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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping ? Huv the p. & S n. Bum. Company under Boi?1. Steamers for _.,�?� los Dox calling at at jaw Colombo. Aden Brindisi Mak. Gibraltar and Plymouth leave steamers. Tvs commander. Ade Ilas Silia -4902 c. Fraser Jan. 21 Carthage. Ss73sl de Home feb. 4 Victoria feb. 18 Valetta _ h804ir. F. Briscoe . Mac 4 Arcadia _ 61ssjw. B Andrews mar. 18 Ballarat w74s e. Ashdown apr. 1 Oceana. 61stj Tomlin ? apr. 15 first and second Saloon passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate ports. Cabins Reserve on special terms Liberal concessions made to families daring the Slack passenger season. Passages Bruni England can be arranged Here. In the second Saloon the arrangements have been thoroughly reorganized the accommodation offered iveing Bates of passage Money to London in first Saloon. �t-0to�70 to italian ports do. _ �55 to �65 to London in second Saloon �30 to �37 to italian ports do. _ �30 to �35 ? return tickets from _ �63 to �115 cargo received until 5 . On the monday and parcels till noon on the tuesday prior to steamers departure. For handbooks and All information apply to Eldib Smith & co., limited agents. ? 333ct & . Massija. A special Trad. For passengers and visitors is arranged to leave Adelaide for sea end Largs pier at 9.50 . On wednesday. Elder Smith pc co., limited agents. Rev Ffora Deutscher of fuck. Lloyd. Regular monthly line of a get fast passenger steamers to South amp1on, Antwerp and Bremen calling a Colombo Aden Suez port said and Genoa connecting with to Tutu and passengers from port said to Brindisi. Under mail contract with the Imperial German government. Steamers will be dispatched As follows ? steamers. commander. Lead Hohenzollern 3,082 Voncoelln feb. 4 hohenstaufen 3,090 w. Schmolder mar. 4 6,991 l. Stirmer a. 1 Habsburg 3.091 g. Tunmann ap.27 a Branch line to Samoa did Tonga a Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Steamer for these Tel fun passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �11 to �60. Great reductions on return passages available for sax nine or twelve months. Every facility is offered for bringing out friends by payment of passage Money Here. Cabin passengers May break their journey. Passengers and cargo booked through to London and principal european Asiatic and american ports. Passengers for England Are landed at s0uth Ampton for freight passage and All other particulars apply to the agents h. Muecke & co., 21thscvy Adelaide and port Adelaide. R i e x t l i n i of Royal Matt. Steamers. The following Royal mail steamers belonging to the Orient and Pacific companies will leave Adelaide semaphore at noon on the under mentioned dates for London via Albany Colombo Suez canal Naples Gibraltar and ply mouth Cuzco T 3,918 tons. J. F. Anderson Jan. 28 los Krasl ? is,8t7 in e. Inskip feb. 11 Oriya 6,057 k. E. Lavington feb. 2f Orizaba. _ 5,077 g. F. Dixon Julch. 11 of next _ %365 . Darby much. 2s Oracz _ -,031 w. E. White Al � and fortnightly thereafter. Will not Call at Colombo. Saloon passengers May break their journey. Entire Cabin reserved on most Liberal terms. Excursion return tickets at Low rates. Passage Money. First Saloon �55, �63, �70. Second Saloon �30 and �37. Third and Steerage including bedding mess utensils a two berth Cabins �22 each Adolfe. Four berth Cabin �20 each adult. Open berths �17 17s. Each adult. Special facilities Are now afforded for bringing one friends and relatives by the prepayment of passage Money Here As above. Parcels carried to any part of the United kingdom at a Low rate. Managers f. Green & co., and Anderson Anderson. & co., Fenchurch Avenue London sex. Full particulars on application to David Anderson Branch manager 4cr 28, Grenfell Street. steamships under mail contract with the French government Kew accelerated and rapid mail ser vice Between Adelaide Marseilles and London via Albany. Seychelles Aden Suez and port said Adelaide to London in 31 Days. . To. J commander. I leave Adelaide. Oceanian 403s , Friday Jan. 30. Polynesian Day much. 4 Yarra _4o16l. Boulard. ,m rch3q ans Ralien jg020 g. Didier . Saturday May 2 ?oceanien_j4u3s a. ,. Saturday May so rates of passage include wines or ales Ai meals. Cuisine Recherche. Electric throughout. Throck Overland tickets mar settles to London issued Here journey 24 hour Only no change of railway Carriage through France the company s interpreters will accompany to rough passengers from Marseilles to Paris and London Luggage conveyed free by Steamer from Marseillet London. Return passages. 1st Saloon. 2nd Saloon. 3rd class available 9 months a 5 � u a available 12 months �115 is �30 English stewards. Milch cow carried. To Niue class accommodation unequalled. Wine and Oil Cabin furniture included in fares. Harrold Brothers Adelaide and port Adelaide. Passes res Are booked through to Mauri ticks reunion and South Africa iia. Seychelles cargo booked through to Havre Genoa ant Werp Hamburg Bordeaux and Dunkirk. 244cv -3a Luid s line 0 ten a steamers. London via port ass saris As required. These new full to were fast steamers Are appointed to leave the Poi Adelaide wharf and outposts As required a follows Cul Goa 6th february. to follow. Hubbuck _ _ to follow. Excellent accommodation for passengers. For freight or passage apply to Geo. Wills & co., 322thse ? Adelaide or port. Civ steam to London Al Ali. Suez canal. The new Ful a powered. Fast Steamer Cul Goa is appointed to leave the port Adelaide Whai Al cwt ctr february As above. Cargo booked of Antwerp. Excellent accommodation for passengers. For freight and All particulars apply Geo. Wills & co., Rothsc ? Adelaide or debts Cut Aust Alisch ill. Dampf Scheffs Gesellschaft 4n steam communication t Antwerp and Hamburg. The Fina Nei Steamer Elberfeld trill be dispatched about end january. Passage from England and continent can be arranged Here from Hamburg or Antwerp �12 15s. From London ? ? �13 egg. Foe freight and All particulars George wills pc co., 323thsc ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. V w Idee line Wrt Mik to. Fob loaf on direct b is lie splendid Iron Clipper i v Marialta of. Taal 167 tons Register i now loading and will to dispatched Early i january. For terms of freight apply to 353c elder Smith & co., limited. Port Wakefield shipping co. Of port Wakefield the Percy sad tuesday the 20th january instead of wednesday g. C. Hubble port Wakefield a. Lemessurier port Adelaide. A i. Westward line. Foi 3ef3� Waterloo Bay Elliston do Isufi Iurii rect the. M lady. Robinson sails 22nd, 4 . 2u-2 w. Tulloch jun., agent port. Port Plurie and area a Fig shipping c05q-any, limited. Beer Dianella sails on thursday january 22, at 8 . No cargo received after 1 pin. Wednes Lay. Freight 6s. Per ton. A. L 3ressaner, port agent Fred Grav Secretary. Por Pine. ? 294c up Olley & co general merchants. Ship and insurance agents lbs Lintle and Albany Western Australia. Having recently opened a Branch at Albany Are now prepared to accept commissions of Ever kind in connection with general merchandise am shipping business. Provisioning of a fall and other steamers speciality. Yat frflr3 Tynion Bank of Australia Zoitsa ? shipping ? Nohe Adelaide steamship company list ted inn dispatch their splendid steam ships m under t for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. . Bullara i this Day i Jan. 26 1 5 . A. Victorian saturday Jan. 34 2.15 . Adelaide i saturday Jan. 31 1 2.15 . Cargo received up to 1 Phil. West australian service. From commercial wharf Tor Albany and Fremantle at Fremantle for Vass Geraldton Sharks Bay Gas Coyne for Carnarvon Ashburton Cossack for Roe bourse. Pearling grounds Bob Buck Bay Derby and Wyndham. . Albany Wednesday feb. 4 1 noon. . Bullara Early. South East service. Kosro Zlobl Bias sss3& Nell Bay also at port Victor and Warrnambool if sufficient inducement. . Lubra i this Day Jan. 20 i noon. Cargo received till 11 am. Spencer s Gulf service. Port Lincoln port Augusta returning Tii Wallaroo calling off Franklin har Bour. Ferb or 1 this Day i Jan. 20 z . ? Argo received till 11 . Mails and passengers Only. Moon a Wallaroo. Port germen and port pird3. . Inesti Gator saturday Jan. 24 5 . Cargo received tall 1 . For Sydner direct pc from port Pirie cargo Only. .Enterpbxze i saturday Jan. 24 i 7 . Ati business communications to be addressed to the port office. ? John Turnbull Secretary Jopson Street port and Austral Chambers ? Corrie Street City. ? 323 ova extra Steamer for Toh. Melbourne and Sydney Shakt taking cargo at through rates for Queensland ports a the . Bullara will be dispatched for above ports from commercial wharf this Day january 20, at s . Cargo received up till 3 . Day of sailing. 17-20 John Turnbull Secretary. He Adelaide steamship company leh ced. Specia Notick the Adelaide . Co., limited desire to draw the attention of the travelling Public to the expected Early arrival of their new steamers Bullara 1.72s tons Andlen Aminaka 2,501 the Bullara has been specially built for the Sydney Melbourne Adelaide and Freman tie Trade and her passenger accommodation is fitted up in the most Modem approved style with Saloon amidships and second Saloon aft. Electric Light throughout perfect ventilation and splendid Baths and lavatories. The inn Aminaka is designed to run in con Junction with the company s Fine Well known . Adelaide in the Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide trades. The dining Saloon is on deck after the style of the latest mail steamers and like the Bullara the ventilation state rooms Baths and lavatories have been made a special feature of this stately Steamer. The directors of the company await with Confidence the verdict of the australian Public on their endeavours to provide for the increased Comfort of their numerous patrons. It is hoped that both steamers will take up their regular running this month. ? 13c Rev for edit Burgh. Ftp of pc. Steamer Larooka wednesdays ggjgj0tzaxi& saturdays at 9 . Muecke and co. Agents. ? 325twfsc to ship masters merchants and i others. The shipping reporter for daily papers attends to telegrams and letters. Richard Jagoe Beach Branch office. Esplanade semaphore. Drapery and clothing i Tiit ller Anderson & to 20 a a 22, Hindley Street Basing Hall Street London. R Beeai 4 annual Rummer Dali this pay. T s3t Price list on application. ? ladies Fawn and Grey Tweed jackets open fronts High collars new goods in three sizes 13s. Cd., to be cleared at 6s. 9d. Each. 5 ladies and children s White Streav Gem hats 3s. Cd., for is. 9d. Each. Very special bargains ? summer costumes lace and silk mantles gowns and morning wrappers. Figured Liberty silk costumes Flora i designs s 95s., for 75s. Each. I 5ds., for 49s. 6d. Each. I washing costumes s for 19s. Cd. And 21s. Each. Ladies shirts new Patte us opened this week to be cleared at 5s. Lid. Each. Ladies shot willed silk sunshades new goods 9s. Gd., for 5s. 9d. Each. Frilled Honjore silk sunshades White Cream and Sultan los. Cd., for 6s. 9d. Each. L Rich faille ribbons All colours 4 inches wide is. lord. Yard. Plaid and fancy . Lid. And 2s. 3d., for so. Per Yard. I 10-Inch Pink. Bronze and Emerald r faille Sash ribbons 4s. 6d reduced to is. Lid. Yard. 10o dozen ladies Black Cashmere Hose a very cheap line. Is. Lid. Per pair. _ ladies Best Quality Grenat Cotton i Hose ? 4s. 6l. Reduced to is. 6d. Pair. T children s Grenat Cotton Hose Best goods All sizes ? reduced to 9d. Per pair. Black Surah Silks 23 inches wide to be cleared at 2s.7�d. Yard. 3 1,000 Yards silk Surah in seventeen fashion Able colours to be cleared at is. Id. Yard. Rich coloured moire Silks All pure silk 7s. 9d. And 6s. Cd., to be cleared at 2s. Lid. Yard. Best moire Silks Pink sky Cream and White 9s. Cd., to be cleared at 4s. 6d. Yard. White Pongee Silks Best Quality ? Sale Price 2s. 6d. Yard. Dress department i unmade Robes s plaid Wool Ami silk 27a. 6d., for 17s. 6d. Each. Extra Rich do., 47s. Cd., for 27s. 6d. Each. Cream Muslin Robes embroidered colours b 42s., for 29s. 6d. Each. ? ? 60s., for 30s. 6d. Each. White Muslin Robes. Embroidered Colour silk.45s.� for 17s. 6d. Each. E double Width All Wool willed beige 2s. 6d for is. 10jl Yang double Width costume tweeds 2s. 9d.,for 2s. Id. Yard. Do. Snowflakes is. 6d., for 2s. 9d. Yard. Do. Plain Satin tweeds 2s. Lid., for 2s. 3d. Yard. Figured Lustres ? ls.3jd.,. 1 Eoys and youths clothing. The whole of our extensive Stock of boys am youths suits ? specially reduced during the Sale i re at annual Jummer cal1 i mras Tay t 7ltlleb a Nderson it 0. 20 a 22, my let to but. I5ct ? shipping i the Howard Smjth. Line. New service. Considerable reduction of passenger fares. Bates on application. Freights Redit ced in schedule Bates. That Only direct Lute to All Queens. Land without transhipment. For Melbourne v Sydney Brisbane Maryborough Rockhampton Mackay . Bunt Yono. 3,000 Townsville v tons Friday january Cairns 23, s . Port Douglas Cooktown thursday is a. Nor Wanton Burketown from Smith & Cave s wharf. Fore Cabin passengers Are supplied with food and bedding free. Full particulars on application to w. R. Cave 4 co., agents Grenfell Street Adelaide 825c ii son Street. Port Huddart Parker and for Launceston and h0baht the . Cooee f. Carrington commander will leave Melbourne for above ports each tuesday and Friday at 1 ., till further notice. Fares Melbourne to Launceston Saloon �1 10s. Single return �2 10s. Deck Cabin berths 2s. 6d. Each extra. Fore Cabin single �1 return �1 10s. Fares Melbourne to Hobart via Launceston Saloon �3 single with first class bail return �4cs. Saloon �3 12s., with second class bail return. Fore Cabin �2 with second class rail return �2 12s. Circular to Sydney Sydney to Hobart Hobart Overand by rail to Launceston thence per . Coope to Melbourne or vice verse �6 Saloon. For All particulars apply 17thsc in. & j. Fowler drapery and clothing h. J. Bai1ey Cut t a Ailey & to. A after season Al most dress department. 1aka tatd9 Cheviot Tweed 44 Inch. Usual Price 2/9 Sale a h Price ?. A 2 1oaa Yards Casimir French a 44 Inch 3/6 Sal Price ? Al of Aqa Yards ladies cloth /5o Art colours. Usual Price of 4/6 Sal Price ? a o 1/9 it Kytola Stripe do. 1/6 1 to7515 i Clear Al Ora yes. Ribbon do. 2/3 7 at if 2 1 a yes. Lace Stripe 2/9 1 a Only Cheviot Tweed Robes gov 25/6, Sale Price ? i h Manchester goods. . 1 36-Inch Long cloth the Best cloth in the Trade 5/, Sale / f Price per dozen ? of 11 hem stitched Linen Pillow slip3, it it 9/11, Sale Price ? a in. Lace curtains White and ecrun/11 5/11, Sale Price ? of Al Art curtains roman effects /1 1 13/6, Sale Price ? jul Glass cloths 4/6 per dozen Sale f a Price 1/11 Glass cloths 5s. Per dozen Sale o/1 1 Price ? ? a la laces a. O a Yards Chiffon 5 inches fftl.\_&\3 wide 1/6, Sale Price. /42 t Kwh Yards silk Lisse lace to i o All colours 1/3, Sale i a 1 Price ? ? /42 i Yards real Torchon our Pillow lace 1/, Sale of Price ? Yards new pleated Scallop a embroidery for Pillow a a slips a 1/6, Sale Price. / i or Yards do. Do., 1/9, Sale a Taij Price ? la a o Yards do. Do., 1/1u, Sale in -1qa Yards Black lace Floun cing 1 Yards wide 14/6 a and 16/9, Sale Price ? i to ii to \ Only silk Lisse embroidered in Dau kerchiefs 3/11, Sale of Price ? 1/ j of Only Llo 4/s� sd1 Price a Joa a zen ladies coloured juy Bonne red handkerchiefs 1 the half dozen Sale Price ? i / \ a a dozen -lo., the half dozen 1/11iu Sal Price ? a Al hosiery and gloves. Ladies superfine Black Lisle thread Hose 2/11, reduced to of ill 3/6. Reduced to ? 25/ u. S/3, reduced to 2/6 3/11, reduced cd it t 1 to ? 4ll Al Al ladies Black Cashmere Hose a a dozen Price everywhere re a else in the Trade 2/6, our Price ? jul of dozen Only 6-Button Tan 11 suede gloves sizes of 6. Cd. 7. . 5/6. Sale Price. O a wonderful line of suede gloves in Tan Pink Grey Creme and White 12-Button length Sale a Price ? ? 41 to 16-Button length Sale Price f is underclothing a. 00 a lilies White skirts ckli&if\3 3/9 to 5/c.sue Price. 55/ 1 Only sateen dressing gowns if 1 1 1o Sal Price ? t la a r Only flannel dressing jackets. Sky Pink and to it 1 Cardinal 10/6, Sale Price. Oll a Only new Overall aprons a Gio 8a1, 9/6, Sale Price. Old children s Suspender bodices 4/3, off Sal Price. Ujj 1 of children s White dresses x my trimmed embroidery 21/ to 1 cd 32/c, Sale Price. A a millinery a. 8 Only Black Bonnet i Large sizes suitable for elderly ladies 1 25/ to if Sale Price ? to to 9 Only trimmed hats 15/6 to 19/6, q it 1saleprice ? Oll by do. Do., 19/9 to 27/c, Sale Price to t of shot silk sunshades 14/6, o it Lou 15/g.lg/e, Sale Price. Of 60 be 10191111 9/11 costumes a 4 Only washing costume3, 27/6 it fat to 31/c. Sale Price ? la 8 Only do. Do., 35/ to 70/, Sale t � pee ? 10/ d of oar Best goods 49/6 to 34/, g%1 a a Sal Price ? Fiji r a Only reside me Veilleux silk x costume trimmed fancy silk. A i c/6/-, Sale Price of Ionly Brown do. Do., 7 guineas a i Sal Price ? 4ku/\i Ionly Tabaldo. Do., 7/17/6, Sale of / Price ? Tol Only figured Pongee silk cos t Tumes with bodice material a 90/, Sale Price ? Hlaj 4ryweu-Cut Light tweet a 11 1 i jackets 12/9. Sale Price. La chg White flannel do., thrown it to i out at ? ? 0/11 the above Are a few of the Many bargains in our Sale which for value cannot be approached. H. J. Bailey & a h. To. Baitey & a 16-22 papers Pecic a Handbill neatly and expeditiously executed at the Register observer. And journal offices. Drapery and clothing a Kins Willum-sibie1. Sumbs season 18bm1 Etc basis. To ool Ktuk it fio. Pavlu Streat Liuto Thair a Tom a of summer goods 8nadall? Milaef cd to the bait English us cont Buls Uteta Catap Cong the newest goo in All Dext Manton suiting. A splendid lot 2bousebqkss. Most stylish Pat Tana. Nesting ? novelties for the season. 9vebcoatesgsnew shades Light texture Sun Umb Solias. Splendid assortment. Hosiery ? special makes. Shirts ? made to order. Shirting. Very newest patterns. Collars Aid ctr tvs infinite variety of shapes. very Beautiful designs. Scarfs Aad tubs. A grand selection. Hassan capse&28? gloves ? Jcj it end in woollens messes. Doolette & co. Never bad a Bettee assortment. They would recommend gent Linen to make an Early a Section to prevent disappointment and will be glad to Send patterns free by Post to any gentle men requiring them. ?. ? ?.j o o t e t t b ? & o o., 60, King William Street. 880a tames Mil Arshall 4 n9 24, 26, 28, so Rundle Street and the Stephens place furniture. Warehouse Adelaide. Great annual summer Sale. Revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list revised Price list for minis t tuesday. Full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement full Page advertisement detailed list see thi3 Day s advertiser. Catalogues on application. Tames to Carshall & 10. Adelaide and London 2cv Rummer Lale. R. N. G a t c � 14, Rundle Street Adelaide. Pash rices. Great reduction of prices. Frilled cushions in moire and Plain silk coverings 5/11, g/9, and 7/6, for &/11 each. A few better ones 9/9, 12/6, 17/6, and 21/, to be cleared at following prices 4/11 and 11/6 each. Woollen Daisy fringes assorted to be cleared 1/11 dozen. Cotton Daisy fringes assorted to be cleared ,4/11 dozen. Silk fringes assorted to be cleared 4/11 dozen. These goods cannot be replaced at above prices. R. It g a u l t & c � drapers tailors and dressmakers. A 15c. T. Sci mean a 15, Hindley Street the popular City tailors clothiers and outfitters. Celebrated for their Superior fit excellent rime Quality and moderate prices. New coatings new Trouse rings and testings. Gentlemen Are invited to inspect on new melange Serge and Tweed suits to order at 67s. 6i new washing scarfs in great variety naw shirts. Also new and fashionable hats and Cap. S91thao cd Tux Selling Blucher and elastic. O sided boots own make5a. 64. Pair at Mackl dts Tam dra Spery and clothing. I a attn ,�-.rq tears to u Rrapi in q t to of s k. Ummer Dale to Day. Special list for this Day Only. 1357 Yards printed Cambria 5/11 per dozen for .8/11. ?25t ladies Tweed jackets Well Cut and i 2 finished 12/9, for 4/11 prices 1/9 to 2/a, for 40 dozen ten trimmed Straw hats from ? 1/11 to3al, for i ii Black Modie sunshades 10/6 each for 6/11 to pairs celebrated Francois Calvat gloves. Regular Price 7/11, for 4/11 1007 pair Black Navy and Tan Cashmere Hose 1/6 per pair for m of dozen he3vi-stitched and embroidered handkerchiefs i 15/6 per dozen for 10/6 413 pairs Well modelled corsets usually sold at 3/11 per pair for 2/6 20 pieces extra Quality Flannelette usual Price a per Yard for /4i 50 doze gents Well made Long cloth shirts usually Gold at 27/6 half dozen for 21/ of dozen ? gents regatta shirts Price 5/6, foe 2/6 518 Yards Brussels carpet extra Quality 4/6 per Yaru. To Clear at 2/6 6000 tablets pure scented Glycerine soap 4/6 per dozen for 1/11 visit Burlington House to Day tit Artin -dbothers1 Caole Charlest turks & company s Thalf yearly Oale to Day and of weeds. Our Sale is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the Trade its invariable Success for the past thirty half years Speaks volumes for the Way in which it is conducted. It has like All successful movements brought into existence numbers of imitations but it still holds its own in spite of All Competition. The Many patrons who have As usual reserved their purchases will be amply rewarded at this Sale. Sale now in Progress. Of Harlest irks 4 1ompany Rundle Street. 17c sailors. Sailors. Elf onsite a it Laihing x-alac3e. Established 35 you ski 1000 patterns to choose from of the. Best English scotch and Continental tweeds. We make trousers to measure 12/6, suits 110111 45/. Special line. 500 trousers lengths 21?. 500 suit lengths �3 10s. We keep the Best practical cutters and workmen on the premises and a sure fee is guaranteed. Patterns and self measurement forms sent Post free on application to o n s t e r Rilo Linb to Alace Corner Kino William and Hindlet suis. Saouma drapery Ano clothing. J. T. F t � h1 importer Draper and Boot warehouseman m n e a 0 r n e Enos. 153, 155, 157, 157a, 159, Rundle and Pulteney streets. To a l f. To Early Nicaea ice Hale commences stueday january during the season x t. Fitch has largely added to the premises and is determined this half Yearl Sale shall if possible be a greater Success than any which have preceded. Price3 have been made accordingly and. T. Fitch is confident that the value offered will not be surpassed in Adelaide. J t. F x x c he Corner Rundle and Pulteney streets. 8cyz Salk to All & ravage s Sale. Half yearly Sale. Sale. Ile Arino Oale Sale Yaj o Sale. 3 Sale. Sale. Now in Progress. Sale. Sale. ? Sale. Sale. Bargains. Sale. Sale. ? Sale. Sale. Below we quote a few . Usual Sale. Price. Sale. Spot Knicker prints a ort1sale. Snowflake zephyrs ? a Udo. 8a1 Sale. Check and Floral prints. 5/11 9/11 Sale. Ombre Cashmer ettes 4/11 6/11 Sale. Snowflake Tweed dress. 3/11 6/11 Sale. Carte cloth ?3/11 c-/11 Sale. Check dress Good ? 7/11 9a1sale. Knicker dress material. 4/11 7/g Sale. Silesia ? 1/11 3/11 Sale. Art Muslin ? 1/11 4/11 Sale. Laced striped muslims. 2/11 4/6 Salk White embroidered Robes 6/11 10/6 Sale. Zephyr Robes beautifully 1 14/9 21/ Sale. Embroidered ? j 18/6 80/ Sale. Double Width dress tweeds 1/6 Yard 2/6 Sale. Muslin de Laines ? /5i a7j Sale. Ladies Cashmere Hose. /10j pair 1/3 Salk men s . Half Hose 6 pairs for 1/Sale. Men s coloured Merino Sale. Half Hose ? a pair / Sale. Men s regatta shirts. 1/lleach 2/11 Sale. Men s regatta shirts 2 Sale. Collars ? 2/11 4/11 Sale. Men s drab Felt hats. 1/6 4/11 Sale. Men s drab Shell hats. 8/11 15/9 Sale. Men s soft Felt hats. 1/11 8/6 Sale. Men s White vests ? 2/11 7/6 Sale. Knicker suits Galatea. 1/3 1/11 Sale. Knicker suits Seree Sailor 3a1 5/usale. Knicker suits Drill Sailor 2/11 4/11 Sale. Men s Tweed suits ? 15/6 22/6 Sale. Boys coloured moles Sale. Slightly damaged. 2/6 4/6saee. Strong tweeds ? 1/3 Yard 2/ Sale. Men s . White shirts. 2/6 each 7/6 Sale. Sale. ? Sale. Sale. Tailoring. Sale. ? Sale. Splendid assortment of tweeds offered Sale. Sale during the Sale at special . Sale ? ? Sale. Sale. To All & ravage is.11 Sale. 105, Rundle Street Sale. Sale. � doors West of Adelaide Arcade. Sale. ? Ioe. Business notices of i b a s . Re. ? to his excellency the governor. T92 and 94, Rundle Street. Wedding and birthday presents. 13thsc pianos imported direct from leading German makers. ? ? ? 56thsct a. Kauffmann & e. M. Peb sym watch and clock maker jeweller 66, King Williajm Street opposite Bank of South Australia. Latest London and Paris designs in ladies and gents jewellery ladies toilet instruments electroplated Are watches Clacks arc a especially selected for the Xmas and new year season 1890-91. Special Diamond bangles brooches rings a ? 3-63 Bambo Verandah blinds from 6x8to 20 x 8. Special prices. R. H. Gault 124, Rundle Street. 13thsc piano depot inst ments on View. Inspection and comparison invited. 66thsct a. Kauffmann & son Grenfell St Bamboo Hall seats made to my own order. R. H. Gault bundle Street. Ishio business not Les riles big to Rishton and to . Q c a r b o r 0 u g h & a saddlers and harness makers 63, Hindley Street having started a Branch shop at jetty Road Glenelg next Miller s Corner station guarantee their numerous customers and the Public to Supply goods and execute repairs at their now Well known City prices which after years of trial have proved to be the very Best value obtainable. Customers May rely on promptness in executing their orders As we keep a Large staff of workmen. Scarborough a 63, Hindley Street and near Miller s Corner jetty Road ? Glenelg. A20thsc t7nake pianos. Thea me of perfection. To. A. Kauffmann pc son 66thsct ?.Grenfell Street. Two grand lines for splendid Balmoral at 7s. 6d. And 10s. 60. Per pair at Macklin a 63 Rundle Street. 234ihso pianos. Lowest Cash prices or easy terms to suit All buyers. 56thsct a. Kauffmann & son. Grenfell St. Sole agent for Humber Rover and other bicycles tricycles. Time payments if required. F. Wolleb bicycle depot Acland Street. ? cth359 s Marshall & sons a 62, bundle Street sole agents in South Australia for the scat Demayer & soehne pianoforte pronounced by All leading musical authorities to be the Best German pianoforte made. For purity of tone perfection of touch and Excel Lence of finish they Are unrivalled. New models just opened. Inspection invited. Collard & collard pianoforte the leading English pianoforte. The Smith american Organ. Call and inspect the new designs for school Church and Home use. The Sale of these instruments excels those of an other make in the Market the Smith Organ being now the Standard from which All other makes Are sold. Any instrument May be purchased on the time payment system by 6, 12, 18, or 24 monthly payments. The largest selection of brass Reed Fife and dram band instruments in the Colony. Sole agents for Boosey a brass band instruments violins banjos guitars and every description of stringed instruments and fittings. Violin strings a speciality. The newest music received every month. All the music for the Adelaide University local examinations kept in Stock. Liberal discounts made to schools and the musical profession. Prices and catalogues of instruments on application. Tuning and repairs by experienced workmen. Balls and evening parties supplied with compe tent musicians. S. Marshall & sons Rundle Street. Booths cd pianos. The Best selected Stock in the City of instruments from leading genuine and exist ing makers. 66thscv a. Kauffmann & son Grenfel St. Stark your Linen with a rubber stamp to procured from f. Burmeister Arcade Ade Laide. Indelible Ink guaranteed. 29sthstll2 schwechtenpian0s.--Tew models an sizes. 56thscv Kauffmann & son Grenfell Street. Pianos by genuine guaranteed existing . Kauffmann son 66thscv ? Grenfell Street. To e r e d i t h 6s, Tut c n e i a electrical engineers brass founders. And finishers Hindmarsh Square near York hotel. Manufacturers of ecclesiastical and Domestic bras work. Plumbers bras work Gas steam and electrical apparatus of All kinds. Electric Bells indicators speaking tubes a fitted. La quering bronzing and general Elf pairs. 324tb.sc Fry Macklin s boots grand value. Try a Macklin s boots grand value. 342thso and comparison of our Stock invited. Eth Sci a. Kauffmann a son Grenfel St. Tt1stey organs. Illustrated catalogue mailed w21 free to any address by the sole agents sch Sci a. Kauffmann & son Grenfell St a present to All. Commencing on saturday 17th just. And until the withdrawal of this notice eve1cy Cash Purchase of meat at my various establishments to the extent of 3s. Or upwards till be presented with one tin of Choice preserved meat. T Rio Xea 1? Hindley Street. 17thsc Estey american organs. The most durable for All purposes. Sole agents 66tnscv a. Kauffmann & son Grenfell St Bead and Reed blinds keep out the flies at r. Ii. Gauls fancy Emporium. 13thsc a i i n e r a l text a t e r s Friedrich shall is. Cd. Bottle. Hunyadi Janos 23. Ap0llinabis. Be. Loz. O.n&whb1rks, chemists 59. Rundle Street. 10c Anstey american organs Lead the x3i world and sin their own Praise 66tfascv a. Kauffmann & son. Grenfell St enormous skeletons monkeys and tarantulas at r. H. Faults 121, bundle Street ? i3th3c just to hand a Large and varied assortment of Indian condiments including tamarind and prawn Chutney guava and tamarind jell preserved tamarind Tama Rind fish Indian pickles in Oil and vinegar. Sauces Indian zest Delhi Cayenne and Tapp sauce. Curry powders Curry and Mullig Tawny paste. Teas Ceylon Indian and China. Indian grass sleeping Mats 3a. 6d. Each. A Large variety of Indian fancy goods suitable for Christmas and new year s gifts. Indian and Ceylon cigars Best brands Price list on application. Drum Moid bros., Gawler place Adelaide. ?. ? sloths Bluthner pianos. New models Aliquot system. Horizontal grands. Seth set a. Kauffmann & son. Grenfel St. White t aurence & 1 0., 122, Rundle Street have on View a splendid assortment of new goods. Consisting of dinner breakfast Tea and dessert services toilet services glassware and japanese goods and. Novelties. In3tantane0us pocket photographs. Fic amusements m h e a. T r k r p y a l. Under the direction of messes. Williamson Garner & co resident manager. Or Wybert Reeve treasurer. Or. H. J. Whittington. Last week of the celebrated g a t m a to night tuesday i wednesday and thursday. Production on a grand scale of the highly Seii a Tio Najl drama Queen s eve Kence with the four Wing powerful cast sir Frederick Sydney. Or. F. Strickland Walter Wynford. Or. E. Bonfield Gilbert Medland afterwards Jor e. Stanmar Phillip Standfield Matthew Thornton. Or. Fred Clifford or. Isaacs ? afterwards v ? or. Geo. P. Carey. Jonas Levant Arthur ? Little Leo Joe the lock Kee Jer. Or. Chas. Hill Dodson servant. Or. Putman Peters. ? or. Sugden Moore Kate Medland. Swiss Florence Seymour Ada Summers a afterwards y ? mis3 Julia Esmond Ada Sydney a Laura Sydney ? miss Alic Dudley act 1 Gilbert Medland s Home morning. Act 2 a water lock evening Peake. Act 3 eight years afterwards drawing room instr Frederick Sydney s House. Act 4 Library in sir Frederick Sydney s House. Friday january 23. Last night of the season. Farewell Benefit to m r. N. S t. M a u r. Reappearance of or. Christie Murray. Special programme. Box plan at Marshall s. Tickets at Armbrister s. Prices dress Circle 5s. Stalls 3s. Gallery la. Erskine Scott business manager for or. Harry St Maur. Cyclorama. Web Salem at the time of the crucifixion. This most instructive and interesting work of Art has taken hold of the South australian Public. Visitors from All parts and of every Shade of opinion Are unanimous in expressions of wonder and Admira Tion at the Beautiful historic scenes depicted. The building lighted by electricity from its height and vastness is the coolest place in the City. As a pleasant resort for a spare hour it is unrivalled and should be visited. By All. Open from 10 . Till 5 . And from 7 till 10 . Lectures at 11.30 ., 3 ., and 8 . Admission 2s. Children is. Descriptive books with maps plans a can a obtained at the principal booksellers and at the Cyclorama Hindley Street Adelaide. ? 13c i a b n e r s t h e a t r k. To night tuesday january 20. Taylor Carrington company will appear in the weird drama rip Van Winkle. I in consequence of the shortness of the season Anil or. Taylor being desirous of showing ado Iida play goers How versatile his company is there will be a change of Bill on thursday so this is the last night but one of hip Van Winkle. Front seats 2. Back u. Seats May be reserved at Woodman a la. Extra. Church organs at Kuhnel s. Pirie Streeb a ? 184thao the wonderful Julius Feurich x pianos. ? Wathao mows Hall port Adelaide. To-night7to-Nigijt. Overwhelming Success of the grand pantomime Gladdes. Satlow thunderstruck. Cost lilacs captivated. 3/, 21, ii. Organs time payment at Kuhnel s. ? is thao Kuhnel s wholesale piano depot. ? 184thao zoological daily from 8 . Sundays 2 to 6. Over 1 4-00 anma15 Birds a. ? 190twhfo pianos time payment at Kuhnel s. La Chhao Restenberger pianos at Kuhnel s. ? lb4thao Rook s summer excursion. Thursday january by 29. Melbourne 1st class �2 2ud class �1 5s. Sydney 1st class �5, 2nd class �3 5s. Send for pro Graoui s. Thos. Cook & son h. P. Wilson agent. ? 1329 Frook s new zealand and tasmanian a Tours. Specially reduced rates offered to Bona fide tourists. 345tc3 Shoninger s organs at Kuhnel s. Isl Tho ape hangings Kuhnel a Pirie Streed. 184thao ? sporting ? to k n l e y Beach race meeting saturday february 7, 1891. Further particulars later. W. Mcnamire Hon. Tie Henley Beach. ?. X Fry Kuhnel s pianos. A ? ? Lgth so business notices ? t-rand0n s shoe tatar Ehouse. 67, Rundle Street Telephone to. 414. Our Tew summer Stock of t-00ts and oh0es is now opened and comprises All the newest and fashionable designs. One special manufacture we particularly Call Atten ? Tion to the Argent. This manufacturer s goods Are simply perfect in the fittings styles and qualities. In addition to this we have every Well know maker amply represented and our Stock of gentlemen a ladies and children s goods is As Complete a it Well can be. Tan. Coloured goods in various shades. Also children s and infants Tan Bronze and Maroon colours in Barretta tie Button Gypsy Aida and other styles. And a splendid assortment of every class of goads to suit the requirements of the season. Bespoke department first class Only. Livery and coach Aien s boots a speciality. Brandon a h0e tatar Ehouse 67, Rundle Street. 317o patents for business of con grave & Colt sox is continued by the undersigned at the australasian Patent and Trade Marks office Santo build Ings. Waymouth Street. 133y. ? common & co Holuk Orpiano at Kuhnel

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