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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 21, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia a pretty souvenir cwt Shriay photo of 0 aaa Taal ? Flaata. A. 6 forms. B. Walk a Mommy a us fam ugh time mod a oos ooh. A Dot or posted together with pals my Ribaste Caa Kaha Katts of we tic or Cauaan i co. Oliai Tualii him pm Mun strut aocla1oc foe Comfort Speed and reliability bwbeb9wawab Excel All others. Bourne Tutu Tom. Neo Geanine . Shipping n. D. L. Bobd Devtscher the uifbb1al mail steamers few i thu company will be of patched m. Cluro us Der. A Riga fair thereafter to i Aleaf Tilic South Aptos. Antwerp Tad i Buh Uesi Tia be Mantle Colombo ado Eucce pert said Kafaa. Mail Genoa. ? my or. . Lueveta. Crossot Irav ? Mol i of test ? 13xj4 v. In Martea . 3 Darmstadt. ? Ottic. Dmn feb. 10 Friedrich Deb cr09z ? Usa m. By cd hit. My Prinz Regent Leopold ? Tom u. Walter april 11 we Utah. ? to to d. Crneha mar u tw1n screws. Plogt motor torn Adelaide �15 i to us 10. Gnat Benc Toai on Betula it Miro. Beal conce Noaa to Famitta. Faamoe from Bane Caa be arranged a Etc third Una to Loata. �15 st. Paw Cen and Caird booked Tomt to Himiob and pad Deal european Aliado and am Trina ports. Kor freight punt and a other Perth Calada Adelaide and pact Adelaide. Set jul tba1n to pmscimu8 and visitors leans Adelaide at 1o.so . On Depute Daja Tor the Tea. End Lars he fluff it True. The w it r Ander Boal Mas Adelaide up Bay at i pin. Of tit data Tor ply Mouth and us Tox a Rrana Natl. Cocoba it a or. Fau Toyiaa Poco. Sacs canal. Xan Tot a and gel Saltare Uruba. ,4ss e. E. A Ngoa Jan. It. Us Una. ? push ire bar feb. 7. ?0eacz.p� . Fees. Uruba. Ws7 x. Mac 7. . Ska Leaa. Bulb Jota. U. And taxi Rhuy thereafter. To Hobert Tan Sedaer. Feal us to lout of Sacic. �3i a to a7l bean Olio to 4x0. Moos to Contino Tia. To to. But Staci y to we. Wirra of to Saloon. V to h 11/ third. �1 0/. Psalm by a react Caa be pne aia Hata. Rettek Nosb Soniat Aleoa Between in teecoumc1al pob1s Art now and Lafaive far r ten by p Aad o. And am in Fri of Mitra betting Roo. Masa6ebs i Beem ? xxx. And Alt bos. k 00 Tai Luke amaze fool Yankaus a to m. A Mao Acar. Iser ? g.ftmfctta1�t p. & 0, steam Kavi Latiok com party. Under Boal May Coo act. Will dispatch the of owing a amen via Fra Maou Coloe Abo Aden. A Bolai Gin Star. Ply moot and Loo Don. With Liberty to Call at Briam ? us born. I of . Lavaa Himalaya. ? sub w. L. Baa Jan. A. Cuixia ? am t. & Anim feb. 1l Aksama ? ecu k c Lafoga pub. & Oceina. ? bpm c Cadavi Hwy w. ?brttask1a of Eywor surpass.?acotkauae9pl l Baccei april u y1ct0h1a Isab e. Owe april g via Ilobert ban of Date pm Enfin Tor Brindus inn ship at port Baid. Motich to pass Shock. Liberal redo Etiola to Umof. Whole Cabiasa beae cd. The Accomma Dirton in both rat and Strond Saloon to lamp and. Paa tact from Enra pc pc can be apanged Here. Pisa uni allot to break to bar Jan mtg at Hitatt Wattne ports tooth Tuckett Todia. China Japan. A. Bound the weird Sidarta waned. Passage rat if. Tit cat Inu a at Loutit in rent Nett. Special rate Tseu to voodoo and boobs run Cuba. And All Panie atan a top or Noner. 4i, tuna filed on Appu cation. Elder subs. 4 co at mid. If Bra. Ember t7aion Liae of steamers. To Mph Zau Taho of it fou mkl800bke. Yokoia via Bobcat cd radar. Jan. S. It i Aye Fly Mababa a a Eland. We. Jan. 13, at bom Monwai. Via w1ubsob, Fiat. Fab.1ml to Tasmania. Eom heu Iuvone. Mosonia Lor Babartu Wec Marty Jan. 23. Cateeka. Far Fai Mcfaron. Hurl. Jan. A 1sq1. To Samoa a ? my Fatom std5et. A Kapocsi. Can adar. A Aanard 3. For Ham of Faight and Piga Ninni Aad Al ply to . Co us. Ask Btl 7. Kkt Wiiiam Street. Oty and my to out. Pott. Santo to Doh gig and abdbo0s&s. To Ewt Bobc is. A Aborka. 32wadacaoa7i and tet Ardam at ? Aja Bhut attn Nan ten Day Andolf Tadija. Abjwtos6ak-&s. James cd Jambie. To Tanaja and to soda at 9 i in. Deton naj Alae Day. No Attu rce Ned after Shoal on Day of a diag inn re a Xuemei co., acc Bra. Z tt7eeh.y steam sbth3b to her Hoot East . 7t33 ab0tle will least port Adelaide for c9aa Lonb Bua and Beac port Caw data i. 3rd int. Exc Anion Ana. For freight or or Paoge apply a. W. Saab re it co. Car or Iti Aee a wharf. Port. Nl.3 i Lac Mao soul the. Schooner a wed edo11 Alice a Muffi sail Becu Labur it but Tab aunt. A Dodo Iva Post bloc Shtok. Tae Tutor ready j Tor Cane what Day. Aoa Prider st him. E. 1c a Elwirr As Eaic port. Us to oot ups Aso most of tons Bay a to 8tosmbuu. Ready for Hugo Tom adar. Mil Friday. Sea in. A. E. 1 moan Rier. Aarau. Pott. Bette Abiy. Adelaide. Ute Jaa Narr. Iso. Or abbess a be ice Ewt at the poet of Tea j Rajini of in Hiiro up till noon of tdb8 Day. The a it Marj not. Far the hic far a period of do Naath of a vessel without Skcar Mantilu far ate a a Capon or by her Tea a Al to be a Naod Soaad Cadi Tob. Faai so to to feet fax length. 10 to a bet Bam. Aad about 1 tart depth of bold and Anat he a mad with oat Jinan Mast i path of Cany tac the Tim Tonij lie at a height of 35 feet boat Aster line a a Riguad Valaci Aiu be Prat emd. Tea veal Yawt be provided with a combat a pump and aut table tar to inf pm Rnadal Affel pro ride Al Iamb Long. Takk to the be Dali and by the out actor at port Adelaide. Wallaroo or part we Aad will be banded Back to the Goa Vaetor at the Teot puce an the Yapi Italoa of the Oak Trace. Tendered to stale a Lump am Price for the Wai of the Staael or a period of tart Root a. And Aba a Price per week for any bae thai the Toad nay be Tea Iliad by the n ? Imnel beyond Ida period. F. W. No Flea. Do k. Thomas k of a. Mecca . And pea. Cosnas and be Begaii Foo tabs Nirav Fofi 8kkeet, f . Msj oaiutlcr8k Jakc Hope & co., Rau Vav All o of Jivibai. Of Mains. Fob Biaso a Jed of Oppito a0est3l age autor a sear Saath Valet carry if and ageaeyoa., sync i Megara. Cappla k co. Biak a we off Eta Date to Street port Adelaide m0bt0 teak act. Adelaide. Good Lora award with care Aad Baa Tea Teba Hom to. Rut 71. Adelaide. Fat sol 8hlpptmq he Adelaide steamship company limited Vul Paul Toteh st Casan Ira at port Adelaide at a astr. Eisei Taah ? Ilia for Albany and Fremantle. for Eapen nce. Perth. Goa who All Sooruj it Peru and support on through to Buol la diag follow a ? Friday be Broay 1 1 3 pm for Melbourne and Sydney far ? Queensland ports. Sablou ? if Ida i Briary 1 1 2 a Spencer s Gulf sir vote. Tou Luis urn. Asumta. Wal Lalloo. Obaji Klof lab hour and t0mb\ Bat. So quiet ? i to Todar a Auar c i p08xs Augusta. Timed. As ? Wuh Raja Agara Aad causal. Ivyes Ngalu Cauntay Jeanary 18 1 4 via. Tobt tabla Ltd Cabia a deck. A. Passos to ousts with st Ramajo of the a. Do. A tit i it Vic of Oakl. Cargo Moat be Ili Artif Altai air Sot pm that a teas Baton and Nim us a to diag data. Far Alt Fai Ormatina apathy to. Tub Adelaide Taxa Ayoup co Job by. Corrie it. Adelaide and one Umcil wharf port Adt Lahla. Sintica to Page Angeii booked Loa ii Tola Steamer a now withdrawn Thoat booked Are Reaa ested to Call for a Rand of Page Macy or other arrangement. ? . Co., old. The fan Trio pa8bekcbb Shames to Ibera line will Cujic Ambarai Bir iting by Cash a Lyten Par 00, a Stei Capor no a Ary tra Astep at Friar new Mambo urn � Avyd Jbv ?f-?4 Pil Barra ?1 Friday. Jump of �. Aad a other Yoac Naiad ports. cargo Lara Ward daily at a a wharf to Oak tue Toio hag Ahie after the port with the Adelaide buy a of Futi ror fans Aad Fri Ufau apply to Theroi Tapany a offios84 v. Kedio Willuam st est. And a acc a wharf. Fact the s0wa&d Smith line a Barb h0wabd a diffs wharf As too am Eraci Matirn it Naiwan to a test Australia. Albany 1 8.s. Bumin Yono. v monday Jaanus a. Carrm i Vaan Agta and cargo. To Eastrin oolonie3. Of tar i 8vs.t1mb. Saaw Leeds Buday. January � Aad a other Queen 1 cargo Only. Had Parv j ? Post Hibib to it a ool Obos a Saint Maby learn Post pib1e slab Day Jan air a. Cargo aunt be Deu cred alongside Stone Al Lea than one Hoar before adder std time of by tort hckbz8abb with the Ste Adamca of maws Huddart. Pair co., and Mil wealth mtg Nhatt and co. We. Howard Smith atoll Poprik to Kim tul a tin it. Adb Laior Aad Marth Parade. Pott Adelaide. A met wraith la acharia a. Proprietary limited a dispatch the of bowing Pawn err Quamen t Fli Iii torte Pennith g for no Ezert. 1 tce8day. Jamir 92. 3 pin. for Perth Whart Obr alot ii Katf .w. Ports of through . To Oman Tae eyed after noon on st fling Date. tickets Ait wit Matt Howard Smith Sana and und Dart Parker it co a str ? Mil wealth Mesa Harff of. Prop rotary Mitbo Pia. 11-.1 Brj fan g. Way who fab Street Adelaide or j. Bavlos 80m. Fort Adelaide. U Huddart Parker & g i Propri tar. I matrix we dispatch from port Adelaide ? Cimi Aii tracts penal tag. Alaam. . A a Anoual mo2tday. February 11. At 1 . Thro coh Bills of Vladko to Perth. By took tickets wit , Mceachan co. Propri tary. United Aad Howard Saith and sons in priory United. ? use a j. Of web. It med. Agents. Bu8ine8s notices Dalgity & co. Amt to. Head office London. Capital _ �4.000,00 rb6brvk Pho. -. At130,00 Bipti Rathl by Consols -. merchants Wool and Bodoc boo keys Stock. Station com Mission and shipping agents. All stat inc Beo booties so Puea inti l and facts made on station property. Coi at amenti Wool or other it Donee Recei cd for m Uca Doain borne or colonial Market. Agent Fob Inirio a Aritta French Kan sex Mhz Tamarie k co a Whito Star line of Stouten George Thompson k co i Aberdeen use Suatt be. Clicquot Chwi Page Buoo etude. Co a wha wies we. Yon scr col s Monk Brand Edinburgh a j. Jeffrey co a Castle Brand Edinburgh alls fishy. Mar 4b cos Caletta and Colombo teas. ? Mab Aceb Fob South aos Baua e. W. Van Selden . A Tanta j. & a joh�8to9i import Maiio a obits. A 08 Saul we they Veraas Autora Peramba Lator fit Lac Labia tote Patent Beniac Jot. Temp. Aad it ton twine. Sell no twi Aea. American chair Cue Chain chair seats. Claa rare be ctr plate. Clocks wringers. Magics. L prob item Lla Fht s Deste Tatad Coe amt. Coco Amit fax Kapok cold s Patent booing Kak pc. A ? t57mwb busixk88 Cardall bikes at the e rect Star Geff Aii prlnt1hg office. Drapery and clothing Foale s summer ? Sale child stars but took c10wn washing hats Pink 2/6 for. 1/6. White 2/11 for 1/11. 3/11 for 2/11, 4/11 for 3/11. 5/11 for 4/11 6/11 for 5/11, 7/11 for 6/11. Boys Galatea blouses. 1/11 for 1/3, 2/11 for 1/11. 3/11 for 2/11 boys Straw hats to Clear 3d., 6d.t 9 a 1/. Specia1 att Bimont to Coo itry obdbb8. Write Fob illustrated Price list. Closed Friday at 9p.m. Saturday 1 o clock Marshall s summer Sale. This Day s bargains. Men s Moleskin & Cor vests ,e,ud7, washing petticoats i Worth. 2/11 a 16 each. J baby a silk Stripe Cricket. Shirts,1. Fob boys and tooth. Originally 1/11. ? Sale Price 1/3 each c Straw Sailor hats \ faihtana%wldbribbm8t�w,,8nptri ? 26 Earl lace a press Caps Only 1/ each i dents a Volt ked gloves. Patent clasps g/9 pair Black nun s veiling ? ? Devajda Toab 7il Yard 3/9 dress Otlet ? a ii glasses Yil dozen ladies shoes ? ? american Tan Galea pm Lake 146 for 9/6 pair. Ladies shoes Xun of Abms due. 10 pair water bottle with Glass 7d. Complete. Furniture saturday and monday we shall offer occasional at gift prices to Clear. We have selected about 60 sixty occasional tables to Clear and have marked these Down to phenom Naly Low prices in some instances far less than half Price to make room for new importations now close to hand. They include some very pretty Aeq need top tables Bamboo tables Walnut tables stained Pine tables of variety of shapes and sizes useful for Many purposes for ornaments for games for after noon Tea. Far Merloni for bedroom Fop Hall for Verandah. Immediate attention is directed to this lot for saturday and monday Rattan lounges. Of Superior Quality and new design 17/6. Bamboo blinds. Our last few Bales Are being sold very cheap. Curtain poles in brass Wood Bamboo of. Our Sale prices in these goods should be. Availed of. Our premises will be closed ?. On. Saturdays at 1 o clock. Marshall s. Drapery and ol0thino 0 awl Sis my Riblet Street. Summer Sale Peice list ods Nam. Dress department. Reyad Fawn Dobsa tweeds 1/9forl ked Wool coat digs 2/3 for 1/11 Astel taffeta ii for 1/u. Elio. Canvas Toile 3/9 for 1/11 Al Wool Cantafi Fawn and Green 3/9 for 1/11. ? ? ? it Wool Khaki coating 2/11 of i/3? ? ? la ii 00loubed. Taffee As avy and White f a klan ? tweeds 2/11 for ? 70ol Pomon m Wedgewood. Blue and fawns 6/5 for 2/11 a Dole . Been and Thelio. Shot Sepp 83/ for 21/ ? v ? b0wn striped Armulee. 35/ for 21/ live sicilian 27/8 for 2v Awn mixed coating6, 35/6 for w. Ilk and w00&p0bein8, in Hydia Fawn Brown and new Bloe 35/ few 27/6? ? ? ? Ireen silk add Wool fancy voile 63/ for-77/b. ? j sown mixed Poppins 33/ for 27/0 � Lack and Green fancy silk voile Wior to Reseda and White striped voile 49/6 for 32/8. Ilk Aad Wool br0cbe v0iles, in Grey Wedlee Wood and biscuit 55/ for ? evening shades in All Wool ? Cremons Pinic. Sky Coral Hudio Ean de nil 1/9 to 2a to Bedeared at. V. ? 1 Ink silk and Wool voile 5/6 for 2/s. Toht peach 8dlk ? and Wool striped. Voile. 5/8 for 2/9 Cotton dress goods. Dotton Pongee Fellk effects 12/ for a Stipen Xvi for .10/8 dote striped sateen na7 and white3kct Aad Whit-f1pw 7/8lefc Foulakd-8athens, 00/8 for 8/8 dozen h/6 Tor 10/8 Octen striped foulard innate Blade Helio. Cunt Kemrer silk mix Torea reduced to. 14/6 dozen printed lawns White ground at at 6/9 dozen ? French. Printed. Muslims new goods 7/6, 9/6, 10/6 dozen embroideries. 25nca pm Beolder la reinserted and tucked muslims. Til new and fashionable goods 40 different Pat terns to Cabose from at the following great reduction a White Muslin and lace 3/8 for 1/8 tucked Misuns. 5/8 for 2/b embroidery and tucks 3/11 for. 2/9 lace insertion and embroidery 5/� for 2/11 Muslin and lace 6/9 for 3/6 Muslin and he stitched tucks 7/8 for 3/8 lacs inserted Aad embroidery 5/9 for 3/11 All Over Muslin embroidery 4/u for 3/11 al1vover Muslin embroidery 9/6for4/6 coloured Muslin inserted lace and embroidery in Green Bis edit Hudio and Tuow 8/6 for 3/11 sunshade department. White ground sunshades coloured Borderi 15/8 for. 8/� Black and White sunshades beat goods All at 10/6 ? Wedgewood Blue lined week chd7fon, 18/8 for 33/8 White ground sunshades Upaek stripes 29/b for 21/ 1 Only Black Broche lined Blue 22/6 for 17/6 ? 1 Only Black Broche lined Pink 25/8 for 16/6 i Only Black and Helio 37/8 for 29/8 1 Only Jack and wet Jtb lined White 45/ for 32/6 silk department. Washing Blouse Silks. Black and White reduced to 1/3 Grey and White and Black and Grey reduced to 1/41 corded. Striped Blouse Silks 18 of Lerent pattemayv2/3 for 1/11 checked Glace Silks 2/11 for .2/3 Navy and White Satin foulard 20 different patterns very special Ethie 2/8 for 1/9 real Pongee Silks handsome de Gas 27-Inch, 3/3, now 2/9 Black and White willed foulard. Silks extra wide 2/5 for Job Black and White Satin. Foulard ? new patterns 3/3 for 2/6 274nehi fancy ring designs 3/8 for 2/3 ? 23-Inch Navy and White Diago Nal 3/6 for 2/3 27-Ina Chintz stripes. 3/s for 8/8 234oeh Wedgewood Bane Fine design ?-4/9 for 3/6 ? 23-Mch Satin foulard Ante Aew 4/6 for 3/6 printed and embroidered fou lard Robes unique desk pm in single Robe lengths Heliotrope sky White for 49/6 Black braided net. Ukj1c1v, very new 57/8 reduced to 39/, 87/b reduced to 65/ embroidered Chiffon a kites on Ninde in Hudio. And pint Nab. 25/ for a i ? j. Miller Andersonia of i a a to. A to to. ? ?.- ? ?.-.-.?. ? urn ? drapery and lot hint. To ? her Australia. John Martin and co., limited. Che popular Cash drapers. Great summer be ? ? ? now on. Sensational be actions 1 ? ? air. Ill departments 1 ? a re a the extraordinary bargain lines now being offered. 250 pieces pii8ted Cai Bubics fast Goloub a to Jamal idea a Yow 2/11 dozen greatest bargains in the City 7 balance. Of oar dress Mas Liis . Oak Stock of Beal Swiss must Lils. Usual a bib 1m, a i a All at 1/ per Yard. Ladies shirt blouses 1 Tho Navra and Luffa Clearing at 1/6, White pique costumes just Tim Tim Halo Sumik Iiams Houdas Ubab. Watchm jul our Price 8/11. Look Bozen fab i Yal laces via. Wife anal Pika 7j4 a sad. _ Clearing at 8/11 dozen. Film nest frilu5gs . Naan. l t per length. Ladies Uri habit f10ms u8uau.t sold at 1� our Price for this sale6jd. Each in All sizes. Shot silk sunshades. Worth set 5/u. Tai. Thrown out at 3/11 each. Blaek Aad Wylte shepred s Check ? Worth i i. Odiear at 341dresslength Worth Tuper Dana. Now 3/11 per dress. 100 Doz. Nanof buy q i vat pm to Clear at Cost Price th0usa5ds of stay books j.14 per pair. Ladies Klaffl Cas Hibbe Hose Sale Price 6d pair. John Martin and co limited d8, to 108ft. A Idle st.,. Adelaide v. Drapery and lot hint w Sale bargains. Erc Bibbd Ligula ads. A Naty. Black Aad Tea new blots 8j4 acc 8ji cd. Id. Of cd. I lord. Lord. ., 1/lt who. J., 1/t Lor lord. Cd a Tor 1/ cd. Igor of booed Timmis Ihmi f0olaso6, 1/ Tor sad. Cd. 1/1j Tor id. Cd. A Lor Loid. Cd 1/6 Tor 1/ cd. Noted ads lure be for a a 7/� the 4/u Dot 8/8 Tor 6/8 doa. Besch printed uus uss Al for s d. Cd mid. Lor 71d cd. 1/u for a. Cd. A Tek a. Yd., is Tor 1/ cd. Fuoau Odd macs a Laws. Uc8uss, cavbbic8, to Taa Giar a pried from 7 d. To 1/ yd., to a cleared at us Aadu Doc Worth inspection. ? underclothing. A Lybek a pique ote Raufi 5/u Lor 1/11 tech ? adie7 lok cloth night dresses try Nanak embroidery 4/8 Tor 1/11 Abaca sous lok cloth Chi airs 5/u far w tub ? ? Jed tbsp los cloth a kickers. 2/s for 1/j, Tell for 1/u pair Mildre irs pm stores t/5 Tor 1/j, 5/8 Tor 1/8, s/8 Tor s/6 each Aad upward to 8 Sample corsets. 6/u, a to be cleared at 5/11 each 3crtesta oosset8, cute Only alow 18. 19, a 17, 10/8, to dear at 6/u each ? Juies White skirts trimmed Bee 4/u tars la 5/6 Tor 4/6. 5/11 Tor 4/u, 7/6 Tor 5/u.ud upward to 3irls1 rites Side iut8. 15 6 for 1/u children s silk overalls. 1 Only 15/0 for 8/11. S Only to juju pet amt Tor 12/6, 15/ for 8/11, 1 do. 45/ for 19/63h0vbrbts Cambric blouses. 5/6 for to. Etch striped Hansel 10/6 for 5/u each. ? gentlemen a clothing. Sac sons to order 55/ Tor j8/8 each. Blue ribbed Serge 58 itt. 1/6 for j/6 cd. Coat to Serge 56 ia., 5/6 Tor s/6 cd. Tweed for boys Wear. 1/u for 1/11 cd. All Wool ese4mese Slebos � in., in for ? 1/6 Yard ? bots Tashi a suits s/6 for you Aadi bots what to a bib 6oits. H/6 far 4/uiath a byte Debs fed shots 4/6 for we of looked press sbtbt8, 8/6 for 8/11 each coloured shirts Toft Theta aus Casa 6/6 tort a and a each. Soc bows 1/1 for id. Etch. Uge department. S of. Sox belts cos. I for m. Cd. Patent Titch of laces real Kea Patterow 1/3 for to Ted Doc 1/6 for a Dol or i6r 1/1 Dot rest que aunt ladies. Likes fifth Aew Aat to Anta. Mid. Tor Sid. Each ladies Lack scarves sjd., lojd., 1/ each ladies dress or Kamets foil bodice trim bag 4/fdr.ld. Act wide silk Sash off bobs i. For l d. Cd. Harp lots bbc8sels carpets. 4/u, to car at la cd. Worb Japak Esb Hattula 86 in. Yide a to car at 8jd. Cd. A Larfa Quantity of remnants of linoleum sad. Oilcloth at greatly reduced Piricsi Martin Bros Burlington House. A to High cuss dress buyers. Wilson,,wo., bbb Sumeki silk me blebs the bundle Sirett Adelaide. Summer Sale it Progress. A sensational bargain the who of a to Awty Stock of Best Quality All silk few Frt Neh Are Nasone tards. To a Dean st half_pr10e. Ladies a Oppolt Huttt for you thai Tou bats i Tzvik had by Obb. A silk m Blaek Reudine Jujj Yard oar Tia aria adj Yao Wykom Mumm Rosant s drapery and lot hint t pm 3alanoe rhli9 ? ? ?. ? % a i a Toni no your Eno Jah dictionary and you will find web to Mayg a since Neskar i a pair of Scales a part of a watch a difference of accounts or to make in so Ottto Al our idea of balances Means of t ii he oddments the remnant or 3� Wal a left cd. Now we him of def 4 v hand a at a left of Many lines of goods Aad As our half yearly balance or a a p takes place within two or three weeks we deter med to ? a dear Bem out that you will Reaha Wiat opportunities there Are i Niome Mobey v i a the balance of m 3h our Navy ground striped Galatea drills 30 indie twide or Titi pm and old Yard to be cleared at 2/11 dozen ? a the balance of our Cream ground French Delaine Flo a Patten 30 in Henrik a Orff 11 3/11 dozen to be cleared at 1/11 dozen.? a p1 the balance of ? my our French Trou from Poppins in be citric Blue and bu4 a no Izaj inches wide Worth 1/3 Yard to dear at 3/11 dress. ? a the Baunger of 5 our coloured Cotton Serges in Grey Fawn electric Buck it Trun i 1 Brown 40 inches wide to dear at 1/u dress. ? � ? i a the balance of � a our White Long Cord piques Alto coloured printed piques a fairs Fidfl it Jiff i hand patterns to dear at 4/11 dozen. A the balance of. I m All the Una sorted makes of ladies corsets a All or ? ? 8/11, and 7/8 pair to be geared at 2/11 pair. I T la the balance of i3 5 our ladies Bright Block Plain Lustre walking berts in Ifilio a Iannette perfect fitting Worth 10/8, for 6/11 each. It so the balance of of or boys Navy Blue Serge Sailor suits sizes 0 to 8, no am i i vib factory Worth 3/u suit to dear at 1/11 suit. A ? a a the balance 0fvss m our ladies fast Block Cotton Hose wife embroidered finished Worthi 1/ pair to dear a 7jd. Pair. S5sa?- m3$ the balance of it our Childs Navy and White Galatea Straw hats will Tefeil Jar i. A Worth 9jd. And 10 d. Each to be geared at 3d. Coco. A. A the end of the season 1s- ? ? ? ? i a makes no difference with the qualities but it does with the prices. A you win. Ave lose. Has assertion is exemplified in Emy article we if a. I1 ? county customers be prompt in Orde inc ? has. Moore & 00., i 70 to 76. Couger Street. I ?. Peaua fax Fly wednesday. At i . / opt a a i irays till o . I h los i the following1 attractive lines will serve to indicate the kind of value we Are offering at our prevent disappointment give us an Early visit or Send for patterns. All Wool dress material it for a / part Ltd. Navy and White Check Wool dress material w Tor Par Jaia. All Wool French voiles pretty soft shades 2/11 Imd Faw melange dress material w 1/11 i of Blok Aad Amto Oli ook dress material w i ii Cream poplin printed French owns i i for a a11x Pat Jard. Very Good Quality pretty patterns wide Width pants it i for k/1 por Dos a French muslims finish Stripe zephyrs of Claret sat eels. Lariar Jan Black lace mantles White Maslin blouses Silvile tailor8 and out Tess Shierlaw s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 55/. Boys Long trod seb suits. 10/6, 12/6, 15/ to 45/. Boys o1vo&v . St7fs try Imrij. 17/6, 21/ to 30aboys Sailor. 0b Tweed. 5/97/6, s/9to 17/8. Boys . S. Only. 2/11. S/6, 4/11,5/8. R 10 & 18, Hindley st. A bu8ineinotices Awa Wyvone m my Friend. I in gifts Kaaa Tea Oft Avald be better Kaow. With thab Lor the Arlee i t blow at All ? ? it if just a 1 act that i Kate of Olff Tomt Kimm of fancy tables. To Bow yen. From to to 86/. Tha Sabota Suonh Walcott table cat a of of Abduh 8eats. Our own make Well flak Aab. Wen a aped and extra Strong Tram my cad Case loons and outdoor Chain at All prices. Aay atts a a a Floc a. For a Fine Cetha Tsa 8st of Good Pat Toft Aad Aloe Colour at tron to a6/.ws 40 meets to Buata boo Pep s Emu thu to for Tara shop his debt and Leigh st bits. Excelsior Winc pumps Charles Atkins & co., Ltd. ?7, of sub to Flatt. Fennisshc5s and rubber Soled boots made. Balata ac4 Cau or a. 00ld1k, 194, build let. Udac of the Fia Akar Taka my a / c7

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