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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - October 12, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertisements. All must in Piv Vitus. Uit Trutian unfit Junr Tim Hij such if ". J to is muiwrrmahiai/11 / six o a Ufa of l la. inning. J l a nos to not / re ?.ivn 1.-/-. my . a. Ski Panr rat Fps i a a of Ejk i a Ihori Yin us in egg is a l i. Is Rev i. A to a "--. I. I try to Liaw ii in of ice s i. must pro ii to town to i in . App nation to lie Ridi to c tit a i . Of Iceni ii i tin Tinli Cuini in i con Ocial Ojito to Hack. Watson. & co. I fur Ito Many. In pm fat Coom of 1,/-= Rill line ship recovery Vosi a " Comman birr. A go Juliis ship a a 1 ire poop Ami is ii Aptil Captain Jui Ivok on Iione. A to j. . k Calcutta 7 " n a Fry Days to a. Re i f . a i a Kif we a a . . .t.-. . L Coli Piort ? ii . v to c a jacks non Limion to j. . . I tit 1 Avnor Tov 7", i suit m n few Tler Pilk ship. Phil ii Ewest w. I .va.ns, 4. Ojo s off a is i s la 1 ii has a . Ami Jav i i Voi?.iilat-Oii fors in i. To i Sid a Jimiy to ill j. . A i pm Virv to suit m a. T. A 1 Riihl t the in ii v off f a a s y 1 v to to to Anil i " i " " la i in tin us the fastest no Van a of lir Ilax. 1. -i.%i. Us of. Hid i Lif i list we ,.r Arifi i m i of Pii Enjo a i . By Viii ii .i.vriptioi, Evi by Roiti Fotij .vil1 lie a o the i the . F. She will lie ? to wtn.- and to e i a lie to Xvi Libi till with min Mon parties for he us i he Bip ick for in o.crr j in i a j Jon l ? Bari. T i la. Alice in oks. ? i f los Register Thaviu Coit. Com Ivry i,.,.?. �2?��ss? in. 1.-. passage apply 1. Tin Oil l , i to j self. Api isl Fig la Sinh. Strict. Ept militj7. . 1 _.-. I lot Fitzig inj.-= rpm. One i.ai.ni.-, " Nii ook silk ills ".-uiv.ui. Lla Viii of Irr. Coi Yak Efcy no to will of Onia Kimii . To c Vii s. In a Jue bail ii Alice Brash will Ron 2g? Meme Disch in on monday the Lili instant. Holders of Hills of lading Are requested to Sei uhor their so a . Mis agent adult to \ sept package . Ail i ? .li.il, half Pirjo i wine. i mainly i other but a All the same \ ten pipe of wine. I Wiy other by \ ii us Mii Aii cd Viiu. , iir-1 Viz. Cd v . by incl Pineli so Fiir. Ii inv no bottled ii Lvi go Curri us siz.-, a. A. I thu i Case of Wiric. &., similar Les v three re Rase in wine Fig. Box i j ?. Olm ii l out to same s i half dust of ditto any Box by tit the am by file a n v dozen Spades Liny similar Pickaro b v Bale of Wool any Liali about the mime size go \ Tun a of of Oil. Nov any Otilit re Pitt cask a Alid tic Kii if fizz. Ivr ? m .11 Vuk us i Ironmongery to pay proportion to h Lui Vii lit. ill wac of i dozen Lipinis Cliet a can Oil car of Oil tar m Poi Tim. J. Lic rings Jitter any Jurs i runs ii Bimini the same Vii Clit size Kep 9 of Jiuu 9 . So Rufy i Aii Orrt cock Tan in put a for Mont in wry valuable dist for specials h to two.omeij . ? ? 1 Mizilli butt Tetli Simu kit in Halifax-.x to no. 471.v for a i. A that town in in North j Lai. Stirt s. Hrysi b Toi k Yar re of l . No. /. In j3 ii dict Iriri no to Sira if Iasi litre for to genteel fun Milf. H 3 two a a s in , adjoining the pro-2 3 any of \ Gillos so. V Kolii Ninny country portion. No. 411, on the 1.3 i " rens 3 Miles West from ans in North Nel Isth Adelaide a Mai Ipiniu ii on no. S7 i ton Terrore we re k id is init2 he arvo in tin i met k to i ? apply to Robt. Cock 27i i ?.- i. " a Iru c. K Ttianjiiiuorj a. Bay. Bran. G o irate. Eor ii Atul . � p of. Ii car to. A go Iron store. Pirie to Trout. ? Foj Koi 3 a .4ii". d Meir my Porter i. Cuit. Lavs. Hay la the ruts me Froix s. I w c. i-., Wool. A will Matte o j pcs Oay 1 Wool season. M John Russoli. B . October 1. In w. Is to woot. Growers. W Peacock a stapler 93, cd fell i m Street is prepared to Piir phase Wool in by Niichi Tity on the ii o?.t Liberal term where tic prefer lie will sort. Pak. And for Vanl to his broker on their account. Cot Norv . But Sanije. Forty we of sect so. 27,1 Betti in the third fourth creeks in District a about two and a half Miles from town u to particulars Aji ply Tom i. Dehorse T Kin Refl Itrect. In . I Ticuson s Iron Star Grote a tract i Oriel Aye hubs into. A housing. Rent per to i ?. D. A. D. I. T. D 0 2 0 j 0 i 0 1j 0602 0 1 0 3 0402 0 1 0 2 06 040 4 0 4 10 0 4 0 4 0 4 2 0 0 8 0 0 8 04 0202 02 of 0 3 02 v & 0 0 4 0 4 04 Aoa o 2 o a 0101 0 i 0 1 i 04oa o 2 o a 0 2 0 10 1 0 2 0101 0 1 0 1 0404 04 4 0 1 4j 1 4 j 1 4 0 4 oho 1 0 a 0 5 0 i 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 ii 0 1 i to he Joi. T a of Iannat a Parr cod of c try a treat a v 2 a of Fiona try Liyo feet Dorp. To orc is a Hini a on the Inix Ali ily Iron Xcvi tort into two tenements. Vii re Vul l lot Road Fly " ii Witia Iiifip of. A i of i Mil in Fra win strict Adelaide. A a 247. Iio. to taif Tif til i up if .m i. Ii no of Trio principal Lher Mit Lif sire Sof Trio town. A "1 1l a ninth Flirl hiting. Lair is divided o Lon Iviry ii in Tianti a from r7 feet amt Nisi turn3 t in in in in Tri to Rui l in Ito Lurt $ 3. ? fill. On lot 1, 87 fort Al i foot. I hero i nit no tone Lio Iso fit for Trio Ramiu li"1 of n cd iliac filth ily. M i in Arras in Nova Lorvil \ in lot of Sartor Garry cirit. S to Sharp in trip in to in Ninny. So to do lot for ii term of a. N to f turn Tim skin Kinc Williim Trp Tio in Tho l of Orliff. Mecot Liy 7 l fort Ono m to 1f. I b Mirros i . To stiff in 03 of Trio mar Ninios on Paliv. Tint in Tir Ortii ail Imo. of i Qiiiirt of a Villi. Half o i Fuchik Money to fir paid in rash for tie Roini Timidi s. in lip Civron. If an Ace in no Itji Adelaide no. 650, of pal ii in lots. nor a refs in o c Viljac of and of Surry of lips Porty. H Oil in for of an Nore of to a . With 1 fail. Ronnick Linin a on . Situate in . Two p0 to Serif ii in one Block in a Iirth duo District. Aoji y Ron int . agent Hindley Street Liwe plan s May he Scon. To no. on , flow n Acif n i. Pi7, Iniste in Arr apr3 i a rpt Ortli flow ?i1o. One from of i . To i for Julf Fujio narc is y Foint l in and i ird into la. Of Vitic Nio inn ii a i ?i3l he i. A poised of Sincov Tsetsi a. For j i o mid suit birr i Arti ii is bpm by to .1. F. T , no. 0. . Of to Stock own kids and Tiik a. ? Fink Young Knirk cart of Orr. A / % lately in Iori in run mid and lir cd by Asco Toiuo flew Wei Illiam. Ill a j Rev to Mili Rinir . Oil Wal ?. Gut the pork Viil of j. W. 8ui.1. Stock agent Spain. Five Guiu Ous. H a a i prior Sikri of Bont . I of a Roo omit Tilo l to Linti to Are desirous if in Provini their lips to ". Apply to . F. M to Nikii Wynd Tiam farm Onkaya Riippa Ismail and no. I Sli Eop station. I Tirc. To Vii Puii i. Foh , Section no. 479 on Thiol no of the Tor _. Fon with a still to Titi l Wim Macii Homo ?1 four to. Data Rigod kit lion. Sto Iliou. A. Upsides a five Stii Lod Mauff. Trio property Coin prisms 134 acres of Rich alluvial soil. Two in a is Rte Nis. No. 315. And 529, District " a Mtrtle Vole. Apply to Kobe track Rosinia Oft. October 3,1839. A Sale to by l. by tic week of m a i. A Large tent. For particulars i 2i the office. The tent is on a. . N Sef the thoroughbred Arab " Abdall imported i Calcutta in the australian association Thip Zimic a of me will stand Covi i this season the stables of James Chambers. Weymouth Street. Terms live guineas and fire shillings the Groom. Extract trom . I can assert Rioin the experience 1 have had our the time of my stay in Calcutta and else where that i consider him to be one of the High caste no def horse i Ever landed licit possessed of great Busic and muscular Power Corn lined with Pood temper which is most essential for v Good Stock getter. Signed j. S. Morton veterinary surgeon and follow of the London veterinary medical society. and kick. A Mif committee appointed for the purpose of 1 up of to we requisites the lowest possible Price give notice that they my be obtained Rhet warehouse of Mack Watson und co., Ilii idly Strutt on the following terms Rire of per 1121 . Flour by tin1 single bag cos. 1001b. I Cash Only. secretory. Botanic Cujak pins. R full fences of the i otanic Garden having l hem recently much injured Liy Ivr sons tres was the colonial Lio Tanist hereby give Lotice that there is no thoroughfare through tin gardens and that nil on found diet Royina. The Fri Rcck premises will in prosecuted. John ii Ailey colonial Liu Tanist. Botanic , North Adelaide october 4. In. Rur Sii i . The i a hic aril newly arrived emigrants Art informed that vegetables in expat variety cat had h a Asa Nawe rate the by tunic oar Den Noi Tii Adi i ii and will be delivered in town a licit Orick i in the Jill Ruijiao. October a i my. J. I Apia a 117"atch, % soul Niin in i instr mini maker Bej respectfully to inform the pith lie that he in oved to Rritt. The do irs act from of. La a ?. Where be will earn in Thea Liucc ii v in in its liiaiulu"-,iii4h Eliy attention my Jun tin Lii to us Rit a share of their support. Oinui non Ern a . Sextant v a ii i is Jav 1, a ill med j re paired. Windley of that by. 1. Avci set. C Aoi dict Malcor mid to Holster . Lev 5 re Pec fully to inform thu of As that lie i is coins ii cd in the above l Ilie doors wet from is. Hacks Liimllitiiil, Weic will try a the Trade in All its a i a Irti cuts i d Hopes a i Tii in to oidor.-, to Merit a to arc of their support. Sprint Aud u her in truss be nude to order. N. Li. 1. F invites parti Tillar attention to the very me i a Stork of dining tables Solas. I Luiis Titus pure und other Ali lit has on band. Ilii idly invt a i a Chi. Ritsuo to turn. Osmond , ksq., the hot Ion no21, Tho used Beds us joining the i Iiri is if Messis. Tusher Birdseye and a Lite Jook by prey notice inuit nil persons be is tier Stock Cut Ting i Rar son the Alvo Section without Bis written permission will be used of trespass finddam.ttr-. Kast Terrace to oct., i. I meccas ? Dun timor stallion Poney Tigtig rail j l hog inane Liran ded 2 on the near Side was found trespassing on the lands Al Cevillo on Mui toy last j i is instant. Also ii Uay Mare oho 14 hands niches High Mack Points Long til. Small mar in the forehead and addle mks l i d m ii die Eft shoulder 1 on the Nojir shot Lorr and ii i ? the near s of of the Molj. Notick is hereby Fiven. That the Aine have lie Ell u trained tin owners will liar them delivered to the to n payment of the dam Ages and a pc him a i default of which they will lie sold Liy auction Vitlin fourteen Days from the late Hereof to defray the same. Xvi in runs us Saki. Tost a Bay Ope narc Fligl itly Prinki d i a the .iv i this. A s Lisck Lees Croff Lon foot is vim to e Oiler three a v Short Witch Tail a in i in rat d la Oliph one of her oars a x in list on Der forehead and Sta Between 14 i d 15 Jim Hight. , a still Diane ii tie Dvorkin Bullock of dark Brown court ? Tail no a brei branded i on then in to Hijji and is known by of Timat of stumpy. Who ? a Ijiri tie a Mac mentioned slim if to Adelaide " in information to . J. Brown sir. Soa Dimitor. North Terrace Grill receive a of �3 Lor the Ware and �2 the Bullock. Body Huml

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