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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - October 5, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia advertise mints. If All up nil it Ojito kill in in that Lam is every i acct a Jias Longcr an ply to Captain on , or to j. , Ilind Liy Street. Rou c.\.o?tra, to sail in a farm x r to j. Walkky Hii Idley steel. Rou Svi m v. To sail Iii i lit a in do is. ,1-, Rill a splendid a i cupper d a of a f proved in i i one of tin i a u t so ils out of my in. Having shia Eills Pimp and teat height i Twe n Leek .cl-aieo.iilii? for Pas in or is of a Jerii Leily Superior Tiu ii very Loi Forl will he provided Lor the us re to Cany Stock and Ilu he to Lili Viall with any Weimou or parties Lor in. Use of the ship h n a fur Mil ii a Purpuse. J or l or in ice it la ? Jamk-5 & acre no. I a kindle Street. Adelaide oct her it. Ihui. I of i Ovit fill 1.1.1t, to sail in a Law a 1 Hooks at 2 43hx tons Register Daviu com is Sosa Fri n t or passage apply to he t n Hoard or to John Kissell. Agent. Rundle fun Al. September "27, Iki i. Foit i Witik Jiff to n Sibul " coill\m3? Viand or will commence of Victoria ditto hit ditto port vim tit ditt., town in various situations in North and Smith Adelaide a maim inn s Llou a. Uti no. 7m-nts, a am its . J Imri s. A Beautiful cottage with Ai eighth of in acre fenced in South Terrace. A us l us cottage Muscet. A wooden cottage and eighth of an acre in Currie Street. A Ijo Uwe hone Iii a quitter of in acre in tin Best it of Kundic is sect. i Lull Lioums s am land. Cottage mild Quarter /. Ill i luts of i Niimd in slut Street lease 3 a us Luigi id rent l c Riu i hold rows land. I gilding lots of All sizes in lion Idle str Cri Angas Sheet " Carrill Toni Hrict " Wright Tret Keri Iode tract " hurtle Square " i to curare " Stanley Street " Melm Siruc St tet 1 acre blocks near lir now i Uit 2 lit ulc neg 4 " lit Hii Liton i at s town to " near tin mint to " near Marion Village. I out Lincoln. The f7.j. Well situated liar .v.is, is ii a Sirsi Date i ii rat . The attn twin Iii Niles nut yet imm is d of Iii at Liis Ilie is particularly Ralleis to tense its Kirin the residue of shares not at the air . And the list i Nkru to he Olla ii on any tiling like terms. Ism Nuton . A few More m Ivel mods. Feet Liy \ 2l\ feet Are Mill to lie Ilis ius ii of in Lii Dei Ralile Village with Riu it to the Jiu Lilie Wells Park of to acres tar drying s. Joe. Any one i i Iii to lie come a freeholder on the terms Inu t apply arly. Kick Rev Aciu sect Fox. Lie sold an big Lity acre Section Xii Atoil a s Reata of excellent water running through it All the your Nunulu a Garden in t Lii i stale of cultivation Anil two Otias is ii Sistini a two Ritums each. Tic toil is excellent Trio View Beautiful with a Goud Back run distance three Miles from town. Terms of payment one Hinl at three to Gitlis Anil Piip lit ims. Vici toot frontage 4s feet Deir Tii Llic ution to j. Impi Maudson. Kin Williim Stirret. To Lix works the Atlas. Apply to j. Kic Maudson auctioneer King Willuam of Rcpt. it co. Have received sex /. / / Lima Lar mud Liron Zutl Ura Ekit lamps Liverpool Lupus the and a in int a ditto Halling ditto with handles also till kinds of spices cation biscuit lard Soila Rice lit Thiec in acc Ier Pui ind All kinds it Talde Iii is and works Liand Law. Ulie of Tollit it. Terms May be Learned on application at the is Viool Robin. J. C ii a l m an watch clock and nautical instrument Miiko Hirts respectfully to inform the Pilj. In. Trial lie Lias removed to Hindley erect two its wot from or. Hacks where he will carry Llu Almic business in All its branches and Hopes by Itin Tiu .111 1 punctuality to Merit a share of lir support. Compares made to order and Roma Iii cd. I extents quadrants &., mud re it la. Iii Ulk a treet july 22. M 1. Fawcett. Cabinet maker mid to i lays respectfully to inform tin in Nib titties of air Lidil Liat lie Iris Connon cd in Llic love Iii Iii the act Lur West from or. Ilik Tkv. Ili Widli a a tact Ali arc in will Cany on tin Trade in All its Ili actin Lils and Lipor s Liy Iii i in Iliili ii Tion to Una cry to Merit a blare o l tin Irmi i Init. A i in and Oulu r Tiit Rossics made to order. N. . 1. I invites Haiti Orilar attention to to very ii for our Stock f Din Iii Tawes Solas Ali airs t Wiir Jmst and Othor bedsteads a Biel holi i hand. Ili Ixl i a Tript August cil. To Woor. Into Vins. Vrr i Koock w.,, it give nil. 1 ? tract. Is prepared of Durrlia e Wool ii any Iii tiie parties prefer ii he will sort pack and for did it to Lii Linoki Liei Ramjit. Sawr. I it Tow x. I by j Viii a Risom Winlin to a. For milking n Well in the Ahuvy Toton Irv re ii Etc i to Send the particulars to the. Under m d. 1 the duties to Videki Iier must state at what Nite i lout Liev will undertake to sink the Well and Lini Sli it in All respects. S. Smai to solid nor Ste Plienis Filacc september 12, iri9. I it Victoria. Try ll1 7, has been commissioned to 1 of several most valuable allot ments in the towns of Victoria and Spencer including some of the very Lut water Iron Imecs. Nat Iii. I Silks. Norilia Terrace opposite government House. Is Ixia. Sik Vav. Roh Kitt cock can it re ent to commend very valuable District for a special Survey. To let a two idiot Ned cottage with a 4. Mulled Melile is at d in Halifax Street. No. 471. I Ulf that t.? Section in North Adelaide. . 7m, adjoin of .1. I. Mtg Macks slow k Viii ii Sid and having at present ii i x clip of wheat will be disposed of in lots to suit Murli acis. Payment in orders or Cash. Al her properties. Plans to be i ii mid Furt Lier obtained lit the office at Koi Skitt cock. Kosina-6tr t to a m t of , flown Aci Jii no. M7, in Arther -1 bit vat North Adelaide one acre from Wal Iii Toni a Tiara. Tin front half Fie it Cie is substantially cured in and divided into allot merits of to Arious dimensions will he Dis pit cd of Sicily or Toce Trici. Fur Omeo Al Lurt Lier particulars apply to j. F. Clay no. 0, Norilia Litroe. To Stock of Nevis and c to inks. A Fine Poinc in Tiki cart House lately imported Iron a Norland and bred by colonel goo pc Wyn Liam will stand at Rover Dillin ? the season on wednesdays u int . Is i i p his d lit those who re desirous if in proving their Breed a cattle. Apply to or. F. Mnciitll., a Widham farm. Ouka Aritiera Road and to. I sleep station. Ivice. Two pounds. I out from it 1.1.0ck matted on to off Side cd and j hand on the near Side Al k. will restore it to How or Hamilton a la Varvil shall Octive our found to Ward. Advil aids infirmary. List of so Sci i tons towards n fund fur lie erection no a permanent infirmary or l Ulli Hospital in Adelaide to be built on the site reserved for Liat purpose by Culom-1 Lilit on the n. I. Part of tie Park land. Liis important institution is intended to he conducted by i Board of governors composed of members of Council in virtue of their Olive and a number of colonists Eliosin by the subscribers. All must fed the necessity and importance of Liis undertaking and it is fully anticipated that the colonists will by the liberality of their subscriptions and donations give to tie City of Adelaide a building Wlinich May be it once convenient ail permanently useful and thus secure. To themselves a right to a voice in it government. Nantes of parties willing to subscribe will but received at both the Hanks and at j. 11 Hacks Secretary to the i Lur association. �. S. D. D. A Linen for the South it australian company. V v " 10 Oft Henry Watson 10 0 o John Mot Phitt 10 0 o j. Lin Ray Roll 10 0 o Charles Heck 10 0 o g. V. Alibis 10 0 o Czurles i Laxman 10 0 i Waitl Rowlands 10 0 0 v. & k. Solomon 10 0 0 a. 11. Davis s co 10 0 u cock and Ferguson 10 0 0 Augustus Cook 10 i 0 Russell and Yeeman 10 0 0 John Walker 10 0 0 if. 10 0 Stephen Hack 10 0 o k. I. Gleeson a 0 0 j. Ii. Owson r a to o John knelt0 o Banc Noii Mimisi it o c. H. . R 0 o Henry Watts i o A. Shepherd 0 o in. Castren it Hyime 5 0 o Jno. Lir own 5 0 0 William Giles / 0 o Tobert gliomas nil 5 0 Ani Isiria. I my commit ten appointed for the purpose of supplying these requisites it tie lowest possible Riv give notice that they May be obtained at tie warehouse of Hack Wai son and co., Ilind Lcy strict on the following term Uiese 2ss. Per Lilb. Hour by tie single Bug Ops. Loo i. For Cali Only. J. 11. Hack Secretary. Lands in the mount Hauki it in strict. 110 he sold As Lyyii discontinuous to the s runs 600 acres or Lii a can to be selected by the purchaser from the Hay Valley. Tiiu line Iklin Viii Flat is part of or. Millic to special surly to tie North of mount Harker and extends for limit two Miles from neat the head of Mydock x Valley to the Flat leading to cd Hills a limit it joins or. Dutton s Survey Auto is Iii Mac a Liy that sir of to tin Westward and Liy or. Millic s Otiis r Roji cry to the Oast Vanl. It is excellently adapted Etolier fur agricultural or poses or for the pasturage of cattle or sheep and immediate Possession can be Given. Ashuti Danco of Good Freestone Lor a building Tun lie bad and Limestone of a Superior Quality has just been discovered in the immediate neighbourhood. Also two a acc sections of tie favorite Soppia Survey of the Meadows the allotment of which is expected to lie completed in v few week i. Apply to or. Millic tit the Tallios near mount a ski re to will Shew top Houna Aries or the Hay Valley their

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