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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia shipping ? re Iford Deutscher of fill Ivoyd. Tatj Enlar monthly Ling of a Besst passenger steamers to South Ampton Antwerp and Breme calling acc Colombo Aden Suez port said and Genoa connecting with mass and passengers from port said to Brindisi under mail contract with Tea Imperial German government. Steamers will be dispatch Edas follows steamers. commander. Ulvad Elbe. _ _ 4,510 c. Thalenhorst Jan. 7 Hohenzollern 3,092 Kruhoffer feb. 4 hohenstaufen 3,090 mar. 4 Kaiser Wil Hill 6,591 a. 1 a Branch line to Samoa ind Tonga a Steamer leaves Sydney on arrival of each Strainer for these islands. Passage Money from Adelaide to Bremen from �14 to �i0. Great redaction on return passages available for six nine or twelve months. Every facility i offered for bringing out friends by payment of Jas age Money Here. Cabin passengers May break their Jon Ruey. Passengers and cargo booked through to Lou Ion and principal european Asiatic and african ports. ?. P�j�e5gers for England Are landed at South a she passage and All other apply Loine agents ii. Muecke & co., Seth scat ? Adelaide and port Adelaide. Cd the p. & S. N. To pfc a company. Tinder Royal mail Jesss contract will Disora tilt tha to sovring steamers for ios Dox calling at Albany Colombo. Aden by Ladisi Malta Gik altar and Plymouth ? Leava steamers. Juns commander. I Ade ? ? i Britannia. Cost j. . Jul. T Massella _. J4s02 c. Fraser Jan. 21 Carthage _ 7� 3l de Korea feb. 4 Victoria _ t-09iiw. Barratt feb. 13 Taletta -s904ir.f.briscoe,. Mar. 4 Acadia _ talc saw. B. Andrews mar.l3 Baix Areat 4748je. Ashdown apr. 1 first and second Saloon passengers allowed to break their journey at intermediate referred on special terms. Liberal concessions made to families during the Slack passenger seat on. Passages Frem England can be arranged hers. In the second Saloon the arrangements Hays been thoroughly reorganized the accommodation offered being unsurpassed. Bates of passage Money to London in first Saloon �60 to 670 to to plan ports do. _. �53 to �65 to London ? a second Saloon _. �30 to c37 to italian Perta do. _. �30to�jo retain to octets from �83 to �115 cargo received until 5 . On the Mun and parcels till noon on the tuesday prior to steamers departure. ? ? for handbooks and All information apply to Eldeb. Smith & co., limited agents. ? 3g3cr t3 & . Britannia. A special Jim train for passengers anti stors arranged Seitsive Adelaide for end Largs pier Apfl kaon. On wednesday. Eldeb Smith & co., , agents. ? 5-t Orient Lin of total mail steamers. The following Maul steamers belonging to the Orient and Pacific companies a 01 leave Adelaide Synin Priore at Neon on tha under a mentioned dates for London via Albany Colombo Suez canal Naples Gibraltar and ply mouth Aruba. 5,5.r2 tons. J. B. Park Jan. Cuzco _,iil3 j. F. uan. 23 pcs Praxia hot ii. E. I skip Fei. 11 oriya�or.7 feb. 25 Orizaba _ a g. F. Dixon men. 11 Orient. Or a k. G. Darby Furch. 25 and fortnightly thereafter. Saloon passed piers May break Thair journey. Entire of i reserved on most Liberal terms. Excursion la turn ticket at Low rates. Passage Money. First Saloon �55, �63,and �70. Second �30 and �37. Third and Steerage concluding bedding mess tens ifs to two in Itu Calkins �22 Eracli adult. For Fiertl Cabin �20 each Ai i it. Open Sierth a �17 17s. Each adult. Special facilities arc now afforded for bringing one friends and relatives by the prepay in to pass Nee Money in re above. Parcels curried to any part of tha United kingdom 3t a Lui Vrato. 2hanagkks-f. Green & co., and person Anderson. & co., Fen Chireh Avenue Lon a i . Full parties Lars a Unpi action to Dathy Anberson Branch manager 4cv ? 5?, Grenfell Streel ? of Jia uitime ? j. A niger Olvil contract with the French Tjo ercument. 2tew accelerated and rapid mail ser a1ce let Ccu Adelaide mat Killes Ami London via a air. Set Vicli Eaden Snez Ami port said. Adeius a to London in 31 Days. . J to. A Vinander. J Liiva a Claide. Oceanian 4 Jefe ,. Friday Jan. �. ? l a aiigriji..-wed play mid. 4. Yarra i Al in. A nil in . Monday Al Rich 30. Ans Ralien o.-2r.- Bidic . , i. Oceanian4 Fis a. �nyden�t,. Still Jay May �. Bates of i Nolde a �3 or at meals. Cols Ian a re ii a kit throughout. To to a ote Las ticset., Ilir Reilles to Losi r. etl Here Jamey 21 Lotus Only no Chin to i through France. The cons any t 7 i 75-rpt.--r3 Ilion go passengers m i i to p Iri Ami Nilon. Lonj rare of Nve i 1 i i k by Petimer fro i Marseilles Tolon Pon. He turn passage. It Saloon. Funds atoms. Z a class. Available u iii i a � available 12 South �115 �03 �30 end iii . Mil h cow cd. To Virji ci.a5s Ai iut ui1 ?. Ae5 and All Cabin try included in fares. A i hol Jiro ther Adelaide and port Adelaide. than nah to Maull Ltd Sereci to Tari Houtie Africa ii such Ellis. Cargo l o iii i Timu a to Havre , ant Werp Ham nov a Cor u and. A i a -8u-w, it l d e r . Rafa a Sli for London direct a \ file sljieaii4l Irun Clipper Al a i a Morla la \ r Aai 1,207 torts resister nov loading or a Wal be disc itched Early in january. For terms of , Dpi to in ? i a Mitil. & co., a limited. ? Akk l i ut.sch-atjstrali3cele v ?�f?i3?k 1-Ampfscuiffs a steam communication to 1 antue2p and Hamburg. The Fine new Steamer Harmen will be dispatched about Midile j i nary. Pas sages from England and continent can be arranged Bere. From it Amburg or Antwerp ? �12 15s. From London. �13 13s. For freight Rel All particulars apply ii Ortii wilis &co., s25tlse ? port Adelaide. To Jav Lund l i if e of a mfr , via port3 sheiks require in these new f powered Eit steamers Are appointed to save the port Adel Aiji wharf and outport required follows Echuca Middle january. Culora ? to follow. ?.ir.ir.oeeto follow. No bucs. _. To Foll or. Excellent at Cocio Ilat Ioa for passengers. For freight or rin.5t. apply to Geo. Wills & co., 322ihsc ? Adelaide or port. I j z1 to Diamond. Line of rivet i Vess for wiccan Ali the powerful Light draught Steamer Decoy nil tt-r�ti2lt barges nolo Adiraj at Murray Bridge win leave on wednesday nest 7th january. For apply ? Jihn White Currie Street. Tyg ? Geo. Ferguson & co. Port. J a. To Stward lest. Fob egg up Streaky and Scales Bays. Wol Lomat for Ergo 3iu.-nl.iy, 5th, Saib a Cila Adav be 7th, 4 . I for freight or a Sage apply on Board. 333,6 0ts r011 i Atal South or Gimp. Herbert Maxwell ii in sail i rom port fire about a inn by Loti. L in passage apply Lohss ? John Dunn & co., Agento. A a. For edit Burgh. Of. Sta nor , wednesdays 3ss�- and that arrays at 9 am. Mi3cke and co. Agents. ? a Csc a. Foil Franklin Lvi tour. Stormi urd j??t7��-. Re i by our Cir of to tsar sails wed Neslav thins. R-7 a. . Mkssi7rier, port. �3tv for Kingston and maj Bevc port. Tie regular traders Cygnet ii a ii in lick. Maiks we Jne slay. Apply on Bird or-7. A. G. A Corr i Batou. A port Pirie and areas 2?$ Tilli Ping company fes a11l-Nella sails on Tii Urs Liy Tui uary sat 8 no cargo receive aft 6p.iril weje�3d.iy. Freight -j3. Per ton. A. Lew Sles Surisa Porr it Fred Gray seers wry Vort Pirie. ? s3c Cha Well i Lii nautical almanac novt re Judy. Epic Eeris lat sailing a actions 4c. Price . Cd. Wii a Chait 2a. Postage 2d. A a ? shipping ? the Adelaide limited Shu dispatch their splendid steamships under for Melbourne and Sydney Tran shipping for All Queensland ports. 5. Victorian i saturday i Jan. 10 i 2.15 . 5. Adelaide saturday Jan. 17 1 2.15 . Cargo received up to 1 . West australian service. From commercial wharf for Albany and Fremantle Rran shipping at frkmantl5 for Banbury Tasse Geraldton Sharks Bay Gas Coyne for Cimarron. A3hburton, Cossack for Roe grounds r03 stick Bay Deeby and Wyndham. Albany ? i in Day i Jan. 7 i noon Friday Jan. 9 noon South East Sery Ige. Gofa through to Melbourne calling at Kingston Niobe. Ojea Cusport Macdon Nell Bay also at port Victor and Warrnambool f sufficient in placement. A lube i tuesday i Jan. G j noon. Cargo received till ii Spencer Gulf service. Port Lincoln port Augusta returning Ria Wallace of. Delios off Haj fixin halt Bour and at Tumby Bay this trip. 5. Of Kubet. T Tuest Lay Jan. C i 3 . Cargo received till 11 . Mails and passengers Only. Moonta Wallaroo port germen and port Pirie. 5 investigator saturday Jan. 10 1 5 . Cargo received Tai 1 . For Sydney direct from port Pirie cargo Only. ?.s. Enterprise saturday Jan. 17 i noon. A business communications to be addressed to the port office. John Turnbull Secretary. Lipson Street. Part and Austral Chambers ? Clirrie Street City. ? 3238 port Wakefield shipping port Wakefield Percy sails wednesday 7th last. No cargo received after 5 pin. Wednesday. G. C. Hubble port Waka Beld , part Adelaide. ? 6 7 Pheap Holiday Zeip. . Tyro leaves Murray Bridge for magnum on arrival of morning train from Adelaide tuesdays. Thursdays and saturdays where Excel Lent accommodation can de procured at Mcmillan hotel. Good fishing and shooting. For persons wishing a pleasant Outing this will be found the Best in the. Colony. 354c t a Ossa for London. All claims oat my standing against tins vessel must be rendered n duplicate at our pore office on or before noon of wednesday the 7th inst., or they will not to recognised. 5-t Harrold Bros., agents. It Leicester & co., ? 4, Little George Street Sydney inter colonial mercantile agents wheat flour Coal and shipping brokers. Dealers in chaff Salt fruit and produce. ? correspondence invited. ? 3d3 in Ohey & co 1 � mixed general merchants ship and insurance agents Fremantle and Albany Western Australia. Having recently opened a Branch at Albany Are now prepared to accept commissions of every kind in connection with general merchandise and shipping business. Provisioning of mail and other steamers a speciality. Bankers Union Bank of Australia limited. ? 162tsc to ship masters merchants. And ? others. The shipping reporter for daily papers attends to telegrams and letters. Richard Jagoe Beach Branch 0i3ce, Esplanade semaphore. Drapery and clothing of King William Street. Stj3imek season1s90-91 avg Essb. A Woolette & of respectfully invite attention to their first show of summer goods spec Oliy selected in the beat English and Continental markets comprising the newest goods in All departments. Suiting _. A splendid lot Trouse ring most style a patterns. Be stings _. Novelties for the season. Over coatings. New shades Light texture. Sun umbrellas. Splendid assortment. Hosiery. Special makes. Shirts _. Made to order. Shirting _. Very newest patterns. Collars nil cuffs infinite variety of shapes. Handkerchiefs Verv Beautiful designs. Scarfs and ties. A grand selection. Haisan Caps psst Clover full assortment of Best j makes. Portmanteau 1at1pm sort and size3. In woollens messes. Doolette &. Co. Never had a better assortment. They would recommend gentlemen to make an Early selection to prevent disappointment and will be glad to Send patterns free by Post to any gentle men requiring them. Doolette & co., 60, King William Street. 2s3c Hall & Javage arc now offering a Large Purchase of prints and zephyrs. Which have been secured at Little More than half the Ordinary Price. Snowflake zephyrs Snowflake zephyrs Snowflake zephyrs Snowflake zephyrs to my. Snowflake zephyrs 1 Snowflake zephyrs a ii Snowflake zephyrs q/1 1uozen. Snowflake zephyrs 2l �.?-Sxowflake zephyrs dozen Snowflake zephyrs Snowflake zephyrs Snowflake zephyrs spot kicker prints spot Knicker prints spot icn1cker prints spot Knicker prints to a. _ spot Knicker prints Art 1 spot Knicker prints of in a spot Knicker prints q/1 1dozen sp0t i Nicker prints sio1 spot Knicker prints dozen spot Knicker prints spot Knicker prints spot a Nickki print i Beautiful designs in Check. Floral prints Check & Floral prints Check & Floral prints Check & Floral prints fim Check & Floral prints Rel h/1 1 Check & Floral prints _p2r do iii Check & Floral prints of Lozen. Cue0k & paints i j Check & Floral prints area Check & Floral prints Check & Floral prints Check & Floral prints these goods Are All of the latest designs Are perfectly new and without doubt Are the cheapest prints offered this season in Adelaide. To a l l. & Savage general drapers and Tailo a 105, bundle Street Adelaide. ? ? 35sc j. T. Mij a a 15, Hindley Street 02ie popular City tailors Clothie and outfitters. Celebrated for their Superior fit excellent r Quality and moderate Price. New coatings new Trouse rings and vest1ngs. Gentlemen Ara Anvil a to inspect oar new melange Serge and Tweed suite to or a. At 57s. 6d. New washing scarfs in great variety naw shirts. Also new and fashionable hats and Caps. 291thso. Shipping Phe Howard Smith. Line. Christmas visions. Considerable reduction of passenger fares. Rates on application. A Heights Eedo ced to schedule Bates. The Only direct line to Queensland without transhipment. For Melbourne \ Sydney . Barr Abool 1,000 Rof Nam prov tons without Tran ship mackay10 a Janaa towns\1lle 9 at 3 1?-m Cairns and other ports. J from Smith Cave 3 wharf. Fore Cabin passengers Are supplied with food and bedding free. Fall particulars on application to w. B. Cave & co., agents Grenfell Street Adelaide 325c Lipson Street. Port Adelaide. Drapery and clothing tames Al a shall & 1 0., 21, 20, 23, 30, Rundle Street and the Stephens place fun tube warehouse Adelaide. Kibbat annual summer ale. This Day. This Dat. Chis Day. ? this Dat. This Day. This Day. Chis Day. This Day. This Day. ? this Dat. This Day. This Day. Chi Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Dat. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. I his Day. This Day. Test Okay. Elf this Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This ply. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. Tins Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. This Day. For details see Register monday advertiser saturday journal saturday. Catalogues on application. Tames to tabs Hall & / 1 0 Adelaide and London. 2cr mail Obs. Naii Obs. Sailors. To t onsite Pilot hint Palace. Turg smrt in Tutti 35 ykab5 x000 Patte eks t0 choose from of tha Best English scotch and Continental tweeds. We make trousers to me subs from12/6, suits from45/. Special 1ine. �00 trousers lengths . 600 suit lengths �3 10s. We keep the Best practical cutters and workmen on the premises and a sube fit guaranteed. Patterns and self measurement forms sent Post free on application. Monster a ? o a l a1c Ecobee King will Iasi and Hindley ? streets. Ls2thsczsc i l i p u t i a n b a z a a and children outfitting department. Teotis Seax. Newest designs machine and hand made. Lists on application. Layettes for any Little stranger can be sent at an hour notice. ? to in med baskets Bassinette and cots. Children costumes. Special attention devoted to this department orders receiving prompt Atten Tion combined with . And design. 6i, bundle a beet opposite Gawler place. S. 88lt7. Drapery and clothing Pecini lines. R. N. Gaul & a 14, bundle Street Adelaide. Ladies silk gloves to Clear 6jd. Per pair ladies1 White Straw and. Chip Gem hats. 23. Go. And . 0dt. To Clear at Lold. Each children White Sailor Straw hats 10s. 6d., for . Cd. Each children fancy print parasols . 6d., 2a. 6d., and . Old. Each infant coloured Cashmere Pelissey trimmed Plush Satin and braid . Cd. To . Cd., for . Lid. Each bordered zephyrs from 23. Ud., full dress length pc phys and prints from . Of. To . 9d. For . Lid. Dozen Broche mohair All to Clear at . Lid. Dozen double Width plaid and Broche dress goods reduced from . And . 3d. To . Lid. Per Yard beautifully Fine Zephyr flannel . 3d. For . 4kl per Yard Art Misuns at million prices . Lid . Gj., and . Lid., its. Cil and . Lid. Dozen ladies Cashmere Hose fashioned feet . Id. Pec pair. All these prices Are genuine reductions. Country orders should be accompanied by remittance. R. N. A bit a drapers tailors and dressmakers ? a. ? 6c_ note at h. J. Bailey & co after season Sale absolutely every article throughout the establishment will be greatly reduced. H. J. Bey&c03 h. J. A & a h. J. B 1. & a a after season ale a feb reason Oale a after season ale tuba debt. Tuba perv to Lapeby i Somji excess to i Okay 1om2ience3 Tel onday commence monday januaby1.2. January. Tanu Aey a o hot Ailet & of. To t Tailey & of. It Stailey & to. 9$. 3j a ? the establishment will be closed on.vttjrd.vy, a Suatt 10. For the purpose of marking Down Stock and making general preparation. Sale Price lists on application. A510 Jet Artin to rothers t3urltngton Jouse. Ladies and children outfitting department. Special t Ines in t Adies tender Gar cents. Ladies Nev chemises trimmed embroidery Sterling lock stitch2/11 each. Slop bodices High and Low necks lock stitch a 1/11 kaon. An i excellent Quality in ladies1 night dresses Sterling lock stitch full sized for 2/11 each. Ladies new a kickers to rhymed Embr Ulerv to match chemises/v/11 per pair. Children new Muslin Pinafore trimmed ribbon at All prices from 1/9 each. Children extra Quality washing overalls several Siz ivs very special value 2/11 each. Children and infants washing bonnets and hats at All prices. From 2/6 each. Go Pujji and boys Serge Sailor dresses in Navy Blue and clean special value 6/11 each. A marvellous line of ladies Cotton under vests Good Quality /9a each. Martin to b 0 thee a. Elj. Our Langton Trouse. To Batees pm Colaes Han Sills 3j Price-Listsr-., Keatly and expeditiously executed at the. Beg Steb observer and journal offices drapery and clothing j. T. F x t c h importer Draper. to o t w Abe House m a a nos. 153, 155, 157,1674, 159,. P j the Obney bundle and Fux Tieney streets. The two new shops which have just been added Are now occupied by tha Boot department and the men and boys cloth egg depart mkt. Extra space 13 now Given to la Manchester carpet address departments and the show Boom Baa been greatly enlarged j. T. Fitch believes that the add tons and alterations to the premises. Trill add materially to the Comfort of to customers and afford room fora considerable Extension of his Trade. Every Effort ecu be made to maintain and extend the reputation of the Corner for Good value. The Stock in All departments now fully assorted and very Many Linc Sof exceptionally Good value Ara being shown pm t7l i t c h the o b n e b bundle and Pulteney streets. 3l7cvz t7\ of the hot weather. Quite a Novelty. Gents 4 Ellul a undershirts and pants. To Ellul a in silk tool and Cottos. Be sure you see Liis Novelty. Hales x-nik3 & company. A Jtj 353c business notices Whyte x aurence & of i o., a 122, bundle Street have on View a splendid assortment of new goods. Consisting of dinner breakfast Tea and dessert services toilet services glassware and japanese goods and novelties. Instantaneous pocket photographs. ? cd watch and clock maker jeweller cd 56, King William Street. Opposite Bank of South Australia. Latest London and Paris designs in ladies and gents jewellery ladies toilet instruments electroplated Are watches clocks cd especially selected for the Xmas and new year season 1s90-91. Special Diamond bangles brooches rings a. ? 363 to Bandon shoe tar Alehouse 67. Rundle Street Telephone . I. Our Mew Emmeit Stock of boots am qh0e3 now opened and compri3e3 All the newest and fashionable designs. One special manufacture we particularly Call attn Tion to the Argent. This Mann Fao re goods Are simply perfect in the f1ttincs. H-lvi.ci-, id qualities. In addition to this we have every Well known maker amply represented and our Stock of gentlemen a ladies and children goods Complete it Well can be. Tan coloured goods in various shades. Also children and infants Tan Bronze and Maroon colours in Barretta tie by prox Gypsy Aida and other styles. And a splendid assortment of every class of good3 to suit the requirements of the season. Bespoke department ite3t class Only. Liseby and Coachmen boots a speciality. Brandon Choe lat Abelous ? a 57, Rundle Street. ? 3i7e pianos imported direct from leading German makers. ? ? ? ? 6sthscr i a Kauffmann & son Grenfel ? business notices Christmas 1890 Tevenson t-.b0s. Manufacture and Impo blebs of , clocks jewellery and Ruji ? Silver plate.? Oculi opticians. A 20, eur Nils Street Adelaide and Geoege set Sydney. While washing our friend3 and customers the compliments of the season we desire to bring before their notice our very extensive Stock of Gold bangles brooches dress rings engagement rings wedding rings and keepers chains watches clocks cd a specially manufactured for Chi Styias presents u113 year Xmas Price list during Xmas presents season. Xmas a seems pretty Gold lacs brooches a Jas very fashionable 9/6, 12/6, 15/, a besets 21/. Xsia3 pue3ents pretty Gold bangles very Xmas fashionable 17/6, 21/, 30/, 42/, pue3ents c3/, up to �21 Xmas ?. ? presents 13 it Weddig einj3and. Xmas keepers 10/6, 18/, 21/, 42/ up Eserts each Xmas Pees ests Choice dress and engagement Xmas bings 12/c, 15/, 21/, 30/, 42/, 63/, 94/, 100/, and up to �75 Xmas presents Xmas the largest Stock of rings presents Xmas in Adelaide. Presents Xmas pretty Silver brooches 2/, 3/, presents 3/6, 4/, 5/, 7, 10/6 each Xmas presents Strong Silver bangles 1/, 2/6, Xmas 3/6, 5/, 7/6 each presents Xmas Silver thimbles 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, 4/ presents each has presents our Stock of gentlemen Xmas watches very great con presents sisting of repeaters Chrono Jias graphs English lovers Wai presents Liams Geneva Exsias. -. Presents gents Saver watches 32/6, 42/, Xmas 03/ ? presents has Silver lever watches 84/, 6/6/, presents 8/3/, 10/10/ Sias presents Gold watches 7/7/, 10./10/, Jias 12/12/, 15/15/, �20, �30, and up ? presents to �10. Xmas. Presents boys Strong keyless watches Xmas 17/0each presents Jias ladies Gold watches 50/, 70/, presents 105/, c/6/, 5/7/, 8/3/, 10/10/, Xmas up to �30 presents Jias ladies Silver watche3, 27/6, presents 35/, 42/, 63/, Sil ? Xilias presents Nickel clocks timepieces 3/9 Jias each Best Quality 5/6 presents Jias Kiekel clocks with alarm 5/3 presents each Best Quality 7/6 Jias presents Blamble clocks 27/6, 35/, 50/, co a Sims up to 12/12/ presents Jias wooden clocks 5/c, 10/6, 15/, presents 21/, 25/, 30/ Jias presents . Breakfast cruets 5/g, 12/0, Jias 15/, 17/6, 21/, 23/ prese.vt5 Xmas . Dinner cornets 14/, 17/0, presents 21/, 25/, 30/, up to Sias presents . Napkin rings 1/, 1/6, 2/, Unis yes of 5/g. Presets Xmas . Toast Racks 10/g, 15/, 21/, presents 25/ Xmas presents . Marmalade 7/g, 10/6, 12/6, Xmas 21/ presents Xmas . Afternoon Tea sets 3/3/, presents i in. 5/5/ ajl a presents . Afternoon teapots 21/ Xmas presents . Children mup3, Tea and Xmas Coffee sets butter dishes presents cake baskets Flower stands Sias. Presentation cups cd. Presents Xmas presents Jias ? presents Xmas presents Sias not Sair a of Noel preset to ties Xmas presents Xmas most suitable for. Presents Xmas \ presents Christmas presents Xilias ? presents Sias and presents Xmas presents new year gifts. Xmas. Presents Xmas ? presents Jias presents get our charges for repairing Xmas and cleaning watches clocks phys texts jewellery and optical goods Xmas Are the lowest in Adelaide. Presents Only the Host workmen in aus Xmas Thalia employed. Presents Xmas presents Jias presents Ujj presents Xmas spectacles presents Jias we Supply any glasses presents ordered by your ophthalmic Sias. Burgeon or test the sight presents ourselves. In every Case we 2-Mas guarantee to give satisfaction. Presents we Are determined to secure Jias tha largest Trade in spec presents tables in South Australia. We Xmas pie very careful attention to presents face most difficult Case. Our Jias Patent tenses Are made to suit presents each Eye and the a to Sec Jias Epieh individual space. Pre3ent3 Tjia. Presents North Adelaide. Xmas messes. Stevenson Bros., opt presents cans and jewellers Adelme. Xmas sirs accept my thanks for presents the care with which you Xmas examined my vision to Day. I presents have much pleasure in testify Jias ing to the accuracy with which presents you determined the proper Jias glasses for me to Wear. I have presents never been Able to obtain spec ? Xmas Taclas previously in Adelaide presents which have Given me such Satis Xmas faction and Comfort. Yours presents truly Xmas we Gilbert. Presents Xmas presents Jias. Presents Xmas Stevenson be 0., presents Sias presents practical Xmas % presents Jias watch3iakees, presents Jias presents jewellers Jias. Presents Jias and presents Jias -. Presents opticians Jias presents jias20, bundle Street presents Sias presents Adelaide. Xmas i ?. i ? s40th3ctzs ? ? amusements ? theatre to y a the direction of Williamson Gabner. Co. Resident manager. Or. Wybert Beeve. Treasurer. _ ? or. H. J. Whittington. The extensive alterations Haw rendered this the handsomest coolest safest and mos per dec theatre in Australia. Last i0ur nights Little lord Fauntleroy. Ably interpreted by or. Harry . Maus carefully selected company of co3ikdlvns. Last nights last nights of the marvellously Clever child actor Little Leo seven Vears of a a lord Fauntle toy. The Public and press acknowledge the performance to surpass that of any child that Ever appeared on the australian stage. Enthusiasm every night. Surpassing All previous performances of Ali u exquisite Story. Tickets at Armbrister. Box plan at Marshall. Erskine Scott. Manager for Harry . Maur. ? business notices ? Job Sims. Clarnice fixable Well Les. One foe 9d. Variety of flavours. G. K & w. H. Birks chemists 50. Bundle Street. 351c lighter Thau German Beer. A ass and co Light bitter ale. To ass and co Green Diamond by and. Bass and pcs lighter than gees Ian x. Beer. Bass and co. Re Jec fully invite the attention of the Public to their Green Diamond Brand of Liht bitter ales Secl Kyj or Weot to meet the undoubted Public demand for a very Light beverage. Bass and co. It lighter than any German Beer whilst at the. Same time it possesses All tha Fine qualities and hop Aroma of their Well known East India Pale ale. Bass and co. Guarantee the absolute purity of their Light bitter ale it being brewed solely from the choicest malt Aud hops with out any admixture of drugs or deleterious ingredients. Bass and co. Would remind habitual drinkers of Light Beer that this important fact should be carefully ? borne in mind. Bass and co Light bitter ale sol everywhere by All dealers in. Bottles bearing their Green Diamond Brand and the Public Are earnestly invited without prejudice to compare it with any German Beer. Bass and co Light bitter ale. Bass and co Green Diamond Brand. Bass and co lighter than German Beer. Sole agent for messes. Hilera and Bell bottling. hsc a Rel Little 6, Corrie treat. T3luthnee pianos. New models Aliquot Al system. Horizontal grands. 56thscv. A. Kau feb Mann & son. Grenfell . Estey organs. Illustrated catalogue mailed Ipi free to any address by the sole agents 56thscv a. Kauff Alann & son. Grenfel . by m a b to jetty Boad Glenelg. Adam Newell begs to inform the inhabitants of Glenelg and surrounding neighbourhood that he has purchased the above Well known popular Busi Ness from Ilam Bridge Brothers and with a fresh Complete assorted Stock of groceries also a civil Ard competent new staff of assistants Hopes to retain and increase the growing Trade of this establishment. Goods of the Best Quality and the usual Low Price list will be adhered to. Specialities Best Tea and Coffee. Orders carefully and promptly delivered. 1,3,6 ? Adam Newell. Proprietor. Of Ian of. Upright grands by Best makers Only Al a. Kau Temann & son 56thscv Grenfell Street. and comparison of our Stock invited. Moths it a. Kauffmann & son. Grenfel . Dummon Christmas prize packet Tea. Every packet contains a Gold or Silver Coin from a Sovereign and downwards . 6d. Lb., by rail to and station., by Post . 3d. Drummond Bros., Sig hsc Gawler place Adelaide. Pianos. Wholesale and retail. Al a. Kauffmann & son 5gthscv Gre fell Strech. Just to n a n a a Large and varied assortment of Indian condiments including Tori Narind and prawn clip they guava and tamarind Jelly preserved tamarind Tama Rind fish Indian pickles in Oil and vinegar. Sat Ces Indian zest Delhi Cayenne and Tapp sauce. Curry powders Curry and. Suluga Tawny paste. Teas Ceylon Indian and China. Indian grass sleeping Mats . Go. Each. A Large variety of Indian fancy goods suitable for Christmas and new year gifts. Indian and Ceylon cigars Best brands Price list on application. Druio Ond Bros., Gawler place Adelaide. ? 313th3c pianos by genuine guaranteed existing makers. A. Kauffmann & son 56thscv Grenfell Street. Jet Bedith & to to. Neil electrical engineers Ebay founders. And finishers Hindmarsh Square near York hotel. Manufacturers of ecclesia Sescal and Domestic bras work. Plumbers brass Rock Gas Steart and electrical Atra Aratus of All kinds. Electric Bells indicators speaking tubes a fitted. La quering bronzing and general repair. 321thsc Stossel web tree pianos All sizes and models of hsc a. Kauff2iann & son. Grenfell Selling Blucher and elastic sided boots own makes. 6d. Pair at Mack in. Rundie Street. 23ithsc patents Fob business of con grave & Collison h continued h the unders Fronsd at i to australasian rate Naif in Raue Mas it of los Way South Street. 133y ? Coll sox & co Estey organs. 30 models to choo3e agents Seth Sci a. Kauffmann & son Grenfell . T7-0p. Dece5iber Only Drummond a Christmas prize packet Tea . 6d. Per la. Every packet contains a Gold or Silver Coin from a Sovereign and downward3. Sent to any railway station in.a. On receipt of 33. In Post age it asps or by Post . 3d. Dru Jimond Bros. Sec Tho Gawler place Adelaide. Estey organs for Bitonie use and . & son ssh ?. ? Grenfell Street. Tzianos. Lowest Cash prices or easy terms to be suit All buyers. 6ctiscv a. & son. Grenfell Al p i Al l y cabled Fob. Second cons invent of Eam Eoo Vukan Raj ads Fiksak a ? ?., Jii str i k. In a tilt Falcy Eil Rosium ? 12, 12c, Kun -. A .k.i7reet. Sloth a i Tibiae pay total at Kenel . Al ? ls4thsc 7 o u can easily prove the fact that i Scarbo Kotteh & co saddlery and harness ? the cheapest in the cite by calling abcs. Hydler Street. 212thsc Knak pianos. The Acme of ,. A. Kauffmann & son. I Seth set Grenfell Street. Amusements ? of i y c to b a n. I x e b u a l e m at the time of the cub c i fix Ion. This most amazing and colossal work of Art unanimously pronounced by the pre33.and Publio opinion to be magnificent. The most wonderful and impress Ink sight Evee witnessed. the Spectator passes no the covered Way a suddenly finds himself transported into Palestine and standing on a Rocky Eminence he sees spread around him whichever Way a looks hundreds of Square Miles of country mount this Plains Cara vaii3, tents and the Beautiful City crowded with people at the feast of the passover. All intending visitors should procure a Book of explanation with maps plans and history prior 3d.and read it before viewing the scene. Do not miss Tom Cyclorama lighted . The coolest place in the City. Open from 10 . Till 6 . And from 7 till 10 . Lectures atll30a.m.,3 ., and 8 and frequent intermediate Laua ou3. Admission . Children . Descriptive books with maps plans a can a obtained at tree principal booksellers and at Tio t. Cd Cloea a Hindley Street Adelaide. A ? 353c__ a b n e b t o o m. To night. To night. M a c c a b e assisted by mlle. Linnia. Maccabe begone to night Maccabi i i to night Maccabe Dull care to night Maccabe i i to Nigut Maccabe j and a to night Maccabe i to night Maccabe the to night Maccabe i to night Maccabe magic statue to night admission ., ., and . Bos plan at j. Woodman music warehouse. R George Buller. Manager. A Lbert Hall. Lessees and managers me33rs. F. Need an c. Poole. Increasing Success of the band co a pantomime. To night and every evening at 8 to night tuesday grand fashionable night. Under the patronage of his excellency the governor the Earl of Kintore. Tickets at messes. Marshall & sons. Prices ., ., and . Organs time payment at Kunnels. ? Tho the Wonde Fol Julius Reubi Chianos. ? 184thso to m. C. A. Musical society. Al a ? sch Earsall resumed to night tuesday7.39 . New members invited e. L. S. Tuck. K ? ? ? Hon. Secretary. Zoological daily from 9 .- sundays 2 to 6. Over 1 4-00 Aki Silajs bids. 199twhfe comics new zealand and tasmanian Tours. Specially reduced rates offered to Bona Fitle tourists. ? 345 tc3 Kuhnel wholesale piano depot. ? 134thso Hutch organs at it Johnel a Pirie Street a ? i34thao poet Adelaide regatta prizes will be distributed by hi3 worship the mayor c. Tucker Esq in the town Hall on wednesday at 8 . Committee meet ing 7. . _07 ? Allen Martin Hon. Sec. Erste Beeger pianos at Kuhnel. To ? i3uhsc tiry Kuhnel pianos. Al ? 184thso x3hogi1ammes and tickets Al i or. Concerts and entertainments at the Register observer. And journal ? offices. ? phoning be organs at Kuhnel. O ? thao ? sporting ? tort Adelaide racing club. Christmas meeting boxing Day. Stakes payable at he Secretary office a 2.20 . Tuesday january 0. 1801. A ? Ben. C. Young Sec. . Wide Abaca annual babes. The above will be held on thursday match 20. Lodi. J. Hob Colo Hon. See. ? business notices ? re Heistman and new year presents. An assortment of the most elegant jewellery at moderate prices May be seen at the establishment of f. Based. No old fashioned goods kept in Stock. F. B a 8 jeweller to his excellency the govern of. 92 and 91, bundle Street. 359ti3c Jianos the Best selected Stock in the City of a instrument from leading genuine and exist ing makers. S6? a. Kauffmann & son. Grenfell . T 1 o n b a d wholesale and retail Butcher families hotels Flessati rants and ships waited on daily. Meat pres Ebeb. Meats in tins of 1, 2, 4, 6, and lb., the Best in Tea world 10 varieties cases containing 90 la. I cases 4slbj____ ? meat it Keri. Bacons and hams unsurpassed Oij talked numerous Penzes and medals by the ton or Side Over 1,000 Well seasoned hams a Stock t1erced Corn beef and Polk in 3, 2, and cwt. Casks or in bag largest Stock in the colonies and by far the Best manufacturer of Small goods All the leading assortments unequalled in Quality caterers to shows picnics and All Public festivals supplied on the Short eco notice tons made daily packed carefully to ensure first class condition on delivery either by Road rail or boat. Dripping and Laed. In tins of 40, 20, 14, 7 2 and 1 lb., or in keys also lard in bladders. Neat foot Oil enormous stocks on hand. Ask for Price lists. Wholesale and retail. Address Hindley Street. Adelaide. Branches 12, r Jim Street 292. Bundle Street East end and commercial Road. Pout. A Tlisov Pukk packet packet contains Gold or Silver Coin from a Sovereign and downwards . Cd. La. Drummond Bros., Gawle place Adelaide. 33gtu--e special show new season goo sat Macklin Boot Wau use Kun Ole Street. Grand value. ? tit hsc .4 la prizes no Blanks. Asol Dorsil Voin in our Christmas packet Tea a cd. I a Rob. Dummond Bros., Gawler place. 3i Este Yoemans. Phah Armonio and Nuin Ripitch. Moths cd a Kauffmann & son Grenfell . Pianos by Matz & co., unequal Tedfor cheap i Ess and superiority. S. 6cthscv a. 1cauffmann & son area eur air Eli

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