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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - November 23, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a d Vyrtis Kmen to. Lunil hip i Foi previews to Otist ititus unless Jinn Ali to in such of our Lii Riol us Huck Opal in Milij truuts if the of her. Annl Are i Iii Silil in Nnolim attn unless i six o clock on to Tux is is vessel hav up just arrived from now i Ahi Iid til. Captain will be Happy to drive every to parties wishing to visit that sctt vice it. For passage apply to the commander a Hoard or t John Walkky. Ajic it Lindley Street. 1-01 l Oki no \ a kit to sail in f i w in so he a i Ikue exporter. I3x? 1 Iii tons Kichita a anwvi., "5y up is a apr. This vessel is ready for Tel Ter sea and will positively sail for the Fejgl a Niove place immediately. For freight or passage having Good Zacconi , i imply to the mister on Hoard or to Captain Walkier Windley Streit. Adelaide lick in lax. Lady Emma. I i a this line Well known Burin ii will a is daily expected with Stock w " a ctr cd lately to hit is lieu Neston. Shippers of wools a find this a ready Way of tending to i Illand As several shins will he about to sail a i tie Anvil of Tho i Emma. Jno. Walk kit. Agent . Kaland Tim Kij for Ile 1 Liei Eiliv tit lie Tutu fast cons Isiu of Tine in Lii a in the log a id in planks from j to a inches. Hihl of. Apply tit John , Windley Street. t am my. Spilk appointed for the purpose of Al . it the lowest to Ibe j.vi-., it iv.-i-. A i they u vol to i i Iii i e i of i so n i 1 i.1- -.".---.-.-,-. 1.11., i terms a ii sit. I i. I.-. I a . .1. Cd. Tec Eiry. Riti Suvi a. i v. I land n win Airi cd Insi Iii n ii m. Ii in variety can Lio ii i m As ?rate to the Tler Denis Noritis will he in ?.wn Vic i in the i Orriiv. In the of Iii in Vikt my at. Will Iii Bens to i ilium Iii friends tie pm Ilio lit Luis t a ii tie is ii ii Vii Lituin item Lii Udley Street and ii end ear Yini on Tho i is incs of a . La i in entered into iir.?m? Wil i two of Ike 1.-i-i Stoi who Wilc is from Sydney i a i in ice ,.m-lt to Ujiiiye the people of Riith v. A i ii a and Mutt ii at to re Lucid Pri of Eidilia Pence pay say Vinor Miami veal atom shilling. A. D. Luvi sue.1, idea in so import. A re Dusti. I tin1 priv of in diet s . It tenting Hui Ali with Small i Rosiu a a Jim in Sale trusts that by of to it i i to in in a and Cue in Hipply in to i. I \ i is for , he tin a l-iib., i Nilley Slot \ -. I. Woo. Risk l Tii Dersi i cd will make Advance Oil Al. Wool this Kenton. John Russell. Adelaide october i 18.39. Voll Salk. Afew Sec Titus in Kensington ,, Siv Litty enclosed with a four railed fenced. The above Beautiful Village is situated about one mile Troia Toast tar Ruck and Lias a Good apply of Wood Brick Earth and a be Tim of water running through it. . An acre in North Adelaide and half an acre in Lilii dinars town which has a Well of Good water in the Centie of it it is a first rate Brick Field. , for Sale Liay by the truss of ton. Two timor ponies. Horses and carts for hire. Apply to w. Williams next to messes Hack and co. Adelaide october 5. To publicans and others j. Rick Kostakes Tai Opportunity of informing the Public that he Lias just received direct from Liverpool impede tin pics will Smilic t my Pat of Jajio und sup port which Iii catering Lor Timeir amusement it will in Liis study to . The theatre will tier of j Linton and v Coqui Uditis i it. And will open on w i i Sandav i i in Nii i Iii ii-7, in a on will be presented k., s celebrated a of the stranger. Lii stint or or Cameron him Winters ii or Gunnar Huron or t tilt or Solomon or hair Licad i mro Pir or i Kustler tie is user s son master. Cameron mrs Mailer mrs i Arill connies. A Bruce Charlotte mrs Colin bus during the piece mrs Coo vibes will sing the plaintive a re have a silent Mikitow Here. Previous to the rising of the Chi rain the National Anthem will lie Sung Liy the whole strength of the company accompanied by the full orchestral band. Soil r from c in Mann ring safely follow him Liy or Gates. After which the third act of Slick Spears s Oil a l. 1.0. It Licilio i i Jouhar Lago or Cameron desc Iviona a is i Iii Ull Cimi Iliili mrs co Cibes and other entertainment which will in expressed in the Hills of the Day. I o conclude with the Fawn mitc piece of is us . For characters. . C i i Dilill. Admi i i. To ii be tiie will he Iii. Past and Pel commence at 7 of Els. 1 its and Linves lie Ahlai i d of or Cameron fit the theatre or gallon Royal Admiral hotel or i Oid Hain Forchi Iii s Lyutel or Allen Southern Cross and at or oilman s hotel. S. Ca Minkon. . Vivat . T Chapman chronometer Witeli and clock maker respectfully informs the in. Habitats of Adelaide and its Vicinity i it he now or Sale a i t of verge and Ever Witt Elii a in sold and Silver casts which he pm r on any Modi ate terms. A f. Superior told in Patin horizon Itil . Jewelled in four holes a number v Dikiy pm s of lies Boruni kinship in Tiuliu tiny a Iii two ship fior eight Lay sprint lion coct Eloi i in and in Aioli eases a do him in it i Mac. Mirve Uii Iii Lii inn its Ami a Liviu a i Iii Iii y of incr Cuiry. N in a. Liar Tinati has a ii a 1 or a to Flok at .?1 i i. With i in v. Will-?.lilted to a in . Calling the then i to of the Jin Blie in i muck lakes Liis Opportunity of i .-Riii i in to to those who Haw i i Cher in by Sii pulled him Toi Ali hint Lili Tihe Iii i a in tic . in us fort incr to in ii Iii Llie in lint having the a univ if sex pc Venceil . A will in Sibli to execute orders a who May Honor it with Iii in ?, of no will l e to Render it worthy o their support. An Ordinary daily at four o clock. Franklin Miett inc Oberli Itow. Boak1?no Morse Ste Lions Plano by j. gentle Ines can lit Tii Coin to dated with Hoard mid lodging on moderate terms either by the Day or week. Not a fast at 9 dinner sit 4. Gentlemen from tin country will find v Good table it those hours. Well aired Luis. Norvein lips. I8 w. lemonade and a Ingke build Sukku can now lie obtained in tic i ugliest state of perfection from the Fountain at tie Manu factory of it Fisher Gilles Arcade where May be had Beer lemonade Ami Seidletz powders tartaric acid Carbonate of soda and Cream of tartar. Ginger Beer makers supplied. , Morison s pills an infallible remedy for every disease. To merchants stockholders and , by a respectable Young Man a situation As superintendent or overseer Over any sheep or cattle where any agricultural operations arc carried Forward or. Being Tho roughly acquainted with Book keeping would be glad to take the management of a store. Most unexceptionable references ran be Given if required in the Colony. For particulars apply at the office of this paper. I on Sale at the Iron stores of in Gar at l iric St Cut port Wink in pipes and Hogsheads Cape ditto Ilion in in Tju Alicr casks coins Timotia Lini Ibisi s bottled . And Porter London Porter in Hogsheads Black and freon Tea in cheats and Ltaif chests hops Wool sacks Cheddar cheeses sperm candles Niu wild ditto dip ditto pickles i Iii quid. Pepper Ginger Blue Sod ii Sand Oil Olgeir a titty. Marc cutaway seeds isinglass lir ass taps All size.-, nails Iliad counter weighing machines celtic weights baking pots spirit measures Eig whips limiting whips Riding whips Sec. K \ Sec. Oel Obi r 1r39. I olt the stores of tie ukr signal 171-01u per hag. Line Quality. " sit is. T lie Woolli put Mcnol l lit mad. On delivery. C. Pitisi in i . Foh Sam Jill the Tinl , Bra bottle ale and Porter. Draught ditto Carls. Olavs to. Lay Liy thu truss or ton Saddle and draught horses. C. Kisik i Nii Iklin Sicot. Eco veiny. Kat Hamisf. Stew Aht foutes Himi a ies. Be. Ori Al lok St. It iiilih.and in in coitus ale in Hhd Murlott. In Atli a sup Iii r Shwiry. In us. Port Minns superfine bread cloths. Ass Tom i t. Huclv4 ii mole Kins 4 is Kiili i Small Quantity of Vity superiors Erini Oil. Cart Alai Ness. Told tour with a very or i r Oil. . &.-. Hilins in i v i t ". Sri Al Ink Biak Dpi Sec obits 1 do. Coloured l do. I Youk do. Dres Cas ii Ere Tro sirs gain noon in to great variety of l a icy vests f a. a i soiii1 Liei ii 1, a i nit co Iii Etlia thu a air i ii Tii if. And the looks of air Laid awaking with their ii Lin Jim their Liamin. Al tit their ii kill Iturry grand i hey d make you All la i i pc to Iii in Iii like it in the Lind kit i will you a deceive. Tie truth can now told when a Natl co fit in i Ricu Rorn. J. La/aim7. Victoria store nov Mitor 9, is a. 7o in Molicy. Ali Oak i has. Al taif same May live i Liy paying the. Exam Cir of this and giving such diff or ovum us Sturc. I Lindley Street shall receive tie above Reward. Of key Cdr to or Talut v a Ludle cow and Call. Cow marked with an o with a stroke Diroughi the Centre on the near Side and o tie l of lot r ponies a try Lack i Oney Ratlift Small with an o v it to Rock Ali Tough tin Centre on tie Isuji. \ i re Bright Bay ditto i b d i Lillon ? re dark Chisnut ditto \ All of which had halters on when lost. 1 above Reward will in paid to any pet son bring the a sonics to v. And i. Atomon i. A House Cunie Street. South australian directory All persons who May not have had ten in addresses taken Lor the directory arc informed Liy culling t or sending to tic Lith str Oftie any Day next week lint not later icy May have Lut ii Nai it s inserted. Advertisements intended for tic Almanack must he sent in to Trio Rinju ukr of lire on or before ten Jot i in order to ensure their insertion. Phe thorough Broil Arab ai3dallah." Al imported Horn Calcutta in the australian association ship pm could Tilc will stand at cover Liis St is n at the stables of James Chambers Weymouth Street. Terms. Five guineas and five shillings the Groom. Extract Trail certificate. I fan n s it from the experience i Havi had during tin time of my stay in Cul Nitta and a where that i consider him to be Oke of the Limuli Cost caste i Ever i Puiul. Lie is i at Bone and Inas Cular Power on bind with Good temper which is most essential Lor a Good Stork getter. Signed j. S. Motsios veterinary surgeon and fellow of thy London veterinary medical society. I 1 1k i x i. And St a 1. 1. To n " merry Gylfi re St Ini ported from Van Usein Civ land ice Kilt mint stat Tut a Iii Ludin proo Niace. To be paid id the Tisne of Sci vice by accept Lazici it Oliree months a Hatli urzt. Apply to messes euro and in inc a Krumho Tvett. Cattle Lois Salk. Row o in Nukui of first rate cattle i above two years of Jarf. Apply to messes l Yre and Loniey Rundle strict. Dairy cows and of Alin Frew and run Kino Stock Yard for Merly occupied by the Softli aus Trutian com p myst Ith end of Liast Teira r. Non Rev Juo to Hull s Chilli Market a lot of very Kiiji Liioi Dairy cows in Alf and Vico fitly eased ais i. A Tiuli y of Hii locus Siut stools to Uit cd either it the Butcher or the Yoke. Tie cows Are warranted to be fully equal to and in tic Colony As milkers and for -.1 orders Recci cd at the Mwry

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