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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - July 31, 1847, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia letters to the editors. The editors wis i it to be i distinctly understood that although it is their desire that this Jon nil should reply express the opinions of their correspondents they the editors Are net to be considered As responsible for their opinions. All letters involving facts roust be authenticated by the name and address of the writer. Baptist Bett diction of state support. Gentlemen. The statement lately made in coun cil by the advocate general that the Independent and Baptist denominations have in the other colonies received Aid from government in support of their respective churches the comments of the South australian thereon instituting a charge of inconsistency against these bodies for opposing the present governmental measure and the iteration of the charge by the advocates of that measure compel the parties so implicated either to vindicate themselves from the imputation or by maintaining silence admit their delinquency. The vindication of the independents by their highly respected minister in Yter last Issue is Complete and i Trust satisfactory. Will you allow me to say a word on behalf of the baptists ? having been in connection with thelast named denomination More than thirty years i have had numerous oppo nunies of becoming intimately acquainted with the sentiments of its ministers Ami the Lead ing members of its body and though i am not so fortunate As to possess like the Rev. Or Stow forcible and definite statements of its principles contained in authorised Public documents of the denomination i yet feel com Jie tent to assert that the sentiments of the baptists touching All matters a fleeting the connexion Between religion and the state Are precisely those of the independents. Both Are alike congregationalists and both equally believe that All state interference with religious matters is repugnant to the spirit of christianity. I am not prepared to deny that some ministers or congregations designated baptists May not have ginned against the principles of the body. Be it so. The denomination cannot be made answer Able for the proceedings of individual members. Even congregations May have been led by peculiarity of position or the Force of untoward Circum stances to forget their principles without fairly involving the whole body in the charge of inconsistency. Who thinks of charging the churches of England or Scotland with inconsistency in advocating state support because a few of their Mem Bers or perhaps of their congregations prefer True Volta truism ? the conduct of such baptists As May have departed from the new testament Mode of support of Christian worship is i am sure repudiated and lamented by the Baptist body. It has been urged that the baptists have received government Aid for building chapels in Jamaica. The Aid received was for re building chapels that were destroyed in the outbreaks that preceded the abolition of slavery Aud was afforded on the same principle that property in England destroyed in riotous outrages by the people is made Good at the Public expense. It was not a religious but civil matter and government would have afforded the like or perhaps greater assistance had the property destroyed been sugar Mills or private dwellings. The baptists have avowedly received Aid from government towards supporting schools in Jamaica but Aid for educational purposes is there a distinct thing from that afforded for the support of religion. Their present procedure in the West indies is sufficiently indicated in the following extract from a communication by the Rev. J. H. Angus Secretary to the Baptist missionary society while on a visit to the missionary stations at Trinidad. It is dated dec. 5th, 1846, and published in the Bap. List missionary Herald for february in the present year All the estates Are accessible to missionaries and the government is prepared to errant Money for schools or religions purposes to All. The catholics the Episcopa lians and the Wesleyan receive from the Public trea sury and the Council Are amazed that neither the presbyterians seeders nor the baptists will accept of such Aid. Deeply regretting the introduction of a measure that comes in Aid of our too natural disposition to Hunt for Inconis Tauches in the conduct of Chris Tian Brethren of differing denominations on which we found our arguments or taunts i am a e. W. Wickes. North Adelaide july 30th, 1847. The i Daush and Bowden Mechanic Institute. Gentlemen As one of the committee of the Hind Marsh and Bowden mechanics Institute and read ing room allow me to thank you for the very favourable notice Vou have taken of our institution in your paper and at the same time to request Public City for the particulars now transmitted. It was a conviction of the truth of the aphorism knowledge is Power in a moral intellectual or physical sense As Well As in a political one that induced a few individuals anxious to promote the welfare of their fellow men to found the institution which has just been opened and they Are induced to Hope that their efforts will be appreciated and encouraged by Public spirited colonists not resident in the township of Hindmarsh or the adjoining Village of Bowden identified As they Are with the celebrated reaping machines of or Ridley and other inventions improvements and manufactories which have been of infinite service to the Colony and the colonists. The subscription is 2s 6d per Quarter with an Entrance fee of 2s 6d. Some books have been Given us some Lent to the institution for a time and a few have been bought so that in All we have started with about 300 volumes of books the number of Mem Bers being forty two. In thinly populated and not opulent places like Hindmarsh and Bowden it must be evident that the number of subscribers can Only be limited and that consequently the difficulty of giving permanency to such an institution is much greater than in places where the population is considerable. The committee Are fully sensible of this and Are desirous of having As they Hope they deserve to have the countenance and support of those who reside beyond their local precincts or move in the higher walks of life and May be disposed to assist them by becoming subscribers by donations of books maps or the bestow ment of pecuniary must observe that the committee contemplate the erection of a suitable building in which to hold their meetings and those of the Institute the present one the Only one we could get being but ill adapted to the wants of the institution. The great objection however is the rent we have to pay which if not obviated will cause serious deductions from our very limited funds we Are therefore Wishful to relieve ourselves of this encumbrance and Trust that such a Relief will go far to ensure the stability of the institution. I have thus endeavoured gentlemen in As few words As possible to recommend our undertaking to the favourable notice of your numerous readers and to anticipate from them some measure of support. I am authorised to add that subscriptions and donations will be received by or Ridley our treasurer. One of the committee. Hindmarsh july 18, 1847. Or John Stephens s address to the starving or suffering millions of great Britain and Ireland u which the names of two Hun dred colonist Bre am Cherf is in ale in the letter form Ras published in the South australian Register extraordinary. Of the 428tb july. Settler in the c entry desiring to live the Addhe-8 forwarded t � Friend. In any part of the United kingdom can have hem postal from our often on St Ling us the nectar instalments a office f the South australian Register and the Adelaide observer newspapers. 30th july 1847. To correspondents. Since our lust publication we have been favoured Vilh the following additional names in confirmation of he statements made in our address to the starving and suffering millions of great Britain and Ireland published in this journal of the 30th june George Stonehouse Baptist minister Annaston j. Partridge solicitor. Thomis St by , Way Rook farm Illunga. John Brown Exmouth farm Meadows. John Bowen builder. Chrles Reeve stockholder currency Creek. Samuel White Dorset farm Wil Lungi. Isaic eare Illunga. Edward Drew storekeeper Rundle Street. Or Morton will perceive that his name has been added to the list of approving signatures Bur his Able and scientific dissertation on the physical effect of warm clothing will not be prematurely published but reserved for the perusal of the committee of the South australian British destitution Relief fund who will doubtless receive with pleasure and give proper publicity to Stift Jestion which win not alone materially Ai them in the direction of the funds com muted to their care but May furnish matter for useful re Flection As Well As information of great value to humane intelligent or afflicted beings of every clime and condition. What a outfit Sutta Clyett 1xe%i$ttv. Adelaide saturday july 31, 1847. The John Bartlett from London. The barque John Bartlett under the com Mand of our old Friend Captain Woodward late of the John flees arrived on wednesday last bringing a valuable cargo and Twenty four passengers including the right Rev. Or. Murphy . Bishop of Adelaide two Catholic clergymen messes Arthur Blyth and Louis Joseph old colonists and some relations or friends of colonists. The John Bartlett left the Downs on the 16th april and made the passage in 102 Days the weather having been Stormy during the latter part of the voyage. The Cressy with emigrants May be expected daily or James Allen the late proprietor of this journal and mrs Allen and family have taken their passage in her. The following Are the latest quotations for South australian Wool Fine Quality is 4d to is 6d middling is id to is 4d inferior pieces and locks Lod to is grease 7d told lambs is 4d to 2s. In Corn Oil and metals we do not observe any material difference As compared with our last reports of the state of those markets. Gleanings from late foreign journals. We notice the following in a late file of Ger Man newspapers which has been kindly for warded to us by or Nolthenius. The Village of Meimbresse containing so houses and about 600 inhabitants in the Circle of Hof Geismar in Cassel has been offered for Sale to the state because the entire population Are about to emigrate to America. On the 19th March an extensive Forest in the neighbourhood of Furstenwalde was Des troyed by fire occasioned by some Small pieces of burning Coke fal ing on the ground while the Stoker of a railway engine passing along a line that traverses the Forest was feeding the Furnace by which Means first the Heath and subsequently the Trees became ignited. The prosecution of mining undertakings at Bensburg was daily on the increase in Conse Quence of the discovery by an englishman of the name of Knoble. Of some valuable Silver mines in that neighbourhood. In France the administration of sulphuric Ether has been applied for the detection of feigned diseases. A couple of Young con scripts one with a crooked Back Bone the other with a disease in the hip were handed Over to the military surgeon for examination under the suspicion that they were merely pretending in order to escape military service. The Back of the first one would not become straight by any mechanical Means whatever but after he had been made to inhale the Ether and the Muscles were relaxed the Hump Dis appeared and the Back became As straight As that of the Stine St Kussian Grenadier. The modern Sixtus then confessed his deception. The other on the contrary remained lame and was discharged As really unserviceable. The English government is having the is land of Alderney which lies Only a few hours sail from the coast of Normandy very strongly fortified. It will be a kind of second Gibraltar. Four forts Are to be erected and to be connected by a railway upon the highest Point of the Island a lofty watch Tower is to be built which will command an extensive View Over the sea and the French coast the expense is estimated at one million Sterling. The Spanish court has sent a representative to the states of Central America and has con sequently by so doing acknowledged their in dependence. According to accounts from Antwerp All the vessels on the berth there for new York and to sail before the 15th May had been taken up exclusively for emigrants who had already engaged their passage. 1 he German author Charles Grain who had been residing for a Long time in Paris had suddenly been ordered by the government to leave the capital within Twenty four hours and France within three Days and in Case of Dis obedience he would be forcibly removed. At Rome and about the same time at an Cona a formidable conspiracy had been Dis covered. The arrests in the provinces had been principally of the secular clergy while in Rome itself it was More the laity who were compromised. Seventy five of the prisoners Iliad already confessed their guilt. The most j dangerous of those who had been taken was a Young Man who travelled under the false name j of count Baldi and Fano and who betrayed himself by unguarded expressions in the c Affe Delle Belle Arti the rendezvous of artists of different nations. When surprised at his Home by the police he had not time to conceal certain kinds of arms in use among common murderers. His will was also found. At his third hearing he confessed that his object was j to assassinate the Pope on the Public Occa Sion of the consecration and presentation of colours to the civic guard which was shortly to take place. Mademoiselle Mars the celebrated actress died at Paris on the 20th March in the Goth year of her age. Of the european population of the French possessions in Africa scarcely one half consists of frenchmen. Out of 100,000 individuals there Are 47,000 frenchmen 3 1 ,000 spaniards 9,000 englishmen or maltese 8,000 italians and 5,0c0 germans. The Fate of the prussian emigrants who were forwarded last year from Dunkirk for Algiers is most wretched. In Stead of locating them in a favourable spot the governor sent them to the neighbourhood of most Alenem amidst swamps and molasses. The greater part of the unfortunate people had fallen victims and the Colony was in the most deplorable condition. It is stated from a new York paper that an acute commercial gentleman had realized in one Day a profit of 75,000 dollars by a Rise in the Price of fruits which he accomplished by the following contrivance. He took his passage from England in the hib Emia and upon the Steamer s arrival before she could enter the Harbour he got ashore in a boat and sent orders As quickly As possible by the Tele graph from Boston to one of his agents to buy up As much As Ever he could and by this Means he became the Holder of almost the entire Stock before the English advices which the Steamer brought had become generally known. The first number of a new German weekly newspaper had appeared in new York. It is called the new York Democrat and is edited by or William Schluter. Under the name of Scandinavia a journal in the danish language now appears in new York twice a month under the management of or Charles Hausen for the use of the swedes Danes and norwegians who have emigrated to new York in Large numbers for some years past. A paper was about to make its appearance in the same City with the singular title of the Ramshorn. The proprietors and editors were persons of Colour. Near Bethlehem in Pennsylvania a Rich Deposit of Zinc Ore had been discovered Only Thiee feet below the surface which was said to contain As much As 70 per cent of Metal. The Magdeburg journal writes As follows the number of emigrants who pass through our town is very considerable indeed during one week 6,000 souls passed through Cologne on their Way to seek their Fortune in the new world. Tho greater part of these people appear to belong to the More respectable class of agriculturists we no longer see so Many of the poorer kinds of emigrants As in years. The number of individuals whose names have up to the present time been entered for Emi Gration from Baden Bavaria Wirtemburg and Hesse amounts As we Are informed upon Good authority already to 120,000 ? men the arrivals at new York of emigrants from Germany have increased amazingly during the last few years. Whilst in 1844 the number was 17,799 of which 6374 were from Bre Menin 1845 it amounted to 30,312 of which 9647 from Bre Menand in 1846 it reached the extraordinary total of 52,326 in 340 vessels. Of those there came from Havre ? in 107 vessels 20.681 passengers. Bremen ? 7810,187 4 Antwerp. 458,630 London ? 414 823 Hamburg. 333,631 Rotterdam. 181,090 Liverpool. Ii. 1.392 11 Amsterdam. 3516 Stettin ? 2213 Hull ? 121-2 11 Ghent ? i151 340 vessels 52,326 passengers. General Tom thumb had returned to America in the Cambria having realized it was said �150,000 Sterling which in Gold Coin would weigh 178 times As much As him self. A collection was set on foot on Board the Steamer for the distressed Irish to which the general contributed fifty dollars. The chinese junk which was soon expected in London from Hon Kong had shipped a com plete chinese theatrical company who intend exhibiting their performances on Board the vessel. According to reports which however it was hoped were exaggerated the famine in the Western parts of Galicia had reached to such a height that in some cases the fam Ishing creatures had been driven to eat the flesh of human corpses to save themselves from dying of starvation. General Post office 31st july 1847. Mails will he rips switched As under for great Britain by the Hope to Swansea on Satut Lay the Tib August. John Watts . English foreign and local mining intelligence. An improvement having taken place in the Standard of Copper the average Price obtained for the Copper ores of Cornwall during the Quarter ended March 25, was �5 18s 8d, being 9s 8d per ton More than the previous Quarter. An extraordinary decrease had however taken place in the sales of ores at Swansea in the said Quarter and a decreased Supply of the ores of Cornwall partly occasioned that deficiency. In the Quarter closing the year 1846 there was a reduction in Quantity As compared with the previous one of 12,155 tons acid in Money �123,791 19s 6d. The returns for the Quarter ended March 25 exhibit a still further falling off of 4555 tons in Quantity and of �55,146 48 in Money the totals for the first Quarter of 1847, being 8850 tons producing �122,234 7s 3d and the last of 1846 being 13,405 tons producing �177,380 11s 6d. The following Are the particulars and respective produce of ores from the principal foreign mines sold at Swansea during the first Quarter of 1847 australian 1675 tons �25,127 4s6dcobre, 2041 tons �26,614 14s Cuba 826 tons �50.-2 is 6d Chili 1442 tons �36,751 8s Santiago 251 tons �3759 ils 6d. It has been observed that the mines most Remote from Britain namely those of Chili and South Australia Are Best Able to Bear the expensive freights and exhibit the Best symptoms of continuous capability of Supply. Among the parcels of Copper Ore sold at Swansea on the 7th april were the following Burra bum per Cleveland. 71 tons of 21 cats. Produce is Standard 9s Price �l5 10s amount �1102. Kaunda per Slains Castle. 66 tons of 21 cats produce 27� Standard 95 Price �23 12s 6d amount �1559. The efforts made in Iron manufacture were enormous we May quote one instance in Wales. During the week ending March 20, the Cwm brain Iron Furnace produced the extraordinary Quantity of 150 tons of cold blast pig Iron. In the year 1730 there were Only 59 furnaces in All England averaging Little More than five tons of pig Iron per week each. By this arrival we have no further particulars respecting the process of smelting by electricity but the reality and available Ness of the discovery Are placed beyond a doubt and although some persons have effected to doubt its applicability on a Large scale there seems to be no just reason for such a doubt. On thing seems certain namely that in Point of time two Days will suffice to produce results which formerly required More than so Many weeks to accomplish. Among the recent Mineral developments in Ireland is the discovery of a Coal mine upon the lands of John t. Bland esq., in Queen s county the seam is three feet two and a half inches in depth and what is termed a Rich one. Preparations were being made for commence ment without delay and the mine was expected to afford extensive employment to the labour ing people in the Vicinity. The Mineral discoveries in Africa As particularized in the latest Cape of Good Hope papers begin to assume considerable importance some specimens of Copper Ore yielding High percentages but the Hope of engaging the Hottentots As miners or mine labourers was relinquished from their avowed disinclination to engage in diurnal labour. Such was the prompt settlement by the underwriters for the valuable cargo of Copper Ore lost in the unfortunate Brechin Castle that our South australian mining association was in receipt of the Money within eight months from the period of departure but an Advance of one percent has taken place in the Premium of insurance which at the Date of the last advices was three per cent. We have been favoured with an inspection of some bars of Lead produced at the smelting works of or Carleton from South australian ores and destined As we understand to be used commercially As the forerunner of other heavy remittances and if confident Rumour May be entertained the chances of adding Silver ingots to the variety of our metallic exports Are not very Remote the existence of Virgin Silver As Well As Rich Argent Ferous Lead ores being placed beyond a doubt. Current transactions in the Colony As Well As elsewhere concur to place our mining interests in an increase Day favourable Light and among those transactions we May mention purchases of a thousand tons of Copper ores from the Burra Burra proprietary by Adelaide merchants at prices varying from �13 10s. To �18 5s. Per ton deliverable at port Adelaide. If the mean May be taken As the average these purchases will produce for the proprietary no less a sum than �15,825 without incurring freight insurance or delay. At the Kan Mantoo mine of the South australian company the miners Are operating upon a Well defined lode of yellow Ore full eleven feet big three fourths of its contents being Merchantable Ore. Competent inspectors have concurred in the opinion that within three months 32 men will be Able to produce 300 tons per month from Workings now being prosecuted or in course of adjustment at the ten and Twenty fathom Levels. Our fellow colonist or William Owen the chemist has Analysed some of the Ore from messes Hart & co s mine upon Yorke s Peninsula and found a yield of 37 5-10th per cent. Legalised religion and education. We published in our wednesday s paper a letter from or Stow on the subject of an article which appeared in the South australian of the previous Day. That letter satisfactorily proves the ignorance or ill Faith of our con temporary in attempting to convict the opponents of the state Church Bill of inconsistency because of one or two Remote and exceptional instances on the part of individuals supposed to belong to the Independent denomination. So far perhaps it was or might be needed. In reference however to the real object of the South australian namely to derive from the example of other colonies an argument in sup port of the government measure it was superfluous since the facts assailed by our contemporary even if True Are perfectly irrelevant. U Best they might be urged by Way of excuse for introducing the Bill in ignorance of the real sentiments of this Community but they form no justification for persisting in it when those sentiments Are loudly and unequivocally pronounced in opposition to the measure. And this really suggests the main difficulty that we have Felt in writing upon the question. It is impossible to find an argument with which to grapple. The i aptitudes of the advocate general afford nothing substantial nothing which can be selected As the real ground of the measure even in the minds of its supporters and be dragged Forth into the Light and demolished. The governor con sents himself with declaring in nearly the same terms As those which he employed in reference to the royalties Bill that he thinks the principle a Good one and fully approves of the measure. The colonial Secretary believes the measure to be Safe because he knows it to be unpopular. And the few out of the Council who approve of the Bill preserve a prudent and significant silence. They shrink from the Arena of Public discussion. They will not even earn the Money they Are gaping to receive by any open support of the measure by which it is to be secured to them. They Are hopeless of making the cause Eood with the Public and they console themselves with the reflection that just on this account they find it More easy to win the ear of the government. They would in fact peril the Bill by gaining the support of the people if that were possible. But it is not and they Are delighted to be relieved from the Burthen of a controversy to which whatever be their ability they feel themselves unequal. Against us is Power. On our Side is truth and we in our turn con sole ourselves with the reflection that there is a might in truth before which Mere Power must eventually succumb. We grudge not the Victory to our opponents. A Triumph thus gained carries in itself the elements of ultimate defeat. If however we required any proof that the motives professed by the supporters of the Bill Are not those by which they Are really influenced we should find it in the Brief discus Sion on the education Bill which we published on wednesday in this measure where no exclusive and unpopular Church requires that support from the government which it does not venture to ask from the people where there Are no Bishops to Lodge and no superfluous clergymen to fee we see that the go Vernor and the colonial Secretary and even the advocate general Are Able to look at it with something like unprejudiced eyes and even to exercise a Little common sense upon the subject. His excellency could see that it was absurd to build school houses with government Money or to maintain them when built where the circumstances of the place might alter and the colonial Secretary could take the same View and say that the government should not be encumbered with the building of school houses which might after wards fall into disuse. There is some Justice in these observations but they have a singular effect in the Mouths of gentlemen who Only a Day or two previously had voted for encumbering government with the building of churches without taking a thought to the probable permanence of the congregation for which the Church was erected and had even provided for the permanent maintenance of a minister whose Dull formal and lifeless discharge of his spiritual functions might have driven All his congregation away. Why is it that the two matters Are looked upon with such different eyes Why should there be such caution lest the government should be saddled with the support of a useless schoolmaster and such indifference to the Burden of a dozen useless clergymen ? when schoolmasters Are to be the recipients the go Vernor and his officials remember the duty imposed upon them to watch Over the expenditure of the Public Revenue. But with clergy men the Case is altered. In the one Case the Money is paid for the Sake of services to be rendered in the other for the Sake of the individual who receives it. We Are Only Able to account for this difference on the ground of the sympathy existing Between the army and the Church both aristocratic professions Bolh gentlemen of the cloth though the one is Scarlet and the other Sable. The state Church moreover is the natural ally of irresponsible Power because it also claims an authority Independent of the people who sap port it. But the schoolmaster is in his nature democratic. He is the antagonist Force in the social system and in proportion As his labours extend he renders the task of governing in opposition to the people difficult and danger Ous. The one inculcates submission the other originates enquiry. The one preaches duties the other instructs As to rights also. The one consorts cheerfully with ignorance the other is the child and Champion of know ledge. And As ignorance and submission Are the elements in which despotism Best flourishes the preference Given by our arbitrary government to the Church is no More than natural. A popular government would pro Bably be impelled by other influences and arrive at a very different result. With regard to the education Bill itself we have at present no remark to make it is confessedly incomplete so incomplete that it is to be redrafted. When it comes before us in its perfected shape we shall give it a careful examination. But we confess that we see no Hopes of anything comprehensive Liberal and effective being proposed for the purpose. No thing will be done to secure competent teach ers or to provide a Complete course of Educa Tion. But How can it be otherwise the Money that would instruct the Community is abstracted for purposes to which they Are in different or opposed and our youth must be permitted to grow up in ignorance because the governor has thought fit to engage in the hopeless task of making us religious according to ordinances of Council. We hive much pleasure in recording the spirited efforts of the residents at Anga Sonand its neighbourhood in Aid of the South australian fund for the Relief of British destitution at a Public meeting recently held in the cd Pel the Rev. G. Stone Bouse in the chair upward of �70 were contributed which with subsequent Effort will Itu believed raise the total amount to upwards of �200. This a t of Itsell is sufficient to indicate the liberality of the above District and especially when it is stated that Only a few weeks Previn my upwards of �50 was raised for the purpose of enclosing a Public cemetery. At encounter Bay we Bear that 180 bushels of wheat have already been subscribed and �12 in Money �30 Are expected by the committee from gom to Aruba �50 from port Adelaide a further subscription from currency greek a considerable sum from Morphett Vale and from nearly sixty districts from which no returns Nave been bade. A meeting to decide upon the appropriation i the find is convened for the 13th August and the duty of the committee on that occasion will be an interest ing and an important one. There is a Strong feeling in favour of a portion at least of the funds being applied to the assistance or those who being qualified under the com missioners regulations to emigrate to this Colony re nevertheless destitute of the necessary outfit. Others again Are in favour of a remittance in produce however the proceeds May be afterwards applied 2j-r2
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