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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - June 29, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia adv Pitisi mints. Tarai i .-.-i/. he Uil to ,7l-.?, of inward in Surh a our to i a /?"./ Gnu m Partick Lurly a notify that. Is ohm a set a / / Ronli ii Law for i,v.?. ? r,.ii.w i a Lre Lou 15atavia, to if ? " ". I. , a. 1". A Tsoh stju1. Ali ii to a ii i a i Ihu i Hoard mrs .vi.iikk. Iii to _ ii to. Foli Iatavia a " Vruir. Ii t i n. R7. H 7/ix\ f 5,v1 i mrs i i of St a . Rio pm Muni is i Tir i Vight . Inc up to the a i Luiu of wild la John Walkon . T. Ioil port unfold to ?7 m a Bull in dues a jew � w. L Birtt a . Pii liii.? a i a i. V f /./. It i ii. Lav i 1 ? ? i i d 1.1 i Jovo met Oil 1.-Irtit i is a filly to John Allan. A limit a in. For sat Lino twist. I is Vav. I Doi Iset ill Osuh / i ii Ati Cirii tin Lulier Jinn ii i lit it work. ?sssj.? i us. Jim Tirol it k in items Wili Given i it i it Nile Rion o . To Tinii j ily. Ten v -.-. I. I. ill of. A Tiv to ii ? a in i Oil a mint Tims , 1.?.y-m to a s ratio ask. a n m dmar . A ,. I Lii in in. Julic k in \ to. .-. A i iI a Jin . At 1. June ii. Rij i ,. N .i,v.\." a i.-.-.?i-, ii Uil of a in lift. Hrisi ii i a Lei i ii Al i Vii to , u ii i v ii be comr c. Join Allan. 22. 183. A pm a mini a strip it is. a t value talc in ugh at site it Trutt. Lii t Riniti a t Iron i Ilic ..-. A in to in of tin a Tami m. Fortl a Jii i cuts i j i Lylo t?.i Rui Vati cont Apt i3jurio\s of but Loiis a i a x Diu -2\i ii cons -. Midjo it. Terrain a Jaii a. . A Ploit a Wock of Drout Liun Birrd urics on upper batiks of the towns which Ordo i will i Baucu in Piatt Tay Tuvao v Inoc Etc credit git i. Aped to it. Man is. Urv.-, a i the Romity to l c in Neil form i unit ii Ccollin. To the Driler on tic a i june in to Milyou i Hihun Aitie Slu in ii rain Oil its in to it cd. Bice lipids Pline i Liml May 2. And Market. , Commissi s?. Lipf to i ii i ii Liis in icing Sikl the Public Tomt Lio h Tiik ii tin Bloj nil. I ? t m Market the will lit Happy to Supply them him tit Vav Yieh will l i to ii l a i uni it it i a pot . . Kess Bis Tiv Wlttiihs. Poultry Loup a t mid m on , jul rec smal a. To a Sot. Ibe Vual wry mini rior to lurks of Chen con Sui aug of the Follo Viii numbers Ull to ii mid four toot ii to ii m Ilia Giitl Soik fit if ii i 1"". I . Mcl. T. I a 1- ii Tiv i a t1 Idun to ii i -. ? i inter to. . Is. iv.-v.1 of ii 11 .,.nnr . T 7. 1al ?.nt liar j, on ill us. Vis Ai e. I la riot cars Virrl ii Rev quiet. J Vijil it a i Ivr i jux. ? ii cattle St i obis. Ili Jvon ., ,.y urn h, Nimni ii of fee a. it Jill season ii a h v,.??i i1, Jii l a i nil ? o i Tach of t til liver it la its Al Jav Mill a it 1111.l cattle. T ,. Lai to if a i a ii ? ii is it 1io a a ,-,., ,. Av.-Ioiv. A Cor i. I ?.-.i w.i1-Tiv Soi i Orji l c ii Ali Pulley s meet Wii Ifil . To. I le.it lot for ii i to Shii a j Alii. It fms Hio for file in to Villner. Of it Linin to. Wisla ivil.-, Lii ,., , in in a ii a a a ? to Vul i c Ai i Trio Jii i.ia. Lit. A j n sity i a a. Ii. dresses Iris s. Counter Jianos Cali. I. Of direct of 1 inc Roii oils that the Linen May have tic 0.v.-Icr f ,an 3 on the il3 ?. Robert cock Lias again the Honor of Laving his circular As jul Dishell last year before flirt Lilie and be s to direct their Atten Tion to the notes inserted it the end not Cor agent having Liron Iurii Cin Liv the colonic in a to aft Iris ser v Tom Tut . In s .1 null e Viii Ilia Lii a T ,.iietritur. L in ties u ulu ram. I a is in Vve l a i jul fur in Ial to to disc v.-i Niy 1,-.in -.un. Iii n.h.iiis . N is lib in , Niy Luigi a i Caiiou an of town Corii Itzy \ Iiniti-ii1 to ii . In in a finer i . Lii Roii i Itie Feu australian a. To within , to lifer at obits of the Ouli Miz Ilion Counnis Oioi cars Aik Lihi Cir inc a i in instructions Siml litre. J Lic i Tirc of Tiu Witry Licud is at present .?1 jux i so to Nanri Tinl Vii vets june met yet Eliuk Ilo Tieyon twelve Mill. I rom Ilio rapid no. Aile Uii a is in i town Iamb in Adelaide at Ert Jim. To Jioji. Jet a ii of i Urelia ses Joti Wicio Iisley Iilo in u2\v m Liard Tail in a i Lily fit Ablo Cosmu it but persons coming to to with Australia is Stoel Niers a Rie Nhare in Isif n m nary eos id ration with lint limited capital would belter defer Siusing irial in tin i isl Tanee As Cleo Lent i Astyre a n in rented at 4 a. Per a i mile /. To of. On he in harsh ring tin l i wit i whirl Ritzin can to n fenced mid tint wit i tiie Jizot i id eeutior.. J to a soils oies Raj in l must join Vii a Eutevy into Lulu x in i Nivins of which i Ali Freud cd icily of a i . In. A. I. Ninn a is Siil in ii -. I thu in it. T to i in Fini i .-. it . L l in Lif f .-.an. Ali i ii a ii Nigals no i to tin1 i Ilo \ii. a i in. /rri.-k. 1. I i ii to l Latkin. , a,of Clair i Mii it i. L in. Uil is i a a. 1-Rir- 1. Cd . Vun i .Io i. The u. Luwill Sam v.,-,n Vvs In Leri k i Al i id .h".? Ivl inv i. i v . in a Jui . Lii . . Huh Oit Millwr Len .r. turn. K the Moi Tooill Cut we s Lului l. met in 1j.i1. Vilirie. . I Yolk vow l ill . Jin Enli ten to. Hotly a Lull of Ivo to pay .i" Oil c. Iof til Fouty to not is Silvil for wit Lii tin l is i us .nit Al. C .tt i.? i Lii Muir f"ui.?j in is up lit Lor we Ali of i Ditri to fir. Rial Mirvary. Ind Luis ii of i Sonu. . Iat a i ii District ten in in " \ aii.rnj-Iiii. A i a Dilk amt i h " . I if in he pc pm. Ii Xvi it. At a \ a .l u -,v in i. Ii v in u pm in. I. -srriim.n. Jinn i. . irim , i Millet. Tout of axum k. 11jik i . A it i Cave port Adi Liivik ovary i ilm is Jav sol at to Lulu a maj a turns non to e inter Aioli into Pisa i s a i. A v. Aut ii tie tort ii a i. Milnor my2 t. Lcr-3 Muakit a state. Want Kun 1 1"" of it j Pilj for Lic Buve a fit. A ? it . Oct ii pc inc Voralik Ai Cofie store North .-incj". Go Witk we to thick respectfully in loves the be it,-i.ien of Adelaide its vein in that a Lias taken tie premises lately in . Jiunn it now n it Nyal a Linita fin., where he intends Varr Plumi Liova Hii Atwil Limbus strict attention nil moderate Jiri Eer to obtain a Shaft ? clip May Ian a him with to licit Orilous is Llic Are Well selected to. Alliy a a it Siit. will it tended to Ami Iviam taif Many War a Ricort lie has Linin in i Lite is utile to in in that style a Liili is i a Lily i ii Risiti. Lotti is and country orders punctually.tten Ucil to. 1-i, Hindley Stritt june 13, 18 w. Links is and cars to let to Carky four. A. Dragon Rospoch fully informs Liis friends Tomt he Lias removed to More Central premises in King William Street near the. , where horse and cars arc ready at All hours and provided wit Hood lumps. W. A. In Lii Ivin a knowledge of the stir Rouill ing country will feel pleasure in Gutu Inen selecting their land. June 4, Isco. Choice wines. Cd Alton informs Fumii ies and the Gen Lumon of Adelaide that he has received v Small consignment of tie. Alive article to ?. Listing of Kvut Shierry and Madeira to Vii try to t Calls their Utt cution As in Jinhee. And Quality Liev cannot he excelled in the Colony. N. A Genilo Nikii requiring temporary Loop ups mid families be Vly Arm Oil in the Colony will find themselves at lion to the Royal Admiral 72, slim Ali a Strei t. June is. Ian j. Roi i Kouts. Coltman s wrent. I a in again pros noting Viimsi of i to the notice of his mid Iho i Wililie of a to inform Lii in that he will Liv an Oili mry Vilmis Tibig of the Deli eavies of Chi a every Day at o Elora. Also so Jis fre n i to lialf.Jii. Diu o clock chops steaks j i Ollivie i &c., at any Lour and go Oil hts always in ii ii Diin is. A i that the attention he will show to put is most co Only Tom j Iuli a .iis, tier jul Pitt generally Luif. In pm i Roytio mid Choi Olat univ Lio attn Nubie it hour of Tho Fay. The Mirti will Aln l Ci-1 much jilt Stirt cml tint Ilin Neis luncheons to hiring Thorn at to licit own residences. Go. A Why. Vice Ido june 21, 1801. I.o.llknt o. of Tusit. Nin i Oum s be it we x he. Sold a ready Money in siness s Lirin. in non cards v Ninn pounds per Vook Clair in it. Lyice.?2ol. This would be a in to Ril Jit Titpon Unity for any one i Iliin to a i in .cml. Acc us the uni since a is 6te Ali a . I fun Rihr j in i Lars and it to this air pork to Uji Jiniv l \ Wv.vi"", to the la will Way House to i Ott a us the Toiro j l Rise Viva i Omli. Rastl Kaoi Wii i Dairy Small a Eui i. I Sirij to . , Sohili Iii. On Sai. Ruji Jik Dullni Viii siry vints ii a Baton biscuits k a. H. Uavi.s. Giles Cap a no 2fl, in. Sitkei a a Kew Kat. Strayed -.m tin run i. Mac la locks Hran Lenl to site of ribs Marjre nos roast

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