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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - November 9, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . To a Wim Lif paid Jin ii i Tiu i. Uii Liss a air Militi in sink a our Jim in of litre me a Walt a my Kuulii it to r. incr. Tjui Uil will in,int,,i ., sail Roll. A to r to . A in i"1" i flu Shiv in flu 1-,i. A i in . Nikii Iury to to i to i ?. it . .1 i i. Nil Lii.ii-.1. Or 10 .1. W . Hit liw Ivry will Ranii Linin i in Vul in i . I 1 or at to a i. Ii w limit Len in St. On ?.m.k Milieu t b i a toiling " leks v ,. V lit Orv a i f vines ati4 Fiorit " Al Olor or , Aii on via to in or i Iliot ?. Atu amp of air p. A 9. I em.c. At the Sefc lit i,Rii-= i h Ali Yini to in i a. O it. C. T Sahi i ,. .,-/. 17lo i a hot a i 1 I m. Lit?.?. To. I?.-. -. N. My tic of ton. Ill nto i. C. On Sale no i a vol x die in Tell Imv 1.ni1i.,. 1111,1 in Lii mi.1 own i 1 in .111 ban i . w?. T. 1.i. 1 a -. Epi Lam All. Corti i. To of. Iii-c.-. 11-.iy v. It ass a i ,\,.-i.ii. Nair Hinic Kittis it lit i . .1 to Asih. Gig Tel Iroini Injo n i. Ii. Vii a. Tkv. Oito 18-w. A a. Of x. Any ii i ii or ?. 1ito 1im milking .1 wll ii t Tif to to till Ilic to tin Huwui i Fesij tire. Trio . Tour Tuii of my of Fin Ali it in ail . S. Smai t. Solicitor 6u Ilii ii it 12. It. Flarv pounds per ? in , a plut Oll i Mcnail 111 Tilloy tract to and a t for a pm of 14 a Var to n Hill Cluj tenant to tront of tight it Rcpt ii Sito tic Aii cd into. Notick follow in Vicki Liuva Tucei of it t Futini Iliad tint Jinty suites to tilt eur Cut. Zibull tilt Filart i 0. Rink. In. I . A q. It m.u-.-1. Ij1111 Moil kit ten. I .m-.--ii. .irs. ?-"li.ni to lie i . To Ilif site ii Ilicii-..iiv, Tii Waii Jyh hums it Tuii .1111 .f. In la i liar try. I to r Jim. Sol l la acs i a. No of a i 1.-.,.-.li.li it l Ca in-.-. I on Ilir 1i. I .,-,.,. I-,., w i 1. ow-.i a .1 ,. I. -Io-.? irim-.1. t in. It " 11 r 11. 11 i. A. on 1 . ii1u-. L a. v.oii.l. -ll.rl, unit a Sifi in. I i Miit re. R. Toy slip l in Miihh i of tin. Firm of in 111" in Ilu ii iijli.-,--. of tin Coin li. r. L i anti inlay Ali Lii to t a in i Only in .,1 1,101. In it. il.l1a. Iv-ut. .1 c.niil men.imii-iy. A. Mov .1 a i. I. .ct?, la .1. H. -.-.ir. To _ hit \1. . Kuit ". I., of Mculty. Inn Elliut 11.,.1 an .1 m Kim r j. It. Alai a j i a lip it ,r?,i., . Klll1l id. i it ii i Loi i 1110 Coin ii Lii. Tiu. . . To it f re tm.ijj.ir.,n i i evil. Pm. W. 4 t a 1- 1 1. I a in. V.,i to .1,- 1 .1 x.-. t of. To. .i-.li to. M. I. " i no ?. I i V 1 to 1 1 1 Fri,.- 7. A ?. .1a. I. I in la -. I i1." 1. """1 " a a. ? ii. I 11 .1\-?.- a " 1 i .Uitisol uci.\uin. Ali 1 rpt. . A a u. 1. A flu 1 . I in lie i Tui cumin. K., -,0 1.-.l -. Wll vv.,t. O i. n., _ id. Ilu Nasf Liis mine to i tic to d. Mid ihii"., Pmj. For it i in the in in. Iliou by. Sipnedcit.\. Srot. Cn.?b Riim . Me Tai . kith 60i Ril Al Sira Mav so Nerv. The first to Stinso tie committee will i Licud at inc be of or. To Pipit cock. Mousy tic 11111 of novem Het next it six i Luck i Civi by. On lius Iusti of in. Lorta Tirc. We a full tit Iris Aly requested. Cimias. r scour a. Umito. October 28, let. auction . Bentham a co. Anti timers and landsat its. Fir tall the attention of a Viv i lived to tie follow a Irti . Feel old and leasehold Luiis Guidon plots Village allot a cols. Am f. And its Etc Ioimo Hooi. 16 Vires no spleen lil l 10-e to tin City. To be Sild in Lileks of he 3?, or jul a Civ. Licousi. A to i in Mobil Vii Thor Bow to. Lllif.i\.mir,t a Otta i mini of in Zimm Mimisi u l Llull l ult a Ivd in re i a Ulit . Rottiger g j i Inin a li nit re Trust 14 it irs or i cd of int 11/. . ? acct in Feitli 42 i.-. T. Mil rows land. a i Tii t i Tfiiiiiitihi-Tittacr St ii.ly i " Tinct , i Fri Lio l e i Lirt 5 it Nw ,.-l i " it k..n.l i Urt ii "20 " Willil skim i 10 tic in Nini Vil Isicc " it vi.l.l it i ii. J ii i j. I a Roll it it ii v him ?.s or fit 1i.iu to r . . A i w a to Ilo i.t i limit i and loin let. Urfi v i \. Several town ii in rim Nix in a t i v a lion Limo in ? .jvfsto\ i la age. A in21. I . ?0 lit Ity Lon. Iii i to dim in ii i a. I .il.t i ii liar will til to Civ 1.v dry l.t1 ? a -. I in in of wi.t. in 1 to All . I. n . A in a i ind .Riiitu to i of inti to d to. It. Vav c.. It .l.ii. Til. In pc limit a. I. I t it. . Iii in ? in ii ii tit \ ii i v y t \ r 17./. Am 111 ii Steu. At Nunin Titt-.-. J . I. Ski i ii a to. Urlis. A a. Aio \ i null 4i.t to f fairy vots Sti Zutic. I Ceil Vic Taulis. The pm lir did . John 11. . E u. . J. W. Bull. Witness Elf nov r. Wac solicitor. Adelaide Seiji Winber 30, 1639. St ick. Siikki. A. A a. Mali stuck and Laid a rent the gusto i Inounia that the ii silo a hitherto rom Lucu a by h a Elf. I Lias it i tunes the of oui Ivity of assisting Jem Lenin in lie Wuich c of Stock of Ull do Eri i Luiis 011 the most trims. Hill now to Olf i Sibih Istir rows Lluli lipid i Uii renin mid Devon bulls r evil Lii Lucli Low in iced i with i Hii Lendi Bullof for the Yoke Hillois Anil steer 0110 mud a teis tie Onikul the advertiser Lias on . Met Florks of Trio finest bred lc.ui and Lic filthy i brought Ovi Ilund. Also to i t pit Chii Sers Mill lots of Owci Lac tenths in Colony to he Sulila cheap. .11, Morino. Leicester my South Down runs a ski t. Stock of thy Alliv in Fri Ilion with the Ftp in of the ilium to 110 Shewn by i Point Kmitt in Oil mondays and i Liili a ii 7 12 am Sivial on other Days from 4 . 10 Mia linux at Trio liens of. W. Dull. Lind and Stork agent East end of Soutsi ten acc Adelaide. Lam. Portion Nihil Robin try Shewn either for Pri. Pc. Lap v. Stations or runs. 1 lie Tim Havivi if it ii Mill Tine i in tin prior of tin Riv t l item for .r. Ivio to pro 1 Ott proper or Utica Thi. Ii Frod Isle will stand at Over this my on at the stables of Lvcy Morith stint t. Terms Lui guineas and fire Groom. Or track from certificate. I ran a tort from the experience i Liao had Al it time of my St in in Calcutta Andrj else we w. Ali it i coh Sulci he to 110 one the High St in Dop horse i Wev landed. In i Lis Edol Vic to lunch my Heulur Power com. Inn ii wit i Pond tempi Vav Hitlin most c6svutial Foi a Good St uru be tact. Signed j. S. Morton veterinary sir Peon and Tellow of die London medical society. _ to. Stock own Kos and Tii kits. A Fink i intake cart Lin ported from Luik and and bied liar i Olio Cleor a Wynd Iain. Will stand it Zuver i luring Ibe be Soti. On wednesdays Aid to tithe i Tock Ondof j. Vav. Butt. Stock agent. I Tiec live Guinea. At co a Superior like Kef to Dell hip Hlf Rico inc need to those Al a Are a mrous of i. Proving their Breed of cattle. A icily to or. Miti nci.i., Wynd Iain finn. Toad. Did no. I Sherp station. Piree. Tud pit hindi. Clink la. Several sections of land m y be India that valuable to Man jul to Lem Lff. In Tel Liesl mutation a. It 2per oot t runta4s feel do Tab lir Puli Tutila to

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