Sir uni i Irma Lia no Luois ill i Oliv in nine Ali of Liia tulo Tiv thu ii Ucli it i lion ill i new South Wales the barque exporter arrived on wednesday from Sydney with a cargo of flour by her ? that there is still a great demand for flour in Sydney on account the ill Success t f several Yon set to India and Othor part Tor Luat . U Uliey were Atile to obtain. Row is now in Sydney bin u 1 in Al . A ii a Sio it 11 of ii i Risoui Xii to to i i Tiv Al i very ii i. I Lic Side of k l3 w to now , a in several Vos re Hal k it Ujj Tilney or Volncy Puju is Fli we ii ave Rocc Vicil to the 2ulli Uit. 7lit Giu Niri the ii vices in hic hive a Dic

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