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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 10, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia St. Lager pp.1 if Beer xxx hot to Nucum Maasjo Italy the to on the ate ? f Oil and Gas engines Iii. Afsbbsbbbeeaxam.? i Tutor of Staadt i v. Mhe8 Hill & 6on8, j. B ? 18 mid 18, cprriiist., Dkl Aipa Fly Seffl Puuki not Nat the Foo Piaf Staa Tsofei under Royal Hail Contact Wal Csc Adelaide Lack Bay at 1 my of the data Lor ply Mouth sad us ump. Via. A Reade. Cal Sab. Ruih pans toe All Ladna ports. Sues cast Sapla. Mar Stiles. And giant or ? liar Jan. 10 0b1zabj ? ,7e e Lina ton Jan. It. Minovi ? in intr. Not Faer feb. 7. And Mattais Btl the Stifal twin screw. Maloos to Lossos Sialle. �38 10/ to �17. ? beam �71 10/ to ju2l tired on �17 7. �13 a. �30 17. A Lux to co Huiao Sasic. Is 1/ t. Cd ? bean �3 67 to. To him Australia. Saloon. 1/ to �7 11, third. �3 17/. Ranges bom say pen was be prepaid Here. Return tickets i fac Saloon by Twat in Floco Oslai. Pokes an Oev Ara Lahl far n Fern by p. Aad 0. And Kul cab but St Iaea 3usacecs-f. Wbk co. A a Deb Eon Anderson pc co., fetch act at Nae pall pan Scates a Aap Katiem to x. A act Etstel Bunca boats. I scr Street special trains Tor Passek Gers and Visi tors to the . Qto a win Lave Lov Laide or lard bar at us . And 1l4 lib on no if to january 10. The at launch or the Shore will Cuc the Dou u1j0b.il no p. & 0. Steam 5atigati0x company. I mar Royal mail contract will dispatch the Foi Lorinc steamers Ria Fremantle. Colombo a of Marseilles. Gibraltar. . And Loo Don. With lib ctr to tall at bread Jat ? Mai eco. It i my manrow. Lean. Home. ? is e. Street Jaa. 17. H1malata ? 6w w. Burona Jaa. Al Aux. ? h12 t. S. Angus feb. I. Amiama ? ms03i a. A inc run feb. Is. ? ? ugh c Cudd Atush ii. Britannia. Led f. U. Seymour March a. ? c01 i. Betm april ii Vul Hogan nun by Twoey. Page akan tar brisk if Tran ship at port said. M9t1cs to passt Norm. Liberal red fiefs to Jamilie. Whole Cabin roared. The accommodation in huh fim and St end saloons is Maori fwd. Passor from Europe or. Can be arranged a re. Lifie Egen allowed to break their Journett intermediate Pora. Nor us tie Keta Ndia China. Japan. 4r. Boond the Orrid ticket Lizard. Pusok rates. Tie Keta waned at Loire so current rate. Special nun a Jekenta to London. I Akhonin. Tim rules. And Al Pard Colan a to Paap to to to pc. Fun Ltd on application. Elder. Smith t co. Looted. Agent. 306ct n. D. L. Sord dec Scheb Llotd. The o1pebial Hail steamers 4ttf&w this compar will be dip Acebed a�33s��nnder. And it Zulary the Rafter to shot Hampton. Antwerp and Bremen via frema5tle, Colombo. Aden sea. Fort said. Haplea. And Genoa. ? Suaan. Jiwu. In to leave a. Crosses eco ? 19u. First ? . Rem Katea a. S Darmstadt ? 5012 c. Owen feb. U of Cieniuch Deb Crosse ? ids6b m. Eidul mar. Is. ?pr15z recent Luitpold ? ass b. Walter april 13 Weimar ? 3q8j Grehn May u twin to Iii. Paat Aee Moner from Adelaide �15 St. To �71 ill great reductions of return Para Mica. Liberal coast Moat to Fame Iii. Palace trom. Ear ape can be Arneed birr. Third Cusa to London. �15 6a, Pawn Gas and Carso bonked through to London and principal european Astatic and american ports. For height Palace and All other Pirt Kulars Wplf to the agents h. Muk Cee be of. Adelaide and Pott Adelaide. 6pccul Taulma for Patk Mew and visitor leases and rude at my am. On Cpanor do for tic Sta end Larsa pier. ? ? oct Fessl genies har Timss. St set to Lon Dob. A Colombo and Paris. Stea Mcra of 8j0o tons Tader postal contract with the French Vowrn met Casar at Kel Bouble. Adelaide Albasio. Colombo Suez and Post said will be dispatched St Saver. We iitel8ydllvtjr?-Haftohu no us bar a . 1901 Botn 1s01 Pel uneaten Char Aliw Jaa. 21 Jaa. 54 Jan. S8 la Cois it Friar fab. U fab. 51 fab. S Aat Alica _ Ottamn Mac a mar. So mar. A ? april 15apru l6aprfla� booked to Bomba Rhi. Batavia and Japan. Passage Hokey �27 to �77, Mojo Divic table vines. ? re tabs tickets at reduced rates. English Speek on Board. Return tickets not Saloon Between inter colonial ports Sre available for return by p. Aad 0. Aad Orient steamers having room. For tether it apply to Dalo Autv company. United. Davenport Chambers is Carrie meet or ceo. Ferguson co port Adelaide. Luni Slines steamers. Thew Bow Mit powered fast steamers Are appointed to leave the pen Adelaide wharf toe Natal of pfc Kcf tort London Nar sum _. 54rs ton Fri Nauru wiccan 5.i Tooi Abl. Otto. So Warrigal _ _ 4js7 ton to follow. _ j 4.oix tons to to cow Makool � _ i 5.015 Tow to fellow k or pc eight or Naame apply to Geo Ige wills to co. A state Adelaide. Port Adelaide Aad port Una. Ocean steamship company. Job London and Conti Sextal posts. ? Menelaus w. Tovey. 4.675 toss Rel be dispatched from Ocean steamers wharf port Art Fairir. As above about january 19. For freight apply to Georue wills & co. Angi King and port Adelaide. ? Ithoc Holts Blue funnel like Ocean steamship co. Regular Schvid to London and Liverpool vis soes canal the mated Firest steamers i this Veu known Van Arr of the Lush est Das Aad of great Speed. will ran regularly from port Adelaide Eom Muscik with , 1.663 tons in february. Hixton. 480 tons is March. Or testes. 1.t� tons in april. Thew a Down Are fitted with the Moat Modem to Maud Cool Chambers and offer fruit shippers a in Leonid Opportunity for i Cedy delivery of trait to Leaden Aad Uvo Pool. For freight Aad particular apply to Keorce wills co. Adelaide and port Adelaide. 5thx Sailer freight to London. The 100 Al Iron ship Hebe Ull toes. Captain. S. Nielsen in port Adelaide will be dispatched for in Coil during january. For freight apply to George wills & co., assure Adelaide and port Adelaide. Nippon Yusen ka1sha. To Manila. Hongsoon. And Japan. Via so set. Brisbane Aad towns Villa will leave a under name of Steamer. In Sydney. Luketta make. ? Jan. U Ian. 31 Salvata Maku. A. E. Moa a. Feb. M feb is toe Mayni Rarrat express. Mail steamers Sre fitted for passenger. Two berths Olav m Saloon Cabins. Electric Light Getrige Ratarya full particulars As to freight sad passages from Melba Faith my Buchans. Wjk co. Kopki Bitahy. Umito. . To the to twi Towler a Streak. 4s--Cev vecc5. Denial. Murat a33&-Ba a. And delusion Dacua As stand permitting the . Be in . Wiling Tiu Rob Isth ii�r., at 4 . For Frei it Ami Page apply Vul John daring a soil town and pot shipping he Adelaide steamship company limited pm dispatch Taesan Tram part Amalia a a car. Elret a Serai in Millag for Albany Fremantle. and rth a a ports to Wyn Thaun. Ujj Tsoa tuesday Jaguar a 15 3 . Furloo Friday january la 3 . Or Melba Vnenk and Sydney Tran shipping for Queensland port8. Rol Lowra Friday january u 3 . 8knoeits Gulf sir vice. Ott port um30ln. Mookta. Wallaroo and Prankus a boor. ,. Bret ? Tom Day january 15 3 pm. Ports acc Sta Cebeci a Phul ? with pass Futi Aad Vaga. Is Gator. I saturday i Janavry is i pm. Comte Ahw ladies Caria a deck. A. Pas Aas tto Katt . Imam with wow or Tim to. A taut plot Pratt a Call. Ojas a alongside Teamer act a Arao Honra before Advt Daed Uma eat Cailing data. For an Miia Halliii aaa Tarto the Adelaide stujbh1p 00, uned Smriti Titre. Aid Aidt Aad Ooala denial a Bat maa Kija. Iu.s1 co., old. The favo Orue Passek cer Sta Mars of Bove line we permit thai a spate Hedfors u1 it Barba. . Ports Rulx f sat rat. Jannary ? treas my at fans talc Melbourne Kyd nov carrying cargo Aad a of tit Paas Eagen for a Liufu miam port of Bidet. January ii leu Sauta at 1p.m. Adall other Quee Suad ? ports. J cargo received duly at Queen s wharf up to Oak of before Safe inst a Taketa interchangeable after tic the Steemers of Mihk steamship com. Any limited. For fares and freights apply to the company 8 offices 7. Ehg William Street ? and Queens wharf port. The. Smith line leave Howard a orb s wharf u Bwl dry Lamia permit tag to w8t Australia. Kilmany i 8.s. Umin Lofto Fuksma alb v monday. Jaan iry flt. A Cath i pasc engers and cargo. To a Stettn Colonie Uel boughs � Stockt i 8.8. Time -ai88ank saturday Joary u Udall other a need i cargo Only land ports. J poet due to Eastern colomes. Sadie Maby leaves Post p1bic tues Day. Jac Arr Send. Cargo mor be delivered alongside steamers not Leas than one boor Bete advertised time of Aav pc. ? retch or tickets ass if9 t Ruth the St camera of messes. Suddart Par. Kab Ca. And Aldo Wralty my Bicham my. Howaro Smith sons Topkis Tam. Amt to. 113, Kinq Wal am Street. Add Laid and Horth Crade. Port Adelaide. Tie Hall wraith Mceacharn co. Proper Kotary limit by will dispatch the Fode armr a Jacger be Mars a Knob Teg a alb my ? \ cools Ards album talk r Friday. Jaa Oary a trat Topur Tor Perth Whart or ? Toj a . Port of thro cd Kote. Retro tickets an interchangeable wits tows. Howard Smith sons an add att Parker k co a Metal Waith my Samarn co. Proprietary Umi Taid Batio Aal mahal n-trm., a King William Street Adelaide or x rawli5cs k sow. Port Adelaide. Me Huddart a Bleb & co. Proper tartary. Mitra will dispatch from port Adelaide Drca stances permitting. Alray. Per mantis 8.8. An Guan. Monday. Jannary 14, at t . Through Bills of lading to Perth. Etc rat tickets with mess my wraith. Me amhara k co. Proprietary limited and Howard Smith Aad Boos proprietary limited. ? 13c d. J. Of Over lusted. Agents. E. And a. Line ? ? calling at Sydney port Darwin Kukila. China and Japan. The Favourite steamship a i Elie i it appointed to sail from Piht. Adelaide about january 15. For ii eight or Paoge Money apply to ? Gibus by Girr. A. Agerou Eastern and australian . Co., 51i w. Crennen Street Aad pen Adelaide. China navigation co., Ltd. Thursday Island port Dar win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. . Chintu Captain Williams will leave Maclaren . Port Adelaide on Friday. January 11, Tor above ports carrying cargo at current rates. For freight or postage apply Lori mkt. Rome in co. Agents. Creavell Street. Cuy or it Muecke t co. _�11 ? Lipton Street. Port. Darque j. T. North trom Uver Poolton of 3ukees Are or quieted to entries Al once. Bills of lading most be presented and Frei cuts paid at our Pott office before de livery no cl.um3 will be acknowledged unless damage., has been pointed out on Jod ship will not be Recto Milc for abstraction of spirits or other bonded goods. Except from pack Ages pointed out on the wharf in bad order and subsequently examined in the presence of the Captain. All Good impeding discharge will be landed and stored at consignees risk and expense. Captain Allen will not be responsible for and debts contracted by the Crew without Iii written authority. D. K j. Fowler looted no ? town Aad pert. Drapery and clothing. Sale bargains. Ike Cerise foulard in Navy Black and the blues. 8jd. For 5jd. Yd., cd. For cd. Yd., Lold. For Ted. Yd., 1/1 for old. Yd., 1/s for lord. Si., 1/8 Tor 1/ cd. Jcht-cb0u- 0 merc ebbed of cards 1/ for sad. Cd. 1/1 for 04. Yd., 1/5 for Jod. Yd., 1/6 for 1/ cd. ? a suns 6/6 for 3/u Dot. 7/6 for 4/11 Dot. Bit for 5/6 Dot French Phi Ted my us. . For Sid. Cd lord. For old. Yd., 1/1 for i a yd., 1/3 Tor lord. Cd. 1/6 for 1/ cd. uses in lawns. Muuss Cambric to. Ranging in Price from 7j4 to 1/ yd., to be cleared u Sll and 4/01 Doc Worth Tapee Tion. Underclothing. pique overalls. 4/6 for us each ladies Long cloth night dresses trin uned embroidery. 4/6 for 2,11 each mikes lok cloth chemises 5a1 for 2/6 each ladies Long cloth so celebs. T/6 for 1/s, Vul Tor 1/11 pair 3hldrevs Pinafore. 2/3 for 1/s, s/6 far 1/6, 3/6 for 2/6 each Aad upwards Baku facture s Sample corsets. 6/11, a to be cleared at 2/11 each an Vesta corsets White tory. Sixes is 19, 25. A 27. M/6, to dear at -a1 each ladies White skirts trimmed be. 4/11 for 3/1l 5/v for 4/6. 5/11 for 4/11, 7/6 for 5/11, and up weft urls1 Btu Elstob hats 12/6 Tor 2/11 each 3uldrens silk of Eraine 1 Only 2s/6 for 11/6, 1 Only 45/6 for 19/6, 1 Only silk dress 45/ for 19/6, 2 Only infants Pelissey 35/6 for 15/. 1 do. Do. Do. 45/ for 35/6 each Oil ducts Cambric blouses 5/6 for 3/u each. Striped flannel 10/6 for 5/11 each. Gentlemen clothing. Sac suits to order. 55/ for 39/6 each but ribbed Serge join. 3/6 for 2/6 cd. Coating Serge. 56 in. 5/6 for 3/6 cd. Reed. For boy swear. 2/11 for 1/11 cd. All Wool Ettamene Serge to in., 1/6 for 1/6 Yard boil Washic sorts. 6/6 Fer in each boys White Serge suits. It/6 Lor 4/11 each White dressed shirts 4/6 for is etch coloured dress shirts., 6/6 for 3/u each coloured shirts soft fronts stiff cuss 6/6 for 2/11 and 3/u each. Silk bows 1/3 Tor 3d. Each. Lace department. In. Silk beatings. 1/ for to. Cd. Patent Torchon laces real lace patterns. 1.3 for lot. Dot 1/6 for 1/ Dot. If for 1/3 dec Best Quality ladies Linen collars newest shapes. Lord. For 51d. Each ladies lace scarves sjd., lord. 1/ each ladies dress ornaments full bodice trim Ming 4/u for 3d. Set wide silk Sash rib Bokl Ted. For cd. To. Carpets. Brussels carpets. 4/u. To dear at 2/11 cd. White japanese matting 36 in. Yide 1/, to dear at Sid cd. A Large Quantity of remnants of Uko lems Aad oilcloth at greatly reduced prices. Martin bros., biirllw1w House. So the Corset or the Day the . A la Sirene Suffle agents in Adelaide John Martin & ?0., us its bundle Street Adelaide. thae ? drapery and lot hint Foales summer Sale. O ? _ ? children s Button Crown washing hats Pink 2/6 for 1/6. White 2/11 for 1/11. 3/11 for 2711. 4/u for 3/u. 5/11 for 4/u 6/1 1 for 5/1 1, 7/1 1 fot\6/l 1 boys Galatea blouses 1/11 for 1/8, 2/11 for 1/11, 3/11 for 2/11 boys Straw hats to Clear 3d., 6d., 9cl, 1/. Special attention to country orders. Write ?. For illustrated Price list. Closed Fhi Dat at 9 . Saturday i. O clock. Marshall s Essres. James Marshall & company re. Spect fully a Nonnce their half yearly summer this Day. Lack Stripe dress macs 211 the dress. A tons Veili chs Heliotrope Orange Buttercup nil1/6 Yard for 8/9 dress. ? washing jackets ladies White pique and Drill originally 12/9, Sale Price 2/11 Yafo. ? men s undershirts ? Sale Price fid each. Black suede gloves ? ? v pair. J ? ladies bows Worth 9d. Each Sale Price 4w each. Laws lace i is 6k each fancy Floral prints 1/6 dozen Yards 3 fancy Stea a sats ? for live hmm. ? trimming braids Ibrom 2d. Yard. My Cotton Seib tiflis ? z2 Yard. ? boys a youths Tweed suits fancy Tweed trouser suits811 the suit. Men s White Nan keen Sag and patrol Coats. 2/11 each. Ladies9 Plain Black Hose. 3d. Per pair. Long cloth in i sees Worth 4/6 pair Sale Price 211 pair. Bathing costumes ? 211 each. ? ladies Feather Boas Worth 12/9, Sale Price 4/h each. All Haie be00ms, Sale Price 1/9 each. Wood washing boards 12 each. Oter premises will be closed on saturdays at 1 o clock. Marshall s. Drapery and olo Thino. We so and 8, Mindley St set. Summer Sale How Emmet cell Price us continued. A. Large am fashionable Stock ? near Beme offered to exira0ed1nae? reductions in p1uce. I ?. Costume be tuft Only. 10 Black Broche silk skirts just imported 45/ for 39/6, si/9 for 45/, 65/ for 57/6, 72/6 for 65/, 85/ for 75/, w for 79/, &/6 for 25 ladies summer jackets in of tent Greys and shades Covert tweeds av., to dear at 21/, 24/6, 27/6, 32/035/ 10 tailor made own coat 45/ for 35/ 10 do. Do. Do. 47/6 for 37/6, 53/ for 30/6 4 Model embroidered jacket 67/6 for 49/6 special bargains in Black jackets. 19/6 for 15/6. 37/8 for 29/6, 47/6 for 39/8, 57/6 iori9/k 65/ for 52/6. Fawn jls9 col used cloth capes. One line flast Ezawa s to dear at Leas than half Price 17/6 and 21/. Now 7/6 newest style 17/6 for 14/9, 22/6 for 15/9, 27/6 for 18/9, 29/6 for 22/6, 45/ for 21/ Best cloth capes 32/6 for 27/6, 37/9 for 33/6, for 45/, 63/ for 49/6 Black doth dupes at Nie prices fashionable dust cloaks 35/ sow 21/749/6 35/, 65/ 35/. Shirts and blouses. All in Best qualities. The variety it too urge to. Detail in full Coton red Cambric and Lawn shirts stripes spots Etc 6/9 to 8/6, All at 4/1 a White Lawn shirts -8/6 3/11 striped Lawn shirts 4/9 3/11 self Bine and Pink shirts 4/9 3/11 Black Lawn with White spots and stripes 5,3ium4/b Black and White Ako coloured stripes 7/6 Ray 5/6 White Amlin with insertion fronts 8/6 for 6/11. Ink and Grey Lustre shirts 6/9 for 4/11 striped silk Zephyr shirts 7/6 for Beautiful White Muslin blouses to be cleared it 2/11, 4/9. Choice a cite Mush blouses with tucks and insertion from 12/6 Onward. A lot of Odd silk Blou Bsat half Price. ?. Novelties in Black and coloured wbk blouses Sready. Reduced for this Sale. Vlashi Nirma fronts to dear 1/, 1/11, 2/b, 3/6, 3a1. Coloured silk do to dear 3/11, 4/11, 6/9, a 9/8. 1nhesclothw6 & ladies outfitting depart to ext. 48 Blue and White striped Zephyr undershirts frilled Spe Cial 4/6 striped Cambric do. To Clear at 2/11, 5/9. 7/9 ? fancy striped Zephyr do ? of Iowa 4/9 Lake trim died Cambric do. 9/6 for 7/11 coloured Lawn skirts 10/6 for 8/11. 14/ for 12/6m&ed colours Lustre skirts frilled 6/6 for 5/6, 8/9 for 7/6, 12/6 for 10/ft coloured Moreen skirts at 7/6 and 9/6 latest styles in silk undershirts coloured stripes &4 23/6 for 19/6, 25/ for 21/, 29/6 for 2w, 32/6 for 27/6, 37/6 for 32/6 a grand Jine. Of Black Satin skirts 21/ for 13/6 Black Lustre undershirts All reduced. 10/9 for 9/6, 12/6 for 10/9, -13/9 for 12/& 15/6 for 13/9, 18/6 for 16/9 bloat a. Go pm j3i rift sour. 9/6. White Long cloth undershirts with 15 tucks 3/11, 4/11 do. Do. Do., with lace edged Fri redo Cei to 2/11 and 4/6 do. Do trimmed embroidery 3/11, newest White i of cloth skirts trimmed lace and embroidery All reduced. 5/9 for 4/1l 7/6 for 5/11, 8/ for 7/b, 9/6 for 8/6, 19 for u/6, 15/6 for 13/6 better class skirts All at special reductions during summer Sale Ladiet m Oei axe owns. New coloured Cambric 4c. To dear at 5/6. 5/1jl6av 11, 11/6 checked Zephyr gowns White embroidery collars 4c, reduced to 19/6 and 21/ do. Do extra Large 21/ fancy x l0ubjid Muslin. Gowns a grand variety at reduced prices 18/6, 10/6, 29/6, 32/6 White Lawn gowns trimmed Best embroidery. 34/6 for 29/6, 37/6 for 32/6, 42/ for 37/6 dressing jackets White imps 15/6 for 12/6. 32/6 for 19/6. Fashionable Tea gowns in French Cashmere and silk at greatly reduced prices during Jrsn pique Coats and tunics in very Best Pality special Purchase. Pique coat handsomely trimmed in Best embroidery 22/6 for 15/6, 25/ for 17/6children s White pique Reefer Coats extraordinary value 10/6 for ladies White Long cloth and Cambric underclothing. The Stock in this department is Large Aad Well assorted Only medium and better class goods being stocked. During this Sale a discount of 10 per cent will be allowed on any purchases from regular Stock. Special lines. As follows. Are ?. At net prices. Night dresses trimmed embroidery 2/11. 3/3, 3/6, 3/9 do. Do. Frilled 4/6, 4/1l 5/11combinations,.2/11, 3/3 knickers trimmed embroidery 1/11 ? chemises Good Plain 3/3. combi ? nations. ? White India Gauze vests women a 1/11, extra sizes2/6 ? White India Gauze vests High necks 2/3 and 2/b rubbed Ariton vests mid us Gram plated silk vests a 1/8, White combinations. Women a 3/u, extra size 4/6 Pink Merino combinations 3/9 and 4/9. Children s Sun hats and y bonnets at half Price. Housemaids aprons 1/, 1/4, 1/6, 1/11,2/6. ? j. Mif Antan am go., Adelaide. ?. ? 9c drapery and Oun Hino bundle Street Adelaide Abe holding their mat summer Clearing Sale. During its poems we shall offer you stacks lad stacks of Drapelt at ctr so Awat prices in addition to whih we atoll in set Rou with. ? ? coupons. Coupons. One Coupon tort Tatj 6d. Spent come to ils Uge sad this is what you will get � pieces Pale Blue Zephyr Ordi Abaiy print s d. Yard Sale Price 4ja, Jart. U pieces Good Quality Galatea Drill. Orfi Abaiy Price 1-l Yard. Sale Price jul dote o pieces bean Tirol Quality Cheek Zepht. Or Diakit Price 1/ Aad 1/3 Yard. Sale prob 41-l Yard. 50 pieces Best Quality Freadie printed Fyk Mcrae Muskus Ordinary Price 9j-l Yard Sale Price cd. Yard � lne Rolls striped Flannelette Sale Price id. Yard so pieces Black Gre Kamb. A Cheeks and stripes Only double Width Sale Price 1/ _ Yard. We hold the largest assortment a dress materials. 10 pieces All Wool French beige a fawns and Greys Only Ordinary Price 1/11 Yard Sale Price 1/ Yard ? 19 pieces All Wool French Serge in Green shades Only Ordinary Price 1/11 and /6 Yard Sale Price 1/ Yard 40 cull pieces Check dress Tweed Sale Price foil dres. A our Stock of Best Quality dress materials silk Kobes French fancies cd heavily reduced for clearance. 9 dress lengths double Width ah-silk1 crepe de Chene marked Price z Cui Oess Sale Price 357 the dress Leateth � pieces Black fic red Alpaca Good Quality Good patterns Ordinary Price 1/9 and ii Yard Sale Price 1/ Yard. So pieces 7 in. Wide willed scotch Sheet we. Marked Price 1/6 Yard Sale Trice 1/ Yard. Hundreds of remnants half Price w1lson,br1ce s great St Meme Sale. Flips drapery Sale. O/-1 i dozes brows Torkish towels jul 4/6 dozen Sale pries Vul Dasen. A /1 1 each ladies Cambric wrappers la tip ended nine at 5/u and 6/11, Sale Prie i/11 each. A la ladies Black Cotton Hose 6,4, Sale Price us. Pair. V 0 /1 1 each mejt8 lounge goats ? Blade. Al. With White Stripe 3/11, Salt prices a each. 9/11 each Mek s White Drill Coats a Al 3/6 and 3/11, Safe Price to each. 1 /11 fens Cotton shirt6. With Collar of -1-1 Aad pocket 5/6 each Sale Price 1/11 each. To a of Cotton underpants 1/1.j-/o my pole la. 1/ud.-bb0wn Cotton dndebshibt8, 1/1, la Aue Price to d. Closed on sat Days at 1 o clock. Open on Friday sights till 9 o clock. W. T. Flint son Ltd., ironmongers drapers Forni shers is and so Fol Idlet and Bank streets Adelaide. Eth so tailors and outfitters Lea v ers hid Williajm St bet. A and Complete Stock of Welch Marriet salts. White shirts . ? saw Sta Hole Mesa 7/9. 8al per Flenon of fit collapse and ties by. Jaeger s underclothing uttas4mediamtaxtra. All unites for Gintle weak in Stock. J. Leaver u hns William Street. ? Twease Shier Law s boys Eton suits. 85/, 87/6 to 66/. Boys Long taboos be suits. 10/6, 12/6, 15/ to 45/. Boys Oxford . Suits. 12/9, 15/, 17/8. 21/ to 80/. ?. Boys Sailor sous ser 3e or Tweed. 5/9. 7/6, 8/9 to 17/6. Boys a a s. Only /6, 2/lt 8/6, 411,6/9. 16 & 18. Hindlet is drapery and lot hint. Is january Sale l90i. Pushing reductions. Phenomenal bargains. ? fetching prices to Day. To Day. To Day ? o be balance of our lacked and checked dres3 310 pieces Katt a books Oak blocs in As tweeds in fawns broths Aad cry. 40 in. Sorted spots stripes Aad Floral designs Wev vide. 2/udoc, Moore s Sale 8/6 dress. Moore s Sale 1/11 dozes. Bench food from popups. Is in. Wide a Cream around Floral Hak. Dote git and electric Blue Worth 1/1 Yard. Sold too aads of Yards this season at a. Jarf Hoo jobs Sale 3/u dke8s. Jho ores Sale 1/11 dozes Lack Katt fax Bbown and Cream ladies White kid cloves Wita oar Batter so Gas Merette 88 in. Wide Worth 1/ raid Black Sutra de backs Worth /6 pair. Moork s Sale ft/11 dress. Moore s Sale 1/6 pair no misrepresentation or undue exaggeration ? with its. Newest patterns in willed Crete Cue. Ladies ? coloured Calibrio blouses tones. Win. Wide in i a a dark crib a Biu Moore s Sale 1/11 dozen. Hoofs Sale 1/ each. Bits White of dressed 8hibts, Sixes i to Cream and butter All Over us pubs 1cj. These Are a great bargain Worth i a vnrf.18 Ort it Telb we Moore s Sale 1/11 Bach. Mobbs Salb 4jd# t1rp# i tees mashed Galatea striped drills. Umof a qa3ab1o Cost Jues w � a. Wide a Katy ground with White Fht so aft a a a a tripe with Lancer it Worth 10/e, Moore s Sale 4-l Yard. Moore s sales la each. We re earning a big reputation by simply giving the Best bargains consistently. Uffia by make Grey willed sheeting to Cream 1.1ntk Tabi damask m in. Wue in. Wide free from All Trenine. Worth 9jd. Vard. Floral patterns Worth 1/2 yarn Moore s Salii 6/11 dozen Mooke s Sale 9id. Y. D. X pairs White Catoo Pillow oases frilled men s real beater mole trousers in a9 edges Plain centres Worth 1/6 pair Sixes tree from dressing Tanal Ahie a a s silk cd. Each. Moore s Sale 4/11 pair sets Navy striped Galatea Washik j the balance of oar White and Cream fact blouses trimmed with tailor collars Worth Cotton laces incr Odim Vale deme Oise jul pure and Swiss ? moor17s Sale 1/11 each. Moorits Sale lid. Yard. We guarantee All our goods a Rtin mod in Vonty fat part Tad a All casts you jul find the press As Low sat . ? we also pay bail Carriage on �2 orders. Ghana Moore & dq4 70 to 76, gouger Street. Sx2ahbbssbjff�ssfeub8aw is is ? is to Fame Baws so Baa . In no for Mem pay a my Ashk is awas Babbs swi Swyst seb by Eba Soakai by Bav Juke a huh Psi awl a Bess Basss Bussi we act Aust Tim ass Babi a soft Hobits hide in Mea i ask p6�1hmmmmmp by a so Bow. -�8aw. Baw. A Waraas in Progress closed at 1 o clock on s1turd1is Tsi b h Bibb ? we i Mimm he Ssiss bums bbb by he web Bah a sub Bibb swi i n Luh _.ab9h9hhhm\ a Sjaast rail by we Boft. A Alai Awraam Haa he if a mob Mieg a . Tat ? Fil harass Hassh huh

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