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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 26, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia Fob Comfort 8peid, and be ability Excel All others. . Kobe Mim Witheat Trade hark. Shipping p. A o. Steam navigation coup ast. Under Koyal mail contract will dispatch the following Steamer via Freau . Colombo Aden. Marseilles. Gibraltar. Al smooth. And lob con with Liberty to Call at Brindisi ?. To numb. I a . That. I Himalaya. ? w. L. Snot Jan. So cu1xa. ?. No t. & Angus feb. J4. Arcadia ? 6ot a. C. Logged feb. 3. Oceana. ? a c ohm lurch m. Britannia. Of to. U. De Moor March is. Australia. So l Rerres aprilvictoria ? aprils. ? via Hobart Boa Sydney. Page open for Brindisi Tran ship at port said. ?1otick to pass nor Libal reactions to Tami lies. ? a whole Cabins bet Ernd. The accommodation in both fim and second saloons is unsurpassed. Pasan from Europe. Ice., can he arranged allow to to a j0T. At intermediate port. Tourists bet att to Tai China Japan a. Road the world tickets fast a passage Ratel tickets Isard to lowest current rates. Special return tickets to London. Handbooks timetables and All Par Kuun As to palais Aio Oer. To. Erdal of Apu cation. A Smith. A la used. Agent. ? 806c Orient line. The fou Owina steamship under Boyal Mao it Siuw Adelaide Largs Par at i . On the Nadenne Noud data for Mouth and l03d0k. Via Fremantle. Coio tabs a oppt or a Indian pores. Sea canal . Tad ? Oriya. ? 1697 r. Fletcher feb. 7 of itch. .c3s7a.r.coad, feb. A. ?orlba.js5ty. Linklater mar. 7. Austral. A c. Nicholson. A Kejmar. N. And Tartoni t a Hobart Flora of Jostos to los Dos Snite. �38 10/ to -77. Return. �71 10/ to third class. �17 v. Is. W salvos to Colombo smile. A to beam �3 6/ to to a. Western Australia. Saloon. V to �7 i third. A 0/. A Sunn bom any port can be prepaid her. Retuce tickets fat Saloon beams � Takeco Mosul ports Are now available or re turn by p. And 0. And . Companies Stanlea Haring room. A Sagurs of. A been co. And and by eos. As Debrox. Co. Be Andreh Avenue London. Dec. Fell particulars on application to it n Avdek Sorf or Ibet ? a. Qew Nufril str tit n. D. L. Niord Deo Scheb Llotd. The or Gatai. Hait. Steamers a sex of this company win be dispatched a i ?ir9o.tmar Tad Ryz nearly thereafter to ? pc Southampton Antwerp and bks mrs. Via fee Mamle. Colombo Aden. Sea. Pert said. A Apter and Genoa. Firn non a Amana inter. Ila Avea. To. Darmstadt. ? 5012 c. Dewen feb. Ii Friedrich Deb Crosse. ? uis-8 m. Mekbel Macul Prinz recent ii told ? pm h. Wallet Apt flu we1mab. ? of l Creon pm Suche ? Sost �. Oes Rimann mane twill Dork wll a age Moner from Adri Iii. A 8a. To �71 10s. Great by unctions on Begum a sects. Becal tobit fills to Tuni Uei. Pasage Tan Europe can be Arratt bed Here. Third class to London �15 8s. Panacea and Hugo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and Imp Iran ports. Apply to the att cts. H. Muecke t co. Adelaide and port Adelaide. 8pccial Tram Lor maa Emzira and visitors leans and guide at Iago Avra. Of departure Days Tor the Tea end Largs pier. Isler ties Sagebien Mab Timss. Sydnet to Lossos fit Colombo Ani Paris. Steamer of tons under postal contract with the French government Callif at Max Bochne Adelaide fbbu5tle. 00 Plomso sues and Post said a Fol be dispatched Bon Uklerin Ina. ? i Iso i 19u 1901 mints Ian Oberauer Jan. N Jan. Is Jan. M Armada Albok la cob Pellier feb. It feb. Qutb. Is Anat alien emn Mac is mar. Is mar. � , Amschl april Uja pril it april a passengers in Antwi to Bombay to i. Re ii Tataris. And Japan. Passage m05ev, �27 to �77, inn data table wines. Be tube tickets at bed ced to list spoke of Board. Ream tickets first Molou Between into ports arc available for return by p. Sad o. And Orient i Frimin Haring room. For fair Thor pif1 apply to Oal Oaty a company. Umito Davenport chamber is Currie Ftnat or Gia Fergus of co port Adelaide. Lundt Sline steamers. These Lew fan powered fast Stramara an a cd to me the port Adelaide wharf Tor Natal Papfi i own London Hab sumo 5.ccb tons Abt. Feb. 13 Wlk Annu _. 5,ut8 tons . Feb. 28 Wab Troal _ _ us7 tons to fallow. Vanta Womba _ 4.tons to in cow Wak cml _ _ 5,015 tons to fallow. Xvi lbs for a a maj in fan a Mam we far freight or Para it apply to a leg wills co., Lanse Dehme. Port Adelaide and part pull Cabman. Australian . Go. Re Cuglar unit steameb3 from Post Adelaide to surabaya Samba six Baia via. And Sci capote. Sis. Auq8burq to a att from pwt Adelaide Dir tier Java Law Mno apolite a oat the Beth Febuis Ulaky to m fou awed by other Tot dam Freamen at int crab at font weeks. The attention of of Fin. Mar chants and other shippers is directed to thu Apie Anbu oppor tawdry it Aten Dnia Trade with Jata Acai sing Apon sad other Euton Porta. Raatsi ? ceo Bob wills co. Ocean steamship company. Fob los Dos and Cor Tsehai. Posts. Menelaus w. Towed 4,671 teas ? Stew who Sawary 30. George wills it co., Sigf Ima Atn port to mint st Hae Holts Blue funnel11 uni Ocean Couusin lbs viol to London and Uve Pool. The magnificent Steamer of this Wadu Zowi Lin Are of to him dam Aado great ahead they we no re Gajary from port Adelaide con Deong with 8arpgdow. To tone is february. Hector met too. In March. Obese is 4.6ss tons in april these steamers Are fitted with the most Moden insulated Cool Chambers and offer fruit Snipper s splendid Ewor Unity far speedy Deruery of lk2 to London and pvt Pool for freight Aad particular apply to a Bodge wills co., Adelaide and Post Adelaide. N ? Stose Sahib freight to Lon Doh. The 100 Al inn ship Hebe Isu toss. Captain. S. Riebli a tin pert Adelaide we bed patched Torton during january. Geoegia wills & co., get Tab ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. East London Algoa Bay Cape town . Teviotdale. Xm7 fans. Cantata j. B. Crook win Mil from Ocean steamers wharf port Adi Laid. Far above ports about flbk01et 2. Sor freight apply to George wills & co., i Baa ? Adelaide and fort Arialda. Tithe . Cases will be it 4kicsv patched As Unden to Start disc Len every taraday and Savarda a at 8-s0 from Bah Story chef monday Leavis mj0 Aja. Aad than Day. Mac t to far port Yin cart every tuesday Iaoa from port Yuent Ever wedge Raj lava it 1ft to. ? at a. Be mess Meb. Seo . Drapery and oloth1nq Foale s summer r Sale. Children s Button Crown washing hats Pink 2/6 for 1/6. White 2/11 for 1/11. 8/11 for 2/11, 4/11 for 3/11. 5/11 for 4/11 6/11 for 5/11, 7/11 for 6/11 boys Galatea blouses 1/11 for 1/3, 2/11 for 1/11. 8/11 for 2/11 boys Straw hats to dear 3d. 6d., 9 a 1/. Special attention orders. Write for illustrated Price ust. Closed 3? at 9 . 1 saturday 1 o clock 7eshippen a in. Adedipe steamship company limited lit dispatch Sura. Tarn. Pert Dauma ? Ander. Circumstances a nitty of for Albany and feb Mantle for of Pernace Perth Geraldton. A North West port Aad Singapore. For Melbourne and Sydney Tram shipping Tor Queensland ports. Sablou. Friday i feb Earr 1 1 1 . 8penoeit8 Gulf apr viol. Foit Post Lincoln. Soonta. Wallabo0, and Bank lid ear Boob. ? Ferbet ? i tuesday january 9 3 a. Leap Nion fares during summer months. Posts Augusta Aqua Aso ? Witt Pamn Igors Aad cargo. Yesti Galoit i saturday january � i pm. Comte Tahu Ladief Chato on deck. A Pamaros Tox its orca Naium with Sti Mars of tin a aft48 Friar pout of Call. Caig. Most be alongside Steamer not . For All inter Maura apply i Tab Adelaide steals boo. A Otto Caen kit. Adelaide Aad comm serial Whatt ? a Tad Elame. ? Coal Wood. Boots. Proc Adelaide stea1iship co.1 Ted. Is neutering Best steal boo Sebold and Smith s Coal a Kallee Wood and Small Mallek boots in cite and suburbs at Cobbett Bates. The Weinbu in a cases Are verified by authenticated Weighbridge notes. Head Oace Tartie it Ert. Adelaide. Loose . Go., old. The Favourite passed web 8tkamebs Al bore line Wol Circum Sterea permit Tagdapat card or in Ibarra i Assn at Frem Sutra. Melso Bunc \ Sydney i Urr lag cargo Todl Dit pappa i this Dat 10 . Aad All Ether of teens Ulm i ports. I cargo nedred Duniyqueen s wharf to oae Hurt aah. A to Kris interchangeable after the int. Port with the steamers of the Adelaide steamship com Pany. Limited. For tans Aad tafe hts apply to the company s off Robt ?7, cig William Street ? and Oja eem sch Sec feet Robbat Basab Aid Hobo Star the Alt Bacab most Baukair ukr a. A. Use total Hail express sebv1ck. The um0nsteam8hip company of sew total and a dated dispatch Seyal mail Steamer Tram std Het Lor sax Fra of Flo Fin to Aock Lahd Apia Samoa Aad Hana ibid. As under ? Steamer teas. Leare Sydney. Alamosa Flu february t Sonoma. .0q0 february m. And every three weeks thereafter. A Cangeni by this line Are booked to All Partt. A the to Sigf fit it Casada and bulk ill choke of railway Lea from Sam Cisco and Prole be of by Aeiko . Through Palm Cen to Europe Hare the option at tone Sac either through the cm1ted state or Canada. Of reaching the Atlantic Seaboard they can proceed by any of the famous uses of Stua Mebs � Tope. A Smagus for Hond uht May retard per Cana Fabes and freights at lowest Bates. For for Partsc Qlson spot . Ca ld., agents st. Keg ctr Jeens Jehart J. Port. Sawao Nippon u8h ka18ha. To Manila Koso Tad Japan via Sydnet. Bbb Bane. Aad Toibb Telb. Win Leate As Nadir \ Sameey Stemmet. Go a. Sydney. Bhaji Masaru a Julu im.81 Yawata 3jabo a. E. Moats., Yeh. N Eprem Man Steamer arc imm piously tatted far Paa Sengen. Two berths Only la Saloon Cabins. Electric Light it Betti Graton. Full Nark plan a to freight and passages Tram Mellow Calth Mett Chain prompt Tara to. Mitai. Agents to. Has William Street. Ti7that i Rne Clab like. Post. Wake j st Xiv Field. went Daja. Esjb-5lalc0lj�. Saturdays. ? atone b. Fri Cleb. Port. Tobt Wakefield Bif pig compant. It for. Post Wakefield Annie Watt mils satan by. 6th test at 3 pin. A e. U steam Rich. Port Adelaide. W6 i. North bom Law Pool a claims and a Cocks Oom Awuor against this vessel mat be rendered in duplicate to oar port Adelaide office by Ooola on to Sadat. Ssh Ina or the will not a Lecog Niaud. ? j. Fowler. Noted. Is s Adelaide Aad port. ton Odok. From losdo5. All claims a Aej inst Thi Tess asst be rendered in Triplicate at Mac Adelaide once by noon on monday ssh last., or they will not be recognised. X. G. A Jebson agent a ? Adelaide Ami port. Drapery and lot hint flints drapery Sale. O/11 3koek-Bbowk to Bush towels Al a 4/sdoatn, tale Price 1doten. Art 1 Mcl ladies Cambric wrapper i i Al a candid Nahje at Aad a a sail Price 4/n.ieaeh. A Ouahes Black Corrock Hose eid., Sab o/1-j bcb-metr8 Loose Coats Black with White Stripe a a Tau Price 1/1 each. 0/11 lab Mieirs where Drill Coats xxx. Is Aad to. Sale Price to each. I /--1-Meips Cotton a bits. With you air of. Mad pocket 1/4 each Aak Price 1each. It a shows Cotton Deb parts 1/1jsoto Price is. Of my. Bbown Cotton its. Car Sale Price mid. Glo Sedon saturdays at 1 o clock. Open on Friday Kights till 9 o clock ,itd., . � akd60, a Dudley and base streets Adelaide. It 8hippinq t he s0-was9 Smith like a Bat Howard Smuts wharf at Koam Drums traces pc Aittia. To West Australia. J Pis Tengen and cargo. To Eastern colonies. Mam. A Stob a Rita Post Piodi to Fig a Solol lbs. A Era Kara Post tuesday. Jan Cairo Mast be delivered alongside steamers not pm than one hour before Adfer used time of sail by tort sweets Abe isterch1ngeablb Rith the Steamer of Mcmyn. Budd Abt. Pay. Of. A co., and Mil wraith Mefa Chubat. A co. Pm. Howard Smith a sons Propheta a. Us its. It Emo William to Imbt Adb Laidi and Worth Parade. Port Adelaide. A Mouw Faith Mceacharn Ca proprietary limited. Am a Pateh the wide passenger Stamata beam traces permit Tina Kuttim toes at february s. Giant shipping Tor Batth wharf or isrow take an . Pouts of throngs Buffon lading. ? Parker k cos st Eimert. Mtg Unith Mia Chariw. Co. Prop Italy Mitto to of a Vio i it a. Blag William Street Adelaide or j.bawuhg8a sox. Port Adelaide. To & co propak tar. United. Will dispatch from port Adelaide Mia ? Itai Woff permitting. Ahlstam. Park mantra ? . Maquam. Monday. February 11, at 4 pin. A lawns Hames. Vast Bunbury Formant a and of Brandton. U no mls a Tondat february sat 4 pm. ? taboo gel Bills of lading to Perth. Reton tickets Intel chargeable Witt mean. Mcilwraith. Me Albam t co. Proprietary limited and Howard Smith Aad sons pro me a. A j. Fowler. Amhed. Agents. Tt7eekly. Steam service to 4amij a South East leaves port Adelaide farms p Kingston and Beac port tuesday bib Tot at is noon. For freight or apply a. W. Sandford it co., qty or Prince we taif i port. 90 drapery and olo Thina 0 invite inspection Bob mourning. Oft Sib very Large Stock of materials Martin bros., Burlington souse Marshall s summer Sale. This Day s bargains. Closed at 1 o clock to Day. Come Early. Men s Moleskin & Cor vests sues 5. 6. And 7,. \ 2ai.-- .u., ?wasmng1 petticoats Worth 2111 for 1/6 each. Silk Stripe i Cricket shirts Fob boys and tooth originally 1/11. ? Sale Price 1/8 each. Lace Deess Caps Only 1/ Eacle de1tts f a7n Sid &l0 ves5 f Patzt clasps 2/9 pair. Black s veiling doable Width 7d. Jaid 8/9 dress. wine glasses. ?. Worth 678 Fer. ?.?&. _. 21x1. Dozen. La Dies shoes american Tan place kid lace 14 6 for 9/6 pair. Ladies shoes Tan Olavee kid lace 10/6 pair. Water bottle with Glass 7id Complete. Toilet sets. Special lot thrown Oft to Cleab at 6-Pieee a it ? 6-Pieee set. A a. Set. Smart Parlour suites att v2b7 Low prices. 1 handsome Chippendale suite . Hand sock Telor Coterine �17 10s. For �11 10s. ? 1 want suite. To even pieces in. Choice Genoa and Plush Ter Rich,s2310s.for�i5. 1 occasional suite in Bich Bronze tapestry and silk Plust �16 10s, for �10 15s. We Hare reduced Parlour suites at �13 10s. To �10 16s. ? and we also Are Ofle Rlue some Tery cheap smites in tapestry and Plush 7 pieces at �3 15s. Full suite. Swin toilet glasses on stands 23/6 for 12/6, very slightly damaged. sideboards Hare again been remarked at very special rates a it is imperative to Malcer Ooi in oar warehouses for Large shipments of Gliah furniture now close to hand. Bedsteads. A lot of manufacturers samples for Sale at nearly half Price. Then is Mph include some very Superior Beds of unique and pleasing design. Over mantels. Marahall i prices Are right prams. Ask to see new per ambulatory at 35s. The Best value Ever offered. 0t7r premises will be closed on saturdays at 1 o clock. Iviam ? Al o Kirill of drapery and lot hint m of and Hindlet Stebbs. Summer Sale. Price list Couch sled. ,. Dress department. Grey and Fawn dress tweeds 1/9 for 1mixed Wool coatings 2/3 for 1pastel taffeta 2/6 for 1/11 . Canvas voile 3/9 for 1all Wool Canvas i fawns and Green 3/9 for 1/11all Wool Kwatt coating 3for Viz All Wool coloured taffeta 2yufor2/ ? ? Navy and White checked tweeds 2for 2/8. Wool Poppins in Wedgewood Blue and fawns 5/6 for 2/11 single Robe lengths Green and Helio. Shot. Repp. 63/ for 21/ Brown striped armure. 35/ for 21/ ouse sicilian 27/6 for 21/ Fawn mixed coatings 25/6 for 21/ silk and Wool Poppins in hflio., Fawn Brown and new Bine 35/ for 27/6. Green silk and Wool fancy voile 63/ for 27/6 ? ? Brown mixed Poppins 35/ for 27/6 Black and Green fancy silk voile 69/ for 31/6 Reseda and White striped voile 49/6 for 32/6 silk and Wool Broche voiles in Grey Wedgewood and biscuit 55/ for 45/ evening shades in All Wool Cremons. Pink sky Coral. Helio Eane nil. 1/9 to 2/3, to be cleared at v ? Pink silk and Wool voile 5/6 for Light peach silk and Wool striped voile 5/6 for 2/9 Cotton dress goods. Cotton Pongee silk effects 12/6 for 9/8 Doxen 13/8 for m/6 dozen i striped sateen. By and White Black and White now 7/6 dozen. Foulard sateen m new ,10/6 for 8/9-Aoien,13/6 for 10/6 dozen striped foulard in Navy Black Helio. Cornflower Trilk Nii fares Rede ? de to 14/6 dozen i printed lawns White grounds at at 6/9 dozen ? ? French printed muslims new goods 7/6, 9/6, 10/6 Doten embroideries. 25-Inch embroidery Lac insert. De and tucked muslims All new and fashionable goods 40 different Pat terns to choose from at the following great reductions White Muslin and lace 3/8 for 1/6 tucked muslims 5/6 for 2/6 embroidery and tucks 3for 2/9 lace insertion and embroidery 5/9 for 2muslin and lace 6/9 for 3/6 Muslin and he stitched tucks 7/6 for 3/8 inserted and embroidery 5/9 for 3/11 Al Rover Muslin embroidery 4/11 for 3all Over Muslin embroidery 9/6 for 4/6 coloured. Muslin inserted lace and embroidery in Green biscuit. Helio and yellow 8/6 for 3/11 sunshade department. White ground sunshades Colour de Borders 15/6 for 8/9 Black and White sunshades Best goods All at 10/6 ? Wedgewood Blue lined White Chiffon 18/6 for 13/6 White ground sunshades Black stripes 29/8 for 21/ 1 Only Black Broche lined Une 22/fl for 17/6 ? ? 1 Only Black Broche lined Pink 2s/s. For 16/6 1 Only Black and Helio 37/8 for 29/1 1 Only Black and White lined White. 45/ for 32/8 silk department. Washing Blouse Silks. Black and White reduced to 1/3 Grey and White and Black and Grey reduced to 1/4 corded striped Blouse Silks. U different patterns 2/3 for lil checked Glace Silks 2/11 for 2/3 Navy and White Satin foulard 20 different patterns very special value. ? 3/6 for 1/9 real Pongee Silks handsome de signs 27-Inch, 3/3, now 2/9 Black and White willed foulard Silks extra wide 2/6 for 1/9 Black and White Satin foulard new patterns 3/3 for 2/6. 27-Inch fancy ring designs 3/6 a 2/3 23-Inch Navy and. White Diago Nal 3/6 for 2/3 27-Inch Chintz stripes. 3/3 for 3/9 23-Inch Wedgewood Blue Fine design 4/9 for 3/8 23-Inch Satin foulard quite new 4/6 for 3/8 printed and embroidered fou lard Robes unique designs is single Robe lengths. Heliotrope sky White 69/ for 49/8 Black braided net skirts very new 57/8 reduced to 33/, 87/8 reduced to 65/ embroidered Chiffon win in made in Helio. And Pink Only 25/ Fox 13/6. J. Miller Anderson am co., ? Adeliaide a drapery and lot hint special Barg Alvs Mph Gusha Loring. Chas. Birks & co. 8ac8dm ? -59/6 Sac sons ? m m Tav boo sets. I. 1k/g. To Crebs i. Of Hien Kade materials. I a Fiade work in. ?. Low Grade prices. cannot be. Done in the Ord my by slows. Bat Baias Piir Hast a Lant pm map to Date woo Ucas at a we sati Safe Obj Price we have deter aimed to offer oar clients Lone special bar galas. These ate Superior materials Aad Mast fire Buist Scofea to the wearer both in appearance and durability. ? ? ? has. Birrs & co., vice be Altai lobs 46, Rundle Street. Special announcement from Wilson go s dress goods department. New autumn Black dress goods opened to Bav. For of cts tonci in Job ask Ataee of the to expected demand Tor Black dress goods. Wilson Brice & co. Eava this Day opened. Three cases of to Ozity. New Thiim Black dress goods sex Buls. Oeot1, one of the finest assortment i in the Day Inte Adad Lor Obr opened ens month earlier to suit the requirements Otow patrons. ? ? ?. Mourning oods Black alsatian Clapk cloths 11% a is a thu. Ned doable we 9 t Buck. 1/11, to ? Sal j/6 Yard doable Width Black alpacas do owe Width 1/, 1/3, 1/8, 1/s, 1/11 to 4/8 Yard ? ? ? Black Koks Thlik. 1/s, 1/6, 1/8 Yard Black popups 1/6, 1/11, 2/3, 2/6 Yard Buck cashmkbe8, double it Tufa 1/,.1/i, 1/8, 1/ftj/ll, 2/1.2/6. Co 4/6 Yard m Black Sasges 1/. 1/3, 1/6. 1/9, 1/u, 2/66/6 Yard Black Aad White striped alpacas Doubli Width 1/6 and 1yard Black and Wutte Check dress. Goods doable Width. Iff. 1/6. 1/u, 2/6. 2jard Black and White dress Misuns 6d., 9 a. Buckland White electro Satin Al inc Bei wide. 1/6 Yard ?. Black Broche electro Satin. Jost like Sill i sett a inches wide 1/9 Yard Black and a Latte Silver. Sat aha. Anti rely new,.Tor the Ait urn Trade Al inches wide a Yard. Reco Kisko that Harina to go into roam lag at this time of the Yew is not convenient a very it aident. A Bava marked these goods Par the nearly m in Price a very slight Adraner on. A Somite Cost Price. Ii Adles Ron bib the Ecru idea of either of on two head pros makers Are Adrastd to the tar. Special m0dbn1n6 of dvrs without Brice ho.,dress men Silome blebs a Rundle Street Adelaide the Corset or the Day Thi a la 8irene. Sle agents in Adelaide John Martin & co Umi tid bundle Street Adelaide Luthse Shierlaw boys Eton suits. 35/, 87/0 to 55/. Boys Long Thod seb suits 10/8, 12/8. 15/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suits. 12/9. I6/i 17/6. 21/ to s0� boys Sailor suits serve or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys /s, Only 8/6, 2/a 8/6, 4/11, 5/9. 16 & 18, Hwd Lei st. ? ? 7a it Price lists . ? ? ? a Fekix t Jornt Nal the Register observer and of Jeral prist1hq offices. Basile now in prob Ess r. The Tebo fan Art a few of tac a Abedean bar. 0a1ks Beoit offered bargains in laces Choice heavy Omore laces thousands of tabs Wnm butter and Cream shades tonal prices mid., a 1/s, Alt Price i. Fine Oriental laces chiefly Batter 8hadeeusual Price sjd., Tor Ltd. Yard. Usnap Price 4d Tor 21d. Yard. Usual prices to. And s d., Tor i. Part. Imitation Torchon uces. Pise quilt Neil Fike Wojdal Tresl Call and see magnificent a moment Fine Quality. 1for 1/ per Dean plat Quality 1/1 for 1/s per dozen Fine Quality 2/6 Tor 1/6 per Dosen Fine Quality 1to 1per Dona. Fine Quality s/6 Tor 2/6 per Dosen. Pure silk faille ribbons. A Vert special Purchase. In a the new su1imeb Khz Dos. Over t inches ? wide v3 Tor Loid. Coloured silk Muslin. Gold. Sky Blue Heliotrope no a ex., 43 inches wide 2to 1/6 Yard. Bargains or. White damask tablecloths 4 Yards Long Worth 9/0 to 6/8 each h Yards tone Worth 11/6 to 7/6 each. 2 Yards Long Worth 12/6 Tor 9/6 each 3 Yards Long usual Price 10/6 for ft/6 each 5 Yards Loos anal Priet 11/6 Lor 7/6 each i girds tag Mil Price 14/6 for 11/6 each ? 2i Yards wide by s Yards Long usual Price-19/6 to 15/9 each usual Price 21 to 11/6 each usual Price 17/6 to 22/6 each. \ White damask table napkins Large size special values. Ipi Tot/6, us to s/6, 6/6 to 9/6. Iff to a White damask coloured Border supper cloths. B aches Square 2/6 to 1/6. Bincbeibyfl8iachei,l/8tol/6. White toilet quilts Ste. To double Beds a i to s/6 rail siae to double Beds 12/6 for. 10/6 Ste. To double Beds 176 to .12/6 also Bevy reduction to an better in Tiei. Toilet. Covers Lareeda or Home Yeob mld.to61-L.L/Itov. Lirl Sale ? if Thea drapery and olo Thino. Balance. Tom your English dictionary and Yon will find Webster says Pitt Means. A pair of 1010, part of s watch difference of accounts or to make equal or to Settle. idea of balance Means the oddments the remnants or the what s left to a now we have oddments and what s left of Many Lues of goods and As on half yearly balance or settling takes place within two or three weeks we have determined to make sea prices to dear Triem that Yon will realize what opportunities there Are Hen to save Money the balance of Navy ground striped Galat a drills 30 inches wide word ft4 and 3d Yard to at Vii Dosen Yards. The balance of Cream ground French dela1nks, Floral patterns 30 inches wide Morffi. 3/11 Doten to be cleared at 1/11 dozen. The balance of French Trou from p0pun8,in electric thu and steel Grey Only to inches wide Worth 1/8 Yard to dear at 2/11 �.? the balance of coloured Cotton Serges in Grey Fawn electric Black 2iavy,.aaa Brown 40 inches wide to dear at 1/11 dress. The balance of White Long Cord piques also coloured printed piques in ass tried Stylet and patterns to Clear at 4/11 dozen. The balance of All the Una sorted makes in ladies corsets in All Dies Ier in. Foyil and 7/8 pair to be cleared at 2/11 pair. The balance of .,., ladies Bright Block Plain Lustre walking sk1bts, lined wit i Nenette perfect fitting. Worth 10/6, for 6/11 each. The balance of boys Navy Blue Serge Sailor suits Sixes 0 to 8, made in on own factory Worth 3suit to dear at 1/11 . The balance of ladies fast Block Cotton Hose with embroidered Ankles special re finished Worth 1/ pair to dear at 7jd. Pair. The balance of of orchids Navy and White Galatea Straw hats wifi tall Endi Worth 9 And Wocl each to be cleared at 3d. Each. The end of the season makes no difference with the qualities it does with the prices. A Tounwin. We lose. This assertion is exempt fied in every a tide we advertise to Day i -.?country customers be prompt in ordering. Has. Moore & co., 70 to 76. Gouger Street. Olo cd every we0nb6day at 1 . Yaj. Opium ?Atoro-y8 till 0 . Sawa derails fwd French pm corsets bijoy mhe8e Cato Brata Verf a Lac Oon arrear. It also Italy we Hawaii j my Saai Tim Jef i or Mooar Foa Law /1es& % in the Onraet Traje my new a Jwj pc 10 bin Tow fc-3flhv and of final dimes do web at the last International Parks ut99, the to a ant Saki the hic Twat poem Lola award. All leading drapers beware of Hulta Tioila and a Jha tall const Baarth Feu Trina Trad. Mark. ? Sou Aarns m a nuut Bors flirt go Ho8iery anal Comet Ware Heinamen. 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