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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 17, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia st. Lager a up Beer and malt extract. A Lully the it ent Marks. 8 in Picq ? 8hipwwq 6. N to Adelaide steamship. Ass v. Company limited Stasi Savica Pmj c0mpa3t. We in Damn from Rrt Adam. As Coder Royal Muju contract win dispatch the pm scr do Iota permit us Folh Misc Stidom Tii in Guatlo. Colombo. For Albany Fremantle Aden. To Jeonte. Gibraltar. Fern oui. And be Aarau draft an All North wart port. Don with Liberty to Call it in Diri the Wyndham. Sidon i i ? ? last. Aldunca i thursday i january 17 3 . ? ? Manloo. Friday january 18 i � a Bohe. ? sm5l e. Street Jan. 17. Allin omits Albany. Himalaya ? am w. U bran Jaa. So ? my Arcadia. 8803 a. C Loiseb feb. So. Time Ronnii the Oceana ? is c cad4 Ali Rutah. Mesa ports. By Itasca. A a f h. Senour March is. Quken8land Post so. A uasi Illse Affriol u Bill also monday t Jamar or n 1 3 pin. A teb to forts Al. Knoer s Golf Lervick Otic to Emock. Fob fort Usoon. Mokhta. Walla too Liberal reductions to Bailies. Prankl Harbour am tu1iby Bat. Whole Cabin. Reserved. The accommodation for rat ? tuesday january 3 pin. B both Fine and second Saloon is unsurpassed. ? Pas net from Europe the. Can be Arna fed Pobis Augusta. Gehew. And hb11 Here. Flaw aces allowed to break their journey ? with Raam fifth Aad cargo. At Intondi Opoku. To Asfaw ticket a Tad a saturday i Jyl a. China Japan 4c. Round the world ticket comfortable Lidies Cabin on deck. Sol Rich past Laos rates. All Pamas tickets to Etta fanned at Jowett current rate. Alb with team a f the a us special mum tickets to London. Hinr Tholow. Co. Atm plot port of Call. Timetables and All part Icalan As. To a snags. ? ? ? ? Money. A of corded on application. Cane boat be Akandt Steamer not Lea Tara elder Smith co., limited. Agents in torn Talon Adt Utate us of sail a data. Jobst to k 0. Rols. baes Lor to nor Swirk top co. A Oxbow Jean at kl3s and 1l1s . On thursday. The Latt Lamcha lease the ship at u0d.ui, connect. Ark ? a a 8u in Nelder Smith. Co., looted agent. It in a us. Lua in. J at5tt? t Tefft Lue a Circum uncut Penrith inf be a Lluisi. Get byte. It following steam the Oder Bojil Mao i paroo can treat Wal Here Adelaide Lent Bay at t no. Perta a. F Nunly a Nimit s. . On the undermentioned Date Lor ply anacin camper j in a �T7 Booth and lok Dou via Fremante Colombo Unnab at itty Natii. Tor All Indian pot. 6ae� canal Molbo Ukman kaput Mir flow. And Gibraltar Ftp Dyky . Or print Obj ind . ? it. Fletcher feb. 7. the Roll Datul of Pilcz. .kwtlb.coad. Beta feb. A. Kwh Fth to Friday Janna Ryss. A to f. Jpy if so Hobson Belr Lifar. A. Dall other Queensland Saloon. 1/ to o i Durd. 43 17/. 17, Uno willu1t Street Coues bom any port can be prepaid Here. ? and Queen s Whan fort. Ret frs tickets firs Saloon Betarte of tee colonal ports a and late Lor re m m inn by f. And a and Mil Cal Banier Ctet Mca eve Elbe a tow0 _ Boward smite managers of. Grzb5 co and a Deb. It tos. Anderson. It co. Fen tech Anaona a z 1m a fall part Enlar on App Ca a to teat Howard smarts wharf As Feml me ? to West Australia. Nip Bap Al my i Nash Ahtl Yit ohday january ssh. B Job Perth j Tew a and cup. 50rd-de01scheb Lloyd. To Bastlin oolonie8. _. ? the dip Erial 1lul steamers Mil Boule t 1aoftniso�ipwiu be dispatched a so ohcs a. Time. Cd a in Der. Aad its Ladr thereafter to a aah 5 Iio Day i Noary Mersot Hurtos Antwerp and and All other docent f car of Only. . A Fremantle. Colombo Aden Law sat Jenet. Port said. Naples and Genoa. ? port pirate top a w colome3. To Tehaan to heat in Saint Mary Bra foot que dues ? Dax Jao sary 22nd. Grosser car Dex cargo Maat of. Adhered along de Steamer nerf fcb st. ? is Stew. Trim Caten Ian. Is Kaa than one boor Odbre time of ago Darmstadt. 5012 0. Tan Tel ? ? ,. Friedrich Deb. 1 re tabs to leis Abe cbo3sk ? us8bul a fahd mar. La. With the steamers of Means. Honda by pay Prytz Behest p Keb 00., and Mctaw Raib Lut Pold ? pm b. Walter april 13 and co. Mue7las ? we tic Howaro Imit som Moi thus Amway Tahy limited. A n�?y., gj2lr is � Wui ail 8trebt, . Great bed actions on return Paferi. Liberal and Kurth Parade. Port Adelaide. Me Cobo Amodei to fief Liff it tact from cur opt eur ,.-. Mil Baini Mceacharn co Aad principal european. Asiatic and american proprietary Umi tid for Frei Chat Paaby and All up of i to Fateh. The thu Wlada. Ria Winay Balaam apply to the agents. ? Rennu Sancts permit Tiff h. Me Ctet cd Balaam v Kaloo Orlita. Adelaide and port Adelaide. Jiff so i Tab a Jamar 22. Vonrom kens Adelaide 1o.a� a. Twa Pippina for Pirth wharf 01 in departure Days to the sea end Lares pier. Alton away . Ports. On thro och Uler Eusi lading _. ? -.-.--. Lund Sline steamers. Mhz a the Kew Fol powered feat Steamer a. A. Ltskpffi-r55sftb pouted to lean the port Adelaide what for proprietary a Mitku na1al, Opac town London h1 Mutaal build him n. King William jul Calisla z z slants Lablue to j. Raw mss k sob rest Adelaide tie Warrigal. 4js7 tons Mac follow. Us Anniar ? Nan urn ? o ? jut satsst10. I st wi11dabt, Park to & co. Of Tivit n Fimmen line Tor name acts. Proprietary limited. I a it Patch from fort Adelaide Seo Ilde wills k co. Dreamt Wanees pet Mittino. Cd the air faddy Bart Ade Kue. Ami Fott Cade Valsamy. Pryma Mulc ? a Antouan. Ocean steamship company. It Sakti a. Fob lobdo5 and c0shse5tal posts. Bed by tickets Ditteb chargeable with ? Mesan. Med wraith. Meacham it co. Propri Menelaus will Llmer a a. Isse J. Fowler. Looted. A fonts. W. Towel 1.672 tons. ? ? ill be fan taxed bom Ocean steamers wharf \fes8a0ebibs Mab times. Port Adelaide u above about ? i a my adv to Sydney to los Dov via Colombo and far Freibu Alt to contract with the French government Caffier at 55s����� % Melbo Bise Adelaide. Emakile7.ge0b6e wills & c0m . And port said will be data tubed atlaide am Post Adelaide. Monthly to fallow. ? Steamer. Cm1adar8jdll- at Bott Holts Blue funnel 1 uie ? it ? rl1ss%s.oo�ao slim los 111 1 1 ukr Pool. Palmer feb. 18 feb. 21 feb. 21 by will res re Gnady Tram port liw Ahe. Com passe Gebs booked to Bombay. ? Fri bats iia and Japan is elfin m?T17 Patac Boom to . Obz8ies, Jikuo in Apfl. A boobs to texts at reduced Bates. These susters Are fitted with the moot Modem English spokes of Board. A Van later Coil Chambers and oger unit suppers a Tarn tickets first Saloon Between Latera Pladl oppor Fairty far speedy Deu Rolf fruit Eok Nial ports arc available Lor return by p. Aad ?4 Londen and us Pool a and Orient steamers Bavins room. Far Siam appear to for farther parti Caurs apply to nws3s2a5c�%& my. Oal atty company. Umito Adelaide and port Adelaide. ? d., Civ Nam. U a role it. ? Sam or Geo. Be Bossoh co. Port Adelaide. Sailer freight to Loh Doh. ? a ?81 steamship Hebe 8&m w the id a flu As i Bumbury Fremantle to 2 Jia Ary. And be Balaton n a loot transhipment a Bodge wills & co., powwrfoi5tas2p Woc ? a Perth. A n is a i inc Pooai at Lloyola 200 tons of 11 u of la Lac imn port Aoe Uroe on or about the itch cab sat last. ports. Port Darwak Freir it at lowest entreat rates. Carso booked 1o5ila. Chwa. And Japas. Tax my so Perth. The Favourite steamship spatially Rotem rates for phase Feu. ? m a stewardess earned. Sans rated to Asil Tan ? ? ? Adelaide Aad port. Fort Adelaide go of Oast Sramac Compahyfob As so j Ainciart. W Streaky Bay. Posit a Claib denial Woey apply to Aad Mueax Baya the Rachel cobs jew Gibbs Bretoi Jutca. Load of. Samoa Friday loth Insl. Pin. And agents Eastern and australian is. Of Frei hts most be prepaid. A. K e. U was Pricr Isab Jef m. Asen fastnet. End port adeside. Pen Adelaide i,r8 drapery and of Lothia. Foale s summer Sale. Chil Johen s Button Crown washing hats Pink 2/6 for 1/0. Whits 2/11 for 1/11. 8/11 Fop 2/1 1, 4/11 Fop 3/11. 5/11 Fop 4/11 6/11 for 5/11, 7/11 for 6/11 boys Galatea blouses. 1/11 for 1/3, 2/11 for 1/11, 3/11 for 2/11 boys Straw hats to dear 3d., l, l. 1/. Special attention for illustrated Price Friday at 9 . Saturday 1 o clock set. Marshall s messes. James Marshall & company respectfully announce their half yearly summer Sale this Day ladies kni0kers, trimmed embs0idee7, i pair. Blatz lx7stees, Rich finish Good designs 2/11 the dress. Washing jackets ladies White pique and Drill originally 12/9, Sale Price 2/11 each. Men s undershirts Sale Price jul. Each. Smazil children s gloves id. Per pair. Ladies bows ? Worth l each Sale Price 4d. Each 1/3 each. ? ? ladies Plain Black hosiery 3d. Pair. Stylish maids Caps 11/6 for ill dozen. Blatz Sile run Raes All half Price from 9d. Yard. All hair brooms 1/9 each. Furniture e special bargains to Dat Marshall s. Onro to Tex Max this we shall positively off fir to Day a very Large assortment of seasonable remarkably reduced prices. Particular attention is invited to our Hall stands ? ? and Hall chairs. Modern and Choice designs in Hall cabinets �18 18s, three Only for �9 17. f. Combined Hall seats and hat stands with Copper fittings and Rich Veloon upholster Ihus �23 10s., two Only for �12 15s, Oak mahogany and Walnut Hall chairs from 17s 6d. To 25s., All at 10s. 9d. Rattan lounges chairs rockers. to Hytop riot Majit jaad daa a at to Early half pubic Al Massis. Marshall it Cem Paay Antsu r and conf Dagler a Ita Tea at Sahoo Aad at daa Tawa Otsa Ong Dali Scobi prof i Mel this month s . Otje premises will be closed of. Saturdays at 1 o clock. Marshall s. Drapery mid lot Hui and 2, Kismet stbj5et. Summers i Price list continued. Dress department. Jet and Fawn do a steeds 1/9 iorv4j. ,. % ? ? ? used Wool coatfflgs/2/8 for 1/11 Astel taffeta 2/b for 1/u Sielio. Canvas voile 3/9 for 1/11 ill Wool canva8, ii Fiona and my Wool Khaki coating 2/u for 2/3 ? ? a ? ? ill Wool Coto bed Tae Futas 2/11 for-3/6 ?. Rvl Navy ind. Wh1hk checked Pool Popini i Wedgewood Blue and Awn off a to ill. Single Bobe lengths. Greenf and heli0. Shot Bepp 63/ fr2l/ a ? Jbrown striped ab2tdbe, 36/ for 21/ love Siciliani 27/6for-21/ Awn mixed coatings 25/8 for 21/ 5ilk add woo Joplins a Helio. Fawn. Brown an4 Bine 35/ for 2t/6 a ? ?. 3been silk and Wool fancy voile 63/ for 27/6 v Crown mixed poplin8, 35/ for 27/8 Lack and Green fancy silk voile 69/ Jot 34/6zebeda Abd a hate k l m �/6 for 33/6 ? v ?5ilk and Wool Boche voiles in Grey Ved Grood and biscuit 55/_mt ? a 3vening shades in Ali. Jol cd exons pint sky Coral. Hudio eat de nil 1/9. To 2/3, to be cleared at Pink silk and Wool voile 5/6 for ought peach silk. And Wool striped voile 5fi for .2/9. Cotton dress goods. Dotton Pongee silk effects u/6 for fl7?,.j3/6.fox 10/6 Doan 3tribe�- . And win b5ckand\ve�e,nafr7/6doren� Poulard 6ateens m blocs 10/6 for 8/9 dozen 13/6 for 10/6 dozen ? striped foulard in Navy Blade help. Cornflower silk mixtures reduced to 14/6 dozen printed lawns. White grounds at at 6/9 dozen French. Printed muslims goods 7/6, 9/6, 10/6 dozen embroideries. 25-Indi embroidery Lac insert de and tucked muslims All and fashionable goods 40 different Pat terns to choose from at the following great reductions White Muslin and lace 3/9 for 1/6 tucked muslims 5/6 for 2/6 embroidery and tucks 3/11 for 2/9 lace insertion and embroidery 5/9 for 2/11 Muslin and lace 6/9 for 3/8 Muslin and he stitched Tii ukr 7/6 for 3/6 ? ? ? lace inserted and embroidery 5/b for 3/ua Rover Muslin embroidery 4/11 for 3/11. ? Ali Over Muslin embroidery 9/6 for 4/6 coloured Muslin inserted lace and embroidery in Green biscuit Helio and of Enow 8/6 for 3/u sunshade department. White ground sunshades co Kerr de Borders 15/6 for .8/9. Black and White sunshades Best goods All at 10/8 ? Wedgewood Blue lined whet Chiffon 18/ for 13/6 White ground sunshades Black stripes 29/6 for 21/ 1 Only , lined Blue 22/6 for 17/6 ?. 1 Only Black Broche lined Pink 25/6 for 16/61 Only Black and Helio 37/6 for 29/6 1 Only Black and White lined White 45/ for 32/6 silk department. Washing Blouse Silks. Black and White reduced to. 1/3 Grey and White and Black and Grey reduced to 1/4j ? corded striped Blouse Silks 18 different patterns 2/3 foe 1/11 checked Glace Silks 2/11 for 2/3 Navy and White Satin foulard. 20 different patterns very special value 2/6 for .1/9 real Pongee Silks handsome de signs 27-Ineb, 3/3, 2/9 Black and White willed foulard. Silks extra., wide 2/6 for 1/9 Back and White Satin foulard patterns 3/3 for 2/6 27-Inch fancy ring designs 3/6 for 2/3 ? ? 23-Inch Navy and White Diago Nal 3/6 for 2/3 /. ? 27-Inch Chintz stripes 3/3 for 2/8 23-Mch Wedgewood Blue Fine Dean 4/9for3/6 234bch Satin foulard quite 4/8 for 3/6 printed and embroidered fou lard Robes m single Robe lengths Heb Tappe. Sky Julitte 69a for 49/8. Blacks braided net skirts very 57/6 and need 639/87/8 reduced to 65 embroidered Chiffon by sea in Hudio. And Pink Only 25/ for 13/6. J. Miller and Epson Aid co., Adelaide. ? ? ? to Diu it to High class dress buyers. Wilson?,&co., dress Ken silk mercers toot bundle st debt ads aids. Summe Sale in Progress. ? ? a sensational pain Tea Thois at an aobktb1 Stock of Buz ? Quai err All silk Floral French Grenadine. Cmsiatiiiffof8-0ta Dat a Dali sat half_phi0e. Eidis a oppor tout Ioe Tov thai ? Youj sets bad bd0b& All Wjk Flora by finnic ?1 i ,,as47a jatdvmut7at2/gtaid. Wyttebattqaattan8a1coitaa4hwoaoaarai s Sale baft gains. Web webbed for Tatofi is oaf buds Aad the . S The 6jd. Yd., 9 Lor i. Cd. Lord. Lor 7id. Yd., la Tor 9jd. Yd., Al for 10 Yd., a for 1/ cd. Licht-cb0c5d 3iebceb1sed foul Abb 1/ Tor Sid. Cd. 1/4 Tor 514 ., 1/3 for in Tyint 1/6 the 1/ cd. A batted siusu5s, 6/6 Tes la Aat 7/6 Tor 4/u Doc 8/6 Tor s/6 dec.? French a noted Muskus 8j4 for Sid. Cd lord. Toe Ted. I 1a1 Tor Oid. Al 1/j far lot. Yd., 1/6 Tor 1/ cd. Special Odd Unes a lawk8. Pcs us cambbk3. Rassiccia Price from 7jd. To 1/ ., to be desired at us Aad 4/u Doc Worth inspection. Underclothing. Cfall debts pique Ove Baus 4/6 Tor jul us. Ladies Long cloth night dresses trimmed embroidery 4/6 the ill each ladies Long cloth chooses 5/u Tor j/6 each. Ladies l05gcl0th uni Urkiw. J/8 the 1/8, Storl up sir child bears pc Fobbs. A a tev s76te 1/6, s/6 Tor /6 each and upwards s Sast ple o0b8ei8. 6/11, Iid to by Dawd at a each cd Vesta ook sets Wyuta Oaly Sixes % 19, . 87. A to dear at 5/11 Tach ladies White skirts trimmed lace 4/11 for Sll 5/6 the 4/6. 5/u the 4/11, 7/6 the 5/11, and up mrs a Nils bite Side hats 1j/6 Tesu aah children s silk Over so a 1 on a 15/6 the 11/6, 1 Only 45/6 fir 19/6, 1 Only silk Dnss-45/ the 19/6, t Only infants Pelissey 35/6 the 15/. 1 do. Do. Do. 45/ the 25/6 each Caldren a. Cah Bic blouses 6/6 Tes a each striped flame 10/6 tors a each. Gentlemen clothing. Sac suits to order 55/ the 39/s each Blue ribbed Serge 56 in., 3/8 the s/6 cd. Comic in sebge.,68 in., 5/6 for 3/6 cd. Tweed the boys Wear. 1/n Tor 1/11 cd. All Wool Estam Ehe Serge. 30 in. S/6 Tel Yard boys washing socks. 5/6 the. Jul Sadi boys White Serge sous 17/8 the 4/11 each White dressed shirts 4/6 the s/6 Tab coloured dress shirts 6/6 for 3/u Jaeh. Coloured shirts soft Bents stiff cols 6/8 tet Baadj a each. Sok bows 1/3 Tor 3d earius lace department. I k. Sox belting a a the 9d.jrd. Patent to Chon laces real Lac patterns 1/3 for i fled. Dos., a Tat 1/ Dos. 3/3 the 1/3 Das. Best a Walitt lambs a huh o0llab8, newest shapes. Jold. The 5 Each. Ladies lace scabies sjd., 10i-l, 1/ each ladies dress ornaments toll bodice trim mine 4/u the 3d. Set. Wide silk Sash ribbons 7jd id. Cd. Carpets. Brussels carpets 4/u, to dear at jul cd. White japanese Hasting. 36 in. Yide 1/, to dear at 8j4 cd. Ii Large in aunty of. Been data of and oilcloth at greatly reduced prices Martin bros., Burlington House drapery and cloth incl known am Over Australia John Martin and co., limited the popular Gash drapers. Great summer Sale on. Sensational reactions in All depart fonts a rawer the extraordinary my lines being offered. 2�0 pieces punted Cai Bubics fast floras. Usual Price 4jd., greatest bargains in the City balance of Piip dress Goslins. Usual pbice61l, 3/11 dozen. Our Stock or ? bal Swiss a suss usual a bib 1/4, 1/1, i a. All at 1/ per Yard. A Auuso of tilt Jill Pulso. Fat it Collar Send Cufran Clearing at 1/6white pique costumes Tab Thim Afos summer and hour a Wiak. Worth 16/b. Our Price 8/1l1000 died fancy Val laces 6ia. Wide. Usual prior Ted. And so. Clearing at 3/11 dozen. Fillings frills is . Maui Esb at id. Per length. Ladies Lisen habit fb03ts Diu Allt sold at is. ? ? our Price for this Sale 68d. Each in All size. Shot silk sunshades Worth san. Tie. Thrown out at 3/11 each Bliefe and White see Phebe s Check web the a. To Clear at 311 dress length Worth 7/u Par drass. Now 3/11 per dress. Too Doz. Kamfa tubers hosiery samples to Clear at Cost bios thousands of stay buses id. Per pair u ladies Aladj Cashi Ebe Host Sale Price 61 pair. John Martin and co., limited.98, to 106a. Bundle st., Adelaide. Is bulb drapery and olo Thino and the lady came Back n she said she would. She waa trying All Over Adelaide to Purchase a we parcel of general drapery and boots and shoes and she said when i have found the right. Place and the right Quality at the right Price i will come Back and. The lady came Back and these Are some of the prices we quoted her at our january Sale 1901. Item i. Electric Blue Wedgewood Blue Dove Grey and steel Grey French from fret Poppins 42 in. Wide Worth in Cyl if Roma summer Sale Pride 3/11 full babes Fawn Brown Grey electric and Buff checked dress tweeds 40 in. Wide make up Good dresses Worth 10 cd items. Summer Sale Price 2/6 full dress Cream ground moral dresses in pretty patterns All designs. We have sold thousands of Yards at cd Yard item 4, ? ? mme Sale Price 1/uhozqt tie newest patterns in willed crepe Cre tonnes 30 inches wide in Light or dark grounds Worth 3 a Yard. _ r summer Sale Price 111 Dosiek. The balance of All our Una sorted makes in ladies cornets All. Sizes. Goods Worth 4/11, Oll 7/6 pair All thrown out at t ? summer Sale Price 2fl Juer children s Navy and White Galatea Straw hats with Tail ends Worth 9&t2 and 1w each. ?. I rim 7 summer Sale Price 3d each. Gents White undressed shirts sizes 14 to 16ji these Are a great bargain Worth 3/1 1 each Minimo summer Sale hhclm1u. Ladies Black figured Lustre walking shirts lined with Linnette in All lengths stylishly made Worth 10/6. Mn9 summer Sale Price 6/h each. The balance of our Cream Pink Blue Fawn Grey Black Navy and Ruby dress trimming braids Aid Gimps to Clear at ?. Summer Sale pm be 3d Yabu item 10. Men s real Beaver mole trousers in All sizes free from dressing usual value 6/11 pair summer Sale Price 4/n pair. We quoted a great Many More items than we have enumerated Here and if you will make it your business to Call around and see us to Day we shall also be pleased to quote and show Yon Somo of our ? ? Price attractions. Has. Moore & go. ? \ 3f tir1-r to bit Street. Or of olo1ed wednesdays at 1 . W Birky 8alenr.pfrvnr.�noihi draper4 Sall 9/11 Dozek blown to Beish Towill to is. I a dozen Sale Price 5/13 Dosen. A a i i Eacu-ladies1 oa1ibbio a uppers to. Loua a or of the by. Bab a. Is w Wobko offered. Ads Black option hos a ? Trie 4jd. Pair. Bargains in laces. Of each mrs Lorone Ozais Bua Al with 3/11, Sale prii2/u of Yabis Wihib butter and Cream 2/11 of a la Bill 0q a Alk �1 Pic a v. 1a is slim a. 1/ xxx. And pocket a each Sale pee vhf ?. ? each. ? -. Fine Obi Etal laces Obrown Zottos i. Jjo Sale Price l/3i. A defer butter shades 1_i Fdbbown Cotton 1/ Osnel Price 8,4, Tor lid. Yard. Asle Price lord. Ftp. Ociee md., Lor Sid. Yard. L ? andsid., for cd Yard. Closed Oil setup May 8 at i o Dock. Open on Friday nights till imitation t01ch0n laces. 9 o clock. Ike up Alttius fee qoautie8t m m to 7t r. Tolj can Siki see our Aalto cd w t if Lulf a Ulm of of flue Nauty. 1/u Lor 1/ per dozen ii ? it 11111 1 in i pulls Fine Quality a for 1/3 per Ipsen dbaper8, tabs Isbos. Flo Joamy a Lorl per Dosen a esd so adj let and base streets Fine Quality t/11 far 1/u per dozen ? ? ? Adelaide. To .1 Tuc a duct pure silk faille ribbons. ? ? c Sunol i of the Day Thi a. Debt special Purchase. ? in an the Sommer shades Over i Tockes a avs wide 1.1 far lord. Bijj Yaj coloured Suk Muslin. 7. ,,Hjiotpenil,x.,ftc., a wide am Tot a Yard. Sale agents in Adelaide White damask ta1lec1oths a ass be Al is Yards Leoa Ortt 0/� for ach t3ehlfsn is Sis a a is Yards Long Worth 11/6 far 7/6 each of Wpm wuss we i is Yards Loof. Worth is/6 for �/6 Aach is is of rd&$�5s 3 Yards lot is nil Price 10/6 for 6/6 each . I kor 3 Yards Loag. Usual pries u/6 far 7/6 Eack la Dkl 3 Yards Totev nasal Price 14/6 for 11/6 each tm_flgqems3pabgpgs-b 1 a Velsi Aarl Ili of 9 it Tufa if am a sap Sass fial is saw Laiss a i Wal. Vav napkins j0m Bmartin & c0 Large st2e, special Talazs. Umi tid 4/u far 3/8, 5/u far i/6, 6/6 far 5/6, 7/6 the 5/u bundle Street to Elaido Doxen. ? it ttys. ?. To wafers dec Lars i to of flt damask Colour bad Border supper cloths. The hegisr�2 ?5s, a ?. New Kiili pm Ditulio off1cs3. ? ? st i ashes Square 2/6fae 1/6 Bate Hart is has it oarrier8, a White toilet quilts Islia bom Ibsine 1w fort of Cuba 77. ? fan Ria for Doobie bids for 8/6 h a fila v is & go fun ate. Tor Dooh Beds lt/6 far 10/6. ? so turf Zai Camut Cal i pm. V4 Kim. I Bayway and Choc sri earners custom ass full Ste. Far doable Beds a far 13/6 Forward if Acenia to a pans of Thress also betr/.re4wttaaiia a better qualities Taliaa colonic to ? _ far storage. Toilet covers Furaitar Caref Najr Kem ored. Luu Fil web Ftaras supplied by Day. Week. Heath or Tsai / ? ? a. With horns vehicles and Drivers. Stuss ssh . ? ?. Hatiras Shade arrant meats with the Steats Sha. ?. ?. Onop sails our men Board All steamers an arrival my when a beet Pobi a suds. Of Oross Letts Oil and Gas engines of a m 4oyooo he by a . L James Hill & 8on8. J isi6-Ndia,

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