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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 4, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia file toss Tuff St to Beleano Cam be Kpa Utts with a postage stamp. Flam ten Bow ? of Reata the Nat inc. Tree mor Batna a Tina us tinny they detain Tbs air is to ? Cofel . James Hill & sons 11 is a Nic cue4, Adelaide it f Kozlobb Xiet s boil and Gas engines. 1%. Bbbbbbbbbe9s&. ? ?4ss00 a Lam m Ulm i Aibin bbb an a s is a Hub i to self at Rit to motor of the Daf. I. Jame8 Hill & sons. J it Marf is. Mbrie., Adelaide full. Shipping Orient link the fallowing steamship Ander Royal mail Contact will lean Adelaide Lara Baj u 1 1 00 the dates Tor ply oct Aad lox Dos. Via Fremantle Colombo Joe a Indus Hocti. Sues Cuil Salca. Marie us. And Gibraltar ? Ktona. ? Ansili adar Hay 1 Jan. 10 Orizaba. ? Tewfek. E. Utin Slon in. 1. Utt Oya. ? a Bjk. Fletcher i feb. 7. Aad Forta Igaly thereafter. Twin Kiev. Maloos to Loonos Stogie. �38 a to j7. Ottun �71 10/ to Oil third a �17 7�19 w. Baloo to Colombo saute. To 4/ to of. ? return a 6/ to tit 10a westers Australia. Saloon. �6 1/ to �7 11/ Tut �3 17/. Psia from any port can be prepaid Here. Retells tickets ult Saloon Between of Mekco Musul folos Art now available or if turn by p. And a Aad . Companies Stefama luring to dbl managers of. Green co., and a Deb 60s. Asder sus. K co. Fend much Aremae fall particulars on application be fit g. Aside bus Branch manager 135ct ? 3. Grenfell Street. F. It 0. Steam Sayi Gaffon company under Royal mail contract win dispatch the cd lowing i fran into. Colombo. Aden a Malm Gibraltar per Wuh and London with Libity to Cau at Brindus ads 1uq contract will dispatch the blowing Stamen calling Krena nue. Colombo. Ado Marseilles Gibraltar Tad pm smooth wit if my to can at ? Home. ? .7j5646 e. Street Jan. 17. U1malatasm w. L. Broun . ? not x. S. Angus feb. Is. Abrama ?. On a. A Luggen feb. 9. Oce Asfa. ? a c Cadd Man it 3bitax.su ? is f. H. Seymour March a l Reeves a april ii Yea Hobert bom Enera Tirb Cledu Tran ship at Par said. Hot Tab to Iaan. Liberal red Artiom to to moles. Whole Cabins reserved. The la Tou hat and second Saloom to morph wet Paa aft Europe acc can be arranged Ben. Pair agora allowed 10 break their journey at intermediate ports. Tourists Tia ind i. Chis Japan be. Bound the wot tickets awed. Pa9mok rates. Tickets i aged at Iwock meat Atta special return tickets to London. Hand Book Tane tables. And All parti Tara As to a afe Noner. Pc Lor Moded Ca Anu Attoa. Elder. Smaill co. Luu zeo. Gasenta. Nobo dec Escher Llotd. The Rawti. On. Steamers i of this company will be dispute Ned Jeff in ? u and Rren Lair thereafter to Hub pc astr exp and bke1ulv. Til fhe1ustle. Colombo Aden sen. Port said. Nap to. And Celoa. ? Gross Eric a i 190l first. ? b13j1 w. Bet Kasten fan. S Darmstadt ? Sou & Dewen feb. U ?friedb1cu Deb cuts so ? 10ssu.eichtl mar 11 a psi3iz Bec Estt a Luitpold ? Essl Walter in Rel is to Mab ? Ood Tobehn Hay u twin too Cwa. Maia so Money from Addair �15 8a. To �71 a. Unit Bedo Tiou on return Patages. Liberal coach Eliaas to Aunoien. Patasce bom emote can be arranged Here. Third a a to London �15 so Paa Engeland cargo booked throngs to London Aad principal european Asiatic and american ports. For freight pts Ace and All other particular apply to the agents. Cecee co., Adelaide and port Adelaide. Ipi Cul train Lor pa8scmscr8 and vhf Cottom fares Adelaide at my . On departure Days Tor the sea end lamp pier. Ulcer Sailer of height to Loh Doh. The 100 a Iron ship Hebe Lin torn. Captain. S. Mclyea. Now in port Adelaide. Jul be itis pitched Tor Lon 000 during january. For freight apply to Geordie wills & co., a ethic Adelaide and port Adelaide to Nina line of steamers. To Metw a Luis let. Kubou . Moshowai via Hoban wed Nelty january 18, pm Oboh 5t&set Yokoia. Via Wellington. Saturday january 5. Tall be. Via Auckland Zedac Sydiy. January to Tamm Uhul we Utju Bubuna. Patresa or loan Citco january 3, 4 am. Uo.vowa1, Tor Hobart we Naday Umay 16. To Samoa and of a tasty. Sulfa Pobi. We Naday january 3. For Batts of freight and Pasage Fli Iacy. Aad All Tolona Ationo apply to . Co. Us. Aqskt8. Runo w1lliau Street City and often s Vrba Ruport Ataw Tiv China. Navigation co. Ltd. Thursday Island port Dar win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. . Chintu Captain Williams win Leav port Adelaide an tuesday january a for above Porta carrying cargo at current rates. For freight or Pasage apply Lordier Rome c co., Jenti Crem Teu meet. Cux or u. Kecse co. F8 Upton Street. Port. -1 and abdb0s8as. 4. In Edrah Bubu a. Wab Ooka log Vata Ettari and saturdays at 9 ajn., ? la a a earning thur Dir and monday abubw5sa.s-s.sl James in thu Days at 9 re Toming name no Carso received after 8j0a.ro. On Day of sailing. A. A wac u. Muecke it co., agents. Ti7eeki.y steam service to a � sooth East a 2jcvlk leans port Adelaide faring t.?oll l2lle- dip oct a Paraje errs to Bobe if Ihn Cement offers on tuesday hit Irot. At is noon. Exeunt of Farea. Of Tui at a or a. W. Sandford it co. City or Prince s wharf. Port. A Fob port Pili Bealar trader Matt web stub sail Friday. January 4. ? tx7est coast Shippy cd 00mpa5t. Of Ivy St seat Bat Wbeck the Matt Ellis Bow Acadia. Sails Friday. 4th Insl. 4 . Al t ret cats most be prepaid. A. It e. U Mccluria agents. ? it sooth East pobts.-f0b do Aston ax1 Hobt. Elsie Safly saturday january i. Daucett it co., old. Adeside Aad Kingston a. It e. Be mbssub1er, port Adieu Jet v4 port Wakefield shop Pic co Pant. Fob Post Wakefield Asme Watt sails satterday. 5th hut. To a. It e. Be port Adelaide. 8hippinq he Adelaide steamship. Company limited to dispatch Sta ascus com port Adelido m ? order. Diccy Stamcos pen Aittia for of Root or Perth. Oar Alliton. Al Al rth Wewt. Ports and Man Pora. Of through Bills of ladies. In Ollowa ? i saturday .5 s pin. For e8peranciand Albany. Hebbert. I saturday january 5 3 pin. For Melbourne and Sydney ? ? ? ? Tran shipping Lor ? Queensland port8.iublo? ? i Friday january 4 1 t pea Knoers gulp Morvice. Fok rom tvs cols. Us Exza. Wai Yakoo. Manua Habbouba. And Tubby Bat. Be Kurt tuesday i Faa uary a i � posts to Costa Meci. Ako h11 ? with saw Artri and a Kris. i saturday 1 january 5 i 4 pea Cafor table ladies Cabin 00 deck. Tickett Abl with own a 9f the Batty port foam. Cargo most be alongside team or Apoc Bat thai two Hoan Baton advertised a Moa mag data for All formation apply Tbs Adelaide steamsb1p co us vow. Cml my Adelaide and commercial Karl pert add Aida. . Co., id. The Favonia Pas Sencey steam lbs to above Una will circumstances permitting to do pitched to ? i Upton Pil Barra. Tranth at from Anta. Mil Boukans \ ? to it Pitarra Rita my Orta. I fb1dax, january 4, Avau Uuie i at pin Tad All Ether . Ports. A l. Cargo received daily at Qorea i Bart of to oat boor be on Nittine. A Sec Eta Inwhan Peahu Attar the ant port i title Tea Melof the Adelaide Ste Anahit com Paay. Limited. Or fares and freights apply to the. ? ? company s Effie Eft a. Ezio Willax Street. ? and Queen s Whart. Port Dabice Seebt Botha Cebada from nejd. Are. A condoned to pass sees sat. Extr1e8 at once All. Goods in Pedine discharge will be landed and stored at cola Igims Tuk Aad Capra a. Bus of lad ing presented at offices of messes. B. Faecke m co., port Adelaide paid before. Delivery. No claim toe Damag will be allowed Uncle pointed out to. Up before re Moval of. Goods from the wharf. Captain. Dc1t will not be. Be Sponable far any a trusts contracted by a Chew. ? l0r1meb, Bome it co. 41 Grenfel Street Adelaide and port loan Tor Hidon. From to Orfin Cossio nees Are requested 0 pass entries at once. Bills of lading must be presented and Frecht paid at my port office before delivery no claims will be acknowledged unless damage Fias been pointed out of Landing and packages examined in presence of the vain. All goods discharged and remaining of for after it . Will be at Coo is soft risk Aad May be stored at their expense. Captain b. Pattman Wal met be Wespon sible or any debts contracted by the Crew without. His written authority. So c. Anime8sox. Agent 45 town Aad port carriers a. Iqiel&cq., Rall was amid Aeh Utai. Oaf Wickha Fob.wabd1ng and ship pics agents. Agents or the new South Wales Ger miss and Agency cd racy Moar. Charme it co. hol oses Bitett Street. Port Adelaide North Terrace. Adelaide. Goods forwarded with care and dispatch. Telephone so. Port 74, Adelaide. Tom wac education. To Fiss Alde set Toog tale. Ill. School will by open on tuesday january 29. Boarders re Tara of the ssh. Vacancies am5/5am Way College. The first term of 1901 begins on january 23. Boarders return Aad parents of new boys inter viewed of the monday Aad Day pops on the Fol lowing morning at 9 o clock. The University technical agricultural and commercial schools Are each under the charge of enthusiastic masters who spare no pains to by boys and Young men of All Ages Tor the Post Ioa in life they an Best fitted to occupy. At the recent in Heraty Junior examination ii Knus were sent up Aad All passed. A prospectus May be obtained from the Princi pal Way College. War file. Stat for Yoot Hamura Seaside boards cd school. Glekel. Print pals mrs. Ktscst09 and miss Dow. Ext Civ audit having Juet been Cempel cts there arc now vacancies toe an tar cared Nam bet e Boardetta. The school b Beatti Nlle Aito ated 100 Yards from the Beach. Pupils prepared Tat cd Unity examinations. School reopens of toe Day. October 1 Ift Lwft Canterbury school Demaet Tevich Terrace Kent town formerly Clifton Boose preparatory school. ? Prlnelpat-a5v. P. 8lanky Poole. St. John s College. Cambric. Vacancies for boarders and Day scholar. Pro Pettus on application. Sen term brain fab 1 nary 5. Us we a Binge Alfre College two elder r Art offend from january ism. One entitling to one year s free education a to. Flow 13, it to be prepared Tor the Junior exam i. entitling to two years free Edo Tationa boy below 16. Fit to be prepared in that time to the senior examination. Candidates 0 bold apply Tor j to the Boa. Set c. S. Cotton Eso. Queen to chamber Pirie Street and return Ante to by i it Ltd up and should present themselves at to Catege at ? an. On january j8. Tea Iwick � Prince Alfred College Kent Tow Zeab Adelaide. Bead master bed Eric Crapple b.a., Bujsc London. The session of 1901 begins on tuesday Januari 9. At 0 . Boarders return and sew boys come up for Exi a lotion and enrolment on monday january s3. For prospectus Etc apply to the head Matte at the College. Skew Rcv drapery and clothing. Foale s 0 ? 14, 1c, i Brown Street 138, 138a, gouger 8hippinq i 1 the sow a and Smith line i leave Howard Surra s wharf As Noam ? drama Stancea permitting ? to wot Australia. Ilba my 1 a bum Ivono Krcma Stulb a mos Dat january Jyh. Perth i passengers Aad cargo. To East san oolonie8. Ivs nov Dir it \ v its tamil i this Day Friday lad All other a Pecos f january 4, at 4 pan. Land Porta cargo Only. I port Pujue to bastes colonies. I a tacit Matt leaves port Pike tues 1 Dat Amory sad. Cargo Matt be delivered alongside steamers not less Man oae boor before advertised time of sail leg 1 the Toby tickets Abe i with the a amen of Means. Huddart pah eeb it Cott Aad mall wraith. Mceach Aba Tad co. We. Howard sailtha8ofl3 pro pm Tam. Umito. The Kim William this it to Slaibi. Aad Korth Parade. Port Adelaide. To Mcgaharn go. Proprietary limited Mill dispatch the following plan car Tea Ali if tits offs permitting a Al Bajt \ cools Arock Rutan tit tuesday january 8. Cargo must be Ato onside at noon on sailing Date. T am Tippitte for Perth wharf hmm Alton away . Ports on through Buis of lading. Kote. A turn tickets an interchangeable with messes. Howard Smith t sour and Ilu Dart. Parker 4 cos steamers. Mel wraith me Acharn co. Flop Mutaru Umit Feo rational Mutual buildings -91. King Wal Una Street Adelaide or j. Raw Luis l sox. Port Adelaide. He Huddart Parker & go. S Propri tar. Utitco. ? will dispatch from port Adelaide circumstances permitting. Albany. Parma Mutt. A amour Al monday january a at 4 . The och Bills of Ladico to Perth. Be tube tickets with mean Mcl Wrath. Meacham t co. Proprietary. Limited and Howard Smith Aad sons pro a dietary. Limited Loffle d. J. Fowler. Looted agents. Business notices Excelsior Wing pumps Charles Atkins & co., Ltd 97, Kurrik tract. Jewie 5 diff a Hal Tkv Fira Sbars to in 280c Holden & Frost a Dolors. Leather goods scan Xiiao to res and importers i Grbnfcll-8t8eet, a3elaid2 us Ufa j. & r. John Stoi importers and aqbnt8. 46, a befell Street. Of Sale. Autney per ambulatory per ambulatory fut Iasa Lanca Ahin Patent belting. Jute Limp Aad nov ton twines sewing twines american chair Cane Chain chair seats glassware a ctn plate docks wringers. Mangina upholsterers materials desc Satot care Maui. Taco tent Fibre Kapok cold s Patent booing sails. A. Be. Set mob an effective combination. Simpie ? Strong ?bab�sa5raeey perfect design Best materials skilled workmanship Aeq naked facilities. predates Best of Cert Tob Singer. &sin8er manufacturing go. Seethe latest models at the new showroom Singer ?0mer/f 131, bundle Street Adelaide. 3671.4-5 t 0 s i n e s s c a r d a Dall sizes at the Register Geh Ebal. Phi sting office. Machine re colonial ironworks Fox Wood. Own. Co. Limited. M1mng and general exit Meeus founders boilermakers. Am Smiths. Makers of engines High and Low Prearre steam boilers. Stamp batteries. Pump ice and winding machinery brewery plants including Copper work. Sole agents for obey it co Ltd., engineers. Lincoln. England a Dudley Streett Adelaide. Mefer Marshall s Hilf Tukot summer Sale Isle Wolti. Soas Tades and parasols. Sunshades and parasols. He cheapest lot Ever need. Continued. M pm �. W a ?._r White silk embroidered Black Chenille Gilt do. Met fall to teds ust. Frame 15/6 for 10/6 fancy ius shades a tined ruching 7/11 for haded Apple Steen All us ton 29/8 for Green and Gold shot silk trimmed chif. Fon and Bebe ribbon is by 1-j7bted and. Ii talk Boot bilk with frills 15/6. Niue a ref Orluf by ? i a Lilied Temh sekt shot sufi Bassols. ?l47/8-�/klld a few 3, 6/8. S 4/6, 8/ll for 8/11 bite bilk Lea tur quote Chiao and lace w6 for 7/8, 15/0 for. 10/8, 21/ for 12/6. Tui quote mar. W/8 for 29/ ? ? ? ? ? ? Nae silk with Frilla of tame edged Ecra fancy coloured parasols. Bee Gilt Frowne 42/ for 21/ ? ? fancy Rebre Cambrie. Gilt and Silver silk Tran med Oense Bott Fly de tip. A a for 2/il ? Ottstadt ital. Striped a w to ?/11 for . Is a to stint full my Colour Chatfan of a line Coral a and Epa Sois Cream uce Gilt Frame. Is for 12/6 White and Black striped Cambic a/11 for Cash Lik som silk lined White Chiffon i.�. A. Enamelled handle 21/ for 13/6 Black and Whitel checked Zephyr 5/8 for Rise silk with trill of same and White , and Block Chiffon 39/6 for 17/6 Black and White Chack and plaid leva Applei Reea and reach Blossom shot silk Tine 6/6 for f/11Med peach Chiffon 29/6 for 17/6 White and Black fancy striped levantine shite Merv. Silk trimmed frills of same 7/11 for 5/11 and Black crimped Chiffon 50/ for 25/ Black and White striped silk 8/11 for 7/6 Hectric be and Heliotrope shot Sok Black and White fancy silk Gilt tips 11/6 lined Heliotrope with lace 29/8 for. 17/6 for 7/11 1 Forn Flower Bike silk wit narrow Black White and Black and Black and White Chenille design All Over 22/6 for 15/6 silk 13/6 and 15/8 it 11/6 Black and White Ulerv. Sok lined wedge Black and White fancy. Silk 17/6 for 14/8 Wood Bine Chiffon enamelled handle 21/ Black moire silk with White stripes 21/ for 10/6 for 17/6. S White silk lined Heliotrope 21/ for 13/6. ? Black Surah lined Cerise Chiffon Gilt Frame White and Cream parasols. Tone in melted 1-attdlev35/ Tor-13/6. To White mercers the Fiat and or White ?s cml mip my Gitt Slabi Stu for fe00 l0m tests i it Tai Rel of be and Black ,50/for25/ the to e left 5, Vul. White silk trimmed three rows Black and it j Fiji White a Chirac White enamelled Fradle pm ,�r5fri or iffy ? 25/ for 17/6 7/11 and 8/11 for of. ? Wea a Wood shot silk lined Buttercup fee Rio a ii 29/0 for 17/6 White Buk Flam or Iolite 10/8 for 8/1l Ivory White silk trimmed Black and White Vivient lace and crimped Chiffon 39/6 for 19/6 Black fancy parasols. White China Silt debit flounce of same 5/11 for 4/11, 7/6 for 5/11, 8/11 for 7/6, 10/6 trimmed old Gold Chiffon 35/ for 15/6 for 3/11, 15/6 for 13/8, 17/6 for 15/6, 2v ked and Green shot Tilsk uned Pink 29/6 for 18/6, 23/ for 21/. For 17/6. ? Iron White Sok lined Pale Apple Green Black moire parasols. 21/ for 12 6 ? 8/11 for 7/8, 1v8 for 8/11, 15/8 for 12/6, Black Surah led Light Bronze Chiffon 21/ 17/6 for 13/6, 21/ for 17/6, 25/ for 21/. Fot 12/6 ? ? Brown and Heliotrope shot silk knew girls parasols. Heliotrope 29/6 or 17/6 Job pm Frame to be Deand at 9d a 1/3,Pink and Green shot silk lined Pink chif 1/6 my 2a v9, 2m, 3a my is. Ion 31/ Loru of ? _ Black and White striped silk lined Terv n t it 1 o it i ? Luoise Chiffon Black and White handle la Nail n9i0 of 1 .110t91f1c 3�/6 for 15/6 u ural Halo � or our Lamills Cornflower Blue silk with silk fringe to ? match Silver Frame and enamelled ban 1 i urn limn dle a for 13/6 8hfl Apt in Ellils Black Satin uned shaded Apple Green 15/6 tulu a ? Liliuo Alloe few. ?. To 2� boxes frilled curtain Muslin our Sab Brown shot silk trimmed Turquoise Bebe Price 1/3 Yard g�an�ots2 gathered Soi Gilt ��?&3�s& 2�? &s&m�&i&ak.. A m Buckland White checkers Fly edged White 8 piece pm my � flute Chiffon 15/6. For 8/11deanna to lord. Yard Cardinal. Silk trimmed White drawn rib d ?�1 curtain pattern Artel Bon. 21/ for 10/6 in so inches wide usual value 8jd. To Apple Green silk lined Ivory White do 10id.-per Yard thrown out to dear at Ion enamelled handle 21/ for 12/8 a per Yard Black Satin muted fancy Pink shot silk 15/6 100 pieces Floral Art Muslin Angle Width for 11/6. Dealing at 1/11 dozen Yards red and Green shot silk trimmed red 65 pieces 50 Inch Art Muslin Good pattern Bebe ribbon Gilt Frame 21/ for 13/6 and colourings usual Price 1/ Yard now Pink and Green shot silk uned Pink chif 7�d. Yard Fon. 25/ for 15/6 ?. 40 pieces single Width draping Art mus Petuna Sadk tnmmedtaireer6wa White Jig usual Price 5d. Yard now Dearie drawn Obbon slightly faded21/ for Atid. Yd., 2/11 Doz. N=8l/mr la m. R a a 5 Pes Gold and Silver printed Art muts Ana Inard ask Tif a my Ned Bhe drawn chif sect Throat Elf the sol ?ife6liliedeniduj?on of cd 100uhi�bf.towe.l, Corn Tower Blue sol trimmed Bebe rib f 1 7 sch it Bon. Silt tips 15/6for 10/6 at 4d each. ? ?. and Gold shot silk lined Gold 54 Doten Good striped honeycomb towels Chiffon 25/ for 13/6 Utu once 10j to or now at7j-i Apple Green and White striped silk each edged Green Chiffon 13/6 for 7/6 White damask coloured Border. Fringed electric Blue silk prettily uned silk and Tea cloths usual Price 1/6, to Clear at by lace Silver Frame 25/ for 10/6 each. Black and White. Striped silk trim Mol 45 White Irish Linen damask ,2� yes Apple Green lace and Chiffon 10/6 for 5/11 Long usual value 15/6, to dear at 10/ Violet and Green shot silk trimmed eau each. De nil Bebe ribbon. 21/ for 13/ w piece. Table Dan task pure Liben in Apple Green and Heliotrope shot Suk Imp and scotch makes a Giny from 3/ Tammed heh trope Chiffon Auver Frame to 3/11 per cd to be cleared at 2a 21/ for 10/6 cd. For to. . I i. 3/6, to be sold at 2/6 per cd. Fawn shot Sitt Tammed Pink Bebe velvet 6 Piec Anterior Quality Home uses wet 15/6 for i ? ? twill sheeting 80 mews wide snal sell Pink and. Green shot silk Tammed eau pm Syx 3/11 cd to be sold now at 2/11 de no Bebe velvet 15/6 for 10/6 cd. ? slate shot sift trimmed Bine Bebe velvet i Bale White blankets extra Quality Sof 15/6 for 10/6 and Fleecy j site usual Price 21/, to h Heliotrope shot silk lined Heliotrope 23/6 sold at 16/8 pair for 17/6 ? ? 1 Bale White blankets extra Quality Ful Ivory White silk Tammed Apple Green double bed size usual Price 30/ for 23/6 Chiffon Silt Frame 21/ for 8/11 ? about 40 Linen Tead Oths hand embroider White silk trimmed Heliotrope Chiffon a and Renaissance lace trimmed Linen Gilt Frame slightly soiled. 21/ for 7/8 ranging from 5/6 to 42/, All thrown off bed and White striped trimmed while to behold at exactly 0ne-hal1 lace lace a Little damaged10/6 fur marked Price 3/11. 1 Only Teneriffe Han worked Linen bed Ivory White trimmed lace and Pink chif spread most Beautiful work usual Parks Fon soiled8/11 for 3/11. 9 guineas our Sale Price 90/. Our premises \ will be v closed saturdays at i o clock. ? ? \ ? ? ? drapery and lot hint ? a Iii Ley stub. Summer Sale now commenced. Bargains a All depart meats. Great . Showroom. Stylish mall every. _ costumes Coats. And a roots mantles and capes ? jackets and blouses morning gowns and skirts underclothing. Dress Coo i department. Summer dress tweeds. Beige. Silk and Wool voiles Kobe lengths Black dress materials. Cotton . . Foulard. Tercila Ras a silk department. Great reductions have been. Made in the following lines Blouse Saks printed foulard. Embroidered foulard Robes lace skirts. Parasols and son Abade greatly reduced. Gloves and hosiery. Very special reductions. Ribbon a grand selection at under half ? Price. Lace and fancy a apartments. An immense Stock of fashi0nabl15 ? neck Wear it lowest Sale prices. ? great bargains re laces. A widths and makes Anderson co. Summer Sale. 30 and 32, his blot St Cut. Summer Sale now commenced. Bargains in All depart ments. Great reductions. Showroom. N ? stylish millinery costumes. Coats and skirts ? mantles and capes. Jackets and blouses. Morning gowns and skirts. Underclothing. ? ?. Dress goods department. Summer dress tweeds. Beige silk and Wool voiles Robe lengths. Black dress materials. Cotton dress department. Muslims. Cambric foulard merc lawns to silk department. Great reductions have been made in the following l1nes Blouse Silks printed foulard. Embroidered foulard Robes. Lace skirts. Parasols and sunshades greatly reduced. Gloves and hosiery. Very special reductions. Bibbons a grand selection at under half Price. ? lace and Faney departments. An immense Stock of Fash Nabl neck Wear at lowest Sale prices. Great bargains in laces All widths and makes. J. Miller Anderson co. Summer Sale. Dra cry and olo Thina 0 Itose the Sale of All Spira now Martin bros., Burlington House 1 pc publication it 8tationkry sawtelf8 a Adigal almanac ready. Price s.6d. Burma new data stud it to tra Atic on tags. Sil Chart . D. In we the a boosts supplement is. Compete tit pm Stor is to. Copy with Dyber extra to sure tet Ulues to. Or St. Cd. Sold with Abo Iaac. Psaijialre4 e. Sawtel port Adelaide Aad tto rth Terrace Adelaide. ? w Nev Century a via Choice Stoat must Nev tear cards or the daunt Jet do miss. At All Etc a /-.-. / pm Iba packets ? Rattet w. O. Rigby Oquim Matwi ratio the. And Hows Aqunt t4, un6 Williax Street. Temp toe ass. Mero Handick elder Smith & co., limited have or Sale Watts 8picial Fenong-w1be. Also. Ordinary fencing wire wire netting. Barbed wire Lawes sueepd1f powder and liquid and a other shearing requisites cd meet. Yellow Metal pig Iron. Iron girders. Wool pass Corn sacks Ore bacs. Ran Baos. Station orders of Tyty description executed in the Best possible term. 7mwfcv English super phosphate. For delivery about be Brunart ii arc next year. A an Aow prepared to Book ordkr9. , Smith Oft limit co Adelaide. Marseilles roofing tiles. ? , Dora la cheap. Habi0ld, Oltorf i co Spaht Uhr eol kith St. Drapery and lot hint. Us january Sale i9 crushing reductions. Phenomenal Baeg Fains. Fetching prices 7 �-t0-Day. To Day. To Day a. ?. ? 1 of lie balance of our flecked and checked dres3 to pieces Navy ground Cambric in. A tweeds in fawns Browns and treys 10 in. Sorted spots stripes and Floral deafen to Tiff wide ill Doc Moose s Sale 8/6 dress. Moore s Sale 1/11 dozen. Rench Foo Frod popups in. Wide a Cream ground Floral defaces we bar dote Orey and electric Bine Worth a Yard. Scid Thoos aads of Yards this season at 3d. Yard. Moore s Sale 3/11 dress. Moore s Sale 1/11 dozen. Jack Katt Fawn Brown am creak ladies White kid clogs. With four buttons 38 in. Wide Worth 1/ Yard Black stitched backs Worth /6 pair. Moo avs Sale 3/11 dress. Moore s Sale 1/6 pair. No his representation or undue Ezaga Veratio ? Witk its. S Ewest patterns a willed crepe Cre ladies coloured Cambric blouses i tonn30in.wide,. A Posada try Latanly a de. Or 1/11, Moore s Sale 1/11 dozen Hooie s Sale 1/ each sents White undressed shirts sees ii to Cream and butter All Over to prs 1cj. Whettan great Tarpon Worth jul. Laces 13 in. Be Mart uttam. We a Moore s Sale 1/11 Bach. 5ookb Sale 4jd. Tab. It but fobbed Galatea striped drills. ,0, cambr1 j a wide in Kay ground with White it a j. A Eron Adt Krpic with fancy designs Worth 10/c, Moore s Sale 4jd. Yard. Moore s Sale 5/11 each we re earning a big a imputation Lay simply Witia. The Best bargains consistently. Heavy make get willed Sheet log. 70 Cream Linen table d.u1ask.w in. Wide a. Wide tree from All Drca Dac. Worth 9j-l Rard Floral patterns won 1/i Yard Moore s Sals 6/11 dozen. Moore s Sale 9jd. Yard. 137 nabs White Catoo Pillow cases ironed men s real Beaver mole trousers a a edges Plain centres Worth 1/6 pair Sites free from dressing usual nine a pair. Moore s Sale 6d. Each. Moore s Sale 4/11 pair. Boys Navy striped Calamba Washow the balance of our White and Cream fan ctr blouses trimmed with Stigor. Collars Worth Cotton laces including Vak Dennet Cui. Vul. ? pore and Swiaka Moorits Sale 1/11 each. Moose s Sale old. Yard. We guarantee All our goods As is unseated a est to is pct sad in All casts Yon will find Tbs Fries As Low of to Sibu consistent with Quality. / we also pay bail Carriage on �2 orders. Has. Moore & go., a vol zijo will Street. ? insurance notices. Wi1n Jan l Hon the South British Wilson Dolce & to s fire and Marin Ingusan Celix Uno bib capital. St Motl a Paia mip. Capital and Kassu Ivet Clearing salea2f7a ads Juds disc tort it Les cow Aemma us. 8trkkx. Wam b.a8hwel f summer goods ___., bri0ebr08. It it a by a commission merchants 1 ? i is. I i a y land and estate agents ? by or i manufacturers acent8.? a Saaw b m ? ? hmm be routed. Renu and interest collected. Shares bought and sold. Xan Cement of Public companies undertakes. Omce-18, Ware Chambers. 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