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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives May 2 1855, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - May 2, 1855, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia of Bjk Crew by easier a. Sukra . Built expressly for the Trace 40 tons Burthen 80 House Power John Boskill Eom Mandor will. Be put on tie berth for Melbourne As soon As her outfit b completed Anil kept regularly in the Trad if sufficient is afforded. In the arrangements of Bot i. Flat Ana second Cabins the comfortable accommodation of passengers has been the chief object. ? her character Fri a fir Trio sea boat under Canvas is established and from the great to incr of. Which her engines Are is probable that she will prove above average Speed under steam. ?.? the Poblic Are invited to inspect this Fine vessel. ,. , May 2, 1s35. 12icv Towk ? team to Melbourne a . O deflect. To sail on thursday �1nhr.�n the 3rd May. The Fine new in screw steam ship ?50 tons James Lowrie. , will be dispatched on thursday next Tho 3rd May at 3 o clock pan., with her usual punctuality.? for freight or apply to Inge. H. Fox & co. Path Capri. U6-. 23 \ to feel Hie Steamer a tvs Al. Melbourne. ? i now open for engagement to Tow .ijeail3� vessels in or or May to chartered to Proctol to any part of the coast Eitnier on a pleasure trip or otherwise. For particulars apply on Board or to 38o w. jux. & co. Of a c0u 0xdoy,.Ria Cape of Gol d a ftps. J Hope. Tie Fine new 13 years ship Jahbar Nobara. Jonm Jbv 900 tons Barthen John Adams commander Kun Bun Aid on the berth for London and having the greater portion of the cargo engaged will be Dis Atchel positively of the 7th May. Thi vessel has been built expressly for the Adelaide Trade and possesses Superior sailing qualities having performed the present voyage from London in 9 Days. Her Dmn of atom for passengers Are of the very i but do eruption. \ the rates of passage Money by this vessel Are As Fol lows in the Saloon �70 second Cabin �10 Steerage �16. ? for freight of Wool and Jerold and further particulars apply to the Captain on Board or to ? Eldeb & co. A March 1855. 83ct of splendid first class a fast sailing ship Ink Xor Malacca Jen cd 1.000 tons Burthen e. K. Coleman late of the Sibell commander. Thi Fine ship will be ready to take in Wool for London it few. Days her dead weight consisting of Only two tit rid other Register tonnage being now All on Board. The accommodation for pass enters in of the most Lige rior description. For Light freight or passage apply to 78c we. jux., & co. To a. T?0b Colombo. Ceylon. The Fine Jsn a i fast sailing barque llx3sf�& ho0guly, h. R. Rich Coram Mandr will sail for the above port on the 20th May. Her act Momoda Titu for passengers Are of the Best description. ? for might or passage apply to 12113sj ? older & co. A i t?0r Ceylon direct. The Fine fast off Assi? sailing or ship 3jeifr lady macd0xald, of into 00 tons. Captain Biles will sail for the above port shortly and in her Superior Post Newcom modal Ion affords a desirable a for ptts Wiirres proceeding. To India or to Europe 1� Thi a irl Anil fori Knight or passage App j to loader ? f. J. Bocci a a co. He isl to on Sellix Tox. Be a zealand of ski calling at Melu Suun e to Hud cargo the Fine fast failing Brig i Stow Register. Tie above vessel offers a most favour Able Opportunity for passengers to the above port Ash a first and second Cabin Awuou notation is of the first character1, having then fitted up at Reat expense cd preg la for the new zealand passenger Trade. For freight or passage apply to tie Captain on Board ? run Locc 13. G. Collin sox Brineg s wharf. Iri t7or a Nichka Bay Rivoli Hay and a. P0rtlaxd Bay. The fast sailing 10 tons Reffi iter we. Tuck master his still room for a few Tonii of Roods. Good be comm ovation afro for a few Cabin or teenage a in seers. Early apply ration is necessary As the vessel is appointed to sail on thursday. J0hx Newm a & sox agent iss ? Ira Claren a Tiara. Ii or Yax Kalilla and rapid Bay. Of a ? tie regular t radar a Rafios a Ion i text Vii i James Reid master will sail punctually on thursday next 3rd inst. For. Freight or passage apply to 1j1-3j ii. Rax Kord shipping butt her port. Jilt Tok freight Oil charter. The js�8sk j. Fine barque 4� Mallard. Act go july Captain Hill 47tons Register a 1 for u years will let ready for sea within a week after Dis Charzie flier emigrants und is open for charter to the East indies or West coast of America. Apply to Acra Max ma1x, Lix Sav & co. April 2-, 1855. U7ac a a Mills from Leth. This vessel a being now alongside the wharf and ready to Dis Onarga consignees Are requested to pas3 entries without deify. Elder & co., agents. Let april. 102c a Coll Captain j. P. Van Oppen of a the dutch barque Alcor will not to responsible for any debts la ills Crew. Adelaide 3t the april 153. 120c Bulika Budua Captain Koskel from Liverpool. This vessel being ready to discharge consignees Are particularly requested to pass their entries at the Chatom without delay. 117a 22 Oxsel Tinkes wanted Tor Trio Fol Lomner goals sex Achilles from Leith now stored in the bonded warehouse ,-3l bundles sheets ? is or a j 13 planks j 433 paving stones & co., agents. April 29th, 1855. 120c Vuke of ? London. 1 1. This vessel Iwin now along smile the wharf and Rady to discharge consignees Are requested to pass Iran elite entry for their Goti a. ? ? elder & co. 30ih april 1855. 111c Enrietty from Liverpool. This vessel having arrival at the wharf consignees re Regii tested to pass their entries without delay. I elder & co. April 23, 1865. 114c Hooghly. From lond a. This vessel having arrived at her moorings. Consignees Are recon cd to pass their entries without delay. ? elder & co. 83rd april 1s55. ? 115c Mali did from London. This vessel having arrived at her moorings consignees Are requested to pass their entries. Actaman Maix Lindsay � co., air cats. April 26, 1855. 117ac rpt captains and age nerf of so . I of Sale at the stores of the undersigned port Adelaide Clark s Best Adelaide steam bread ditto extra Fine ditto ditto in 100-lb. And . Philip Levi Maclaren wharf port Adelaide 14th Man. 1856. 79cr ships posters got on the Shortes. Notice. A Lane Supply of coloured inks coloured Piper and new jobbing Type just received. Apply to or. Hillier Segi Attr and Trier general printing merchandise. A los Ops celeu1ated Sydney Jav ale Baron Liebig opinion of this unrivalled leverage for All Clintes. Appropriately described by the Sanator commissioner o. The lancet As wine of malt is thu adduced in a letter to or. Allsopp the specimens of your Pale ale sent to me afforded a another Opportunity of Cou Raug in valuable qua uses. I am myself an admirer of this beverage and a own experience enables me to recommend it in accor dance with to opinion of the most i Vincnt English hrs Icilus As a very agreeable and Effie sent tonic and a s both for the invalid and the robust. Or axes Lissis. Wiessen May 6, 1852. Hay be had on application from c Cleve 4 co.,sole agents for South Australia. 14thjqly. ? Lesov a,., s India palk \ la m cases i Miltor Lett cd by f. Friend 4 co., of London. On Sale by the Andert Nirum. 847cr ? c. It eve 4 co. Bpot6 boots. Boots. To Stoub keepers. Sheep Farmers a. Just received sex Yan kale 300 prime watertight 200 Stout Blucher 100 dozen women and children s Gol shed leather boots. Plenty of Large sizes of to. Join sox a ? ? Boot and warehouse cd ?/.? opposite the Exchange Hindley Street. Of Soleada and retail. ? 83av to eth Bongi Ink Jenl Fomuk i let on Sale at the stores of the undersigned i ?Ei Beer engines Warner s / 4, 5, and 6 pulls Gritl piping 4c, Complete Force pumps Warner s3j and Nch. 86m h. Aylwin & co. Hubb i fireproof a fes ? chubs deed and Cash Boze ? Chubb j Patent locks a y . Chubb 4 co., agents 151c ? Rren full a Greet. I Tage. few which Cai big Veconi Mennic for tone appearance an general construction. App & curio Garect february 1855. ? 3flac Corn 8ackstarpaulins Canvas Tenta v ? twine 4o. 4c. It a � Scott Blyth . � ? ? ? merchandise it i Foi Sale by Trio uni Lorr Mignea ?. Teas in great variety Byass s bottled Porter and ale i. Invoices of Sherry in who Trahd bottle Balti cred Pine bulks 12x12 to 16x18. All lengths Corn Sicks Iran has flour bags Woolpack , gig and cart our less English Oak planks. I. ,. I. Coup is s Patent Gate and door hinges car nuts matches liquid blacking. Mustard inks. ?. Invoices of jocks hinges and Hill s Lohden carpenters Toels. Y. Dray cart and gig wheels Oak up Sara Ash clods and Ehn stocks of All. Slzas ? / ? ? i ? ? invoices of leather War of Paris London and North 1 Ampton manufacture ? ? James s Trisci fetal weighing. Machines liqueurs cordials Hock and Champagne Sheet Fead 4, 6 and lb3. ? a voice of Slop clothing and Wint re Mccry ditto toys Aud fancy sdap3 i gothic Hall stoves shop office and Hoviss stoves. ? ? with piping Best negro Earl tobacco. R ?. J Quarter Drums of figs Muscatel raisins new fruit East and West jnr3ia arrowroot. 122c i Cdermott. Putt0x.4co. Wire ikxc1xg. . Ittle . ? forsake at the stores of the under signed ? ? ? ? ? ? galvanized wire Sot. I 6, and 8, Lor Boic intr Iron standards for fencing with or wire Iron Gates ? Hussey a reaping machines ? Crosskill s clo crushers. ? broadcast sowing machines Patent churns ditto cheese prewar ? ? is to wine presses. _ wire crap Stool wire sieves. Laicy. ? . , a horse St Liam Lingle with 20 feet Bright Sharinar driving pulleys team Uwe boiler fire bars Furnace door and very thin Complete. For cards to View apply at the ranch office of. This paper. 118cr 2g 5 nun Sale guinness Stout cd r lord of the Isles Laurens Kostyr 4c. The und Orsi Ned have always on hand a Supply of the Hove celebrated Dublin Stout in a Mem. Hin Ness 4 sons of Dublin. 3me ii. Aylwixaco.,. For Haxhe by the undersigned ame Icax cook1xg stoves of various sizes dated for ship or House use for Coal or Wood. A th0. Mitchelmore port. Of Sale by the undersigned Pale Seal Oil for lain a in any Quantity we. Morgan late Boord Brothw. Hindley Street. Ostli Lanuard 1355. It c in by the undersigned Patent tin churns from �2 2s. To �5 s3. Galvanized Iron pumps for Wells and cellars from �11?. R guttering from 6id. Per foot verandahs and Roofe neatly fixed. Samuel Pearce tinman Brazier 4c., West end of Hindley Street. 80mwcv Kex by Maud laurels Kostek 4c, 4c. by the undersigned grocery stores perfumery from a. Rowland 4 son s confectionary schooling s fancy clot is glassware crockery ? ? gun pow cannister from Curtin and Itati and Caps corks wine and a insurer Beer. Knife cleaning machines aloes bicarbonate of soda tartaric acid soda Ash Blue vitriol invoices of Ironmongery Corn sack holders Corn and Grain crushing machines clocks and shades fish preserved Tot b56c in Aylwin 4 00., Hindley Street. In Sale by Tho undersigned Brandy mar Foll a holiness a a u. V. Co s Ditt,., u. V. Cos in Case bottled in 1346 pm in Hhd. And , Booths Billii Isham a Pigeon s ? Dildo in a 2, and 3 Doz. Cases Booths pigeons and Guernsey . Geneva in Hhd. And rates rum jamaican Hhd. Sherry a Wusler & cos Duff Gordon 4 co s port quark s Harris Swaric Brothers s Dnn Rudy in la skid in lilies. And Claret St. In lion in 1 Loz. Costs Champi Urie f. I Csir 4 co s Hock sparkling and still Yass s ale and Porter. Guiness s Stout. 80c h. Aylwin 4 co., Ali Illey Street. A Sale by the und Creif net a White and Grey a diodes 30 in., 33 in., 36 in., and i, prints flannels blankets counterpane Jac Conegp shirt Iii. Acc. Cotton and Linen ticks Haberdashery hosiery gloves Plain and fancy ribbons Cotton and silk handkerchiefs Cotton and braces ii pet and velvet bags Straw tuscan Plush velvet and Satin bonnets Straw and tuscan trimming fancy dresses silk and Cotton trimmings rack and Coloun a Orleans Coburg French Merino pc. Caps Cap fronts Flowers feathers a. Waterproof Letri Nofs Cashmere and Woollen shawls Cotton and silk umbrellas wrapping papers and other station eries Roubic Doray Combs brushes perfumery f. S. Cleaver s Brown Windsor and Honey soaps jewellery saddlery Berlin and Fleecy wools Crochet patterns acc does boxes 4c. Black and coloured Gros de Naples satins Satin ettes parasols 4c. Black and coloured Cotton and silk valve to a. 4c. 4c. C. Draper 4 co. Leigh Stred. 87cv on Sale by the undersigned hops Best Kent v.d.l., 1954 crop currants primp /.ante, 1851 Cro Pelcie Ita sins in barrels ration Sugai Sydney soap in boxes and half boo Tea prime Congo Oranje Pekoe pickles sauces Capers a salad Oil. Jams jellies ale and Porter in hhds., casks Ami oases Martell s and . I Randy in Hhd. And eases Sherry and other wines old Tom cordials 4c. Manila i stars los. 2 and 3, Best Havanna matches baskets watches 4c. Corn bags Hushel, seam ii twine corrugated Iron Best galvanized Fence wire los. I i Salt soda Whitin re in Saltpetre a 4u. ? Kirchner Gaede chins 4 co to it Ftp ? Gap fell Street. Co a l it. Inst English House coals be had on application to t. C. Bray or to w. H. Burford. . The lowest Price As regards Quality. I 10b coals. Host English ind Newcastle . Coals be had in any Quantity at Lac h.simps0nt sco.il-yard.portadelam9. Galva Nizko tinned Iron. Corrugated galvanized tinned Iron,�15perton. Galvanized tinned Iron tiles 2s. Each Plain sheets �10 to �50 per ton Gutter 1. Tisaj. Per foot rids Cap is. Per foot ? galvanized Iron wire standards 2s. Each Plumbis Zinc �10 per ton. Morew odi110gers. 4 co Patent of. Kinin William Street april 2lth, 1955. 115c galvanized Iron cheap. P. H. White 4 co. Are prepared to sell Strai Ehi corrugated galvanized Iron at �10 per ton. Every Otic article in the Trade at conally Low prices. F. H. White 4 co., galvanized tinned Iron work Cupric Street. April 26. 1355. ? 117cv galvanized Iron wire for Fen it ,,no.4andno.6. Atthe store of 356c ?. Aylwin 4 co., Ilind Lcy Street. Pomegranate marmalade. 1 Small invoice of the above has just been received per Vesta from messes. Schooling 4 co., of London. 356c ? ii. Aylwin 4 co., Hindley Street. To Tosh s american locks. The 0xly locks that cannot be picked. Pai locks till locks a May now be had of Ali Patentee s agents 6wfc George j. Dixon 4 co., next Union ban ire buckets water Hose pipe of Best leather with screws Complete Mill band of various sizes. On Sale by ? 6ic t. C. Chubb 4 co. Grenfell Street. T amps just acc tired moderate Elj lamps mdc0l7a Oil. 3s6c ? in Aylwin 4 co., Hindley to wine Anil Sallih stores Grenfe Street. Always on hand Brandy Pale and Brown in casks and cases of the be brands. Bam jamaican Quarter casks. Gin Purton s celebrated Cream Gin la 1 dozen a ses Geneva in Zallon cases Campbelltown whisky Gus sey of Tom and no. 2 Manila i stars. Also port and Sherry of the choicest selected expressly for this Market ? William Rale. 23td june. 1854. 375qt team engines. p Achilles from Leith 1 i Juht Horae Power Stei engine 1 six horse Power do. Do with boilers co plebe. Apply to elder 4 co 23th april 1855. 120c1 engineers surveyors a. a theodolite with Doul be stand 4c., Complete also a level cd plate. Apply to or. . Lindsay Porf Elliot hit. ? ? ? i -.?- ,. I merchandise 1 t i Ano to a the it re have i j received sex Flora Cerr from the eminent iir7n if messes. J. Kirkman & son i anon Tiric makers to her majesty a Murthi i Supply of their Beautiful toned and Latch Aih Nirid . They Rosewood mahogany and Walnut wit ods end manufactured sex pet Fly for the cd note of South Austraha. j or Al Wax & -co., 8cc agents to messes. J. Kirkman 4 son London. 9sig. V music to it sold a bar ? ? gain 6rie% the Best Narmon sums in the r ? the to nth of which apply to professor line air. A o a very fair toned i a to. Llano nine �53 Tau to. V for further particulars apply to ? j. B. Peake. Freemasons tavern 123 j. Pirie Street. Livinie Fri flies. If. Avow in to c 1. Ital have Reec ived per Lander a coi 3igiimnt of English improved Minic rifles doable and single barrel i cases with bullets Bullet Moulds 4c., Complete. They arc of Oie sane description a Lusod in tier it Jesty s and tie Hon. E. I. Co s service manufactured i a messes or Stuheit & son Goodman s fic lds London. weapon be inspected at their store a also a copy of the certificate received by the inventors Fram Coonel Cli Antan inspector of artillery at Woolwich and Are of the same description As those now used ajar inn the russian forces at Sebart pol with so much Success. R ? 80c building materials. I sex Ornta a a brisk. File rate c5la&s fronts plans window Glass of Large size 43 x 62 to 10 x 8j. and ror Ruuti cements plasm tar of Paris ? inv jecs of of cinch polish and varnishes paper hang Ings White Load and Points of All colours brass Lead Zinc and lion pumps for cellars and Wells plumliers1 brassware Gale Uii Zed Iron a. Coal an Stockholm tar ricin a. 28pc ? tall. A Gigli Street. Magill quarries. Huild1ng Stone and Meta be Ltd in any Quantity from Captain duffs quarries. Apply to or. Denton Magill or messes. Dull & co., Gilbert place. Floo 90v me Lica tile notices Union Agency. The subscriber begs to inform his friends in South Australia that having removed to London with the View of eng airing in mercantile pursuits he will be Happy to receive consign meets of produce or execute any business entrusted to him through his representatives at Adelaide messes elder 4 co. A. L. Elder. 2, Fenehurch-buildir.s3. Fenchurch erect loft july a hot. 251qv r. . Licensed appraiser and Stokx broker Lindley Street. Valuations effected in town and country. Los a to c. Descro1zille3. Accountant Al Al and go Perau agent Green s Exchange Iii for William Street. 1c to g. Ukoc1c, Chest Iener \ l Elf auxt. Offices Neit door to Brock s store . Port Adelaide. Ls5uv Hen Uylaki of. Auctioneer and land agent port Elliot 83ev Isle my i no & Adams act ice ers v lick used appraisers and Stokx Bro kers him ley Street opposite the Royal hotel. Valu Cai fully Aud promptly Ell dec cd in town or o entry. ?. 2f 6 ?. 1u.stom-Lioue forms Hindls of j hading 4c, printed and on Sale. Apply to or William Hillier Kerister and observer Genera printing office. _. Uslis notices r or ans a t m e n a d u e hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Great reduction in . W. K. Menadue watchmaker Ilind Lcy Street. Dirous of retiring from business is ski Ling Cut his extensive Stock consisting of every article in the Trade under lox Dox Cost. The premises to be let Aud the incoming tenant take All or any part of tie Stock at a valuation. The entire Stock must to cleared Olf in a few Wiks Aud the Public should Avail themselves of the great bakua1xs, As the whole must be som without regard to Cost. Mark w. I. Mexa Duk Hindley so ret next door to Crocker 4 Hamilton s. . Xone but principals Tor the premises be treated with. 61acv notice to Mokew. Mao Hinc a it i tobacco l and Cavendish on Sale at e i jux k5t b Kex Das Currie Street. Observe the sign of the Scotchman. S Best to. 2 Manila is 3d. Per bundle. Telal 65 the Reg Isakk and Job server go feral printing office. Let Petess copped a late printing of Crery description executed in Tho most Superior style i a expert Queed Suu Erinton Deuce of or. I Lului h. Hillier. Posting Bills of All descriptions rot at half an hour s notice Nicht or Day. Hand Bills Bill beads Mill and cart notes cards of address circulars chemists and Oiler labels Catalo rues mercantile prices current pamphlets deeds ind Bool work and Job Chr Intini in Gec sral on them just reason slide terms. The Possession of the two largest Aad quickest print ing machines in the Colony with a Quantity of new and Well assorted jobbing ibid fancy Type will enable tilt proprietors to execute work in n style not to be surpassed and with the utmost expedition. Orders received at tar Ovioe by the shipping reporter at the port and the Varovic a Cuta of the Ilc Kisler in in pm anti .-r., Bussey & sri lawyer rail Ste is. Old acc next or. J. Richardson s land office opposite Ali Eson Thern Cros to tiny . 275q Rpu a i Ufir i la Krs. To i a dispose 1 of photographic appear at s Large size with All chemicals Complete Lor immediate use. Adapted for portraits or mews in l i incr or Glass. Apply to or. W. Ii. Hillier Branch Oill Cal of this paper or to w. H. Gunson a Iii in reporter port. 12l 3 Muy Haza Aii. Even variety of a Nap i toys and fancy articles to be had it Delix s Bazaar Kin William Street. 100c Thomas fax leather Salesman for the House of Peacock & son Grenfell strict lanyard importer of Gri Deiy and Shoemakers tools Loish Street Adelaide. . The Trade supplied wholesale on Liberal terms. Observe Tho Bee hive. Tohl Ishell a. Al la 1 i h p Yuklu j a t e8 is Publ s & Turxel. Bes to inform the Public of South Australia that their hot cold Shower and plus gig Baths at the waterworks near the Ford Are now open to the Public from 5 o clock . Until 10 . Plunging Bath ? �0 0 6 private and Shower Baths with be of towels 4c ? 0 16 hot ditto ditto ? 0 2 6 three hours in the Day viz., from 9 to 10 o clock ., and from 1 to it o clock ., the prices of admission will be one shilling to the plunging i paths. February 9. 1335. 39c Delaine soup and c1k House. J. Short s dining and Oyster rooms Hindley Street West next to the Castle inn. Board and Lodr Wiur Dean ii eds Anil moderate charges. Tea Collee and soup always ready. Chops and steaks ready at a morn nit s notice. Orch oysters every Day. So 180 Robert Venn. Liucci Werand Gene i ral purveyor of fresh and cured provisions ship Chin Lek 4c., Lipscon Street port Adelaide. Live Stock poultry in in any Quantity at a few hours notice. 46cv fruit. Feutl Lun Fai hotel keepers dinner parties and others a.Ria be supplied with fresh fruit twice a Day of every description and first rate Quality. Apply to f. Andrewa Tiia fruit Eror a. Two doors cast of Royal Admiral Hindley Street. . Good allowance on wholesale terms. 19c Heap and Good saddlery. Jorty Borsett bees to intimate o his customers and friends and to inform the Public in a rentral that he has just received additional Oien Glish saddles and harness which will b followed by other shipments of the bc3t goods to be Eta inc in the Market. J. B. Is determined that his prices be moderate and to let nothing to wan Tiik to ensure a continuance of Tho Public favour. To Cau particularly recommend the Strong Bush saddles my bridles of his on Man fac Turo which Grill to found Natany Superior to anything of the kind in the Trade the very superiors no Letrece Beinor expressly to hi3 order in , tin other materials the Best i exit Cau is Niue in and Marhut and the workmanship warranted. Hin-Iley-5troot. Fehr Norv Uhi. Lfw5. Mtg Sines Gar us. Circulars Bill Heads labels handbills and every de s Ripton of Lintins got in the neatest style and i the shortest notice. A Ronat variety of new fan a Typ and Borders just imported. Apply to or. Wilmai Hatif Ita. Ramji Ter and Oburr Var general printing Oiler just published at these Uter and observer offic Grenfell Street and Hindley Street Price 6s., Milb Royal soil tet Australia Book almanac and general direct of for 1955 by acc draw Gabbay is . Cold sets the Calendar with the requisite astronomical Ealous ton fixed and moveable festivals anniversaries 4c. Signals used at the West Crraco station and elsewhere Farmers and gardeners Calendar horticulture i soul. Australia geographical sketch of it Colon boundaries of comi ties and of hundreds Hundred c k Tho Murray 1 of districts ilog Istrati districts Imperial acts adopted in the Colony j imperil acts passed specially for the australian colonies col Nial acts and ordinances the Royal family Gove Ruoi of the province the government civil and militia establishments including the names of officers and me t composing the South australian Volunteer Force 3iun ? Cipal corporations paid and unpaid boards Justin of the peace District councillors electoral distr ii officers town and District Yacci gators Pound Keepen i Banks companies and societies religious denominations ? Law courts Law terms and fees local court Public offices licences certificates fees poundage and tolls tha Leffland medical profession Csc mfr men education port Adelaide customs Tari wharfage tonnage mooring and Light dues at regulations charges on bonded and warehouse r goods and storage of Gunpowder Pilotage and Stear n Tuur rates port Elliot and Golowa mercantile charge i and Agency general Post office regulations Pau of Crown lands emigration navigation of to Smurra Adelaide St. Leger statistics population shipping land sales agricultural returns Revenue and pipe Dit re imports and exports Jesse Sementa Gold i r Corts curate newspapers j directory City port Aile suburban townships and country districts. To Iowa n having been compiled with the Tel care and j to uracy.andscdalotnljroviiod.l.-? i jul Uii. ? j j.jpjsiqnal., by. To f a. Elf a. Of term a ital and ?Dext,i5t, j?.?- Gawler place. I. A ?. 73c?rpm Etil. Rms. J Hillel s. Suu Idun Al i dknt1st, from London Rundle Street opposite Folk hotel. ? lwb6 m r. Wilson. Solicitor Reen Exchange Chambless is a qua ski j e 8 m air Geek Gey. Arci Utecht. A William Street opposite the Union Bank by Llor Jive. Cole architect and ,i Veyo water House a buildings. 60#151v ? j express notice. ,. ,.i Prosesso it Halli s photo i , i now open Dally from 9 �.rn. Till 4 ., North Terrace adjoining messes. Wyart s foundry. ? ? m. Intr Yea. I / from America begs to in Brm the citizens of Adelaide and Vicinity that he has opened rooms Corner of King William and Grenfell streets. The rooms having been arranged and lighted with special reference to their use for photographic purposes and completed with every regard to Comfort Are Turo Vul open to visit firs where he will introduce the Art of Daguer beat Ping with All its most modern St jew and. Improvements and will use every Effort that ms1 work maj secure the same reputation and decided preference in Thi City a the superiority of his portraits obtained for him in the cities of Melbourne Geelong and town As Well As in All Tho different continents. Or d. Has some Val Nablo discoveries. Fat his Clie radicals combined with fifteen years practical sex Deri Uncein this Art which enables him to make portraits1 not to be surpassed by any artist in Europe or America and gutters himself that he Caw please the most Fasti Dious. Daguerre opes Crayon lectures Llano types stereoscopic or solid pictures and the instantaneous pictures. A Large variety of Plain and fancy cases., on haul. Daguerreotypes paintings and statuary copied also views taken of buildings scenery &c.,&o. A Guerco types inserted in Loek pts brooches rings a dark dresses preferable. Sick or deceased persons liken at their residence. The Public Are respectfully invited to Call and examine specimens. ,. ?. Pictures taken in All Weathers and warranted to Idease or no charge . ? ?.-? ? r. 02 153 Dag u e r r e of t y p e a. A ily boat is by the Shore and the barque is in j the Bay. That Ere another Sun goes Down will Bear me far away permit me then dear Lucy Liucc we so soon must Pirt to ask you for a Keepsake and let it be your heart Well Henry love the fluttering thing doth often cause pain ?. ?. And yearns so much for company it might with yours remain but i t afford to give it you i d rather make a i Trade ?. And let Jou have it wholly if you la give me your head ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? give you my head said Henry with Crio comic f s. A should i do that you d have me tiled in a very \ ratty Case ?.-?-? a. A worthless trunk you d leave me but Haithc r life nor. ? speech.? ? / ? ?.?-.?t that is your horrid porno is girl explain it i beseech my purpose have it in i Case As has been said ? ? there should not a uni Rise Hurt in taking Oil Youria ? ? ? . ii your Tongue might be but then your eyes you ? still express i your Povl i Nii Stonney to me i want no More no less anxious to a Rapij i him and find what was meant ? he cried if you must have my head Lead on i give consent ? ?. She took him straight to King William Street Over or. Prince s store to Duryea introduced Liim and tis needless to Fay More. ? Lap a drapery plot icing a. Kent House. line a lilies and Chiron s ready Maine underclothing children s fancy braided and other dresses. Hoods cloaksic., every description of drapery dresses shawls mail ties gloves hosiery ribbons Flowers bonnets fancy goods millinery a. At in a. A w. Fiveash a 115c Kent House Hindley Street East. Notice extraordinary. A Pixie times wrap key Mart 1 Rundle Street. These premises will be taken Down on monday 19th March and rebuilt in three weeks. The whole Stock flu Lia removed to the part hex King William Street and sold off. Without Reserve. Observe the pantheon opposite the. Old Post office now tie Gresham hotel. The new times drapery Mart Willa on Encl with an entire new Stock of autumn and Winter goods a Large shipment having already arrived sex Tib eras and further shipments Are to petted sex John sugars 4c.,-c. March 14th, 1355. 74cv Public notice is respectfully invited to the new autumn and Winter drapery just received by Miller to Lucking. 103 packages exl eve styx Hare just been opened containing a firs variety of fashionable goods for the present ant looming seasons among which will be found every approved Novelty now taking the Lead in the first Ivun Dun and Paris business houses. Timeir new dress goods of various fabrics shawls mantles furs bonnets fancy risk Ops needlework a deserve particular mention. M. & l. Are not accustomed to quote prices in an advertisement As the practice is Only calculated to mis Lead they however guarantee those ladies who May favour them with a Early a ill a selection from a Yery extensive cheap and will As arted Stock of goods in every department of their Trade. A constant watchful Ness Over tie Lioma markets has Coati cd them on this occasion. To make some Large purchases considerably under manufacturers prices the whole of which will be sold As they were bought much under value. Milliners and Mantle makers will be sup plied on Alvan Ageous terms with Bonnet and Cap Kil bon3, Flowers and feathers i blonds laces a. Bonnet velvets and satins cloak velvets ladies cloths moire Antiques French Ilacas and satins Emu Plush and a variety of other fashionable trimmings. I2 r 19v to country Miller & Lucking Are offering Chsu Lerable inducements to the Trade to Assort Thair stocks from their establishment. A Large Quantity of useful first class goods adapted to the country Wil be sold cheap either in bulk or otherwise. 120- -j3v pro tailors Miller & Are supplying tailors from a very extensive Stock of newly imported goods consisting of Brua cloths tweeds jerseys Doeskin Buckskin angolan a. Which arc marked Oil Low Foi Cali Salus. ? a 40r to c 0 n o k e for m. A. A j2j military naval. And general depot King William Street. Everybody asks How is it that Pearce Sells so Low turns such a Good article and gentlemanly fit and is patronized by his excellency till gov Xor the officers of. The is Asp captains and officers of companies and extensively b her majesty s government the principal Mer chants tradesmen Farmers and families of the pro Vince and in fact by All classes for the Las. 17 years ? easily answered Pearce purchases for Cash at tin Best markets Sells Low foe Cash attends personally and minds his own business. To connection with any Bo-1y else. Occupying Small unassuming premises o his own near the Corner of King William Street Era ploys the Best steady workmen / Only keeps a Well selected class of goods that ensures a repetition o orders a trial of which be Only appreciated by Call ing upon yours a w. Pearce 122cv two doors from the Corner of r indic strict. Free Trade in t a i Lori . To bushmen Farmers and the Public in general of South Australia. I you require Good lit Tine trousers go to Goodfellow s. I Riding trousers for the last Nwoye Arshaver Given Gener satisfaction and he is determined not to be undersold h any Slop shop in the Colony fora Good fit sound Worl Manship and a Fain Price. Ludge for yours of Woollen Cord trousers from a 7 0 Black trousers 1 10 0 Sydney Tweed 1 10 0 to measure and warranted shrunk. C. , London House Kins William Street opposite the or chant hotel. ? Obsen a no ready clothes kept on the premise. 93nsuv Publicar is stationery ? ? ? school books. Wai. Ii. Ill lieu bookseller Toner. Hindley Street has now on Sale to following Well assorted lot of school books Ainsworth s latin dictionary. Ellis s latin and English exercise a ? ? ? Edward s Eton latin grammar ?. Latin Electus Valov s Sallust ? Virgin ? ? Long s s Horace English notes by Anthon Cas sell s latin grammar by Andrews and Sodan classical Library 3 vol containing t latin Reader latin. Exercises and t acts of the apostles in the origin Reck by Jolgui Owen Matthias s greek grammar Edward s greek Electus Clarke s Homer s Iliad latin and greek 2 vols Nugent s French and English dictionary ? Perrin s French conversations fables ? i. Hamel s French exercises Cassell s French manual by de lome Wano trocht s Receil Choli Goldsmiths histor of Rome history of England grammar of geography i Hiinson s Euclid Bonnycastle a algebra mans ration., Reid s first lessons in arithmetic. Walking Hame s arithmetic.?. Magnall s questions by Wright and Guy guj8 lust rated London geography the illustrated instructor Reading Book turn s practical geometry London drawing Book Arclou textural and engineering drawl i Book 1mechanics and mechanism Bakewell b electric science s Hogg s elements of natural philosophy j ii ind a astronomy Carpenter s spelling Book Mavor s do. Vyse s Jenning s do. A London and other primers also copy books slates slate pencils. I and Everode seption of school stationery. L ,&c. Q i rely will be published in weekly of numbers Price sixpence each ? ? ?. A t Timothy Short s of Urnal of a screws Paytics literature and Mii further parti Cumre immediately. ? ? a u x. Tri k Cwm ii sic Nii w 6 Muio ?. It rat Al far Ety to a Thad at l i i Ali a i i l ii i Wravbns, Hairdresser a ?103 93 by Riliey Street near the Royal Admiral. ? no. Tj3 ijustopenedr5 t a ? ? ? ? i easter ? \ a v arabian nights v Sterne s journey in Franco Pheba s Shak Poare Don Quixote a Ivai Ethus tax Christopher tadpole i old London Bridge ? woman s love ? Heads of the people ? ? Toni Racquet i Pickwick abroad Jem Hunt i. Old Sailar a i611y bet Gillas. ? Telemachus it ? Robirt Macaire Samuel Sowerby Lilac of Napoleon. Robinson Crusoe w use of Wellington. Gulliver a travels a v life of Nel on. The de in on two Sticks vicar Sorwak Cllela. The. Dan life of Christ priceless pearls Tucker Pables. Reynard the Fox ? Clement i Orimer. Literary Cabinet v ? the lout of the Farieri i the inundation. The Snow storm. People journal ? lives of Highway Moln travellers and travelling. On sule at i Hillier Shindley Street Branch office of the Sei Uter and observer. ?. 96er t l ?. ? just of vexed ? ? it e Vil u 3 1 c. N e w . � i c. Is guat Reduci piss. Jit arrived from Khz Larid Fresl%.Sopply of to pupae music comprisingsscredipiecesnew son Gules qua tettes English Irish and. Scotch ballads Quad. Holes polkas Galois Waltzes country Donees at Pirllier a Branti Toffice of Fth or andtom7cvr,.lc�2ii. A Lindley Street. A tit l e y a n i it a b0 k. Jutt t v ? received a Small parcel Ohhi a Nyk on Sale at a Loci. ? Hillier s. Nil Kalui Uli i5k.-, Rint is tables spelling Reading and Story books Allan 6d. Each at ? ?._ i Hillier a stationery and Book warehouse Hindley Street. It ranch office of the of mar and of Borrner?1 inhale at Wal. Iii Lri Rii Prancl office of the Beitter and Iob Tarvar Hindley Street., applications for pasturage ? application is Law ?. Masters and servant a agreements 1 apprentices indentures. Emigration forma i the new Tariff. ? i Bills or lading i ii seamen s Advance note ? writs of summons. .?.?i. J writs lit a ?. I cart of comi Croe Rop oru i. ?. ? ? ? sheep station returns ,. Tom Unn nor Tir Lofin. ? a Vous Agency for South at i Al. undersigned having been appointed sole a6ekt for Che Argus newspaper in sont i Australia Bega to intubate that he has arrangements for receiving supplies of Liat Lounial by every suitable Opportunity and that .Samq will be for 5ile at the publishing Price at his Hook and stationery warehouse in Adelaide. I o335c. John Howe til. Heap series of View Ami Standard ? Booksmessrs. Routledge .4 co. Be to attention to the great redux in they have in the Price of so Many popular and Standard works enabling residents in the Bush to obtain the advantages of a town Library at a comparatively nominal not. ? Bulwer s novels two shillings each. Rienzi. ,. Pilham Paul Clifford Eugene Aram ? last Days of Pompeii pilgrims of the Rhin Queechy wide wide world Valentine Vox to c lamplighter Christopher tadpole Cesar Borgia ? ? sir Roland Ashton White friars Dick cons s Grimaldi Whitehall j ? Carleton s Irish pea scottish chief 1 Santry. Thaddeus of Warsaw ? i Ainsworth s j v Bookwood. Crichton Windsor Castle ? ? St. James ? Fitch of Bacon Lancashire witches sir r. Peel s speeches Ranke s Popes ,. Life of Addison. Ija Martine s ? restoration Martineau s tale Llali hours Best Longfellow s authors ? ? ? ? ? rated half hours of English Pope s ditto history Dryden i ditto. Goldsmith s pictorial Thomson s ditto museum Goldsmith s ditto Kitto s pictorial sunday Southey s ditto books Byron s ditto Knight s old England reminiscences of a he the Island Home tired physician Ali onto Sirry ancient cities cities of the Middle Ages. White s Selborne i grins zoology ? ? two years before the Dodd s curiosities of in Mast Dusty ? ? Robert Macaire pulpit outlines a Crar Ianc s British life of Cranmer India Taylor s life of Christ mrs. Stowe s Mayflower history of France South s household sur ?. Tutor Gary family Friend Parlour literature ? ? to nolo Tom s Cabin court album Fine in adapted for children graving barn s notes on the Keepsake ditto new testament handsomely bound j x Morocco. In Milford Ami Morton Swiss family Robinson travels of Robinson Crusoe Donaldson Manor Grace and Isabel Conquest and self charms Aud counter quest charms. To be had Only at Platts s Book warehouse Hii Iisley Street Aud at the auction Mart Corner of King William Street. Lay parch ment. V 23 x 23, 30 x 35, 20 x 31, 28 x 32. 25 x 29, 27 x 30, 2u x 27. 91q at Platts s. Toys. T s. To y , kites Skittles Cricket bats and Halls Jacc. 9tg at Platts s i a n 0 p 0 r t e , in Rosewood. Sci cottage in Rosewood Walnut and a. Hogan by. Holder Esse Alex. Clark a. A number of Good second hand squares by Broadwood. Also pianoforte on hire. 9tq ? at Platts s. Erarmo Musmand Concertinas daily expected. 91q ? ? ? ? at Platts s. Vav die men s land Kangaroo skins. ?. .?.,.?. ?.91q at Platts s. 0 schoolmasters teachers and others. Gloves Eton latin grammars and Electus French and greek grammars. iat Platts s. By u sic. A Verv Largo assortment of new songs quadrilles Waltzes polkas overtures pianoforte duets sacred music icon Sale at 3sq Platts s. W Eddin presents Rich find rare in s endless variety at Platts s. Wholesale and retail. Third edition Platts 6 Sheet ask. ? 80q_ wrapping papers. Wrapping papers. Or. Platts. Having received Largo in Vokes of the. Above Supply wholesale and retail dealers cheaper than any House in the eolony.�80c. Eale s rudimentary Scien t1fic series. 80q ? ? Platts s. Five pounds Peb Hundred. ? m 0 s t. Q r b k e b p e r dealers 1 country libraries 4c. The Price of the Parlour and railway Library is now be ? dotted to five pounds for one Hundred volumes this Folk consists of ten thousand volumes and is re ? ple nishid by every Steamer. Every new work is shipped immediately on publication. Lev i. Platts Hindley Street. \ new edition of the Sheet almanac 185 published at the Reguffer and a Terter office Grenfell Street and at Tho Branch office i Dulcy Street a new edition of tote South a. Australian Sheet. Almanac for 19558. 1 contexts.1 ? ? the new is Jenals used at the West Terrace Flagstaff carefully coloured. The flasks arc clearly shown Arie the Harbour master s new regulations printed the daily Calendar with rising and setting of the Sun e the Moon s changes memoranda of. ?. E eclipses ?. 1 principal articles of the Calendar feasts anniversaries of. The government ? ? municipal corporations Banks. Chamber of Commerce ? registration of births deaths a. General Post office with the new hates of postage Ani All nedral information ? ? table of dispatch and arrival of Inland Maili. Mercantile charges land and share agent s charts. J South australian customs Tariff Light mooring Pilota of wharfage steam to nor an other port dues and Charees Bates of Storasko at port Adelaida. ,. ? 17namelled and Plain address ill cards equal to Copper Plato and Infin trl Escaper. Apply to or. In Hait , at to thu Zitur and of a nor i Mineral i Mintini orifice. Mas onion Odd Fellowship & v t Oyal Alton l0?�o,h, la . The tenth anniversary it Ell or the above Lodge will be held at the Albi i hotel Morphett Street on thursday evening may3r 1855. Or. Posse will take the chair. Tickets to be obtained of stewards Jno. Cox John Saunder p.g., Jno. Bryant p.g., Bruj. Gurr Thos. Baker g.m., Jas. Medlen Secretary a Csc and Host Potter. ? ?., tickets1 7s. Dinner on table at half past 6 precisely a Ball will take place on the following evening connection with the above Lodge. Tickets double 6i Jhn Iru. A. To be obtained of the above named Steward 7q. J pm a lira Joti a vol k r place h a c. Arici my for yorjng.ladieaconducted by airs. Thorn Levy ? the com be of education pursued at plus establishment embraces the English Frendin. I and italian land rages history Geo trophy Aud the use of the globes music drawing and other terms 10 line Asper Simoum payable. Quarterly in. Advance. A Quarter s notice required previous to the removal of a Pupil. Further particulars May to obtained at the school Gawler place near arc fell Street. Lt122 8 tales Long of a new comm Kcal of school in Kensington congregational school room. J ? ? master or. Ja5ies bios King member of the College of preeept6rs, Lonion. This Suh Iol for the education of Young gentlemen will be opened on Moncay May 7th, in. The new and commodious room adjoining tonal cd Pel the course of instruction will embrace of penmanship elocution arithmetic i5ooukeflpinjj, mensuration i itch Theon of Jarid surveying algebra trigonometry Sod ? Eucks English grammar and composition geography with the use of the globes mapping and drawing in All their departments the elements of natural philosophy sacred and profane history be. ? ? ? ? in teach inf the above branches of education or. Huskin Gafill endeavour to Aive each Pupil a thorough a rounding in elementary principles to Iunce habit Trof thought and a spirit of enquiry and to fit the mind for the reception of Fren Cral knowledge. For the attainment of objects so desirable and to facilitate and secure Mol Worth and intellectual Elevation select class books on elocution history extracts from classical literature a Willlie provided and to awaken a taste for the arts and sciences the most approved geometrical and mechanical models with a valuable ? assortment of Tho choicest drawings will at All times be accessible. ? ? terms payable in Advance i for pupils under 10 years of age. 8s. Odnjonth for pupils above 1o years of afre. ? ?. Extras drawing and mapping. ? 3 0 pens and Ink. ? ? 0 8 hours of attend Noc mornings from 9 to 12 after Noons from 2 to half past i. April 30th, 1855. ? 12v 3v notices. Churchi of England life Assurance institution. J. Capita/., of i Lupojr. Assurances definitely accepted on lives of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class to the extent of .c2.000 of one life. Assurances mar be effected now on the Mutual Seal with profits.4 prospectuses and full information May be obtained from the undersigned. F. S. Dctt0n. Acting agent 20 41a385v Rundle place. Or Wall fire and Marine a insurance company Laon Caston. Cap iicioo.ooo. Established 1811. Dutte cobs. A Delittle . Campbell Richard Green w. S. Button. Gliomas Corbett. ?.?. Sebb Tab James Aiken fid. I Subra cents for receipt of fire and Miriam proposals. ? 1 John Newman Cleland and co., port Adelaide. W. B. Lucas Kaunda. Francis Robert Hunt Hanhdorf and mount Barker fire and Marine rates 4c, apply at the office of i i a Brabam Scott agent birth Street.? those insured in this of Bee against fire Are reminded that annual policies expire by 1st january 1st april 1st july 1st october. The company s engine is kept at or. J. G. Coull e foundry Blyth strict where a number of men Are always ready night or Day to Render assistance whether the property end i gered be insured or not. January 3rd. Iss i. Lam Wev i hex life a ulu Nir \ � Pany and Marine casualty office for general life ask trance and loss of life at sea. Offices 16, Dale Street Liverpool and 1, Lead Cohall a Trust London. S parties going to England or United states May insure their lives for tha voyage at the rate of 5s. Per cent. Pilots co , and Safar Lnor men effect insurance upon their lives for any period at moderate rates. For further particulars apply to Black 4 Wright agents. ? 6, Exchange Hildings Gilbert place. 59cv it Mutual fire insurance it. Citation. Office a Ater Houyao oni dings King wifi am Street Over it r. Hawks. R. E. Tapley Secretary. . Office open daily from 11 to 1 o clock. Fl47cv Al dance British and foreign a Fike and life Assurance company. Established by act of parliament capital five millions stent to. Circe Bartholomew Lane London. Medical referee w Wvori Esq., . Losses by fire paid by he agents in tie Colony. Prospectuses May be obtained on application to 4c . By. Fox & co., ascents Currie Street. Marine insurance office where policies Are underwritten daily at the current rates of premiums according to the practice null .rd3. Lavington Glyck insurance broker. No. 6, Green s xchaiiir.ehambcrs. Agents at port Adelaido is Ais bldwdbli., it co. Cd Rofes clonal life Aukancf a company. Capital. Two pfc rim and Fiatt Tso Baito poltto. With upwards of fourteen Hundred shareholders Adelaide Bokn of a Fao Wilt j. Hector Esq. R. B. Colley Esq. Esq. Max aging Dik Kutok 11. B. Colley Esq. Muscat. r. W. Moore .c a. Some tors messes. Hanson and Hicks. Bikini tabs Bank of South Australia. premiums for Newring �10nti Melv age 30 ? �1 10 it 1 Aeo i to 13 6 301 19 6 1 go ? 3 18 s with Tab Len and fullest information be had at the of the company icing William Street. 275 it . Maun Irr. town and lauxck8ton a luxe in Surack come Axy. Capital. �83,900. Esit Ablahed 1836. Disk oboes ? ? Askin Morrison . Jolgui Waiker Edward Goldsmith Jalm Foster Henry Hopkins. Siax Ohk argot tatty Thomas Moe Dowell. Michael Evans. A at John so Nero. Asvitt at Stibi Nourine a sift atom Itoku Jar of twin thu Kinas Ogilvia. 8fevb1 of at Post capt. H. Simpson. The company having Arran a Menton for the pay ment in London of for loss or aver Asre on policies of Feck by them to England Are prepared to i3suo poli ies a Yawn in London if required. Trio Unuer Sigried Havi Nir been appointed agents Foi South Australia Ara prepared to accept Marine Riks and . F. J. Beck & co. Algonte. A Del he. 1 a \ i Nhor. 1 a Var it North Ken Asuhanck company.1, Moor irate strict London. Capit a �1.259,760 established 1836. The undersigned having Hen of pointed agents for South Australia arc prepared to effect file and life insurances on tie most Liberal terms. Elder & co. Adelaide 12th March 1955. A a Imperial fire insurance com Pany instituted 18031, old Broad Street and 16, pall mall London. Subscribed and invested one million six Hundred thousand pounds. For particulars of rates a. Apply to a. J. Wright a int Exchange Chambers King William Street Adelaid. Engine House Carvosso and Barlows Ilia Marsh Square. Rcv t 0yal fire and l1fk insurance in company. Capital two millions Sterling. Engine House Carvosso 4 Barlow Hindmarsh Square. Medical referee w. H. Sholl Esq., . In the fire department the rates Are the same a charged by the other English offices Here and. In the life Branch the premiums Are Thoie shown by the com Pavs s English scale. Full particular be furnished on application the Ceaman Cook e k co., agents 2aitwhcv Currie street1 Bee Volet. He late or. Kitto. Subscriptions already received in Aid of the tamil v of the Lati or. Militto a. H. Davis. �5 0 0 v. ?1 0 0 Alfred Davis ? ?10 0 a. Forster ?2 3 0 h. Jickling ?2 2 0 William Peacock. 1. 1 0 John plated ?1 0 0 . Lucking. ? 110 Captain w. Cott. 1 1 0 Rev. A. R. Russell. ? .010.0 d. Sutherland. 1 10 a. A. ? i of. Willim Maiu. 0 10 6 i John Edwards. 0 10 6 1 William Owen. 0 10 6 Richman. 0 10 6john Taylor. ? 0,10 0 William Milne. 1 0 0 j. M. Linklater. 1 i 0 Alex. Hay. ? 110 genre Hance. 1 1 0 p. Cumming ?1 1 0 f. Wicksteed. 1 1 0 ? 0 10 6 . 0 10 6 sub scripting will be received by a lessors. A. Forster a h. Davis and George Young at mess. Flett an Linklater a Hindley erect and at both offices of the paper. 05ae municipal and District councils. mit0ham. Those rate 3 Al payers who have not yet paid their rates Ai or requested to pay the same during the en9uinir weel e the Collie Lor will remain in the office Kiny Willia Street Adelaide from 11 to 3 o clock each Day. Parti = owing rates after saturday May 5th, Render the Selvi liable to be proceeded against for the same. W. H. Graham clerk. April 26th, 1855. 120 2 handbills and All descriptions ? printing and books required by District Falls furnished on the most reasonable Tern apply to or. William hic is Register and Obten of general print Nir office. ?. Tatlin medicines. C. Eye Kali 1 received on assortment of the following Pateff in medicines t Morison 8 pills the vegetable Universal Medicine g. Or. I Obert x Pill Ala s life fills \ h s t r a it o f g ree n s to ? fiat.? land Atic Tion balk. ? i o be held in the 7 Al and Jarir a by ,irat4tir,1865 for full particulars see current advertisers Entz of t i tit town prop ties. ? ? i a crh126 Cukttie-8rrbbt in 20 allotments. Air per Han South Adela Iob. 4. Valuable Corn Kab frontages acre 617, j 6ilbekt-Stkket, South Adelaide. 8. Quarter acre 6i7, Halifax-St., South i Adelaide. I 0. B1hlding allotments funder3-St, � South and briard2. It Patrk Acke 608, g1lbebt-St., South.? Adelaide. I ?. 6. Four allotments acre 181, Weymouth ? Street South Adelaide. 8.esidksce acre ft17, Whilder Street j North Adelaide ? suburban properties. 1. Building land a the property of the 1 Glen Osmond 5uning company in 20. Lots. See advertisement e. Township blocks Section 2 .-7. Brighton and , Black Forest. 14 suburban be Sidon be and Garden near the 1for Jutizi Creek. 7. Til i e ill risks Anil land Kensington. 6r House and land Beulah Road. Norwood \ prop orries j 3i 511 a bkg Etc tuns 1012, o.tjrl3, and Ign than Kalilla i ? a. 7 57 sect Fox 1521 improve rapid Bat ? Tan i Kalilla. I 7. Section 3001, Hundred of mooro0ro0. 9. Sections Lutol and 1172, Hundred of port. Adelaide. ?. 13, improved farm near Clarendon. 151 sections 3u i and 2007, Cygnet e1teb, tax Galion Island. 10. Section 30, Hundred of Oka Pariga. J. One third ortion of the above Section is. Do. Do. Do. 12, in. Do. Do. 23. Section 11 is Hundred of Adelaide. 11. Section m5, Hundred of Munno Para. 15. Section St Quail Rudof we Lunga. Tjie sales ? commence at gun fire. U org e g ii e in land agent. Exchange land Olliges Kin William strict. Public and l leg Annc Vanoest to Kloce an Synod. J he of by of a tha diocese and Synod men appointed for the lil Crent Clibur chs arc informed that a Synod will be held at half past 10 o clock in the Forenoon of thursday the 17th Day of May Hist at the chapter House in Ade Laid when and where they Are requested to intend. William a i ley i Gistar. Dated at Ai Claide this 1st Day of May 1s55. 122 3v t pm i1 1�r an e m k i1t 1 no in news Exchange Kinin William Street. The next monthly meeting will be Hiltl on thursday eve in Iii May 3rd, at Hull past 7 o clock when an address will be delivered by t. Reynold Esq., , and or i Dent the society. ? subject an Ein Juirl into the edicts arising from the use of intoxicating drinks up in the Community . Bajot Esq., , in the chair. A collection will to Wade at Trio Odioso towards the expenses of the room. G. W. Cole i James Hollins f ? april 3qth, 1835. ,. 121 3 return f ail Lyrl bodied i government Relief Domestic servants ? 141 , m.d., immigration agent May 1,1855. ?. 117o suit Plum Pax of n1 Esq., Beinin about to return to England if any persons entitled to Cone dances of land in this township have not , such individuals arc requested to Aji ply immediately to messes. Gwynne and Lawrence or to Nathaniel Lailes King Williatt Street. April 30, 1855. Xiv Akey & Var in. All parties indebted to the late Linn of Carey & Wren fire requested to i pay Ali or ii comics to Peter g. Harris wine and spirit merchant Llin Tlley Street. Must if not All these debtors having recovered from Tho pin Impf 1951, and now in a position to pay their debts it is hoped they will not further delay the Payi int. 10ui 29v 33 companies societies c. T 0lit Lincoln mining company. At a meeting of shareholder i in the above inn Tiu Vicil company hell pursuant to a Otic it the of Cea of i a 3?. L Enn & wearily in sex Chung clip Trubert Ade Lii Dion monday of april Ultimo at 2p.in., lbs the purpose of whether the said company Mould by dissolved in Conseil Ncncy of then not being present shareholders okie Thiril part of the shares of the said company i As chairman o said meet inst having cpii.d the vote of person att i filing and voting thereat to be Tak a ail recorded did then adjourn the meeting to be held at the Saint place on Friday Tho 4th Day of May aug Muiir at 2 o clock . Aud 1 hereby give notice that Tho Himl meeting stands adjourned Accordi ugly. J. Ii. Neales chairman. Dated the 1st Day of May . X t Oyal mini n j Compa by notice in is hereby Given that the half Yeai ily Jeet 1nu of the alive company will be held at the offices water Louse build Insp King William strict on wednes Day the 9th May at 1 1 o clock i.m., when the directors and auditors report for the past six months will be presented. Nathaniel Summers Secretary. April 21, 1855. 117a w i 1vku Muir May navigation com a Pany. Notice is hereby Given that the Char Ter incorporating the liver Murray navigation company in conformity with the act of who legislative Council passed 9tli december ib53, having been Sisnett by the Golf dior the shares of the company will shortly by ready for Issue to the Public. Ily order of the directors George Yuing Hon. See. Adelaide april 3, 1s55. v105 i a v. Q u i t a a ii in v u i l d i n c company. Notice is hereby Given that the fifteenth monthly meeting of the Abov company will be held at Ilic Napoleon hour part Kilifi William Garcet on wednesday next the 2nd of May ii 8 o clock when eight shares will to offered fur Coupe to Tenn. Nathaniel Summers Secretary. April 2h, 1333. ? 1i7.v22 a dela1dk a a into Vinci Ai. A society. Commenced april 21, 1855. I 100 shares put a Nio Nlaly v Competition Weckl subscriptions is. Share weekly Kent ? Perl Marc Entrance Fec 2s. Oil. Or . Time of payment saturday evenings Between the hours of and p. The directors having resolved not. To a us tin Entrance free by the present share May Lotaki atthe Ori Riml fee until further notice on application to the Una Resigno a of ovum Prust causes May be had. Nathaniel , Secretary. Waterhouse buildings april 23, 1353. 1 1 lev 17 ast Turkne and in a a Estment society. Tie licit Monti 11meeting and Sale of will take places the Globe inn Kensington Ori tuesday Ever ing the 1st May Whin i shares will be sold. The Entrance fee till that Date is filed it 29s. Per Short for further information apply to or. I. Alt Ridge act Shipton or to or. Charles Edlin Hilton and co.1 printing offices hinder a Street. ? 95v c1ia11le5 Edlin Secretary. A re sements. ? Cockri k Sackl North Adelaide choral society first concert of. Sacred music will take placet wednesday evening next. May 2nd, at Tho Baptis Chapel Lefevre Terrace to commence at half past o clock. Under the patronage of his worship the mayor. Subscribers annual tickets. �1 each May be obtaining the conductor ill. W. , Archer tre these tickets Are not transferable but admit the Bear and a lady to the society s concerts for on year fro the Date of Issue. Single tickets to tins concert. 5s. Each May 1 obtained of u r. Lilly White and of ill. Lawson Kenyoti Street also at Tho Branch Olsen of the lie Gitter Ai Olte ctr at the Timet Ollice Hindley Strett and of to principal Hook Sellers. Programme Pabst. 1. Anthem sing 0 heavens. Kent. 2. Rec it. And air in the Loral me Udelsohn 3. Trio and chorus i writer of. Zion ? ?1. Sair cil 5njr, i Aioli or. J. A. Daniel. A Olivcr. 5. Anthem Ilo Praver. Kent 6. Solo voice miss Chalker s. Lover. 7. Solo and chorus Zion. Int then a Huen Al of fifteen uni Nuton. Part ii. 8. Anthem blessed be thou. Kent. 9. Sacred sons Hope or. J. W. A. Njal a Glover. 10. Duett. Children Pray miss Chalkjr Aud or. Mitchell. Spoor. 11. Solo and horns 0 thou that tallest Handel. 12. Sacred song Charity or. J. W. _ Daniel ? s. Glover. 13. Chorus blessed be the name. Fawcett. 14. Finale go save the Queen. Mrva. T. Light will preside at the harmonium a Herr Kunze at the pianoforte. Leader or. Charat conductor or. Lillywhite. Admission by ticket Only. 116 22 it. Holden Hon. Bee. Oyal Victo in j Iii Valke. Grand family night. Thursday evening May 3. Professor Hall will a Jain amuse and Aiston the citizens of Adelaide and its Vicinity with his it Dereul delusions in natural magic the boxes will be kept select for the use of Famili and be secured at Hillier a stationer a hindi Street or at the port. 3 ?. Tivoli hotel Skand Hall. F i . The Gernian by band in attendee. The whole under the director tickets including refreshments gentle Ien i. Less 223 l ?. J. Schirmer t is held every Nung at the Eagle Tav a n%sffi0fiinreb Calls the attention of friends and the Public to his Hartag secured the Send or. To Rugani As pianist. ? 112 re Monk to lend a it ? Leo a in t n i of la tej a Casio and v a pc Jed in Large or Small knt in. ? 1 ge0bg8 Doski -.-r? i Ghanie Wllliam str a emmy req ton by to Leni or. John t. Jul Al Bagot a several a�ra8 of. Money to l4o j mortgage of Freehold. To a building feb tar 14th, liw5. ? 40� w Mois k v to on i in sons ? from. �50 auuubwara�,6ayreiholdand other Scott Row Toa. Wchabds0n,r \ 1 ass it ? Home Ager Wking Allhabi off in Moi Liv llixt.inliirg.? or Small Uttmi Oil All kinds of valuables at one half the rate St of Sny other Bouse in ail Olaida. I ,. Thomas Jones. c0ms1. ,. . Wem birth Nowr. / if Dneymoi\Liy. re i a to and in turns Orvai i and upwards Tea i for holds Hurra shores and other securities. A . Gold and Moity brokers Quidley str pc april 14,1355.? loft. On ii. My i s. Balt sky bake Well Astow Havo etoral sums or Mombro Vance on mortar. North Tarriee. Jain of. 1s56. ? motto of tolf Clad a Iniimt irom Iju a to �1o. Skou frskoki., , to apply of i i. ? to. B. Varna in . requiring Ostl Fanco in to Huc Fla St Tho gov Aromenta sales will to i i aut to Rafiei with. Jurji ? ? ?. Lilo i. -g0ld Jyi Rodi Cir Gold. Gold. Gold South Aust Alan Rul Liow a of ice next door to tha Eich Inre hotel Bra \ Loy Striect. ? Price Given for Gold dust this Day clean Victoria Gold dust. I3 17 0 prot. Dec Hunan Gold ? 3 10 9 41tt. To Asra cd Gold 23-taurat3 17 6 ditto. Ill by. Money. Money. Money to Leai la a Naif of �10 to Freehold and other be Burmei. Lovorn Cut sections Dought and Luaa a with a i of Purdue of. C. Collison. 0. Hay lev. Smith australian Bullion office. Kab. 13. La \1te l beg Louf Orrt fim 1 1 Public that we have reopen e d our 8iot Spiric Street Adelaide where a Supply of ,1 Loub not ,. us an of our Omi will by kept Aud sold both wholesale and retail. Nin. We authorize our air we. Hill to buy sell Pav Ami receive a on our aces but. 6 ? John tit Gay in sir. Paukst de Mills 01ii Rod. Beeby a Dunstan arc Purohi Aiters at the highest Market Price. Adelaide april 26th, 1855. Lifer Rev merchants fak&itrs, and others. The a spied is prepared to sell the Welt known mount Barker seed either at Moitt Barker or in town. Samples May to to ii at Tho stores of messes. Clove a co., curio a Tartu Oral. Henry Hooper a mount mount Barker March 15, 1855. 75ct10v2 Capr sal7h\ttvw Hundred bushels of the above. Nelv 31. Fisher brothels 1 oath a. Oats i. T or Rafalli at. Stores of the 1,135 bushels of ones. ,. Also livestock dry Ted. Vij ducks geese fowl piers and snap. Which to supplied in any Quantity at to.2untml notice and us North d to any part of the world. Robert Venn shipping Biiber. 27c. ? Lipson Street port Ade Dev to fwd. 10 u a i tie unto Signil Berf. To Inforno the Public he Bun added to hit t general grocer Uii Sines that of i eals luf and Corn dealer and Hoits by wiling in Uuie goods at Mill Price to to favoured with support Sii this Branch of business also and tenders his sincere thanks for ally it favour. James Virgo o Connell Street North Adew . All goods. Delivered free of charge we this thai Wev. 6i 1?8t. Tt7iikat. J. Dunn son Are Pur ? chasers of wheat for Cash to the highest. Market Price it their steam Mill mount Lark cart. Ini w i a a t i it lid h Quantity for Cali at Tho Light Square b team Mill.1lwtatt. March 28tb. 1955. ,. 88ct. I tt7 m11at. Oats the under irined is a purchaser of the above them by it Market prices for Cash. John Wilkinson Gilbert place near the Blenheim hotel 31 v ? Ilind Lcy in tract. Woolrtlic Undis guck other Puc Luise or Advance on Wool. W. Peacock & sox. Grenfell Street Ducc tuber 20, 1864. Met to tool tallow of. Joseph Vav stilling a co. Are purchaser of Bot tallow and other produce and make advances ahoy mut8 thereon to London or Liverpool. Join ploy Street i tet a Pill Iii Lurski ii till Aru l urch Nauru of Wool i and other 1 to Dice and make advances sep merits thereof to London or Liverpool or. Ciu ruin Kluzit in London will be harm to attend to any Busi Ucb in Trust to bin firming left Laide. I Kirchner Gaede Uenh k co., 263o Clr Mcfoll a i convey axes. ? � Rpike mount Hakim Felt mail Caup a will leave the Sturt hotel arc Foll a tract ovary Alvernoon at a Quarter before 3 o clock at which pass Niters and parcels May be booked. Lev Donald Ilan. In uses cattle vehicles a 170r balk Trio Fini it two Vear of l draught entire Colt in Tho Colony by Maulton of ii Clyde Idalu Mure. Lie is ? dark Brown stands 16 hands 1 hah Well proportion us and Good tempered. Apply to Daniel Ilion Iab so cloak log. May be Beni on saturday next Muy 6th, at the old Hushman inn Gawler town or at the so cloak Logon any other day122cti hot Els i v k it y sta33 l is a. Rilk hotel. I x or. Waheibi Torst landlord of the inn above named i ills it a Pessary to inform Trio Adelaide Polho 1 lint the Iri Iii in line of to the North Branch Init Oll t i 1 he Rij Fht from Tho first half Way House on the porn roil his door. To forbears to boast of i Sujie rior Eiilrtainiii ii and Means of accommodation but imagines that All who feel n 11 interest in the Road now progressing to tin North will be pleated. To. A now thut is eclat la Aetui civility and suit Able Wiiri Muy by Lound near the Adelaide and. Of that important line of communication which has to. L Ispir Rimuaiiud i abeyance. Tie Freshwater Springs. Hotel is situate Onemia North of or. Torrens a an tvo i is North of the first half Way House on the port Road. Hitherto known As Jones s 122 4r ?. I l k n Vai u rfbl7iundieto Stkeett. A. Jones formerly of kannada late of the general pout office Adelaide bees to inform the that Helios taken. ,. The above spacious and centrally situated hotel Hopes by strict to Biu Mies to secure tha Tnp i port which it will be his constant endeavour to wit i tie private apartments Are airy and Eleff attly furnished 1 and Tho entire accommodations Are such As to a tour 1 general satisfaction. ?,.? private rooms for families a a. ? an Ordinary Ilailo at 1 o clock. The in test dated colonial and English Papuna Lwirt v i to be Seon in the Corleo Moora. ,., ? private and Publ Coinner i arties rot up on the Anam \ notice in the Best style. 741811 i Baulky Corn hotel 5 i n Rundle Street by Mary Bailet. Mrs. , late Tho White Hart inn a Inayat 1 Street Bra leave to i Foroi her old i i cedi Aad us in Blair tint she has sparc4 110 a pm in Jinil klug.romforlimc lied Lini and Brood stall int for term taut with the Viry Best Supply of. Rood liquors. An Ordinary daily at 1 o close. 97 Lafit c Solun a Iilva inn Zikik Street feast adjoining or. Rounsville s livery Stamn. Donald Mcfadyen Kcf 9 most to me quaint his old Fri ads and customers that he has Ikea the above inn and Truitt by strict attention to Bani met a Moi crato charges and keeping ouly Arttelt. To Merit a continuance of that Patron Asre he has ott4 for the last i it Carh. Sooil Sti Icilinc and stockyards. 9i 12sr ticket Malibu ticket and All descriptions of printing Tecu Tatj a flit Coet Superior style and 011 reasonable to pm. Applet or. William , Al Yuter and Lott Romr my. Print inf of Llama ? Board Ano Lori Tygret a i Ijo Allu and Oikun g. A sent Lefful i o copying a career Howe than he Reque Ricoli South Adelaide will be Plad to receive one or two. Fps a Flemen As Boardw on reasonable terms. Adds Jbranch office of this paper. Wanted Eil Litrin ado Liilo. Or within ten minutes walk of the Exchange. = m Geol i ii air bedroom unfurnished in a respectable room. Apply to l. A office of this paper. Lubor. To be Malitski Frei ? i respectable female servants arc info Ltd Tahk � mks. Hunt of Hiras labour office King we Mhz Street has an Anan it not by which tie it Tel accommodated with come ble Litaud and Lod a 11 at iras Nablo Charpe Whilo thin re Nubia Dahs played. Mrs. Hunt to be that by of principal motive in mating Tho above Art my ement u it. A a source of profit to herself but to a respectable ? i ? toll Eonden Cumi female do mention. U9eit ranch of toe of the in Registe ?0 o and observe a news papers. My he St Hillier stationer and bookseller Iii Dey it Obj old Seitter and obit or offices authorized to meat ill advertisements 4c. C Lesof the if Gist �aa0tm.i of always on Sale. A de for refer Euco order for Job Printu Reed Tedt inst ? v ?,.-.? ? ? la
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