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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1839, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - July 13, 1839, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia . Zip a advert in ants Muni be pail fur previous to insertion to Cis forwarded such of our Friend us have opened monthly i is at the of i it and Rrt wasted Tartu id try in Clicc hat . Once in Lea i l be continual and Harg i for Volt is fix if clock to liars Duff ref any. F 1. Batavia. To to a in i Ftp to. M ?.? to a i i to. is., it or s a. The . L l i in ii Jos Walkki Hii Idley Strart. J for Calcutta i to foil in finn Leen rim Elf Isaev it Shiv Fine ship , Jpn Juan. 500 tons Register Groin or. Saris ally comm edit. This ship iss a us a or p poop with spa Sadid for a is on cars. For freight of passage apply to Captain daily or to 3. . . For Madras Ani Calcutta \ to Mil Jura tidy on the is August "4"3. The Kline firs run i i ii c Al barque a e up i u .v,1 t our , , Al Al or a i for i w " Irr Lif ii a. Or a ski Viii in i and Iliili. hrs pm Xoi Lisit Arciro Lynli in for. Or p iss go ii july to to c t on or to Flash a r of up pin ski. R?, Myll la. " j of l by Evev j Trp n x Rqn exported \ a Uzi i 1 o1. A Ivou. .1 11by ? to Rikars. In Jiva or or Pama i i y to i Ciji Tiivi a ti.r., or to j. for , Roll full re los Llor to asian. Ron new Zia a to .ni7 ? a a flays a Sass Lorf vol to or y i Pyu it a. Of. T -so Ai. A i i to Rist r. Or uni Kisti l but of i " ". Jim Liis in Sci aits a. Ii l.t0.l c j Ssali 4 iof Iti It i i.--.i of r the Tail Hal in. I and list c Flo ii apply to Cit Tai i Trice or to Ili Nicloy fircht. Fort Reinar cd Martia Jil a a Stuie Fine = ? first class i , Oages. 400 tons m mils a i no fio Nill be july. This ? Las big air a for Iliff Zugor. Apply to the curtain on . Or to John Allan. Ili udly Strart. For Iii get or chair try Fine Fiir Lysander. A a 500 tons Captain Cui Muir. A i by to Cimias. Ii fuck & co. I . July 11, 1833. Notice to p r Deti. From Ltd Krool. By the Olio pc pcs Al rut Cimi Ilis lain co Iii i Ina Iuler. Apply to i Cimias. Deck & co. J flip Hitler tract. July a i of. Not Cic 70 cons Conbes i us ii . Pc h / Onysio Kualii ii c l i a consist ii Ost Sill Ninf our air no Tiro is lie Reby Pivon to if i Ini Irr or.-. I.? Civit pc on will n.,t ? a y Hill of i i ii h in Lou Hie vhf . J o in Allan . Fhon tags of Lano to he u to in in a a sirt it. To go Elt to a Iii i age As of .c i a or a year., tint Picoe fled near the la pro Stone Hiep fronting Hindley Strett. It will be divided into allotments to suit Jui chasers 1 running 70 feet Back. For furl her particular and terms apply to or. Thomas Linz rate of Ico. For Sale Tho half of Aero no. 51, Hind lev Street opposite messes. I fact sin one or two allotments Price of each Quarter of an acre live Liu divil pounds or a thous my you ills for Jim half to apply it tvo Gazette office i Iii of liars is in Lii a no a nil 1 tit her if a Rountry a i n in. My. Now tall a tin a fire Vort on Tinl Rii a torrent Jot Ivi i Anjel Ailin in i . Wii i on rond in i Oit Ai i r ii Trio Tiit? , or i i i Ivi it1 into in i a p it r is Law i a. R , i ? iwo or Tnora i a m suit Ibriham is. Also Colin try Rcv ii no to. About for o no a Nii is Fri i s in Iid Laide Ilo it i in a Iii Ali i i i hip i water Rhrou out i Yor a i i farm fee. At of. A i Rii re Jhuty a or sect irm. ?1.t l ?. on i of River Star. Ami n Yar a m Jorli d.itii out cell at water. Tii m 4w. Cir. T n.7tr i o Abe i ire in tip Irv Aicon at Ort St. t Yini 1of.ith list to Orti i of town Hud. Also. An sex. I 4 a i in in in so .1 frr."-? and Alof of to Kii if Wil Iam nil Cre Iii a aug bad Melbourne Street Ortii Adelaide. For fort lick Paris Eulas apply to or. Xeat. Auctioneer &c., Franillin Street. Five. Go Iskas Reward lost a Mack cow from the Overlan Herd of or. Cockbill sol j by auction on the Bali ii unc last and supposed to be in i in lir Tinct of mount Barker to mitc Back and belly Tail Short and pc Colci we into Pitt in . Also a red Vork no Bullock branded on i m rear Side i in and on tie Lioni Eliji a known by the name. In Roo int rain lit Mir lately Larch jilt veria a from Sydney Tihe i Lias not lost tiie Mirk of Mouth Ond is Sarrai itch j soil i 1 in wind and limb and is in Tui by our of the Bert bored for draught a new Touth Wales i Forfar try Artici Cei que of or. Csia Iol or. Education. Boys s0 11 ool. Or. Macro Van lately of mope Street Liverpool will open a classical and com Mercial a Lionil in Lei House in Cor Mundel j line i monday Trio 15 h july. I in Moi to Bat Isuji Iory will be pro. . school. As in the i?.tilling now Are Ting for Tinl r.1-, school Rudy. Mrs. , is Mic a liar Draghic is. Will open in Liui m a run in r Yorng la lips whom or. M ii prov in Mil Ruxi ainu in of Oik s. t. ,.\ i. j. I Viii Al comply til i very Mii Iii no Husij in i to. Sci try i i-.,1 i cd f.,i kor i C..Tiiiiicr. . . N t r . Sifi a Lioi ships for nay i j to c in a of Irvi to i Iii a. Town -1.0. ii at to c a to ? or a i i ii is Tow n to i Iii by very a i i air l inc. Adj la to . Nilli in Mac. I Thieu Iron. Nov a. R a a. Ari to r, of n a Iii Tim a ? a ii i Iru u Jou. Let a Cusp. Ayle Jr 2 a. Smi i. S \ c Tor . I at k?. ? in Vii idiot sat in to ii Ca co la t tie ladies Undt Vijil i Icli of Adelaide Tomt lick terms area f.?Ilo? or dozen l Ciu ii. Is a t Irlii a. J Iulai Ilott it air. Is. Ujj i mrs. Viii by to ii a lord a n no Lodi ref Mil yet or t i or o for. Nixon North trial i Ali invt Fisit a re Pic to Tuy Lin it May h not in owner s 4i.une Luis cd und on the Lin to write tie residence. June Iii im9. Co i b Toom a hotel. Aijoll.\. On Iii a of icing Jiin St of to a j? it is Fri , am t in Juldie. Lir a to Tii i thit he. To Vii r. I a. Ii Trust that tic Betci Itin lie will Liow to i Liis Iii the i will Merit too Vitinu Tio Nof Llinat six Pori lie Lias Ulstad received. J 1 " j Lions ii for Salij. I a six years liase of o Lar pfc and a girly i Nislick ii oust will adapted for either i private to Fidenco or my Only at Liis warehouse in Hindley Street a i pie men s Lund flour in quantities of not less than one or More than Jive. Line. Flour ios. Tier Ico lbs. Second ditto tils. Per ditto. Adelaide Mark it. I Jshii Thomas Smith fish Salesman. Lias made arrangements for. Receiving a regular Sipply of i Lii at his stall no. Adelaide Market where he will at Uil times be ready to Supply the Public on tic most reasonable Terras. June 24,1809. Attention Iii tickets for the grand lottery consisting of nine very important prizes May be obtained at Richardson s Kolin Corner of King William u it Hindley streets. N. U. The important prize is estimated As Worth twelve Hundred pounds to Liou Skivold property. Rulo be sold by private contract that very Al valuable household property cite fitted in Grenfell Street Corner of Gawler place con sisting of a most excellent House containing ten room Throe of which arc intended As kitchens lately eroded nine completed in a Superior manner it an Iii Iid tits t of about Tunco and b half Tiu a from an it i adelavu1, a i the 4.li to Vul partly ii Onali i. if it where Llu re is water nearly throughout y in. A Larin i Noti be is built on the land mid portion of it very Superior Timber like rest being veil adapt of for cultivation. A \ v to j. Jojich Iii son auctioneer. Nii a try Turk june i i. V. Tin n u n til x t o kit x is. Of Crim tiie Western half of Section in x i. C i i t Billy Mutti Uhul on Trio ii Unks of tha ii arts. Liar ii a of Mittge to the it of shout Wrt frn Ekaitis. Tot further n to j. Kichii Autison. Auction err Ilind Lcy Forcet pout Lincoln of any number of. I acre lots in i Ort Linekin May Bear of a per Clinst by it govern int Aii Timu to i Between the Livours of ii and 3 on i Joriu a. Oil latest out Jock of town land a i Antham oven Imant auctioneer l up is o newly arrived Anil other parties to Call Milf dec lie list of valuable town allotments Iio lius to cell cottages places of Bunc set. To its. Hindi by to tract july. J?3?. Pro he let in allotments of different Dinten i one Lomeii with it Well of j poort water to non arc no. I of Adelaide the j Eligil Timity of which to Din put Onnek is Well known i unt a Tensive View from two foil Tares. Also. Of Rood water. Apply Toner Tavasti country the Tiaa i ? a. 1. Davis & co., Gilles Arcade. To by Solo in fee of to 0g the i for a term of gaos to nacre 609, in Gilbert Street with the div Iii no Hoh i and Jucs thereon at Preti in the oct Iii tin of or. Hawson. Half i town acre in Cirrin it ret Whereon arc erected he offices of or. . Wit i stick Jard a Iii Ani Small o wiling if r Jui Rcd Vuu Iii one Mil of Adelaide. For Ito or Jertie Tilers. sir. Alcr, cant Atn tar

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