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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - October 19, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Ai Vuk Isk i kits. a must be i in i tar Juv Vii u a. Inv if in unless Jirvis Inifi in a if of Fri Iunus Lutrar us Wartt new Iii Tow. We. Tit Iii nun Iii a ii ill Cai jacks in on i r1, j. U . I Iii Lerv mini / if. .Il Hiitt ? of Vik line ii i ii Chi 1 .Il tvs .Il .Il if i. This slip 1 a i Irir of. Aii a is in i void a lir i the apply cd Iruin on , " j. Iii. A Suret. Of , o i i i Mill a 1i a we birr ii " i too 2\i f \ is a i i a i Avaio. R 1.11 a Iii in. R.? id i if . Ait Jar ttv.,.5,,. Till i i 1 of c Tok a.i Psik1 .0 in Lutfi. A in 1, ?t.?-i, Ivy l Lor my in Iii . A Iilva i in-sski.j., agm a1.10 i a 7.# re Ino i in i /. i in Iii san. I Laie f let. L. In Vul l in i los if nut i i i .Iti l Iii town ..-i Trio is nov . Apply thu Carium 011 , _. B. Rijk aurnt. Lion .v. L Iiu--.. 4 . C i i off in in fit i.n.i.fdi.. Iii .. n in Ioil. In is. f--. 01 Nuin 1, up i x . Multi a. .l.Iiu-? x . . fun. V.--.1 i.. 1 Ali ii u/1.1 of 1 in Xiii ii Mii no l ?. Lis i k f -.Tir Ito .1 s .11.1 i is rn.i tit . A..? Chasi. Luk Ri1-.--w a Lee vouch Imp for l if Xiii. Jct of oi.-.l. S of Dills of Minn tin Fitl re ill n a i in i.-. d11l in ii 1 la scr Ivelli l ? put la Alicr Linen ill Ron i in Ili Whir i Iiron trip 9 Tali in.itit. 11d rot a f hip Ronkko. Xci fit if. faster. Of. Lyv i f Uin Sydney i n mat Liermo Ormi in a Ai Leuina. I a tit ii Dine Bills of lading in rpm ii tril in paid lip Ide for their Gaud Lewt delay my take lev. _ _ John . Off tit la constr Ink. _ cd re Lle lip frit. A than. i inv. T i. To \ 0 9 0 1j 0 1 0 in \ a of . Ii . w Imp slut Tun i i. & 0 0 2 0 1 0 3\h ? i. . my Oiler inn Ali tic o 4 o a of whip pc. A ii Otli, Cucit the him a. Pc j ? 0806 08 a is. Urr if win. I. To nor i of wine. .,.r i a in. R Iii oui run my Viz. &.-04 03 02 09 aln.i. A proviso is .Il.? i ii., a fir. Tiwi of Little i ii Al Ray Uii hip s. 00 0302 of a a ii Asp of wine. any Fimjl. 00404 04 \ i n ii no will Liin. Ftp i 03 02 0 2 09.Iii?i 5iu . R a his.\ alums Ellis in Izo. To 0 i 0 i 0 i 0 1 a of -.i. i Iii i a i Eliout die same of a. 04 03 0 9 03li.i clip of . Jimiy lion i limit Leif Shine 0 5 0 10 d 2 a do awol. ,.,. E. 4 0 14 14 14 All i i n in prop 11m011 Teit . Natl 0 4 0 u 0 1 0u a Loz . i we 0 4 0 1j 0 1 0 Lia my of .Il mri.,l him n of a of ?.r i ii tin. I Ieiri intr i . n in air. A Mhli tit i Lif Nizo. of Iii pc i 0 0 10 1 0 1 no so Witch Jakc if in .-1i in i i in in tip i. Of ? a f. fit .=.of Fri i hmm a trip ship a " i a. 4, z o f prior port win ? of i. H. A u-.in ? j in my ii,.r 1.,.m. Al i. Iii.Tir. Lirah of Lea j q 1rr a f up k. Of Nii 01 i a j Vic ii j Al Oft kick. a 1p " f of uni Elfi i i i inf in .Iiron of vow. ,., i a. A i ?., the of.i.iisito. 10wl ii1 Al f i . 1., in.. Mail a Pir. Civ. Virvo. Remt Thuv apr .-? ?.v? iri..f. 1., ,i., .Il .?. I. 1k . lie 1. Toff a ii., i Lens _ i .2. i Iii. No i tip of skilful four by in. I i . I. 10 Job. .Irtitm 11 a Rico Iurii of i i a ii Minn Lii Lili ii Viln .iffrntii.. J. B. Ii cd Serra tar in. L .Il i. Re -.iti of n 1 jul f..i.nri. Re in 1 1, inii.vjr.ol.,w ,. T a i i f r1""." a War i of Mot Fli if tick will in i i. Tip on y., m 1 la.111.1 a x Solomon. Air of. Ai Iittinl. . Oct. 7. Ic3? Ali. To yi1 j. A. Stork a visit " we. I Ripin. To too. Firo Itkoff. A. in Lik tar 0 Ntl. I 1, 1 a . Wati . 95. .Il. R -. 1 re ?.r.ii of ? To. Erh a p..1 0.l in my 1.11 1 . V1y . A. I. To till ? i Ron tinier a . a mfr . A 1im01m.. T. If. Flirt. J5 5 a a. w 1 in tier. 1111 " " " " in id. ,.-,. Of .i . To two Lii ii i Frt i " " la l Lri a and Jiuu lit in a iof. Pc item Tif the Imit if Carmenn Lia Voitk c. C hip i Tuin race my n i in Ureil Liy trs. L Rylik in Trp a. la Cul Anial Ilii taut i pretty Ive Tio v. Iti i up inn Thorn Ali mar fun ii re the Paikai Nir tinn min Vii and . All Ivl a 10111111 Tlok Tsoyin x . ??.wmi. ?.r w in. In him pc of wi4.ijrti in a r1ui1cum. Irom i 1.,m. i .i of Limp flirt Utan l c in. V.,r Lead Jait ii a 4 h.?# by civic with Iii a will i a Ilii. A k. Solomon brie .liue, cuirie.-. R Phi a Muiir a y re a 1 of fourteen of Ulai .Il re. Dis Narth Al a Ieta wred of Lett. T. 0,. The in i. A 1 o re. We in a my a Ruhr. A. Vii. .4no 4i tar 06108 1819 att44 the la artist wll la j u. Nah. . Ran ?.m.c, in turn Arn by of. T i. A i. 80. La air fat if Var Krijn . Mph l?.? of making arrange intents Tor tin a Roj i Iii Centenary i Restiv tin la lir ii ii tin i 2 tie primary object of the Iam re Lebra i of i Iid Lif Julic devotional Iii cult mid lie min tee lie i Quinte by Tiu meeting my rejoin intend. I Ili in his Brittni c Willi tie last f Lontin itt deemed i tit met up Ili. Liege be general Viii imy cout in minium l y us ii Liotti j a the d i Lic Cula Leil in Iii Iii i Elu ii a. Breexe did Slie Ifraci a g i like local Forron Mim tie of undid s? a Mutti in tin i Mike and Lii-Nlit do turf .Itttt into their re in Billy Lii tedi the Atli Ioe of Orv Zardini thu Kei a led this Quint. 9. That i Ward Stephen a a. Lie req a Tel hot a treats user Mij tar. Hic air Ivatury. A. Oct Luv 1,139 ? meeting of the Oit Teim y committee the Nih l?iu. thir Roit and the f were adopted 1. Ili the of notional Ami i Lillie meeting rtt Inlet Al with the Centenary i Ivy lie a fld ill the a Teyan clip opel. ?ak.ilie.on Friday Oivier ii. Iwo. ? in tie tul Louin o in will ii mid Tient Lemen Rex pet cd tid diff the Nice Tibig mid take ill the exe Rifea 2. 1hi the Kirenii w. Peai a Centenary ? in Iii on tie minday. Uit for tiie ton meeting Price .il. each ii. lie Lead of the item. Vav. kit ten. Reneir treet k.. The Ili. Iii. R i., Hank of South atm Ralia Nae Nutini Iii i Oxler Iuie on mid n Tvr . Olivei 14. Isaac Inonu is 6tiretiur. Adelaide october 8, is j. Manoj in tiie mount i Ahkuk tit. Re o of. Sold lying thei Pietor run More thereby lie i left no by the Pima lion tie Vloy. I Jiu Tim Itti Vii Ulitt is a if . R Maiuu ? ski Erial Survey tie North of.mnt .irkei, vat end for Lut two Jilin from near the Lien i of inti rim a Valley the hat leading.? c oel Chi where i us immediate Ioset i Iii Van lieu. Aim ii dance of loud Ireen tone i humid tit re lie lid and ii if ii Toile of a Superior Quality a Jit Vietn overed in the Seolin of tiie favorit ?pi4 Mir Vejr of the-dc?i?." ten Al Merit a a App y Smillie tie Venilie. Non Ishino Eft of Lefor finking w Ell in the an a town. Juretie tit mix the . I tried. The a atm Ndoc Rinc Tut what. U per thru will ten Ruke Taink the my i i Irish i All if peer. ?. Sir . T?Tenlit. ic4 ii 1811

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