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Adelaide South Australian Register Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1900, Page 4

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Adelaide South Australian Register (Newspaper) - January 1, 1900, Adelaide, South Australia National Library of Australia cer Ealine porridge mean if recommended the summer months my. Hacked of a. To let. Packets id. All Geheb n3 Mio White suds s o a in. ? ? ? ? ? nest Anric Bills discounted. Asher 4c King opposite Imperial Beta. Erenbu Semi. A lofts 8peoial advertisements Donaldson Andrews company ire now offering special value in prints Cambric. Fancy piques Brown linens and French printed muslims. Ewest de8ign8 in fancy hanokzsohief8, laoe8. Sunshades. And latest shads8 in our noted makk8 in kid glovc8. Fancy goods Fob new Yeak gifts in endless variety. It non Pau hat. clares & co., a. Ritter Clarke member Stock exc Nannc. Of Adelaide and Melbourne and k. K. 1. Us Bokusk member Stock exc Hung of Adelaide Universal buildings Greofell-st., and at Broo nun Street Kalgoorlie. 25c Henley Beach by t railway. Prettiest & Breez Iest ride in the Colony. Half hourly cars will in from 9 . Till t . On january 1, 1900. ? -s6t,n London & Lancashire fire insurance company next to Bank of Adelaide curr1est income ? �870,000 capital fully subscribed and funds. �3.000,000 All kinds of fire risks accepted at lowest cur rent rates f. D. Woodforde agent and attorney for . R. Howard tar by inspector for . ? 2t5mtc a. H. Packard. Licensed Surveyor broker. ? Etc. Agent for District councils and pasto ral lessees. Register chamber. Adelaide. 83�no of Ockle 8 pill8. A ? for bile. Cockle s pills. ? for liver. Cockle s pill8. ? for acidity. Cockle s pills. ? for heartburn Cockle s pills. ? for indices Tom. Cockle s sick headache. Cockle s pills. ? in use everywhere. A Ockle 8 pills. W free from Mercury. Cockle 8 pills. In use Over 94 years. Faboie�l�.ljd2.m.m.in.,ia� to la att Odai via Tel Tom tast i we Silver & spit members Stock Exchange of Adelaide latsr0acebr0s. Broksas 13 to 18, Pixie Chambers and 7 and 8, Elburn Chambers kalg Corlia. ? ?103m�-� w. A. Pc Wam is shark Roxer. Broken Hill Chambers member Stock Exchange of Adelaide. Telephone 30c. 2s9mrfc Wilkinson Harrison Porter share brokers and mining agents broken Hill Chambers. Telephone no. 318. Adelaide. London of Fly 7. Bishop Tsu Street within. ? 2umwe ala2tl,-Miq&Tu, share brokers member Stock Exchange of Adelaide Ware chamber Kino w illum st. ? my the a g u s if now. One Texy. The rates of subscription throughout Australia sad new zealand arc As follows Melbourne and sub Orns and Inland towns delivered by any news agent64 per week 8s. Cd. Per Quarter. Posted direct from the Argus once to sub scribers daily 9s. Of. Per Quarter.,. Posted direct from the Argus once. Two copies in one address cover either two copies daily two subscribers one copy of each Dar Issue on alternate Days for one subscriber is. M. Per Quarter for each subscriber. Orders for the Argus received by w a Bagby 74. King William Street. The new Quarter for subscriptions to the Register begins on january 1. Advance 8ub8oription3 six and sixpence per ,. Twenty five shillings per annul. R ? postage is. Quarter extra. Sme the Holiday season. Visitors to the country during the holidays will be Able to procure copies of the Register from the local agents. 3s7e the holidays. The publication of tie evening Jour Nal will be omitted to Day new year s Day. ? novelties Fob Akrc auriv1su by every mail. Visitors to Adelaide should not fail to in meet the thousands o be Uthil and useful articles in jewel crr watches Silver plat. Usui enrage 4c. F. Basse s new prem1ses &2anu 94, Rule Street carte Blanche w. P. Auld & son agents Gilbert place. Triep acne t23. Ass fisc new music. Dances songs and pieces. Devotion Watt Rote. I a Kolies Waltz Ibex incr. Bravura Waltz. A runaway Rirl is Lac orc Hack soon Fujiu. . Quavc me Sot Mauei. From Cross to Crown Marks. ?. Tok Man of sorrow Adams. ? ? ? the old Uray k of . A Bhavo a. Clip of life Adams. ? % vw3 co Dan bar1.1 Berah. ? lady Moon Otto. ? ? ? ? Over Listini Day Beran. ? st Etcil voice reran.? term pc of a act Quant ii after so Long Bevan. Simeck. Mar Urka spit Urlac Cralia p. Moore. All the ii Etc ii Rich 2. Cath Tio sted 3l Ida $ Marshall & sons i. Re sole Street Adelaide. F ? . Thomson Lui removed to Nonni Turr acc Opp Ostia Institute. Houn 10 till i Caious. 7 till Nawf dramatic new novel of mystery and sensation. By a gifted Wittek. We have Greet pleasure in announcing to Oor readers the we Hare been for Cunane enough to secure on their Bebart the right to publish in the columns of the Adelaide observer an absorbing it re of fiction from the pen of. 31r Richard 5luish, author of in full cry the Beetle a mystery the crime and the Crimi Nal the Datchet diamonds and other remarkably Able novels. Our new Story is entitled the goddess a Demon. The opening chapters will appear on saturday. January 6. . Richard Marsh is an author who has made great strides in popularity during the past few years and he now holds a b pm place in Public favour. His Fouces it not far to seek. He brings to his juts of a very rare order he is a Religh Tully unconventional writer and tells a Story in quite a unique Way. Combining in i inca Taie sensationalism of Wilkie cola acid the humorous insight of Charles Dickens his style exhibits qualities which it ova to neither of those famous novelists nor to any other. It u characterised by a direct Ness and veracity Iii cd invest the Narra Tive with Peculiar and fascinating interest. As for plot and incident it is sufficient to say tax in All . ? Marsh s stories the movement is very rapid Aad the Reader is hurried Forward with breathless interest. Shipping. Semaphore Jamar rim Witch 11 a ugh water 5 pin. 59. Pilbeam. Muir. 3.000 Tow. James Banks. A Ter from Sydney december 3, and Melbourne Sib. A.u.s5n7coaipnjr, City and port acute fas Senum mesdames Gate and two Currea. Small and three children Amery god secs Watt Boche and care. Miasma Oravic. Aton. Hall j. Fuji. Pm Hodges Watt. Peak. Thistle Thwaite 3. Roche and Creth Memn. B. Like Moore c. J. Llobet Teakle Slock a. Lap Raill roof Triplett Weeke. A. Powell a Iorland. W. Halt. E. Carroll n enter. E. & Walter. W. H. Job and Stubbs and scr. Ute never in the Saloon and 75 in the second Cabin. December 30. Australia. F.si.s., 260 tons h. Vetron Eora turn mfr. A Melbourne december 18. Dalgety and co., of car and port agents. A Enger . Ii lip. Irom by Dace. Uyvon Steamer woo tons t. Young master. Irom Sydney and Melbourne of car Smith and co. City and port agents. Larooka Steamer till tons �. L. Bartlett matter from cd Steburg. Cere Steamer 58 tons j. Cencin master from if Tansbury. Victor Ketch 38 tons George tji Ash Mas Ter from Kangaroo Bland. December 31. Ferret Steamer -346 tons w. Crocker master from Spencer s Ouli ports. A Indium he 31c Namara Means. Will Wehl a. Mar w. Creen woj. If. Slater in. Bird j. J. White. In b. Clap non. A. H. Monks. A Tyrie. 4. C. Adams. J. Fry. J. Manning. L. Huncke. C. Foulis. J. Ton Kin. & Berry Nan. G. Harry j. Berryman j. Gra Ham. Yarker. Master variety. A a. Baver y. P. Everett j. Waw,.r Schlink j. W. Hines. C. H. Marriott Green g. D. Cook h. Adam. Be. A. J. Burt j. C. Crawford. Dald so. J. C. Cains i. Lore. Sterling j. Slide a. J. Bloech Nore and j. Tottie. In the Saloon and tin the second Cabin. Cargo so Bass wheat 74 to. Copper Ore 100 empty casks 6 Bdl. Skins � hides and sundries. Fort Elliot Steamer. 90 tons f. R. Baluca.x., master from London november 7. Gibbs Bricht. And co., City and port agent. Indra your Ketch. 44 tons John Tabuh. Master from Kangaroo Island. Wellington Ketch. 47 tons. A. Tainsh master firm Kangaroo Island. Defender. Ketch. 67 tons. Sinclair master from South is Tern ports. Projected departures. ? from port Adelaide. For London. Australia. January 4 Warrigal. About Jannary 6 Cuzco january a Golf of Genoa january 13 Arcadia january 19 Ortona january is borne february 1 Orizaba february 8 Himalaya february 15 on a february 45 Oceana. March 1 Ophir March 8 Britannia March 15 Aba mirth 12 India March 9 Ormuz. April 5 Vic Toria april 12 Oprah. April 19 Austral May for Bremen. Friedrich Der Grosse january 20 Konigin Luis february 17 Barbarossa March. 13 Cera. May is Karlsruhe. June 0. For Marseilles. Ville de u Cotar. January 27 prime . Jtb Rorr 14 Armand Behic. March 24 Aust alien. April 1. T Jara ports. Sta Sturt about january 17. For Melbourne Sydney and Queensland ports. Noonam. January i paroo january Wol town Jannary 6 Melbourne Only. For Natal and Cape town. Warrigal about january 6 Gulf of Genoa about january is we Catoia Warrnambool and Yar Awonga to follow. ? ? ? for Western Hurt Ilia. Mar too. January 5 of Lurdie. January 8 paroo january 12 Anglian january 15 Wol Lowra january 19 Nakjoo Rife january sailed december so. Wilbarn. For Fremantle. Pass Ewren messes. M. J. Humphreys g. S. Beresford c. Haden. A. E. Contra. F. S. Tanner. A Wigi Elesworth v. Shake. Ii. H. Pour and son. F. G. Badge w. F. Challenger. And a. Hogarth mrs. Grant and infant. Miss Jeffrey and miss a. Egan in the noon 18 in the second Cabin and original Pas Sencen in route. Am Raven. Steamer for Marseilles. Passenger . A. M. Dus Enel m the Saloon. South australian Steamer 2480 tons h. Barnes master London and Dunkirk. Ism Tiptor Creamer Spencer s Gulf ports a oath australian Steamer for London. Moon. Steamer for port Kemble. Moor Abool Steamer for Newcastle. Lar line. Ketch for South Eastern ports. Nun Ella. Schooner for port Pirie. James Comrie. Steamer for Kangaroo Island. Larooka. Steamer for Edu Burg. Ceres Steamer far Abury. Imports. December 29. Pilhorn. From Sydney and Melbourne s5 coils rope. 3 uses bicycles. 10 crates rubber proof Felt a Bales Coras Siefcak 575 bests Tea. S90 cases Sal won. To cases dross 37 do. Machinery 97 do. Oil. I piece Marble 27 cases samples 9 do. Boom. 4 do. Leather 200 do. Sugar 57 bags Moffee. S eases Irish Moss 36 do. Glassware 38 do. Paper. P7 Iraq the pipe. 175 cases Jam. 127 to Mph Bufter 55 eases Stout 10 Bales Hope 1 piano. 76 pres furniture 198 Bass potato 275 . 1 dog 37 cases drapery. 176 do. Fronin Angeir 15 do. Cheese. 3a South australian for Loo Don so Hhd. Wine t luncheons a. 10 .-casks Brandr. 30 cases eucalyptus Oil. 3 do. Wool 374 Bales do., 3 cases is bottle. Us Drums Glycerine 4 cases hair set Bates skim. For Dunkirk Iso ton Silver Ore life Bales Wool. For Antwerp 3 Bales Wool and l.7 Bales Wool for London from Kingston. Atar Tralin for Marseilles o bags ground bark. 116 Bales sheepskins. For London-100 Ulics sheepskins 56 do. Wool. Inter colonial. Melbourne. Arr red december 30 Bunny on port Adelaide. Sailed december Coob Jardie Edney Kong Oscar in Boston. Sydney. Arr red december 30 moravian Lon Don via South Africa a dlr � december 30 Hadina Melbourne Queen Olga Cape town and Mei Boule. Newcastle. Arrived december 0-Meibourne, Metlak Kame. Sailed december 30-Cioocurrjr, Ai Tany. ? outposts. Cape Borda. December a. I . Eiffel Tower paring in. Wind Light smooth. Cape Borda. December 31, 8.10 Pun. French Noil Steamer passing inward. Port we. Arrived december 31zulu, Stea Mer 4430 tons leu Persou. Master from. East Lindoo. ? in ballast to wad Ore. On account of Tii australian Metal company. The Steamer min Uro. 1.432 tons. Anderson master which grounded on Ward spit last wednesday floated off this of roof. And arrived at the wharf. She has Job tons of Coal on account of the Adelaide steam ship company. Sailed december 3t age for . Cargo 8 tons concentrates Cave and co. 47 tons of Ore for Maryborough on account c the Queensland smelting company and 311 tons Bear Adelaide riffing company for transhipment a Queenman Deporta and the four mane barque procyon 1,995 tons a. Pyott Mas Ter from Barry Dock arrived at the Anchorage vat erday. With 5,174 tons Coke and 150 tons spel Ler on account of the broken Bui proprietary co. 4u.000 for bricks. And a Quantity of fire Lay for rider. Smith and co. Elder Smith k co., a Nta. Tort december 2s-Dovedale, Steamer Tor port Pirie. With balance of coals. The vessel discharged 750 tons Here. Streaky bar. Sailed december 30-Vale. Port Adelaide. Port Pirie. Arrived december 29 age and Dove Dale Newcastle. Sailed december 19 Kolya Sydney. Wallaroo. Arrived december 29 ferret cowl Jura fatal sailed Decem Ber 20-ferret, port Lincoln. Port Wake eld. Arrived december 29-Percy. Malcolm Annie Watt and Irene port Adelaide. Sailed Decem Ber 19 Irene port Adelaide. Kingston. Arrived december 30 Casino Melbourne. Sailed Decem Beria torrent. Beac port. Beacha Ort. Arrived december 29-Cmno, Mei Boule. Sailed Decem Ber 29-Casino, Kingston. Bivers. Min of. Arrived december Jar Jupiter. Me Dinrie. Sailed december 29-Milang. Men Ingie. Murray Bridge. Arrived december 29 Tyro and Lio Conda. Magnum. Maanum. Arrived Decem Ber 29-Feddler, Blanch town. Sailed december 22 Saddler and Tyro Murray Bridge River Levels. The following show the state of the Rivers above Emmet level at be undermentioned places at 9 . On a tuner december 30 Gundagai. 3 it. B Nwana Ragga. 1 Al Hay. S. Level Bel Ranald. 5 in. Goo Doga. Low Mun Gundi. 1 it 3 in Mosul Low namoi. 3 it. 6 in. Baryon i it Bre Warrin Low Louth 1 it. 2 in. Tupa Low Wilcannia 1 it. 2 in. Men indie us by Rno Carie. 2 it 7 in Wentworth 2 it. O in. Almu 7 in. Wab Gunyah 5 in. Swan Hill it. 5 in Ewton 6 it 10 in. Overland Comer i Al 5 in Morean. 5 it Renmark. 3 it miscellaneous. The Anglo australasian steam navigation com Pany s Steamer port Elliot from London reached the semaphore on saturday night after a a age of 51 Days 15 hours and 30 minutes to be accurate. She avenged s29.2 knots per Day and 93 per hour. The act a health officer . Gething boarded the vessel and granted Pratique. She pro ?.? the River to djo charge general cargo Aiter which the will go on to the Eastern ports. My left London on november 7, but made a bad Start and anchored for shelter in Margate roads on account of the exceptionally High running. For the next four Days severe weather was experienced with very High . Causing the vessel troll heavily and pitch and her screw to race oct Sinany. Better pro great was made when the weather moderated and on november 16 Las pal was reached where bunkers were replenished be line was crossed on november 34, in Long. 11 Piej. West and the Longitude of the Cape on de troiber 6. Theft Stittig was ton Down in.43 Deg. Mth. And the usual weather was experienced the Strong winds varying Between North and South to Siroush West. On december 24 a Gale was fallen in with. A song a very heavy and the Roose Haiti be altered to prevent damage. She pasted Cape Borda on saturday at my . Cap Tjin f. R. Wilchin. Who is a sub he tenant in the Nival receive a. Yousf and most courteous officer has with him As officers messes. T. Hutch Injoo chief c. R. P. Pike second and t. O. Rocke third. . Hugh Lewis is the Biet Engi Neer. The arrival of the French. Mail Steps War aus Tialin it in Melbourne of saturday to Mitt caused con id Brablc interest on account of her Bavins Souier a Beard from the infected .port., Noumea. The p a went of the Board of health . Rain say Moltu. And the acting health officer. . Gething bar dirt the Heamer at 9 tin and having mus ured .tbis.passensjfirs. And Crew. Made a thorough investigation also min All Over the vessel to Kymy themselves. Pratique was granted and the work of. Dealing with the on Tironie cargo was promptly undertaken. Of that the liner got Awn at of being detained two Days As Wai expected. ? the steamship Devon arrived from Melbourne on saturday at noon on bet homeward voyage Intel ins to Complete Ber loading Here when a will have -.o0o Bales of Wool and 100,000 carcasses. So will Call at Albany in route. She had Verj Roric weather coming from Melbourne. The Steamer Wilbarn. Which arrived from Mel in Jmc on saturday Niet reported head winds and pm and thick misty weather with rain Squill. Trade and finance. The Wool year has now Naif run its coarse and fully three quarters of tic South australian clip has been handled. The movement of the fleece on this title kill be ? comparatively unimportant the remainder of the statistical year and a very fair idea of the position As fur As this Colony is concerned is to a obtained from the subjoined statement. The railways Tare carried More Wool this rear thin last but the Coa thing. Vessels have lifted be. It Rill be noticed that the Excel of arrival to port Adelaide i no leu. Than it Nai ivc raged for some time Post and there u some reason to believe that the clip this rear is Lis Btl Larser than in 1898-90. Receipts of Wool at port adeside Darins. The week ended december 20 were by i 2 Balot 5 bags by 203 Bales bag. Ine total arrivals since inc beginning of the re shirt statistical year Hare been a oud i by rail july 1 december 2a, 1899-66,145 Bales 403 bags correspond ing period 1809, 55,237 Baw 3.871 i mrs increase 1890, 10,858 Balw 822 bog. 1-? Lea july 1 december 20, 1890 27,0a men 824 bags corresponding period Lac b.09u .bales7�i bag decrease 1899, 6,03 5 Bues increase 23 bags. Total to Date 93,205 Bales 5,417bag period 1898, 8877 Bales 4,772 Bagi in crease 1890. 4,828 Bales 643 big. Shi menu la st week amounted to 3,128 Bales 1 of which was shipped sex Racoon rally. He Carriem Ocie . Bremen for London. 07 for Hamburg. 204 for ant Werp 446 for Hull 197 Leitrim. For Lon Don 661 for Dunkirk 1,413 Ril a. trial for London 107. Total for week sex a colonial shipments3,128 Bales Broghi Tor Ward since july 1, 84,277 Bales total to ate 87,405 Bales correction Ding a Crijo 898, 84,133 Bales increase in 32 Bales. Exports from port Adelaide to extra Colo Nial ports Ince the begin inn of tin Statis trial year have been As follows the figures in brackets refer Raz to the ship ment during the corresponding period of 1898 july to London 528, 716 Conti nent nil August London 1.077, 320 3ootinent nil september London 4,616, 7,305 continent 790, 317 october a Dou 9,486, 15,976 continent 9.8s8, 5,461 november London 25,003, 25412 continent 21,836, 23,140 december Lon on 289, 410 continent 9,820, 6,766. The shipments for the past month were split up among the various Ines As follows j. 4 a. Roxburgh s. 5,407 British and colonial. 2.428. M. Hudson a. 2j0tt7 Nord Deutcher Lloyd ,797 Orient 395 p. 1 0., 288 Messagee. Antime 26o and German australian -7. It w quite needless to repeat any thing with respect to the exceptionally Ian level of values which has ruled this year. Surveying the Calendar year we no be that the highest Point touched by Bradford tops was 31a. Tor common. Descriptions and 32 d. For supers compared with 20d. And 22d. Respectively during 1898. Lie year opened with tops at w. And 21d., and closed a 31d. And 31d. � on january 7, 1898, Ops were quoted at 18 d. And 19jd., and on december 30 of the same year 19jd. And 21a. I is calculated that the highest Point of the season was probably reached during the fire half of the week beginning november 3,-Wheri the rang of Menno and Fine Croe reds was not less than 75 per cent above the average rates of last season. It is estimated that for the half year now ended the average value per Bale of the Wool Dis posed of at the whole of the australasian sales was slightly if anything Short of 60 per cent higher than during the previous Wool year which ended on june 30, 1899. Dalgety 4 co., limited compute that the total sales in Australia during the season 1898-9 amounted to 799,379 Bales of a Gross value of �8,730,525. Allowing that the ales in the colonial centres during the woo year which is now half gone will amount to the same As in the preceding year at the values which Bare been ruling the Mone tary return will be dose on �14,000,000. Exclusive of the Wool sold Here there were some 350,000 Bales disposed in London Der int the last Wool year which realized �323,750. Presuming that the rates which Hare rued during the last six months Are maintained during the remainder of the year the same Quantity of Wool will realize Over �6,000,000. Thus allowing for there to be a decrease in the australian clip this year of 100,000 Bales it is estimated that the increased return owing to higher prices will exceed 74 million pounds. On the question of the probable decrease in the clip the rear a return of australasian Wool exports from july 1 to november 30, 1899, compiled by Dalgety & co., is interesting. This shows that from ail the colonies with lie exception of Tasmania and Western Australia. 555,531 Bales were exported Dur ing Tolj live months a decrease of 69,069 Bales on the corresponding months of last year. The Only increases were in South Australia 11,223 Bales and new zealand 2,713 Bales. The other colonies show the following decreases Victoria. 0,699 Bales new South Wales 49,662 and Queensland 23,644. As far As rates of Money Are concerned 1899 was a year of comparative dearness. Be Bank of England minimum rate of discount was altered on six occasions this being the same number of times As during 1898 and 1897. Whereas in 1803, however the rate never went beyond 4 per cent., the rear which has Juat dosed has witnessed a 6 per cent rate which indeed still prevails. It bus not been necessary for the governors of the Bank to quote As nigh As this since 1890 and in fact 1399 com Jucs with the first year of decade in other a specs also. The lowest Point to which the quotation fell last year was 3 per cent., a compared with 2i in 1898, Ana 2 per cent in each of the three years preceding. It is necessary to go Back to 1390 to find a year in which discounts could not be effected at the Bank of England at leu Chan 3 per cent. The average rate throughout 1s99 works out at 4.21 per cent., a compared with 3.24 per cent in 1sb8. N 1803 the year of financial unrest the Bank of England rate of discount was altered to fewer than 13 times Bat even then a 21 re cwt. Rate ruled at time and the highest quotation did not go beyond 5 per cent while the average for be year was nearly 1 per cent below what it was during the last twelve month. Again it u necessary to go Backo 1890 to discover a higher average for the twelve months. Another indication of the firm Ness and the upward trend of Money last year u obtained from the fact that while in 1897 the financial quotation was reduced on four occasions and rated on two and in 1898 a i movement in both directions was equal last year there ask Only two reductions whereas on four occasion it a found necessary to increase the Price of Money. The year opened with a 4 per cent Tate but before january bad much More than half run its course this was reduced to 3j per cent Ai it was Felt that the former quotation had ceased to be effective. Early in february there was a further reduction to 3 per cent u supplies of Money were abundant and rates in the open Market again showed Sixes of falling on. With the exp Naon of Trade and the usual autumn demand Jor rid july witnessed a Rise in the rate by per cent and Early in october the in creasing tension of the political situation in South Africa caused the. Goro nors of the Bank to take the precaution of putting up the rate to 4. Per cent. A couple of Days later the most unusual course was adopted of again incr Vamg the charge for discounts and 5 per cent was quoted. Not for Over a Quarter of a Century hat the Bank of England rate been changed More than once m seven Days while equally unusual was the alteration of the rate on any other Day bul thursday. The stoppage of sap pres of Gold from the Transvaal Wai the Mam came of making Money mow stringent and on the last Day of novem Ber 6 per cent was charged for accommodation. The last occasion on which k High a rate ruled was in 1882. The comparatively High rate which has ruled for Money periods of political uneasiness and the impending reduction in the rate of interest which the Stock bears have combined to cause the quotation for British Consols to be lower than during 1898., last year opened with the Stock at �111, As compared with �113 at the be ginning of 1898, and i it closed with the quotation at �99, against �102 10. Coa sols were at their highest Point in january and thereafter continuously declined till �93 5s was touched a week ago. Durini 1398 the Stock was . �106 15and this comparatively Low Range was occasioned far the Roshod incident. Last sept enter the Transvaal Troutte be Gan to seriously affect the securities and �102 7s. 6d. Was recorded he Lowe to in a 1s85. There was a slight recovery but the recent. Reyenes in 6outh Africa were largely instrumental in Jet Nitt Consols to be quoted lower than at any time since 1893. Sout australian 3� per cents opened at �107 5s., compared with �110 in 1898, and closes at �104 against �107. The highest Point reached during the put twelve month was �108 3s., and the lowest �104. In 1893 the highest was �110, and die lowest �107. South australian threes opened at �93, and closed at �94, compared with �100 and �98 respectively during 1896. The highest and lowest Points touched year were the opening and closing quotations. There was nothing of importance trans acted in the local wheat Market on Satur Day morning. Values arc unaltered As follows wheat. 2/7 to 2/7j for new at port Ade Laide 2/7 to 2/8 old. Flour. Leading brands a 15/ to �7 per ton. Bran.-9jd. Poll Rel Lod. Oats. New zealand from 3/3 to 3, 6 Dun and algerian 1/7 to 1/10 White 2/ to 2/6. Chaff. �2 5/ to �2 10/ per Short ton tags ? correspondence. Century the 19th Century will end on december 31, 1900. Ilarle.? we regret that we Are unable to use your verses. J. M. Young ? be regret thai we cannot spare space at present. A. E. West write to . J. H. Cun Nin Frisani. Flinders Street who u. Secretary to the Home for incurable. Of Verier a matter iof opinion. Some Are Good in one Way and some in others there is so much specializing nowadays. We cannot undertake the responsibility of answering the question. Xot a cow Mutu Ator complains of the amount of. Disloyalty in connection with the Transvaal War shown by a certain chess of men employed in our railway ser vice and suggests that they should be sent to Russia for a while to be fed on bran and chopped Straw red m. Paulden i Encl writes As � resident of Glenelg allow me. To com Plim Eitt you on your excellent description of the festivities held on commemoration Day. One noticeable defect however in Tho arrange agents to the non Bois Iii of the Union Jack on Jive Flagstaff erect i at the Summit of the town Hurll. One does not like to Soffge to Liat our respected mayor the town clerk is in league with the Boers but i think you sir will agree with me that although the bum thundered vice regal Salute. That some one had blundered to one can Terete. Rosa a replies is length to Ein Sud aus Raju Clr Deutscher. Inter aha she say i do not sneer at persons engage 1 in the uplifting of the Frauen and the alleviation of human misery my suffer a and one who does that places himself herself out de the Pale of 5imnanity. As to Tjie Sut vation How is it general Booth and iv4s chief officers can lire Ami travel in luxury whilst there Are stall so Many starving fallen ones for whose Rescue Money is needed Doe the offer of Al action Nece Sirhy carry with it Suci Poai and display i made no puny joke my suggestion was that those of our prisoners who Are not so bad should be permitted 1 j Volunteer for service in fee Transvaal. A it such a ridiculous suggestion Asem Sud Austn lecher deut Sfier is still at Large he ought not to be so unkind to his Lea fortunate Brethren and jeer at the idea of their reformation thanks for i advice. I should have been in South Africa Ere now had i been physically Able and i should Cerf Finly have done my Best for the wounded Friend and foe alike for when an in Civ is disabled he ceases to be the foe and is Simney a brother needing help and care. As i am unable to go to prove to the Boer that australian to and help All who need their Symper in. And never Wilb nifty injure those More by plem weaker than themselves i Hal do ail i can for both Friend and foe from i Etc i must remain. I have heard last a a Coward Rill strike a woman but e. Deutscher can strike at me a roue i w1 pleases. There Are englishmen who detest a Lic spittle and think As i do one valiant eng Wiman declares that there Are females who differ from him in their opinion about tie War who if they a their descrt3,shoud be tied to the Mckibb Stool i Hare English cons ii who Tiave Given their life for their Queen and Clun by i am English of the English and i Freeborn australian 1 am Loyal to my que com i am proud of either Sud aus Tralie Cher Deutscher Engli when do now deck and very in uhf ashamed of them when they do otherwise. Weather reports and forecasts. A turd a. December 30. Forecast of probable weather from saturday afternoon Tell tuesday night issued at l10 . To saturday. ?. Northerly winds and falling barometers. A Cool change with sooth Westerly winds Wilt follow probably monday might. Smooth to. Western Australia by . A w. Cooke. Mostly flue thro Chont. Cloudy and Cool in South Rutt Aad so the districts with a Tew Light coastal dwyers. Hot sultry elsewhere. There Are Hill Slacht of unsettled weather in the North Between Broome another heat wave is settling in Over this Colony Rod the temperature will Ranee very High Durins the next two Days Bat As the weather Chart shows i Elf est depression South of Western Australia this morning we May expect a Cool Chance during the Early Dart of the week probably on monday night a moderate Alfh a restore area lies Oer South East Australia and except for a few misty showers in Tasmania Fine weather is reported in the Eastern colonies. From Queensland however we Are without our usual reports is probably still i anally and unsettled on the South coast there is the weather Chart shows a disturbance off the coast to the East of by Bane. The scant Ness of the monsoonal Rains in the territory this season to Bieh we Bare before referred is still a marked feature of the weather reports being Gene rally Fine and mostly dear throughout the whole of the territory this morning. ? Charles Todd government astronomer. Mail notices. Cheat biuta1n.-jani�ry via soet.m.s. Australia 1l1s ., newspapers and registered letters 10.15 a a. Late letters . 1j.15 no. Adelaide railway station 12.s0 Pott Adelaide. Railway Sutton. 13.43 pm. British and lie g to. 10.15 . Nail due in London feb Oarr 4. Up. Kannarr la via san Francisco s . Ute fee letters 1.30 . Noney orders states top a. Up. Jamar 50 Friedrich Der grease. Ilu . Via la Arseilles. Up. Jancarz 27 tule de u clout 10.16 a. \fr1ca.-Jaaar? 0-per Warrigal Manila Chifa. Aad Japan. This Daj-3. P.m., per. Changsun. Ful this. Dar Overland. Z.3o to Sydney thence per Steamer Ioko Lolu and ? s Blanc indo Diw America Thiv Day Overland. On. Late fee 64, Iso .to Sydney thence pm Owera. Sew austra Jan wit u Fia new zealand. 3j0 . New Caledonia. This Dar Overland to. Soldner 3.j0 , the its Teamont Gnad Zee a Lamarr s-3.30 ., Overland to Melbourne. New Zealan Janu to -s.30-m War Ujj Ria Melbourne. Acc land Wellington ind Dar of Eria Iid. Of Sydney sj0 . Soothers territory. W. Day Oresund Sjop-m., to Sydney thence per Chan Suha. Western Australia. January i.m.s. Australia. 1l15 . E3perakce Bay. Jan Oarr 4-&m.s. Australia Ria Albany 1l13 . Samoa and other sooth islands except Fiji this Dayow land. Iso am., to Sydney thence per Steamer. Ardrossan. Jannary s James com Rie 6m . Eola. Jan Arr 33 1.45 km., via fort Lincoln. Edith Biro. January 3 Larooka. 6.80 . Fow. Lint s 9-1.45 p.ra., to port Lin Coln. Tra Kun Sfer ret. 6.45 ., Ria Wallaroo. Kangaroo Island. Jan oar 6 James Comrie. . Vodka Datta. Charlotte Waters. Alice a prisms and Arl Tonga. Jan oar 5-4.45 via Ood Nadatta Hebmann Sucro january 5-via Ood Nadatta 8.45 . Port uncork. January s ferret 1.4j port a Ceres. 6.30 . 4 Ceres 6.30 . Up. Indicates that mails most be specially marked. Barometric Al readings. The following table has been constructed Troia Dhaher ratios recorded in this office for every six Bours Dunne the last to free Days and for this morning. Height above level 147 it 2 . 0 . 3 . 9 . Friday 39.90 29.90 59.96 29.95 saturday ? 29.0 29.93 gig sunday ? 29.81 29.83 29.83. 295 note. Barometer 29.80, rising at s o clock this morning Clear. Col touring. By diets and travellers generally should not Fin to secure a copy of popular cycling toub5, Berns. A. Handy 1 and Rehaye the most i Loc Ahtes in the Colony. Eighty one pages and eighteen maps Deal with the beat routes and descriptions of the country from mount Gambier to port Augusta and contain All. The information necessary to those proposing to travel. Price i. Posted is. 2d. Obtainable at this office and at the Foll to Fps cycling depot messes. P. J. Willu uns Hindmarsh Square. Lewis Freeman Street w. Tyle finders treet. Darw King William Street .1. Mullin. Spiric Street f. Foller and g. Craic Rundle Street Oard Brothers Gou Ger Street and Roger Brothers Pulteney Street. ? Index to advertisements. Lice. Page. Amusements. 9 miscellaneous wanted s auctions. 8 Money ? s Board Ami lodging. 6 1 office to let ? t bin Newm for Sale patents and Trajce wanted. A Mark. .2 Rusinen notices 1-3,3 persons wanted. 8 carriers acc. L prote Dooal. S companies it societies. Prop Erues for. Sale. ? 5 Cricket prop rites wanted. I cycles Jec. 8 implications and us drapery & clothing. 1 Itonery ? 8 education. J Public not Lees. S Horist it Aeed Sacii. 2 railways tramways & funeral notices. 2 shipping. 1 wants cattle be ?. Situations wanted. 8 hides a. 8 special Advt. 4 hotels and Butao sporting. 8 rants ? 8 tailors it outfitters. 1 lost and found. 8 traders. 8 machinery ? .1 to let. 2 medical ? 8 wanted to buy. 8 merchandise ? .6 wanted to sell. 8 mining ?. S ? marriages. the 27th november at the residence of the Bride s parents by the Rev. Tho Mas Lloyd Henry Clarence youngest ton of the late exem John of from Sethner Cornwall eng land to Elisabeth Leslie eldest daughter of James Harry of North Adelaide. Deatris. the 24th december 1899, at . Western Australia Harry second son of Juhn and e. Blumfield semaphore aged 47.iioca.v.-on the 2cth december at his Resi Dence. Fatehem. Victoria. Patrick Hogan the dearly beloved husband of Winifred Hogan. Late of Stockport ., aged .76 years. . Jauncey. On the 31st be oember at his Resi once. Georke Street Norwood George the be loved husband of Agnes Limric Jauncey aged 41 years. Tho 90th december Accident ally drowned while bathing at a Tuunga. Hilma Maud the dearly beloved younger daughter of co rate Harde Saunders Parade Norwood aged 31 years and 10 months. Home papers please copy. the Seth december. 1899. At nor ton s Summit. Adelaide Lilian dearly beloved in Fant child of Harry and Addic sude Nee per waged 8 months. ? in memorial Loving Roe Morv of our Only child Kenneth Stuart who departed december 31, 1893. He died to live for Jens died. He lives to die no More Why weep Tor one whose tears Are dried for whom All death is o inserted by Nis Loving father and Mother a s. And e. Huston Boole Roo. Mattingly. In Loving memory of Evelyn con to Tare Hay dearly beloved daughter of Anthony Mattingly. Who died december so 1903, aged 13 cars. Inserted by her Loving father and aunties. To . Adelaide monday january 1, 1900. The new. Year. New year s Day is associated with retrospection introspection Resolution ind rejoicing. New year s Day of tic christians commemorated the Dedica Tion by mysterious rite of the holy in Fant to religion. The juxtaposition of Christmas to the new year however May be regarded As an ingenious ecclesiastical device to deepen devout impressions for while the Date of the Bethlehem incident is Uncertain. Not until the fifth Century was the roman cast of the birth of sol chosen to Murk the most interesting of All. Fatalities. Though warmly accepted in Europe the religious festival was accorded a Billing reception in Britain and its adoption was later prohibited. In some american colonies. In preference to a formality relieved by harmless indulgence Puritan reactionaries introduced def Tasiola for morbid intros Section which in a modified and often profit Able form survives in watch ight ser vices. Lecent years Nave witnessed diminishing numbers and Fervour Anion zealots who take pleasure in the pain of a Microscopical examination of the Little acts of daily life unmindful of the fact that Many of those acts have no special significance. Breezy practical com nonsense declines to suspect . Impute the unworthy motives which the neurotic with moral hysteria attribute to themselves. Increasing facilities for Exchange of ideas have revealed. A family like Ness even in the infirmities of All Mankind and while Engen Dering intense and broader sympathy modern tendencies have substituted duty for ecstacy As the noblest of human realizations. Incessant activity leaves Little time and less taste for feasting upon one s own vitals. If in the isolation and Sanctity of the pre scientific age men thought that prayer is labour in these Days of congested cities and tireless philanthropy a rever ent conviction has led in Exchange to the Choice of the motto labour is player. The sensible and observant traveller along life s Highway declines to keep company with dubious melancholy but he notes As be passes the milestones How very quickly the changing characteristics of the country and accommodates his Pace to Tho probable Daylight. Unfortunately for those martyrs of method who would plan life s Campaign with the precision of a punctual railway time table the great events in the careers of men do not tit it. With chronological divisions and there is a growing impatience of the doing of Good by Rote and As per hand Book. There is much Force in what has been called the recessional of the individual soul we live in deeds not years in thoughts Sot breaths in feel Nat not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most feels the noblest acts the Best. Not the Peculiar property of this any other generation is the emotion with which on turning aside we Mark the fast dowing River of Days carrying intelligent creation into the uncharted Ocean of eternity. Ancient pagans were profoundly moved on the first Day of each year sought to propitiate destiny directors mud of that occasion accepted As a. Good Omen the so cops of any Enterprise. To the ideas of propitiation and link we arc pro Bably partly indebted for the custom of sending new year s gifts and Many ivies of superstition May be traced to the same source. A parody on Divina Tion is preserved in the German amuse ment indulged in at the last witching hour of the old year of mailing tin Kad into a Basin of water the fantastic figures thus formed suggesting Many simulations to a Lively imagination. It is a kind Providence which has placed a cumin before Tho future Jet Wrob what intense eagerness would the world gaze into a magi Cian s mystical Mirror to behold a of coining events in South Africa for instance. Bit with what result assuredly not the promo Tion of happiness even of Content ment the Eagle Eye is for the Eagle. Man i. Intended to take Short views of life. Sufficient unto the Day is the evil thereof. And what he Hicks in prophetic vision that Hope which Springs eternal in the human breast can Supply in ample stimulus to Rise again after Many prostration a new year the word new sounds As a Clarion Call to worthy action. Tho old year disappears with its errors and its defeats of Good purpose its disappointments and its sorrows. Then Lei the dead Pant Bury its dead. A now year with fresh opportunities has come let us make the most of u Aud them. Away with excess of Brood ing introspection the Winter of Leader skies and leafless Trees is overcast. A new season of Bright heavens and of melodious nature is upon us. Hope and Joy arc often indissolubly joined to Gether. Life lags sorely in its Treadmill Guise of Mere routine am performance. The thrill of existence is in the Delight of discovery Conquest of hearts and anticipation of wonders yet to be. The Sunshine streams equally on. Mau Siou and cot Aud so Tho Felicity of Belli 4s conferred irrespective of class of condition. Yet happiness like honesty when pursued As a matter of policy dudes the Chase. The peasant merrily humming Over Bis Spade is wooed by a fairy who May not be. Found by a Cross grained Prince though he lavish Kalgoorlie upon the search. With to Day the business holi Days will close and the season for the Exchange of formal compliments will end. To Morrow men and women will resume their places ? in the of toilers but Tho recreation which has been enjoyed should not be evanescent the earnestness with which the Soldier responds to the demand upon his Cour age and loyalty is the Best Token of comradeship for individual neglect if it does not involve disaster increases the hardship of the Campaign to. All concerned. Happiness is not at the end of the line of least resistance selfish Man Ever yet discovered it. The Joys of life Are for the selfless. They who give most receive most and a remembrance and practical application of these maxims May make All the Dif Ference Between moral Success and failure to Many a Man and woman Dur ing this. Last year of the dying Century. Notwithstanding the National trials of the present and the anxious Outlook for the future we May sincerely and confidently wish for on readers the fullest realization of the meaning of the Good old salutation a Happy new year. Britain the Transvaal and . Leyds is performing a wretched if lucrative task. He Lias Long been paid to vilify the British so As to bring against them the Force of european Public opinion and now be has stooped so Low As to try to incite a political agitator in Egypt against the very country which is holding Back the Savage tribes who Are eager to attack the Boer troops. He has not succeeded in Bis purpose of securing european intervention in favour of the dutch republics but he has at least per formed his contemptible Mission with disgraceful thoroughness. How near he May Bare Goue to. Lea Guing official Europe against Britain we May never know but his Success in arraying an Al social Europe in hostility to her has been most marked. He has been Worth to . Kruger More than his weight in commandeered Gold. His chief instrument has been the Continental press and his credit balances both in Bullion and in human credulity have been enormous. He has drawn upon Irth with remarkable boldness. Any ethical considerations regarding methods do not Trammel him and Why should they is he not the representative of people who use the White Flag i a ruse de Guerre shoot Down Stretcher men attending to the wound pm after an engagement and Shell the women s Laager and the Convent his most outspoken press snout pieces Are in Russia France Aid Germany. Russia has just deprived Finland of liberties which the Young Czar Only Bitely swore on the sacred Coronation paths to maintain and has thus crushed the Constitution of the most enlightened and advanced. State subject to the Imperial Crown yet now its Tess is overcome with indignation be Muse the British government will not allow englishmen to be treated As he lots and because it prefers to keep the Cape colonies As British posses Sions. The russian journalist How Erer has not a Large Choice of subjects and abuse of the British is a harmless diversion and. Perhaps an exl usable one also As the papers dare not discuss Home abuses newspapers in France in the same direction Hare. A congenial task Roming so closely after the Fashoda humiliation. Besides the French press tysver did have any Penny qualms about imitating Ananias and the conscience Price of some of the papers in the Gay capital is very reason Able. It is Only natural therefore that borne of. . Leyd s most conspicuous Svec esses should have been gained through the parisian press. Several weeks ago we Learned from Paris that Ladysmith owing to the insubordination of its Garrison had surrendered Ard this is Only one of numberless items of a like order taken from the prolific source. Quite recently however the doctor must have been saddened by the tone of one influential Paris journal the Figaro which for Aries sly published the evidence of the court of cassation an exposure that was nearly a deathblow to the conspirators of the . It has paralleled its other feat by sending a special com missioner to England and the reports of his investigations do not represent Ovnik Paul As the saintly Patriot for whom . Leyds has so earnestly striven to arouse sympathy and support. The most Brilliant achievement How Ever of the agent for the Boer republics has been his Cal Tetiuk a Rainert the British a certain Iii out of unofficial Public opinion in Germany in spite of the friendliness of the Kaiser. Jealousy of the Extension of British Dominion cannot account for this nor inn the influence of Rich monopolists who have made handsome profits in Transvaal Trade railway and other i a Cessious. Though the probable loss of these under a British government was a Good Iio int for . Leyds to work upon. Psychologically the subject is into resting As demonstrating How the tick Lessly false statement of Only one Side of a Caw May convince even an intelligent Community especially if it is Al a distance from the actual scene of trouble. In this View one May question whether the British government is Wise in persisting in that Lazy indifference to Force go press opinions upon which an eminent Frenchman lately commented. Lies which Are told with great Nofsia Riveness and without contradiction Are Apt to be believed and How easy would be the disco Blure of . Leyds while the Irish nationalists in Ireland vehemently protested against the action of the British government irishmen in Cape Colony quickly United to express appreciation of thu con duct of the High commissioner. Ger mans in Hamburg held meetings to denounce British proceedings but Ger Man colonists in Natal in territory temporarily under Boer Power declared that they would rather be shot than take the due i Side against England. Consequently at one place the Noble Christian Boers looted the Homes of these germans and turned their women and children out to spend the night in drenching rams. In consideration of such Facto it is amazing that barefaced lies against the fair Fame of England should be so readily believed in. Germany by germans. It is equally astonish lug that even in South Australia there should be sympathizers with the Boers Aud especially that Home of these hold be people who came from foreign lands and have pro Sii ered with the Aid of the perfect free Dom which britons with characteristic altruism extend to All people who Settle amongst tue i. Yet Forsooth the British government is acting wrongly in demanding for the poor Uit Lander foreigner As Well As English Mcvon less fico Down than they in Australia have so Long enjoyed and still enjoy a Cau not believe that any really intelligent colonist from foreign kinds would take such a preposterous stand. He would rather Saji loft my own land to escape from the bondage of an Ironbound Lul tary system. 1 have lived in a British Colony under a British govern ment for Many year. I am not a britishers ? but 1 live been treated exactly As if i were. Every Benefit which a of i Tinner has May Bare is if i wish. The British Here Are i suppose. A the British elsewhere. I Here is no sign of brutal grasping greed oppression and injustice Here there is no indication of tyranny and 1 Don t credit the assertion that there will i in South Africa. Am 1 to be Lieve then of these people whom i know All the nonsense that i am told by others who Ore not acquainted with them As 1 am it seems incredible that a people who treat me with every consideration should go to War without a Ery Good cause Aud i la not believe it a Little Calm reasoning of that kind would go far. To prevent such incidents As that reported from broken Hill last week and would allay that equally unpleasant division of feeling which has been noticed lately in some parts of South Australia. Certainly when great Britain is defending herself in a War begun by an enemy who broke solemn agreements with her. And is now invading her territories any South australian colonist who May openly take the Side of the foe should expect to be the subject of highly uncomplimentary comment the National Revenue. Holiday no Holiday Tho under treasurer May be relied upon at the close of each Quarter to produce his re venue figures with unfailing and Hiehle Cummen Zaoie regularity. For financial purposes the second division of the year dosed on saturday and the approx Nutte returns have been made Avail Able to the press with characteristic promptitude and Courtesy. The Decem Ber Quarter is not a particularly Active time with the receivers of Revenue and the figures which follow should be considered in relation to that fact the treasurer s revised estimated of the year s receipts was �2,734335 half of is �100,168. Six months of the year Bare gone and yet Only �14161,075 has been paid into the Treasury. The september Quarter yielded �614351, and Tubaj which bus just closed contributed �u4u.?24. Together these amounts fall Short by. �105,093 of the blk months quota of the estimate but there is nothing unusual in such a Posi Tion the latter half the year is Al ways the most productive for in it Are received the great bulk of the land and income taxes in themselves the de Cember returns display no specially noteworthy features. The total receipts were �3,6s1 less than in the similar division of the financial year 1&98-0, but any significance which that statement might otherwise have possessed is lost in View of the fact that probate Aud succession duties alone snowed in the latest Quarter a comparative decrease of �26,030 the amount contributed by legatees a year ago was �37,562, and on this occasion tie contribution bos fallen to �11,532. This source of receipts must always necessarily be purely speculative for the treasurer of a British Colony Lias not Power such As lob Ngola possessed in Matabeleland to give a Happy other dispatch to some property owner when the Royal Treasury Ehst its equivalent needs replenishing. The toss in succession duties was practically balanced by gains on other lines Revenue. With �304,755 railways yielded �9,242 More than in the preceding december Quarter and in two Yean the income from the state lines of communication bos increased to the extent of �40,262 on the three months. Customs duties have produced �s,19tt More on the comparison of the year and Rostand telegraphs an Addi Tion of �&295. From land and income taxation has come �1.124 extra and from waterworks a slightly enhanced receipt the department last indicated however does not earn More now than it did two years ago and the general return from this expensive Branch of the unlit. Works and services is. Not Ade quate to the recently greatly increased outlay. Upon it. The territorial receipts shorn another reduction the sum in december Quarter 1899, having been Only �20,557. Against �244538 a year earlier this Means a shortage of �3,681 which by a coincidence Corre sponds to the net comparative. Total reduction on the Quarter a still larger amount if the period of com Parison be two years instead of one. Of course this is partly due to conces Sion land tows the effect. Of which should be ultimately beneficial to he re venue credited to sources other than the land office. Still nothing else i connection with the state account is us remarkable us the enormous decline in the amounts handed to the govern ment in payment for rent and Purchase o the landed estate of the Crown. News of the Day. . Rock bulk knighted. Hit excellency the governor lord Tenny Sou received on set Nuy Telegram for us the Secretary of state for Tho colonies announcing that her majesty the Queen Deen ixe uen to Comer upon we non. . ?1. A. Coo Burn Tho Affert general for sout Australia the distinction of Knight commander of the Mont ditting Ishol order of st. Michael and st. Get Mac. Discharging vessels at port Adelaide. The customs act which was passed in 1880. Requires that vessel arriving in South australian ports shall not begin to discharge cargo till the expiry of forty eight Iouin. Sony years ago were was no Manrid mail communication Between Europe Rod the colonies that there w to Day and is a Rule bailing vessels then Edmea brought he documents for the cargo in the holds ind it was necessary to give importers time to prepare their entries and Clear heir merchandise. Now ail this has hanged. Owing to the dispatch of mafia Verland to Brindisi to catch the Steamer which left London a week earlier it a Maible for even the Swift Ocean liners to ring. Documents for a following Vemel. A there Goodare put on Ordinary Ocean Inora k is Eay to get the papers weeks head. There is therefore not the need for Maying the. Discharge of cargo. The Erec Tion of bonded Sheds on the wharf havercome the difficulty As far As steamers ire concerned but a permit to discharge before the authorized time has to he obtained and a heavy Bond Given for the payment of the duty. It is Felt however that in addition to it being unfair to cause importers by sailing vessel to be placed it an extra disadvantage As compared with those by Steamer owner of mailers Are Liand capped. The matter Iru been wrought before the chamber of Commerce ind mine attempt it is amur stood will no made to net ibo act unleaded. Thoj bubonic plague. A a Artrai of the a Tenor liner Amr trait not the semaphore Anchorage on saturday morning was awaited with More than usual interest on account of tier having on Hoard Pusc Ngen woo Emu area Ai. Ine us sonic plague stricken port of Noumea. The in Mer dropped Anchor m the offing at about Balf pm 8, and shortly afterwards she wan visited by to chairman of the Cental Board of health . Ramsay Smith and the acting health officer . Getting. Ita ship s doctor in answer to enquiries stated that the Beah a of All on Board to Pood but before granting Pratique do. Smith and get Hing proceeded on Beard to Peno Nally examine the Rew and Patten res among whom were 34 French sol Diers. The whole complement a mustered Anil successfully underwent a critical inspection. The quarantine period of Trp Days having expired thai morning at 9 o clock the Gfa Atmaa of the Centra Boardm satisfied that All fear of contagion had vanished and accordingly instructed the health officer to Grant Pratique and Issue i clean Bill of health. These preliminaries ver. Tace quarantine Flag was hauled from Bhe foremast and the work of be ship4 proceeded in the Ordinary manner. She left for marae Hes late in the afternoon. The Holiday. I Here arc Many attraction offering it on new year s Day Princi pal among re Rich arc the race meeting in connection with the .j.c. At morph Cal Vine and the regatta at the tort where the annual aquatic manoeuvre will be indulged in. Both of these Urc bound to draw Uick attendance each of which i a favour Iio Btu re with die Volarie of land and water. The Steamer euro rum a special sex Cannon trip from the port to i Encl and a grand Guild picnic in to be held on the car yield Etc Ute close to the boys Reforma tory. The watering placed and the a Riou Seaside resorts re bound to have their Lull quota of visitor whilst a Large number of private picnic have been arranged for Tho Cool Tatreau of the Hills. The Fitzgerald Brothers Ore giving an afternoon and even ing performance of their Fine circuit and at the theatre Royal the of autograph and . Vybert Reeve company will be seen in i new programme. The interesting Presepio i Harrold Rottaro building King Wil Liam Street will be open All Day Ami a org ire a Host of minor amusements catering both Young and old. The Ortona. The new Orient liner the Ortona a Fine new Steamer of 8,000 tons Register 10.0u0 Bone Power is now on her Maiden voyage to Australia and is sex noted at the on borage to Day. This ate Aamir nag been built by messes. Vickers sons and Maxim limited for the Pacific steam navigation company s australian service running in connection with the Orient line and May be said the embodiment of All the latest improvements which have been made w passenger cargo and Nefri Wentink steamers in recent Yean. The ship has two pole mute and two funnels each 12 it. In diameter and 100 it. High from Furnace Cap. She is 517 it. In length 65 it beam and has a depth of 37 it. Moulded to upper deck. She is subdivided by a number of specially Strong watertight bulkheads carried right up to the upper deck irom which the Bulkhead doors Are readily worked. The ship is built on the cellular Doofe Bottoni principle with Capa City in her Bottom tanks for carrying 1,200 tons of water ballast. The promenade deck is 230 it. In length by 54 it. In breadth affording a Fine promenade for the Fiot close passengers. The second class Saloon if also a Fine room whilst the fittings and a mature have been Well designed for Comfort and with due attention to Beautiful effect. The Ortona to Fiu a throughout with steam heating apparatus and a Complete installation for Electrio lighting. In addition to the accommodation provided for 322 first and second cos passengers there is room for. About 3u0 turd co. A Apeck feature has been made of the Steerage arrangements and Steerage amen acre will find extremely comfortable Quarter and exceptionally Good Victualling. The propelling machinery is of the direct triple expansion Type hav ing a bonep6vr of. 10,000 effective. The Ortona is on the admiralty list of vessels suitable As armed cruisers and has a Speed of 18 knots. Captain Conlon the Marine superintendent is responsible far tie general designing and arrangement of the Steamer whilst Captain Hay an old acquaintance on the australian coast is in command. The mail steamers. The Ems. Aus Trauen arrived from me Bourne in route for Europe on saturday morning and was granted Pratique after a visit from the chairman of the Central Board of health and the acting health officer. Of the 80 passengers on Board 31 were French Tiok Keu returning from nou Mea to marae Hes while Only one Iseih barked at lugs Bay. The Steamer resumed Ber voyage to 0 . The new Orient line Ortona is due at the Anchorage from Lou Don at about 8 o clock this knowing and the Ville do la scout of the message rus maritime company will probably arrive it Daylight

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