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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1901, Page 1

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 3, 1901, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia p1 s j Oil and Gas engines 4s000 Blev Ainuu i i l James Hill & 8on8. J Foft ? , la shipping p. 58, 0. Steam Navy Uthit Royal mail contract jul dispatch the for Uniac it Omen via Fremantle. Colombo. Aden. Iun Allm Gin Star Plymouth and London with Liberty to Call at Brindisi Oder Royal 1uu contract. Fol dispatch the fal lowing Stanea Callas at a Nakaue Colombo Aden. Mantole. Gibraltar Aad we moot it Liberty to Cap. At Brt ? Sua Aoa. In a i Mimir Leata. Victoria 7 e. Of Jan. Boms. ? Sims e. Street Jan. To. Ii Alaia. ? o9s w. U Stout China. ? 7912 x. A Angus feb. U. Arcadia ? 0j a. C. Locsin feb. A. Oceana. ? bpm c. Odd Man u. f. H. Sermon i March g. ? Viah bait boat Sydney. Page news for Brindisi Thant hip at put 8tu. Motreb to Iamme libel redact in to toadies. Whole Cabin reserved. Tit la Beta Hist and second Saloom h a burp d. Pang Tram Kun pc ice can be i Urmi Acra. Raamona Aowad to break their Foamy at a ten mediate Aorta. Tourists tic&etc-4adu. China Jinan sex. Bound Ibe world tickets waned. Fjug Sage Maimi. Tickets based at lowest aurent tale. Special return tickets to London. Hand Book time tables and All particulars a to passage one. Forwarded of application. Clues. Shoo co. La used Ageatha. A Tiv it o. Rms. Victoria. Special. Trains for passengers and visitors be Anan ced to leave Adelaide or the sea end of Laiss bar jetty at ims and 1l18 an. On. Thursday the last launch leaves the ship at so pjn., connecting with the 125 p.13. Bentnra Specula f my lamp Bay to Adelaide elder Smith co., looted agents. N or Eitt line. The Louo wig steam aunt under Boal Mai contract will leave Adelaide up bar at i . On the dates or ply Edith and London via Fremantle. Colombo Tor All Indian Pocta sues canal Staples Many Bitt and ? Ktona. 11ns Lindsay Hay 1 Jan. 10 Orizaba. ? bs7 e. E. Uni Ajtora uan. 24. Oriya. ? te75. Fletcher Frt. 7. And Fortig Atler thereafter. Two scr. Luok to Lutt Isuf Wocl. �38 10/ to Xhu. Beam �11 10/ to Oil third Das. �17 7/. To �s0 16/. Iamb v to Rel Flint Fyk �1a of to tit ? Butara �38 to �4010/. Saloon 1/ to �7 11/ third �3 17/. Psst Agea teem any Pott can be prepaid Here. Get bar ticket Steinc of ieecolok1al ports an now available far re Tain by p. Aad a and Mil Cowie Firfer st Uaea Bavins loom. Managers f. Few Ewe t co. And asset sos. Yakub Fiok. A of. Find much avelae , fall per Kalan on or a few to Fitu. Aso Ebson Baach manager scr 18. Grenwal Street n. D. L. Sobd-deut5cheb us did. _ the it Webial mail steam bal a i in it cd stay will be itis Petred Ai ass a Der Aad Centeria the Attar to ass South autos. Ast wbb. Am Iii Ihu vie be Mantle Cal omit to son. Tort said. Papua Aad qty of. ? in i i Datum. Leave a. Gosse bid to. Fcb st ? Bis y. Bet Katea Jan. To. A Betstadt. 5012 a a cwt feb. It Fried Blytt Deb Crosse. ? us k. A iced liar. My a bids Behest Luitpold ? pm Walter to Rolls we str. A l Jurehn Usu ? of Lytfi pc Juwa. Passage Abey Bam Adelaide a a. To xt1 a. Great Ken Boas on Ketura Pis Suea. Faecal Tow Arlins to families. Pas att Bea Europe Oak be imaged Ken. The am 10 London. �15 a. Pam Calm Aad Cano booked throes to is wow and principal item Peak aria to and Asie Tieara Potto for freight Ptah age. And All other Patt Iodaci apply to the Anata. ?. Adelaide Aad part Adt Taue ?pso1au Tsurum Lor pm Mih and v1s1t0m Leavea Addaide at ml3. a Depute Daya Tor the Aei Ead Lanai Dee. Votes Sagebien maritime 8ydset to l05d0s, via Colombo and Pabis. 9mw i at Esto tons or contract with the Freeh covet Meul Cabung at Mel Bodyne Adelaide i a it it i Suez and Post said. Will be disc etched for a Felon la astr. La Tom mj8 Dav-mlntfae1a Laid i 19 1901 i 1m1 Pella Leiea a berber Baa. A Jan. � Ian. To Ammil ref la web Pellier fab. Feb. Neb. S an strata _ Terron mar. Is mar. Ottmar. � april Mapril manna pas9e5gebs booked to Bombay India a i Batavia and Japan. Passage mosey so to -77, it table wines. ? ? ? bet Obs i h via at bed ced of Tab exp list spoken of Board. Centra tickets Flat Saloon Between inter colonial ports Are available or return by p. Aad 0. Aad Orient st nuns Bavins room. For farther partier Lari apply to Dale fatty do company. Limited Davenport Chambers 2t Curry tit. Or Cea Fergoson co port Adelaide. ? pm Hsc Lund Sline steamers. Tent Sev it pawned fast steamers Are a Pic cd to leave the port Adelaide wharf Tor Natal Kapci 1ww, Narruhn _ _. S,0tflm end of Jin. Wahr mammal _ Siu ton to Zlotlow. Wilo Annu _ _ tons to follow. Warrigal _ _ 4js7 tons to of claw r array M.A._ Tiu. Teas to follow. Of ii of in of Tor Pasee agora re Teicht or pea age apply to Leo Jive wills it co Anthee Adelaide. Port Adelaide Aad part pow Sailer freight to Loh Doh. The 1m Al Iron ship my Hebe Tab ton Captain. & Zleben Aow in port Adelaide will be mtr a for Loo during january. For freight apply to ? George wills & co., to the Adelaide Aad port Adelate. Nippon Yusep Kaisha to u.axtt.\. Host song. Aad Japan Ril Sydney. Bubba be Aad Toto still ? will leave a Nader ? Kamet Stamen. Go by Rae Sydney sax Koo mab0 u. P. Cd of Jan. 24 laa.31 Yawata Mabo a. F mean. Feb. Q feb. G three tin front exp Eai stall s to Ira an Man Rhoniy fitted for passengers. Two berths Yalj to Saloon Duma. Electric eight Berbig Craton foil Par Kalais m to freight and passages Boa melt Fuith a Cauchard. Co. Propri Taxy. Umito. Areata. M. Eai . U7thso xxx k. Thomas ? k c a a. Me Castile 8iupping. Customs Gene bal bin tabs a befell Street. It Jug Ujj 8hippinq ? the Adelaide steamship company limited to data path to teasers bom pert Adelaida at a adar. 1i111 Nie Iai a emitting for Fremantle dlr not tar Perth. Worm Lytton. Al ports Auw inc or. Of the nigh Biu of lading. It Ollowa Friday january 4 i s a for b8pbran0iand Albany. Aka debt i saturday january 5 1 pm for Melbourne and Sydney Tranell Apiag for Queensland ports. Budloo ? i Friday Jeanary 4 2 . Spencer t gulp service Fok pow Luis urn. 1ioonta. Wallaroo. Fra Klej Habbouba and Tumby Bay. Ferret. M i tuesday Juu Arv 8 i j Pio por3s Augusta. C gun a and a qty ? with Page Raehrs and Cugat. Woes Gator i Samuy Jueary 5 1 4pa Ticomi tabla ladies Cabin of deck. A. Rhau tickct8 Able with team is a the co. Altar i Kef port up Call. Cargo most to Aloa Giae Steamer Mot Lea tha two Amos before advertised time of tailing Dale. Far a a formation apply to the dbl Matt co. Uhf tit. . Adelaide and Femme real a Kate pert Adelaide. Hum co., old. The Favorito pas8exgeb st Kames 0 above line will Dren stances permit big to ?4ivmtellaml int Upton Pil Barra. Wwssg-it1 / of Bidet. A Ryll ? Tran ship at Femano. Melb urn Orving cargo Aad ?ybpibt1 the Pil Barra. port. Rel Sautia Friday Jaa aary i. Tad All other note ubed ports. 4 cargo received daily at Queen a Taal no to Eye hour before sailing. A Taketo Mereha Agbabu alter the ant port Ith the teamed of the Adelaide steam up pm for fares Aad freights apply to to company of lems a Kinq William st debt Aad Qorea s wharf port China navigation Ca Ltd. Roup Day Island port Dar win Manila Hon Kong China and Japan. . Chintu Captain win Matt win leave port Adelaide on tuesday Jeanary s. Or above ports carry Ian cargo at current rates. ?b03ffiifca, agents Cre Feu Street Ary or b. S1cbcke t co it Spesa Street. Port. Cutest coast she Pimp w Streaky Bay direct the baby Ellis. Bow loading sails Friday 4th it 4 pea. All my Humalt to prepaid. A. E. Be Demorier Ageatha. ? ? ? 4 South East port Fob a Fostos and Beac Hobt. Blur bib Satoda macnary 4 Dallett a co. Us Adelaide and Koa Gutco a. Jle Job m web Flat. Fort Adelaide. _ t4 for port fbics.-? to Day at 4p-m. Cargo received at Prince s wharf a. And � i mean Rich port Adelaide. Carriers a Teli plans ailed Iii. A pert Ade tame to. E. Graves & co. Railway and Gea Cral Cancin Coa Wea ? Sosi and to All parts Al the a Ralisa Cojo Oieni. Geode received Fer storage. Fan iture carefully removed. Firms applied by Day. Week. Moats or yen with horses vehicles and Drivers. Special attention Given to the collection of Pac Seagers la Page for Ebi meat or otherwise. Having made arrangements with tit Chr temp sales of men Board All steam tit a arrive at lug Bayer port Adelaide for Tat clue Attol Aad delivery Al panels Aad Luggage to any pad at the Colony. Head Ottke a Couie sir. ? and set set Abbet. Post As blab. La that drapery and clothing the right place buy drapery Flint s. 1 of 1 at Vul we Over a splendid line of in ladies Holland wobk0o a bobs. Urge siae with bib Aad pocket 1 Al child rets serviceable hol 11/4 7 land Pinafore trimmed Bee. And braided. Of Childress striped Galatea too ska. We have a few Only in Batcher to eat a. 10/b brow Holland labs Valex costume uned and braided Blouse Argabr Seliag Price of Tus is 14/c, oar present is now itio/8.? to i for 12, we Are off Crina a few White pm o striped Kayt Drill ladies coat and sort costumes. O/11 Obi Nettal lacks pretty Darigas 3 do. Gaebes wide Worth Aow tip for 13 Yards. ? ? ? ? ? i c id. Superior War re Cottos washdco0$ laces. Fth for is Yards. W. I. Flint son Ltd Ironmo Hlebs. Drapes. Furnishes 48 and 50, Bank its. ? Muhse do apes a Boot is has balls Price list fee the red stub of setter and Ges bral bib cum 0fhcs3. ? drapery and olo Thmia of ale s to do. 0? 14, be Broth to Street a 1_t-_ shipping t s e i0w a by Smith like Zatk Boward Smith s it half As of coast Dren stances permitting. To West Australia. Ilauno 1 ?.?, Bumin Omo. monday. January us Srun i phase Peers and cargo. To Eastern colonies. Item by direct \ f of by is we j25khi Onena. T Fumay Sawary 4.ctrsti cargo Only. I poet piste to Eastern col Joeil \ a. Sadie Mary Kaves Post pure tob8 a Jana in 22nd. Cargo Matt to delivered Aloa Gulde stoners Apt Tea a on hour before advertised time of sell return tickets Abe Ruth tto us Matts of Uemon. Honda by Par web co., Aad hello Bairn and co. Pm. Howato mite a oms of a milk tax. Us Taco. 13, Kin w1luam to Kkt. Mum ugol ? and st Orth Presade. Port Adelaide. A a Mell wraith Mceach Arii Ca proprietary limited Fol tape tech the food Wing Bsat Tnger Stet Mca per Ritting in buy \ Zoolo Abib for Cantu / tuesday Jaa aary 1 cargo Mast to so Mahli at noon of sailing Date. T am piping for path wharf Oak Eaton Aai a . Ports on. Through Bedsol lading. ticket of Are interchange Abu with Itean. Howard Smith soap and Huddart. Sarkar k cd a steamers. ? Awill Montaith Ciao Han co. Pron Uttah a Mitku Batto Aal Mutaal buildings. N. King who Iasi Street Adelaide or j. Bawls is son. Port add Aida. Huo debt Parker & go. 0 Norm Tyty. Utitco. Fol Depatch Tram Pott Adelaide Peru aug. Albany. . Anquan. Monday january 14, at 4 pin. To Boob bulb of lading to pm bib. Bbt0br tick to 1ntebchawgb a bit with Ifa Esra. A Eunith Mceacharn Ceu. Pii pros tory la cited Aad Howard Smith seas Prooro. Tory. Star Tea. ? Bic a e i. Of Webb. Us try. Annav drapery and clo Hintt Sale of a Nof on. Martin bros., Burlic Ron Marshall s half year it summer Sale is Itow 0 Han Chest a department i ease Strong Cotton hurting 2jd per Tod ? ?. ? 20. Pieces stat Cotton sir Bogi a us value 5id Yard thrown out to dear to 3jd per Yard. 18 piece heavy scotch wills and other bade heavy. Shirt Aga a Sadr 8w Abov lord Yard All thrown oat to dear at 6jd 100 dozen Plain Pillow gases made in eng land thrown out to dear at 4d each or 7jd per pair 10 dozen frilled Pillow cases at special Aak Price 6d each ? cushions 20 inches Square with fall deep doable frill a very special line �6 dear at 1/11 each 27 vegetable Down quilts in Chintz Gower ing size 6x6 it -9 in., usual Winter Price 16/6, our Uhmer Sale Price Only Lle cd White twill sheeting doable bed Width Sid Yard to b0inch White twill sheeting Specula take at lord. Per Yard Purchase of Fine Mada Polum Long cloth consisting of Over Low Yards in Best qualities Only. At special Sale prices lot a. 175 piece in 12-Yard lengths 10/6 for 7/8 piece ? ? ? . 116 pieces in 12-Yard lengths. 11/6 for 8/8 piece ? ? ?. Lot a 30 piece in 12-Yard lengths 13/ for 10/6 piece Shete can also be supplied by the Yard any. ? length cot at 7ji, Al and Ltd. Yard White Cali Coes Sale pikes a los a. 3as 4/8,-5/11 Dosen ? White sheeting doubt bed Width 8ja, 10ml, 1/, 1a 1/8. 1/11 Yard unbleached sheeting single bed Width 8ja, 10id,l/, 1/3. Unbleached Sheet inns double bed Width Karl 1/, 1a 1/6, a Yard 5 pieces Best Quality White sheeting bean wills Vioal value 3/11 for 2/11 Yard 3 pieces 4/8 for 3/6 Yard 4 pieces 476 far 3/11 Yard White honeycomb to fits special Sale prices 2/6, 3/8, 3/11, 4/11 each toilet covers 7ji, 8i. 10w a 1/3 each Verandah ticks ii l w sol lord 1/, 1/8, 1/u Yard i ? intr claims Foru Fods 72 Inch of Leif ? Yaw. -?.? striped. A Means 72 Inch 7h, 8id Lordi Yard chair canvass. 7&l, Sid 10 a 1/jnid. White Flannelette 4l, a. Ltd. Yard Fine Ceylon shirting Sale prices 8id., lojd., i 1/3 Yard. White Flanda All Wool Sale Price 1/, 1/3, 1/8, 1/9, 2a 3/3 Yard ? 32 Inch Angola flannels a mixture of ? Wool and Cotton Sale Price 1/3 Yard dark Partington Galatea. Stripes for boys Wear Sale prices 8j-l� 9j-i-. Lord. Yard Khaki Stripe for Boyr Weir Vii lord. Yard. Striped drills for boys Wear 1/f 1a.1/5 Yard ? White drills. 8 a lord. A 1/3 Yard Plain Blue drills a 1/3 Yard flags in Banting. And Cotton at special Sale prices. Gents Straw hat dept Salem he a89okhment. Low faeces. White Straw boaters. Tonitis White pud boaters jul for a youths japanese Straw boaters Yery Light leather lined Ink bands Worth 2/6 for 41d each Fine White Canton boaters Toul bands 1/8 for 9d, 1/9 f or 1/, 2/3 for 1/6, 3/6 for lir 3/11 for 2/u up undid Vaine boys cute Purl boaters flannel lined silk bands Ter Strong 2/8 for months fancy White boaters Good shape 2/6 for 1/3yery specs Ian White Canton ency. White and White Purl boaters leather lined silk bands Worth 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, for 1/0 White Puri boaters latest shapes Good bands 2/11 for 1/u 3/11 for 2/6, 4/u. For 3/6v 5/11 for 3/11, 6/8 for 4/6. Very fashionable every line a bargain gets fancy White Straw boaters 3/6 for 1/11, 4/6 for 2/6, 4/11 for 3/lli 5/6 for 3/6. Striped talk Art bands 1/11 for id a to court a. Of ?. Boys Straw Hato. Fine Cheek boaters -7jd forbid 1/3 for of. 1/6 for. 9d, 1/u Check Rywk boiler Arvey st nor 1/6 for 1/, 1/9 for 1/6. 2/3 for 1/9, 2/11 for 2/3, 3/6 for 2/6, Good Strong school hats. Very Fine Check boaters neat hats twill ? bands 1/11 for 1/3, 2/6 for 1/672/11 Lor 1/ut3/b for 2/8, 3/11 for 2/u, 4/8 for 3/6, for beat Wear Fine White Puri boaters 2/6 for 1/, 2/u for 1/6, 3/6 for 1/u, 3a1 for 2/6, 4/6.for 2/u74/u for 3/11. All our oddments and Sample Straw boaters to be sold at. Half Price. Fancy striped silk hat bands wort 1/u for 41d each Special dark Check strew boaters silk bands Worth 2/u for 1/3 each White Puri. Boaters striped bands flannel lined 4/u for 2/jt ? / children s Galatea Straw. ?. Hats. Fine Check Galatea hate 6d for 4w, w for 6d, 1/ for 9d, 1/6 for a 1/u for 1/ Fine Check Galatea hats Satin bands i for 1/6, 3/6 for 2/6 Fine Check Galatea hats Elk bands 3/11 for 2/9, 4/6 for 2/11, 4/11 for 3/6, 5/6 of 3/11, 5/11 for 4/6 s fancy striped Galatea Star bite 1/3 a 9d. 1/u for 1a Hwy Sarong Fine White Galatea Straw hats Baciz bands 2/3 for 1/6, 2/11 for 1/u, ,3/8 do 2/3, 3/11 for 2/u, 4/11 for 3/6, 5/6 Foi 3/u.5/u for 4/6. Jack tar Straw hats 1/u, 2/8, 3/6, 4/6. 4a1. Special lines. Fine Check Gate Tei Straw hate Sqq buds 3/8, 3/11, 4/4 for 1/u each. At. Samples at half Price. Linoleum matting dept. .6-ft/wjue Linol elms. 1,500 Square Yard usual Price 2/6, Sale Price 1/1 per Square Yard lilo Square Yards usual Price 2/u, sate Price 1/11 per Square Yard b Rolls inlaid Mote us Nesoal Price 6/u, ale Price 4/6 per Saj Nace Yard 10 Rolls fancy pattern Best ? Lido urn. Uaral Price 4/9, Sale Price 2/u per Square Yard 12 Rolls 12-feet wide linoleum usual Price 3/tf, sate Price 2/u per Square Yard s Rolls 12-lt. Wide linoleum usual Price .4/u, ask Price 3/11 per Square Yam 200 linoleum Mats usual Price 2/6, Sale. Price 1/9 each. 90 linoleum Llata usual Price 3/6, Sale Price 2/6 each 45 linoleum Mats usual Price 4/u, Safe Price 3/11 each. ? ?. 2011 tins Best old solemn Poush usual Price 1/u, Sale Price v6 each Oill fits 90 Rolls meet oad3h, 1/9- per Yard 21 Rolls 6-feet of Dot v6 petard 75 Rolls 6-feet Oik loth. 2/3 per Yard 100 Rolls 6-feet of Kdouh i/8. Per Yard 10 Rolls 4 Yards wide usual Price 6/9, Sale Price 5/ per Yard ? 8 Rock 4 Yards wide usual Price 8/9, Sale Price 7/ per Yard. Oilcloth squares 9 feet s 12 f get u/6v Isa 15/, 18/ each 10 feet 6 in. X 12, it is/6, 15/9, 17/6, 21/ each. Of. 12 feet x 12 feet 15/4, 1 8/, 20/, 2v each 13jtee 8 �. X 12 tl7/6, 21/-23/, 27/ 15eet x 12 feet 20/, 35/ 28/, -35/ each. Fixx rom the squares. In one piece no join. 9 it. 1 12 it Isa 21/eadi. 0 it. 6 in xl2t, not is each 2 it. X 12 20/728/ 3 it. 6 in. X 12 it 31/6 etch ?. 5 it. X 12 it 25/, w each .16 it. 0 in. X l2 it 27/6, 38/6 each. Remnants of linoleum. Nightly damaged length�-12 14, 10 �3, 8i, 10 1-3, 10i 4i, Zirilli 2 h Ali 9, 114 8 1-3, 1%l 71, 91, usual priced a a 6/, Sale pee 3/6 per Yard. Fofo Itofe dept ment a Saddlebag suite sane a above beautifully finished Octal Talue �15 15/, f or. �812/6. A wonderful cottage Side Board handsome design with Over hanging canopy three. Bevelled opiate mirrors in Back shelves one Long drawer and cupboards under we Are throwing these out at ?. ? 63/ shillings 63/ each. Also a solid Blackwood Side Board 4 it 6 Usu with Large Bevelled Pute Glass and carried panels in Back two drawers and cupboards for �6 15/ each our imported sideboards of Superb and classic designs Are reduced and will Well repay intending Pur chasers to inspect same a v. ? ? Extension dining table in solid. Gamut 8 it Long by 3 it 9 in. Wide usual Price 97/6, our Sale Price 59/. Important concessions to Chaie buye&6. Notwithstanding the enormous advances which All am trim British and Continental manufacturers have made in the prices of Chain we Are determined to keep our Sale prices to former Levels and even lower prices than Hare Ever before obtained. Wood seated Kitchen chairs 3/3 for 1/9 spindle Back Woven seated chairs 4/u for Slaterback Woven heated chairs 5/6. For 2/u Slat Back with curved Back Raos 5/u foe Zzz. Austrian Bentwood chairs the Erie Favourite no. 14 pattern a full site chair no Light or natural Colour 5/6, 100 Dosen to Clear to sol each a. R. Pattern no. 41, an elegant dining chair with 5 turned spindles in Back dose plaited Cane seat Walnut Colour 7/9 Foi. In. Aak. Our assistants to show this choir. Householders and hotel keep eds and storekeepers should find the following items of special interest bearing in mind that in the past few Mottu the prices of bedsteads in toe Home markets have advanced Over 4u per. Cent forty per cent messes. Peyton & Peyton s world famed highly finished bedsteads As under x12864 21 Only 3 it French bedsteads from 30/ to 18/6 xl296i 10 Only 3 it 6 in. French bedsteads from 32/6 to 19/ x1296j 10 Only 4 it. 6 in. French bedsteads from 37/6 to 21/6 ? x1278-18 Only 3 it French bedsteads from 37/6 to 25/ xl27d-9 Only 3 it. 6 in. French bedsteads from 39/8 to 28/. X1212j-22 Only 3 it French bedsteads from 34/6 to 24/ x1657-15 Only 3 it italian bedsteads from 39/6 to 28/6. X1491-8 Only 3 it half tester Nickel bedsteads from 65/ to 40/. Xl491-5 Only 3 it. 6 in. Half Tetter Nick bedsteads from 72/6 to 43/. These Are very cheap indeed. X1sq3-8 Only 4 it. 6 in. Half tester brass mounted bedsteads from �7 10/ to 90/ x1523-2 the 4 it 6 in. Half tester Nickel mounted bedsteads from �8 5/ to 95/. The most unquestionably cheap lot eve offered. Xl679 18 Only 4 it 6 in. Italian brass mounted bedsteads from �9 10/ to 105, x1679-4 Only. 4 it. 6 in. Ithan Nickel mounted bedsteads from �10 10/ to 112/ these Are not hang native reductions but positively genuine bargains. Oter premises will be \ c10sed saturday sat i o clock. Draphy and Hurthwo i Miller Anderson v Aid co., 56 a Olhs let 8tbbet. Summer Sale now commenced. ? a ? Bargaila a All depart Apoate. Groat . Showroom. Stylish Lune by costumes Coats and wct1ots, ? mantles and Gabb jackets and Blouse morning gowns and Sef fits i underclothing. Dress goods department. Summer dress tweeds beige silk and Wool voiles. Kobe lengths Black dress materials Conon dress department. Muslims ,.a ? silk department. Great reductions have been made in the following. Lines I Blouse Silks printed foulard embroidered foulard res lace skirts. Parasols and sunshades greatly reduced. Cloves and hosiery. Very special reductions. Ribbons a grand selection at under half. A. Lace and Faroy d9partin8nls. An immense Stock of fashionable Nick Wear u lowest 81 prices. widths and ? it Kun. ? ? Anderson co. Summer Sale. J. Miller Anderson Aid co., ass Amain Stan. Summer Sale now commenced. Bargains a All depart me Ite. Heat reduction a. I Tjho rcom stylish millinery costumes Coats and skirts mantles and gape jackets and blouses. Morning gowns and ski Kos ? ? underclothing. Press goods department. Summer dress tweeds. Beige silk and Wool voiles Robe lengths Black dress meter Tatul ? Conoy dress department. Muslims Cambric ? foulard. Mbrcilawn8, a. Silk department. Great reductions have been. Made in the following. Links Braae sob printed Folk was i cider de foaled Robes lace skirts. Parasols Sod sunshades greatly reduced. Cloves Aid hosiery. Very special reductions. Ribbons a grand selection at under eau Price. Lace and fuck depart meets. Elbr immense Stock of fashionable neck Ubab Ai lowest Sale Proea. Great bargains in laces. And widths Aad makes. J. Miller Anderson co. Summer Sale. Mfg Mimi ? ? ? ?. A ? is slim Sale starts closed ? ?. ? 1 o clock Iii ?-.? of Lhasa Aye put loud do Ceca a Sass a it so is and us lie Strnal a tree a tubas la. 1. So Steil to barleyqrower8. W. P. Wicksteed & Coy., is Cusk sbq01wd, a3id 1umm lab i. If Tom. We Jed Tell a Ewaiss sism. Or or. Ali Milfs to a tits sir a a Uttsar at tha Acca of a by ass Suc stasis Watts is st is ass asst Isar Savast arts Kasm for ? ? v. St. Page w jul Beer ? i malt extract.itomitu9 a t on the mss Ubati a ? ? -1 it a rarity and lot hmm. % m great half yearly summer Sale starts ?.?.? r. ? ?. ? ? tha Moore go s 70 to 76. 60uer Street. Grammy and olo Thina ? i. ? Clear Illig Sale summer goods tray. ?Amp fat ii a Fri. During \ .-ihls.ssjs. W special notice be Emly Clos Iii Bill Wilson Brice & Coy. Late decided to close their at one o clock on saturday january 5, 1901. If4, 116, 118. Bundle Street v f Adelaide.1 3o lit sift set ? of the Day to a la 8irene stub agents in adeside of Lobke Johh Martin & co., us sits Ivy do Striet Adelaide. Tistha tailors and outfitters Mas Resep for the boys. Shierlaw s 85/, s7/8to56a sets Loho Booser suits. 10/6. 216/ tots fun i sets Oxford . Surrs/�2/�l&i 17/6, 21/ to Soa 3oys Sailor surfs so Begeor bots .% 0nly8 & Tilitz & 4/11, 5/8. A 16 & 18, in Judley st leavers dig in Jam st Seei. A Meir and Complete Stock of Welch margets01ts White shirts . Cast Adele ,. Pnno Novorra new collars and ties la Altae approved styles. By. Jaeger . Bique airs Fok Kkt Lucca xae i Stock. J. Leaver 4c. Ent William Street. It take a duration Tormore House pria Ripato the my Tom Mook fumes step Ariff or the University exania Claa or boy under debt. Tel Dioroi will reopen after the Idata Taat hot Dayi of tuesday october z. Sast so Way College. The first term of 1901 begin of Jaa Najr is. Boarders return and parents of new boys inter viewed of the monday and Day Hopfl of the us lowing Moraine st 0 o clock. The University. Technical Apical nral Aad coca medal schools Are each under the charge Al enthusiast in masters who spare no Paia to fit boy Aad Young men of All Ages or the pot Totoa in life they Are Best fitted to occupy. At the recent University Junior a for a a pupils were sent up and All passed. A prospectus May be obtained rom the Pricw pal Way College. A Grille. 38tmv Malver College. J. Hamilton Royce. Pri Nornal d. H. Hol Doe. M.a., vice prism pal. Forma beat Womble tuesday january 29. Boarders return and new boys entered monday january s8. A Aini Katimi for two Entrance will be held on monday january 28. Pard class of application to the principal. Hyt iss Otliffe s classes 91, cd Krebs sol 8tbeet. . Next Terras begins tuesday. February a 190l All preparation advanced Aad Junior done under supervision. A Scandia lot two t Borders. Hiss Ayliffe at hone Omisca. 2nd to 5th february inclusive. 328tas/n Muirden College Fob business Trainina Wake chamber Al Kino it Quail Sass Csc w. Mu1ruen, principal. Oat or evening instruction in Sborow band bookkeeping. Type Bioko Aso Busetic English Tec. Sum inks training of wow or boys Aad girls daily rom 9.30 . To aft . Special class Lor ladies a All brain est Skaf Uco a a during woo. Liport Hwd 1 0 words a Fiauu within s Nyoatha Ueo. A is so Pere by. Or Klinl Sinf 76 per cant. Cw1i Tan Vloet 100 Pate Eav. Of Lee Rop is january 14th, 1wl prompt Caus of application. Sub Thea Hardwicks College . In Paar has for boarders. Musical Suc desks 561 ask Success 57. Next term begins january 9. Lhasa \f1s8aldekset, Tsong Gaia of. Mccuren tale in. School will reopen on tuesday january a. Boarders a ctn on the ssh. Vacancies ? a3b/6�5js mi8s Mab Tih 5 Sobo Oas towers court. Tit Obj squads and Art courses. Maafu him Isabel Clark. Baes for senior University Jubi latin and greek Meta c. Dark a to Viruth Tom hts in Ottto a 1. Is Szaat

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